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  • Marcia Milledge
    Marcia Milledge 24 minutes ago

    I wish they would have showed the part on how they made the monsters. That will be interesting to but; I love the giant robots and all the actors that's on here talkin about the experience being an actor

  • ShadowZZZ
    ShadowZZZ 47 minutes ago

    Guter Film. Religion ist eine Lüge

  • Obertassie
    Obertassie 56 minutes ago

    That's the one who should play Max Payne...

  • taylorgang
    taylorgang Hour ago

    Miss the old WD so much :( simpler times in the show and in my life lol

  • Eman 120212
    Eman 120212 Hour ago

    That THUNDERCATS ROAR IS SOOOOOOOOOOO Awful. Why can't they make a better Thundercats 2011 SHOW Good.

  • Julius Eriksson
    Julius Eriksson 2 hours ago

    So no one is gonna talk about his hair?

  • Komasz Trymski
    Komasz Trymski 4 hours ago

    I was really hesitant to play this game, since I thought this would just be a nostalgia cash grab, but oh boy, oh boy was I wrong. They nailed it, fucking nailed it.

  • Danny Pfaff
    Danny Pfaff 4 hours ago


  • Angieee Gaona
    Angieee Gaona 4 hours ago

    Ay te amo Daryl 😍

  • Taylor Davis
    Taylor Davis 4 hours ago

    love this. love everything about it

  • Азамат Рысбаев

    Sean Bean ?

  • Neng Atara
    Neng Atara 5 hours ago

    If you missed and love Cameron Boyce like my comment

  • Neng Atara
    Neng Atara 5 hours ago

    Rip Cameron Boyce you will be missed we love you in our heart

  • Neng Atara
    Neng Atara 5 hours ago

    R.i.p Carlos we love you will be missed

  • Keith Byrne
    Keith Byrne 5 hours ago

    How do you know who your Daddy is 🤔 Because your Mama told you so ✌️

  • Ilhan Numic
    Ilhan Numic 5 hours ago

    this is not the original trailer!! grrr

  • Noobmaster 69
    Noobmaster 69 6 hours ago

    Why can’t loki be king of Asgard, I mean Thor does not want to be king, Odin and Frigga are dead and he does that well. Yeah, he did a lot of things that were not nice but I think he would be a great’s my opinion lol

  • Vortex 209
    Vortex 209 6 hours ago

    No good pls

  • jethrosketch
    jethrosketch 6 hours ago

    You wanna do a Thundecats remake? Two words .. Genndy Tartakovsky

  • Rocker
    Rocker 7 hours ago

    They don't do them like this anymore

  • Edits Taekook bebé 7v7

    0:59 the most beautiful eyes ive seen

  • John Scanlon
    John Scanlon 8 hours ago

    What a deaf star

  • zaeem poran
    zaeem poran 9 hours ago

    Moja pailan

  • Mike Kleinsteuber
    Mike Kleinsteuber 9 hours ago

    I like some of the films of David Fincher and know he has an eye for visual detail. But I wish he had a similar eye for scripts, casting and acting. I had to give up after half an hour of ep.1 as I couldn't stand any more of the banal script and mechanical acting. Such a shame as I know the VFX guys put a lot into this and deserve credit for their work. Also some of the lighting is ridiculous. People just don't live in their rooms with one side light on cos it looks cool from a DP's point of view.

  • Nahuel Lazcano
    Nahuel Lazcano 11 hours ago

    GTA 6 XD

  • laudanum669
    laudanum669 12 hours ago

    All these spoiled actors/musicians are all now dead to me {AND MY WALLET}. This same message could have been done without being partisan to the Left or the Right. Most of these holier than thou celebrities have never had to worry about a home ,money, car loans ect. Robert Downey Jr. is prime example. The guy didn't even know his own house back in the day but now he knows what's best for me. Go F#*K yourselves. You too Mr. Cheadle.

  • r m
    r m 13 hours ago


  • okayken
    okayken 14 hours ago

    The live action is so freaking scary

  • Amir
    Amir 14 hours ago

    I remember watching 2011 Thundercats and thought it was weird but good weird. Then now when I'm older I rewatched the Original Thundercats. I dislike it but gotta respect it. Then I saw this last year. YUCK.

  • Ashley Stephanie Sison


  • Elba Ponce
    Elba Ponce 15 hours ago


  • Shawn Hoelscher
    Shawn Hoelscher 16 hours ago

    I'm not Trump fan...but this video aged terribly..

  • Warriorsorb
    Warriorsorb 17 hours ago

    I was pissed when I heard they cancelled this. They could've cancelled The Bachelorette or some other crappy show like it and keep this. I love the Muppets. They're funny and awesome.

  • Tommy Jordan
    Tommy Jordan 17 hours ago

    the moment that sword stuck his head i bet he felt a HUGE pain than an instant nothing

  • thefenrir777
    thefenrir777 18 hours ago

    If there was justice you'd be in jail for this

  • James Bond 991
    James Bond 991 19 hours ago

    great show please keep it going one of the best of fox tv thank you

  • justin case
    justin case 19 hours ago

    To bad all black men are not as real as denzel in this movie

  • Meida Rrokaj
    Meida Rrokaj 20 hours ago

    I can't keep my eyes off Richard Madden!! Like he's soo charming and damn hot. I can't help it but just smile any second i see his face. When he turns to someone raising an eyebrow or laughing, or just breathing, he's doing it the hot way. Like Damnn!!!! Same goes to Emilia

  • •Galaxy DracøDriver•

    That's Season 1 Of Boss Baby Series On Netflix

  • Terry Johnson
    Terry Johnson 20 hours ago

    If CW and FOX Syfy Crisis on Infinite Earth 🌎 🌎🌎🌎 Multiverses

  • NvEm
    NvEm 20 hours ago

    You can see that people are so loyal to pablo

  • Julia Rose
    Julia Rose 21 hour ago

    I can’t heard the question

  • Drakosha Tvoi
    Drakosha Tvoi 21 hour ago

    Кто из 2019? Лайк 13 октября... ютуб

  • AB
    AB 22 hours ago

    Harry Osborne after his obsession with Mary Jane

  • Tiú Kakashi
    Tiú Kakashi 22 hours ago

    Gui bozda

  • 8th-Grade Studying
    8th-Grade Studying 23 hours ago

    I saw this when I was six What the fcuk was it even about

  • M&M
    M&M 23 hours ago


  • Re-cut Trailers by DD
    Re-cut Trailers by DD 23 hours ago

    This looks sick! Very cool trailer

  • Abs0luTioN
    Abs0luTioN Day ago

    American Gods is probably one of the most well written and filmed series I have ever seen. The way Mr Gaiman portrays the ending of the first season in accordance with the meaning behind each and every episode is just mind blowing. Season 2 is even more in depth and intense. We need more series like this..

  • I Love Football

    how like scorpions ou zub zero

  • Mcufan 44
    Mcufan 44 Day ago

    The two voices I always hear when reading a spidey comic collide to make a great game? Well that's a start

  • Flesh
    Flesh Day ago

    8 лет

  • Edgars Sprogis

    best way to describe the show is Stargate sg1 with Star Trek art direction and its amazing.

  • subash chhetri

    12/10/2019 21:53pm. . Nothing matters when you fall in love.. ❤

  • SelfReferencingName

    I felt like coming back to this after Joker. I just remember this as being such a similar performance, but one with more depth and intrigue than Joker. The Joker felt a bit shallow - not fully comic-book crazy, not a gritty realistic psychological portrayal like in the Master; a kind of pastiche of mental health.

  • Elver Gon
    Elver Gon Day ago


  • Teila Perez
    Teila Perez Day ago

    I have a shelter so one like you can come in 🏤🏣🏢 and we have infinity food games everything

  • Teila Perez
    Teila Perez Day ago

    Like dang ware are you're manners

  • Красивая музыка

    Ей люди---подскажите фильм хороший???стоит смотреть????

  • Jose luis Aguirre Hernández

    Es el 2019 y no me canso de verlo !!

  • TheAndreseao
    TheAndreseao Day ago


  • Tenebris
    Tenebris Day ago

    Че за музыка?

  • Yves Saint Laurent

    He needs to fire his barber too!!

  • tiberio135
    tiberio135 Day ago

    His FUCKING lawyers....charging him millions, according to his father, to defend a just cause. Children of Mammon. Some of his ''friends'' were fucking lawyers !!!......where were they?? He did so much for people......where was ''go fund me''?? Fact is that people are $$$HIT. Rest in peace, Aaron. :(

  • billy flack
    billy flack Day ago


  • Aki-Aki- Crystal

    Whats eden eternal vendetta ?

  • فهد ابن تگـريت

    كم عربي موجود ويانه 😁

  • Elena G
    Elena G Day ago

    The best movie

  • Magicomic
    Magicomic Day ago

    Es horrible, pobre

    CLAVELLE Day ago

    See u in 2021 Boss Baby by the way if you want to watch the whole series or the movie if you haven't seen it just search Kisscartoon on chrome

    CLAVELLE Day ago

    Actually their is a boss baby 2 if you search it on Google it will automatically come out but it well be release on March 27,2021 i know its that longgggg which i'll be old for but age doesn't matter

  • Kim Mcgrath
    Kim Mcgrath Day ago

    No one told me about this 😭😭😭💀

  • Luiz Ronconi
    Luiz Ronconi Day ago


  • Satish  Kumar
    Satish Kumar Day ago

    Actress looks like Elsa Fisher.

  • kuntala
    kuntala Day ago

    Film zombi paling keren

  • Esmail Albater

    2019 , great show

  • First name Last name

    Walt : Stay out My territory

  • Ramon Santos
    Ramon Santos Day ago

    I do not wanna get eaten

  • spectre 1920
    spectre 1920 Day ago

    Cameron boyce was my favorite actor I will miss you. You meant everything to me the tribute after desendants 3 was beautiful I will miss you😢😢😢😔😔😪

  • weed sweet
    weed sweet Day ago

    This movie is like GTA 6

    RAYAAN ZOHA Day ago

    Who is here in 2019 ??

  • sonic สุนา


  • sonic สุนา

    OlllllllllllOxaigw Mac

  • nate cronnon
    nate cronnon Day ago

    What a terrible time to be a 80s kid that all the things you've grown up with and love are now being exploited for everything they worth

  • Joe Conley
    Joe Conley Day ago

    Keanu seems shy when it comes to females . But its ok .

  • Hypex
    Hypex Day ago


    FOG COT Day ago

    Holy shit am I the one whose never heard ricks accent

  • Dra O
    Dra O Day ago

    Spader, why you do show? Um, the money. Why else?

  • Jonathan Bernal

    Wish i can meet em i watch this show on Netflix

  • Jessica Tull
    Jessica Tull Day ago


  • Jessica Tull
    Jessica Tull Day ago


  • Jailson Mendes

    O cara só tem 1 dedo da nem pra bater punheta ;-;

  • Player 1
    Player 1 Day ago

    Hollywood insults ppl by having storylines that involve illogical situations and circumstances ...... A guy like MacGyver based on Interest and background would 1...never have a black best friend.... Friend maybe but not beat friend..... ....... 2....a woman wouldn't be the boss of an Org like that......

  • Logan Docken
    Logan Docken Day ago

    It is realy the mont beautiful thig I've ever seen

  • Red Wolf
    Red Wolf Day ago

    DONT WATCH THIS AT NIGHT!!! I learned that the hard way :(

  • Sonicfan 246810

    0:02 t00t

  • Juan Alejandro Gonzalez Triviño

    Joker, Lois Lane and Freddie Mercury

  • Kichi Yumiko Malijan

    Yes is true

  • AssassinEmbers

    So this is what Alex mason does in his spare time.

  • Gabriel Arkangelo

    Burt Gummer could probably take on Thanos with the right equipment.