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The ALL-METAL Keyboard
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"Artificial Humans"
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Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Showcase
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  • LumpySpaceBrotha
    LumpySpaceBrotha 7 hours ago

    apparently im one of the only ones who wants to see the Asus monitor.

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver 7 hours ago

    This wont end well. If twitter has taught me anything it's that AI will always become nazis.

  • EyesWideOpen
    EyesWideOpen 7 hours ago

    I love Raspberry Pi's but ffs, just use Brave Browser if you hate ads. Pi Zero for $5 however, is so amazing and could revolutionize the consumer electronics space if more people got involved with use-case application programming and setups. Sky's the limit

  • wizandoz
    wizandoz 7 hours ago

    Wow. Nice and content full video with indepth reviews of products that people can actually buy. Way to go LTT!

  • Azim Petra
    Azim Petra 7 hours ago

    18:00 omg..LUKE..i have the same problem..the most annoying part is that it will turn fullscreen game into QUARTERSCREEN..LIKE HOLY SHIT. Alt-Tab doesn't fix it..only way was to restart the game. IMO, much prefer Linus point out..settings was easy to get to..I know where everything is. Most importantly, less bloatware. Yes I miss the aero too.

  • Rehan Nazeer
    Rehan Nazeer 7 hours ago

    Why buy a pc when you have a PS4. Jk lol

  • Lukoise
    Lukoise 7 hours ago

    Tech Henry

  • Rohan Sampat
    Rohan Sampat 7 hours ago

    You can tell it pains him to say apple made a good product, makes sense tho...

  • David T
    David T 7 hours ago

    Looks great on my $200 Samsung VA panel :P

  • covington race
    covington race 7 hours ago

    It's either and LG or a Samsung screen, fuck all to do with apple, they don't make screens.

  • Jaden Petkov
    Jaden Petkov 7 hours ago

    I think that there may be a reason for that particular issue with search - it very well might be intentional, because if I do remember correctly that's pretty much what Google got into trouble for with the EU

  • Ben Ninja Gaijin
    Ben Ninja Gaijin 7 hours ago

    Beanbags? Everyone knows the best bang for buck sound proofing is peanut dust.

  • Mika
    Mika 7 hours ago

    "buggy, slow, bloated mess" sounds more like Windows 8/8.1/10

  • Karnalzion
    Karnalzion 7 hours ago

    as far i know you pann left and right and not tilt? tilt is upp and down aint im right?

  • My name is Connor
    My name is Connor 7 hours ago

    Within the first 2 minutes if the video I already love Brian

  • boris brian
    boris brian 7 hours ago

    Me: watching the video salivating

  • Captian Winter
    Captian Winter 7 hours ago

    Me searching "usb killer" on amazon after watching this

  • Christian Berger
    Christian Berger 7 hours ago

    3:00 "Hey young Steve Jobs, aren´t you satisfied?"

  • sokami mashibe
    sokami mashibe 7 hours ago

    Poor 8 ball holder 6:50

  • Kintu Kushwaha
    Kintu Kushwaha 7 hours ago

    Ya should Asus send those to shutta' apple

  • Ryan Hodgkin
    Ryan Hodgkin 7 hours ago

    Good ol linus right here

  • junkfoodeater
    junkfoodeater 7 hours ago

    It's cheaper yes but it's gonna be hard to beat Eizo's built in auto calibrate and all the other conveniences.

  • NoesisAndNoema
    NoesisAndNoema 7 hours ago

    Can you build me one like this... I have $20

  • Anil Chotiya
    Anil Chotiya 7 hours ago

    Yes we want asus display comparison

  • Elijah Chavarria
    Elijah Chavarria 7 hours ago

    all i want to say is fuck apple

  • Armand Esmail
    Armand Esmail 7 hours ago

    It’s a computer mukbang

  • Jackson markovski
    Jackson markovski 7 hours ago

    i heard this is the best monitor to play on the original PS4, is it?

  • Atta Gaming
    Atta Gaming 7 hours ago

    Huawei: i am beast Linus: no you don't have gapp Get lost

  • Robert Crawshaw
    Robert Crawshaw 7 hours ago

    Only the British can do posh accent

  • Max-Leo Amberg
    Max-Leo Amberg 7 hours ago

    Seeing a comparison to that Asus screen and a high-end reference screen like the EIZO would be very interesting (if you can get your hands on one, I guess buying it just for one video would be quite a stretch of your production budget)

  • George P
    George P 7 hours ago

    Probably the closest Linus will ever say an apple product is good

  • ky yin
    ky yin 7 hours ago

    actually you can buy online directly delivery from manufacture they have online shop on the online store, if you can find something cheaper than that either its fake or its defected

  • Alex Boltasu
    Alex Boltasu 7 hours ago

    i just got an ad with linus on this video

  • Baron Gaming
    Baron Gaming 7 hours ago

    "Next gen console games are going to be too demanding for current PC hardware" ? , seriously ? , the console hardware will be generations behind the current pc hardware as always , not worried at all.

  • Snekkk
    Snekkk 7 hours ago

    the lady he was asking questions was probably sweating so hard

  • No i Pan Paweł
    No i Pan Paweł 7 hours ago

    Windows 7 is kill No

  • Angelo Hankins
    Angelo Hankins 7 hours ago

    Please ask Asus. Apple is doing to well.

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 7 hours ago

    1080 ti still the best

  • Aaron Williamson
    Aaron Williamson 7 hours ago

    We need more Taran and Anthony

  • TechyBen
    TechyBen 7 hours ago

    You got the $999 stand? You really don't like money do you.

  • Headout
    Headout 7 hours ago

    Get the asus

  • Dieter Strobl
    Dieter Strobl 7 hours ago

    Where is the Mac Pro review video?

  • silakkas
    silakkas 7 hours ago

    Well company buys it so who cares... its not your home monitor (like the name says)

  • Sum Guy
    Sum Guy 7 hours ago

    *shroud without aimbot and cocaine*

  • Saptarshi Bhattacharya

    bring asus in

  • Shinobu Oshino
    Shinobu Oshino 7 hours ago

    they both nice

  • _Electr1 _
    _Electr1 _ 7 hours ago

    Can i run crysis

  • Dženir Abazović
    Dženir Abazović 7 hours ago

    make a Denis Tech Tips channel and let him review stuff haha

  • Rogelio Caranyagan Jr.

    My 2 kidneys cant afford this

  • axe693axe
    axe693axe 7 hours ago

    *Incoming bombshell drop . . . . . . *JADEN YOU'RE A DICK!* *End of transmission...

  • Dark MinD
    Dark MinD 7 hours ago

    sir linus what is better "mobo" for amd ryzen 3600 of 2 mobo, AsRock B450 Steel Legend or MSI B450? im just confuse what mobo i use my amd ryzen 3600? 😥😥😥 my max budget is $1000 😥 im ace from phillipines?

  • Sangam Shrestha
    Sangam Shrestha 7 hours ago

    It is good decision to buy this mobile in 2020?

  • TheTimothydragon
    TheTimothydragon 7 hours ago

    If this was a few years old then it's pre-historic now.

  • Snekkk
    Snekkk 7 hours ago

    he just casually pulls out another rtx wtf

  • Shivansh
    Shivansh 7 hours ago

    Beginning: I'm a mere mortal End: I could get Asus to send a $4k display for free

  • that boy
    that boy 7 hours ago

    Wow here in germany its unusually fast if i have 4 mbps

  • Gerard Racines
    Gerard Racines 7 hours ago

    Thats a keyboard ... by the way, Donut Merch

  • Einārs Kaminskis
    Einārs Kaminskis 7 hours ago

    Yea, Asus should send you that.

    HUNT3R KILLRR 7 hours ago

    The Dell 8K 60FPS costs less than that damn thing xD

  • Graham S
    Graham S 7 hours ago

    Get Asus to send you one please =)

  • Rothan Jamali
    Rothan Jamali 7 hours ago

    Me when I see Anthony near a apple product Next video title: Our macPro broke and apple will fix it for twice it's price lol.

  • Debopriyo Nandi
    Debopriyo Nandi 7 hours ago

    In one word.... Apple is 'bullshit'.

  • TTv_3lazE
    TTv_3lazE 7 hours ago

    I thought the first bit was an ad, and my finger was hovering of were I thought the skip ad was, and then I saw it wasn't one, and I frowned and went: hMmMMmmM

  • Ischev
    Ischev 7 hours ago

    i wish i had this problem

  • Hector
    Hector 7 hours ago

    Please do compare them. Apple cant be better value for money I JUST CANT ACCEPT IT

  • Galavis232RO
    Galavis232RO 7 hours ago

    It took Luke 10 seconds to lose his mind with that sign...

  • Andrew KVK
    Andrew KVK 7 hours ago

    I'm sorry... the vesa CONNECTIONS are not included?!

  • M.O.B Beats
    M.O.B Beats 7 hours ago

    Apple is shit

  • Chemtrail Dreams
    Chemtrail Dreams 7 hours ago

    Hm yeah I actually need a rug more than a VPN

  • myron bushell
    myron bushell 7 hours ago

    These guys being out the true colours in products

  • CL4UD10 C
    CL4UD10 C 7 hours ago

    Does it works well in europe too?

  • Riumaan
    Riumaan 7 hours ago

    *1k console users disliked*

  • A normal user
    A normal user 7 hours ago

    theyve got almost 10 mil subs! 👌

  • kindlin
    kindlin 7 hours ago

    I got my current KB for 2.99$ at value village. The only thing about it I don't love is this retarded put-your-computer-to-sleep button right above the escape key, like what a terrible fucking place for this key, I swear to god.

  • Shivansh
    Shivansh 7 hours ago

    $5000 for a display: VerY eXpenSive $50 for one keycap: n0ice

  • H2V PRO Eternal
    H2V PRO Eternal 7 hours ago

    The whole point of using cache is to reduce I/O traffic and making sure the computer does contiguous reads & writes without wearing out your ssd/hdd. Therefore keeping your data intact instead of the bad I/O cutting your files into bits and pieces. Caching keeps your ssd/hdd optimized for more throughput. Speeding up virtually any PC with 5400rpm 7200rpm even ssd drives. PrimoCache is also great to use in VM systems

  • bonzo7000 jones
    bonzo7000 jones 7 hours ago

    LTT still failed to deliver on a test for a banana RBG Kit. :(

  • FuroowHD
    FuroowHD 7 hours ago

    ive the 4x8gb ram of g.skill 3600/14 in ryzen 3950x.. setting up the ram to the best setting is so difficult... help would be appreciated

  • Richard Benoit
    Richard Benoit 7 hours ago

    Thanks for the post.

  • Marko Lendic
    Marko Lendic 7 hours ago

    This guy is funny

  • D3ft0ne
    D3ft0ne 7 hours ago

    Low profile mechanical or go home... I dont think i can use normal mech. switches anymore.

  • Blight VonDrake
    Blight VonDrake 7 hours ago

    I swear, RGB vs Non-RGB is the new Console Wars and EQUALLY as stupid. We're all PC lovers here, we shouldn't be fighting like this. In the immortal words of Ringo Starr, I'm warning you with peace and love. Like what you like and let people like what they like. No one wins when no one's happy.

  • kaspercola
    kaspercola 7 hours ago

    Best pc for lan party!

  • ermonski
    ermonski 7 hours ago

    I still love Vista, baby.

  • Wensis Rompas
    Wensis Rompas 7 hours ago

    5k for a prof monitor... Nope just nope.

  • velomiller miller
    velomiller miller 7 hours ago

    What about the speakers ?

  • Tor Guy
    Tor Guy 7 hours ago

    iSheep, where you at?

  • ceecrb1
    ceecrb1 7 hours ago

    10:46 the apple display only needs that brightness because it will be used in hipster, open plan, with huge windows all painted white, minimalist design spaces with a lot of ambient light.

  • johan mathew
    johan mathew 7 hours ago

    Surely..asus ..u gotta send one over ..I'll get a home apple

  • shumba the don
    shumba the don 7 hours ago

    You forgot one of the screws