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The All-ROG Gaming PC!
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Cheap vs. Expensive Gaming!?
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  • Reza Atabaki
    Reza Atabaki 3 hours ago

    I don’t like merch plugs... except when you guys do it. They are funny, not forced and you guys acknowledge that you are plugging them in 😂👌👍

  • Bloo Ave
    Bloo Ave 3 hours ago

    When he said YOUUUUU I thought that was soulja boy

  • Brian Fisher
    Brian Fisher 3 hours ago

    Linus, did you lose your trusty screwdriver? The Snap On one? Hit me up I got you covered if so...

  • collide.J
    collide.J 3 hours ago

    I want a amazing console/pc I’m sure there many other people out there who also want it but I’ll give it a try

  • Abid's
    Abid's 3 hours ago

    " hm , You must be new here. "

  • sesshomaru717
    sesshomaru717 3 hours ago

    this witcher giveaway REQUIRES you to have GWENT... I feel lied to xD

  • Ahmed Nabil
    Ahmed Nabil 3 hours ago

    Thank god you don't call GOG GOG.

  • Dj Gelo Official
    Dj Gelo Official 3 hours ago

    Lunus is your dad asayu

  • Uncreative Content
    Uncreative Content 3 hours ago

    i own the jlab sports, and the regular ones WERE in this video but didnt get a review... wish u gave it a rose i really wanted to know what u thought. i have mixed feelings right now thinking about returning them

  • Emily Kiri
    Emily Kiri 3 hours ago

    What case did they use in this video? There's no link for it and I can't seem to find them mentioning it's name

  • stonewashpants
    stonewashpants 3 hours ago

    will someoe tell me what laptop is on the counter

  • Underfire 17
    Underfire 17 3 hours ago

    This episode of Linus Tech Tips was sponsored by... The Verge.

  • dominique cantu
    dominique cantu 3 hours ago

    So am I the only one who couldn’t find the give away link for the pc?

  • Yuusharo
    Yuusharo 3 hours ago

    I freaking died at 5:29. 😂 Brilliant self-promotion there, Linus. 10/10 -IGN

  • Rasmus Nordenstein
    Rasmus Nordenstein 3 hours ago

    I got Hollow Knight for 7 dollars at the Playstation Store. Just saying

  • john smithson
    john smithson 3 hours ago

    Ooooookkkkaaayyy O?O

  • Juliett A
    Juliett A 3 hours ago

    You know you're old when you believe that consoles still have couch multiplayer.

  • José Gabriel Gruber

    You know..... One of the glories of the PC, is RGB....

  • Frolix
    Frolix 3 hours ago

    You should try to build a pc where you pay the same for every component, that should be interesting :)

  • Lars DS
    Lars DS 3 hours ago

    When I try to unlock The Witcher I get this: 'Sorry, you must have GWENT in your game library in order to be eligible for this offer. ' What? Why?!

  • Anthony Hoang
    Anthony Hoang 3 hours ago

    What makes you choose the Corsair m.2 vs something like a Samsung 970 Evo Plus?

  • Joe Hendrey
    Joe Hendrey 3 hours ago

    Probably would be faster and possibly even cheaper if they'd just express mailed the games to you 😅

  • Jonathan Delarosa
    Jonathan Delarosa 3 hours ago

    Wife: hey you have a package in the mail. Me: No... youuuu have a package! Happy anniversary lol Wife: confused Me: now get off Destiny 2 and turn that PS4 off. Wife: but my clan is about to raid Me: 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Milika Delic
    Milika Delic 3 hours ago

    No 60fps? Bad ltt! Is this last century?

  • David C
    David C 3 hours ago

    Why did you get a 2060 super? Get a 5700 that is just as fast for cheaper or a 5700 XT for the same price which is about 10-15% faster than the 2060 super.

  • DemoGorgonZola
    DemoGorgonZola 3 hours ago

    9:00 onwards... Linus downloads the Internet :)

  • Mighty monke
    Mighty monke 4 hours ago

    That pc is like having a dsi with a R4 chip and every single dsi game on it

  • Aiden Tingley
    Aiden Tingley 4 hours ago

    Wow, I can't believe that I might potentially win a machine that both Alex and Linus have fingered.......

  • Ranesu ラネス
    Ranesu ラネス 4 hours ago

    GOG is like Steam but even better!

  • ECHO༄
    ECHO༄ 4 hours ago

    doesnt need to be silent if youre basing off of a ps4 lol

  • zweck4629
    zweck4629 4 hours ago

    Could be much worse than a tb or so for 500 games since a single game can take up over 100GB nowadays.

  • Eryk Lechowicz
    Eryk Lechowicz 4 hours ago

    What is the keyboard used in the video? It looks neat :)

  • Vicky T
    Vicky T 4 hours ago

    Nottu thissu shittu gennu

  • used tobe
    used tobe 4 hours ago

    Your voice is 2 semitones too high. I have to use a pitchshifter to watch this.

  • WaterMiner_XD XD
    WaterMiner_XD XD 4 hours ago

    Red Inc.: F*ing ur wallet is more than our job, its our passion! LOL

  • gabriel Silva
    gabriel Silva 4 hours ago

    Unknown company? Wahahahaha

  • XelaaleX1234 yt
    XelaaleX1234 yt 4 hours ago

    Everyone has to sign up to gog 2.0 it was that great looking store they have shown all the time.

  • Sieg670
    Sieg670 4 hours ago

    Did you hire somebody to catch things for you?

  • ItzMeOrdinary
    ItzMeOrdinary 4 hours ago

    Yo i even watched the ad just gimme the pc now

  • Anthony Muro
    Anthony Muro 4 hours ago

    Damn I never thought I’d see the day when Arcanum would be on LTT. I can die happy.

  • Daedalusspacegames
    Daedalusspacegames 4 hours ago

    I don't understand how "from GitHub" equals "no user manual". Certainly, in this case, the script mentioned in the video is fairly well documented. Also having a hard time grappling with how they weren't able to get a Python script running on Windows (TBH I wonder if Alex tried to run this script on Python 3 on Windows). I bemoan Windows for a number of things, but I've never had problems with Python on Windows.

  • Exzotic JT
    Exzotic JT 4 hours ago

    If I get chose I will open a door that has a cactus handle, after that I will step on a nail, and eat some peanut butter with chicken and tooth pace and upload it on my channel

  • Rikard Nilsson
    Rikard Nilsson 4 hours ago

    That is my dream PC right there. Every single component in that PC

  • Dexter Bahl
    Dexter Bahl 4 hours ago

    Good evening fellow LTT veiwers! Hope your day is going well!

  • Anatoli Dulher
    Anatoli Dulher 4 hours ago

    Love the video dude

  • jesus barrera
    jesus barrera 4 hours ago

    the SWITCH has the worst fucking pricing for everythin on consoles..... Hollow Knight is also $15.00 on PS4 and XBOXONE..... it's actually on sale now for $9 on PS4

  • I am not Lochana Thambeliagoda

    I really want that but i know there is a low chance.

  • boyVAANmestreech
    boyVAANmestreech 4 hours ago

    that thing is amazing looking im going to make my new build small as well

  • Logan Irdi
    Logan Irdi 4 hours ago

    Has anybody tried to rebuild an old core 2 duo iMac into a modern machine?

  • iclubsealz
    iclubsealz 4 hours ago

    ARCANUM IS MY SHIIIIIIT! I used to love that game as a kid!

  • Nathan Joshua Sucgang

    Here a go again with a giveaway but for USA

  • RetroVI
    RetroVI 4 hours ago

    I bet most people didn’t get that Soulja Boy reference lmao

  • joe simamura
    joe simamura 4 hours ago

    i wan it

  • AmanD92
    AmanD92 4 hours ago

    and I was talking about a mini pc for the living room and what you know LLT uploads a video

  • HiddenGhostx7
    HiddenGhostx7 4 hours ago

    if i win this i will stream and beat every single game on it

  • Vospi
    Vospi 4 hours ago

    PLAY JAZZPUNK INSTEAD. You're computer geeks, you'll love it!

  • Konnor Byrd
    Konnor Byrd 4 hours ago

    that case is a real cutie

  • teratai lili
    teratai lili 4 hours ago

    can it play uncharted tho...

  • AstroTwister 101
    AstroTwister 101 4 hours ago

    That’s so cool!

    INSANEDOMINANCE 4 hours ago

    For campaign yes, for PVP ABSOLUTELY NOT! Unless you love hacking and ruining the experience for everyone. Hackers and cheaters are on all platforms but the abundance on PC ruins PVP. Makes me want to go back to console.

  • Spikes Gaming
    Spikes Gaming 4 hours ago

    no link to the case? that's the most important piece!

  • johnny johnjohn
    johnny johnjohn 4 hours ago

    Not a gamer linus only one peeper lol but i dig it i love the grafix the space sci fi stuff its all good

  • Andrew Neal
    Andrew Neal 4 hours ago

    Uh, to click on a track pad, just tap it, no need for the whole thing to be a button.

  • KamoGaming
    KamoGaming 4 hours ago

    I'm curious to know. How much would all 500 games +dlc cost?

  • Zon Insaf
    Zon Insaf 4 hours ago

    Nice build...

  • Laser Ld
    Laser Ld 4 hours ago

    I wish I had you in these years without internet when I lived in Cuba ... it is good to see Linus without having to wait to have internet

  • Nathan The Collector

    Linus: Builds gaming PC Also Linus: Plays retro games that don't push the PC to its limit

  • Connection Problems
    Connection Problems 4 hours ago


  • Adam Stoltzfus
    Adam Stoltzfus 4 hours ago

    Where is the power cable pass through going to go?

  • Ayaz Basheer Hassan
    Ayaz Basheer Hassan 4 hours ago

    Linus:Giving away gaming pc Me:hope i get it Inner me:what you talking about fool. You ain't getting it Me:😭 to my pillow

  • Siege __
    Siege __ 4 hours ago

    Yo hit me up 🤙

  • Adedeji Allen
    Adedeji Allen 4 hours ago

    High point of this video... You can't possibly be 33. Nice PC build. Wouldn't mind owning it!

  • Nick Richards
    Nick Richards 4 hours ago

    That pc is still better than the one I own. Feels bad man.

  • Outsider
    Outsider 4 hours ago

    I hope of being lucky and win the PC console. 🤖

  • Phathom
    Phathom 4 hours ago

    PCs were consoles before they were cool.

  • Cody
    Cody 4 hours ago

    I Love GOG!

  • Kelly Masuda
    Kelly Masuda 4 hours ago

    im pretty sure thats the most valuable honda out there

  • troydoe1
    troydoe1 4 hours ago

    What case is this?

  • 0owesleyo0
    0owesleyo0 4 hours ago

    jazz jack rabbit omfg i remembered that was 17y ago XD im hyped to win

  • WokeMegu
    WokeMegu 4 hours ago

    16:40 linus is a weeb confirmed

  • Giorgos Doudou
    Giorgos Doudou 4 hours ago

    Hi from Hellas

  • Nicolaj
    Nicolaj 4 hours ago

    gleam doesn't work for me, can't add entry. Not that i was going to win anyways.

  • EclipseGaming2073
    EclipseGaming2073 4 hours ago

    There is one thing I don't get. Yes you can get used parts. But you can also get a used console. I not disagreeing, but making the point that no matter how hard we try. Upfront cost can be a problem for us normal folk :). Much like how I could get a Mercedes for a few hundred a month, but have no chance forking up 10 grand for a Hyundai, no matter how much it helps in the future. .good video though.

  • I Want PLANT
    I Want PLANT 4 hours ago

    Give me your digital lynx pc

  • Thomas Burkholder
    Thomas Burkholder 4 hours ago

    That’s a spreader not a sync! ;)

  • Charl Cilliers
    Charl Cilliers 4 hours ago

    Talk about a blast from the past!

  • tomas anzulovich
    tomas anzulovich 4 hours ago

    Arcanum is a great game. Make a wizard and learn harm

  • Colin Wilson
    Colin Wilson 4 hours ago

    OMG I played Jazz Jackrabbit 2 as a kid!

  • Exponaut R-01
    Exponaut R-01 4 hours ago

    Downloading 1.2 TB of games all at once? ISPs: *laughs in bandwidth capping*

  • Eliad Buchnik
    Eliad Buchnik 4 hours ago

    Linus the thunderbolt drivers are for the thunderbolt controller which are made by Intel probably JHL 7540 since it's 2 ports design (no currently 3rd party controllers) this why it lists Intel driver because it it is Intel controller plain and simple (USB 4 is still in early stage for mass market adoption so it is not even certified for it). now the fact this board is AMD x570 doesn't prevent it to have thunderbolt 3 since intel certification for thunderbolt is not required for having thunderbolt 3 working (it pretty much free to use standard right now). Asrock had to do the integration to make it happen like designing the board and developing the their bios to support that but once they did they have thunderbolt 3.

  • Pro TJ2
    Pro TJ2 4 hours ago

    im in school and want a good computer but i dont have a lot so what is the the best i can get for $500

  • AR
    AR 4 hours ago

    "you must be new here" lmao

  • coltrain Dontworryboutit

    Why would you put a gen 4 pci m.2 in a motherboard that amd is going to lock soon? That makes no sense because it will not be gen 4 compatible when amd does this.

  • Markus O
    Markus O 4 hours ago

    Far Cry 2 wasn't good!?!? WHUUUAAAAAT!!!

  • skatedorado
    skatedorado 4 hours ago

    Thats why pc is commonly refered to as "Personal Console"😂

  • mobaby1979
    mobaby1979 4 hours ago

    The Hollow Knight savings >>>>> LTT t-shirt transition was LIFE

  • boi boi
    boi boi 4 hours ago

    8:24 did u get me

  • Caleb Njiiri
    Caleb Njiiri 4 hours ago

    Which case is that ?

  • Young Mike
    Young Mike 4 hours ago

    Those games sucked