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  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 2 hours ago

    This coming from the same woman who paid Russia $20 millions to win the election. So, she knows something about Russia. The woman is neurotic. Her brain is in the wrong part of her body...certainly not in heard

  • Gunnar Spencer
    Gunnar Spencer 2 hours ago

    I'm so tired of these douchebags touting their polls. Did any of your poles have Donald Trump winning in 2016? Yeah, shut it!! up

  • Smell the Glove
    Smell the Glove 2 hours ago

    Was cheese served with this whine? Grand Jury-like testimony is always behind "closed doors", the Impeachment will be before the cameras, so Matt will get plenty of opportunities for grandstanding .

    Roy CHELLEMI 2 hours ago

    Mitch McConnell is a rhino. Another classic lifelong politician who talks out of both sides of his mouth. Secretly he hates Trump. But because the Trump support keeps him in power. He’s with Trump Monday Wednesday and Friday and against him Tuesday Thursday and the weekend🐀🐀💩🐀🤡

  • Ray Foster
    Ray Foster 2 hours ago

    the Russian delusion ...idiots are those buying it and stirring it and eating it like tacos

  • Political Cartoons for DONALD TRUMP

    I love matt gaetz such a hero babe

  • ana maria Van Uden
    ana maria Van Uden 2 hours ago

    What a show .!!!! Still trump is going to jail.

  • Zonia Ray
    Zonia Ray 2 hours ago

    Hannity has to be one of the dumbest people on television

  • Steven DelGatto
    Steven DelGatto 2 hours ago

    GOP stop talking and do something. What Schiffhead,Pelosi,and company are doing is a total lynching

  • D M
    D M 2 hours ago

    Lynching is just a word. Nobody owns the use of it.

  • Oneponycar
    Oneponycar 2 hours ago

    This will only guaranteed Trump's win in 2020

  • Grace Life
    Grace Life 2 hours ago

    The truth has nothing to hide

  • jwayne2k
    jwayne2k 2 hours ago

    SECRETS???? John F. KENNEDY warned us about this... and then came the shot 🎯

  • Steve Dickman
    Steve Dickman 2 hours ago


  • Ken Turner
    Ken Turner 2 hours ago

    Never before has one political party so shamelessly supported such a travesty as Trump. So be it. Fall into the pits of hell for your leader, all of you.

  • seeking facts
    seeking facts 2 hours ago

    💪🙄get this embarrassment of a house out... Stop the CRIMINALS from sabotaging our rights!!!! OUR COUNTRY OUR CHILDREN'S future.

  • LTE
    LTE 2 hours ago

    Warren is a capitalist, it's just your job to mislead your viewers with the word (radical socialism) for expanding the socialism, you already have right now, just one step further, that takes down a big part of the corruption you have because of your corrupt big pharma and insurance companies

  • Sean H
    Sean H 2 hours ago

    He ended with “corruption and abuse of power” Oh, the irony 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Tamie Cervantes
    Tamie Cervantes 2 hours ago

    lowinsky came forward as embarrassing as it was because of a sexual misconduct after the clinton impeachmentso where is this whistle blower.? can anyone imagine going to court for a minor infraction in the legal system and we have aunfair process such as this? like or dislike a person, we need fairness.

  • Kathleen Blachere
    Kathleen Blachere 2 hours ago

    Jordan....aren't you part of your own scandal? Must be hard to look at that man in the mirror. Sorry sobs

  • yasm937
    yasm937 2 hours ago

    Why do you Americans have election ,when you have deep State unelected creature to rule you??

  • Rose Marie Leonard
    Rose Marie Leonard 2 hours ago

    Wow Lindsey, action is what we all want! 👍

  • Sharon C
    Sharon C 2 hours ago

    America and Americans first. That will be my one and only vote stipulation. Trump is my only choice in 2020. He was my only choice in 2016.

  • Darlene Godfrey
    Darlene Godfrey 2 hours ago

    Awe, they don't have anything on our President because they would of come out already Trump 2020

  • Pamela Rice
    Pamela Rice 2 hours ago

    Thank you, Fox News, for broadcasting this presser. Go Republicans!

  • Michael Scarlino
    Michael Scarlino 2 hours ago

    Day one, the media forgot impartial reporting, and became rabid dogs....

  • Tom Armah
    Tom Armah 2 hours ago


  • Joni Gomez
    Joni Gomez 2 hours ago

    If this goes to a vote then I would have to imagine that the case would be thrown out simply because one of the material Witnesses, being Adam Schiff, is the one running the investigation.

  • Leah Greenberg
    Leah Greenberg 2 hours ago

    Call the Marines and break the door get shift out and Pelosi put them in cages.This is

  • John
    John 2 hours ago

    Anybody else wondering why Congress can't stop this? Are they doing a circus for the American public for some reason? This has been the same stuff going on for months now

  • DeMeaning Plebny
    DeMeaning Plebny 2 hours ago

    Out of the millions allocated, the leftist politicians skim most of it away to create unneeded jobs for their own. How Bidenesque. 🚩👎

  • Awesome Bo2
    Awesome Bo2 2 hours ago

    He said it's " is alien to American due process"...Get that, Demoronrats!!!!

  • Joel Sattler
    Joel Sattler 2 hours ago

    A closed-door session cuts down on the grandstanding.

  • D C
    D C 2 hours ago

    We now know Rudi Giuliani is part of the deep state. Is Rudi trying to take down Trump? Wouldnt doubt it, Rudi is the real Joker.

  • MommaSherry Norton
    MommaSherry Norton 2 hours ago

    All Schiff and Pelosi and all the Dems are doing.. doing great with reassuring Americans to vote for Trump! Great advocates for the Republican party. Proving yet again, the Dems are evil crooked hateful individuals.

  • Mark Peter
    Mark Peter 2 hours ago

    Greg is so funny and insightful.

  • you'll never walk alone

    I would like to know what Sean Hannity is getting back from this quid pro quo interview?

    MACHETE MARY 2 hours ago


  • amanda handscombe
    amanda handscombe 2 hours ago

    Rats like the dark...

  • frank enstein
    frank enstein 2 hours ago

    Nancy , Trump ended the war in a week . Whatcha think about that Nancy? And Isis prisoners are still incarcerated . NEXT!!!!!!!

  • sonya Pickett
    sonya Pickett 2 hours ago

    Pussys daddy was a mob boss! She thinks she is privileged!

    GZR RZG 2 hours ago

    These politicians accomplished nothing in the Middle East! And look Schiff is part of the delegation! It’s only a fishing expedition. I don’t trust these people. Smh

  • lc wash
    lc wash 2 hours ago

    let's talk about the phone call , he just admitted that he was asking a foreign government to investigate a political rival ( collusion ) . you ask the FBI . the most corrupted immoral president we ever have .....

  • Throw Away
    Throw Away 2 hours ago

    Shut it down

  • Jo Powers
    Jo Powers 2 hours ago

    This should not be happening but it is. Too bad we have a lot of lawmakers that break the laws of our land. This is a travesty! Not sure how to round up these law breakers but we can vote these criminals out of office. Remember who the boss is here and it’s ‘WE THE PEOPLE’!

  • Patton Was Right
    Patton Was Right 2 hours ago

    "WE DEFEATED THE WRONG ENEMY!" Patton was murdered for speaking the truth

  • Randall Kurose
    Randall Kurose 2 hours ago

    Civil War is coming. The Democrats(aka: Confederates) are trying to push a socialist dictatorship on us the American People. and the Dictator in charge will be Hilary, Beware. The Republican sided wrongly on Trumps Decision to pull out of Syria have forgot that we did not join into WWII until a volunteered medical ship run by U.S. red cross was sunk by a German U-boat. I agree with Trump about leaving Syria because it is not our battle it is like WWII you either can chose to volunteer to fight in the front lines in an endless war because it is tide to you ethically or culturally like how the Jewish returned to help their fellow people in WWII. Our Country should not help and give stuff for free unless it is necessary that is what NATO was formed. to control order and peace to the surrounding Nations. But yet they have failed to produce the results they were created for after WWII. So I wish people get woke and understand that this is not a U.S. war. and let Trump run the country and do what needs to be done for the American people. for the last 3o years this country has fallen in to the hands of globalist and elitist that only care for making money off of all of us trapped in this divide. So I call out to you and say please stop this and learn the true history of why we need to stop all of these compulsive liars or people being brained washed because they have not learned yet what life really is. This will affect our children for years to come and they will never understand what true slavery was. I hope people read this and pass on that we Americans need to understand what it is to feel real freedom from tyranny and why people fled from these orders that plague, Venezuela, mainland China, and other restricted Communist and socialist countries that oppress the freedom, live and will of the people. Support Hong Kong and Taiwan the free republic of China. I thank you all whoever reads this I know it is long but we need to stand for what our founding fathers fought for and that was for a limiting government and the freedom for the people from tyrannical threats.

  • howie119
    howie119 2 hours ago

    Eric Prince help America out, take care of that traitor A.S. Take care of chompers Pelosi too

  • D Augusto
    D Augusto 2 hours ago

    Behar, youv'e got neckels.

  • SouthEastStanger
    SouthEastStanger 2 hours ago

    Great back bone, straighten them out!

  • martha conner
    martha conner 2 hours ago

    Looks like Nancy knows she will lose speakership so she wants to take the presidency illegally!!!!

  • Hypno Coosh
    Hypno Coosh 2 hours ago

    Anyone else strangely hungry for peaches?

  • Stella Y
    Stella Y 2 hours ago

    It's about TIME! am so glad they are fighting BACK.

  • Litterbox Studios
    Litterbox Studios 2 hours ago

    If Trumps did something wrong, why cant we see? Evidence dont go away because we see it. They have nothing, theyre simply using our tax dollar to put person after person on a stand searching. About enough after 4 straight years of ignorance. This will be the 22nd allegation that never had a single witness or witness testimony.

  • Boo bop Deeda
    Boo bop Deeda 2 hours ago

    The American people need to make their way to DC and demand change.

  • Freedom
    Freedom 2 hours ago

    Godspeed Patriots

  • Ashlee J.
    Ashlee J. 2 hours ago

    These Deep Staters are familiar a & comfortable and

  • Purple Heart Scott
    Purple Heart Scott 2 hours ago

    Quit quoting polls, they are rigged always and cater to a narrative. WWG1WGA and we know!

  • Lee Boggs
    Lee Boggs 2 hours ago

    This type of Federal secret inquiry was Outlawed in the USA in 1681.

  • monkey CHEESE
    monkey CHEESE 2 hours ago

    impeaching the president??? AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME 4 DAT

  • Bob Weaver
    Bob Weaver 2 hours ago

    *Less* intelligent than AOC??? That's possible???

  • grapas100
    grapas100 2 hours ago

    The allegations that Republicans are being shut out of the impeachment process are not true. There are Republicans on the three panels conducting the investigation - the House Intelligence, Oversight and Foreign Affairs Committees - that are present and able to ask questions at every hearing. A full House vote authorizing an impeachment inquiry would likely allow Republicans to call their own witnesses, but any subpoenas they attempt to issue could be vetoed by Democrats. House Intelligence Committee member Jim Himes (D-Conn.) explained earlier this month that the depositions are private to protect classified information and prevent Trump allies who are being questioned from coordinating their testimonies. He added that witness transcripts will eventually be scrubbed and released to the public.

  • dredrob
    dredrob 2 hours ago

    Trump will be giving campaign speeches from prison.

    • Timothy Ryan
      Timothy Ryan 2 hours ago

      👍🤣🤣🤣👍 trump/Ghouliani Midnite Circle Jerks in Federal Prison..

  • Jonas Carrasco
    Jonas Carrasco 2 hours ago

    Wow how do you defend a game show host what a joke

  • none ofyour
    none ofyour 2 hours ago

    Why is Hildabeast so mad at Russia she and Billy can't keep his zipper up got 400 million donated to there Library from Russia after giving Russia 1/3 of Americas uranium stock pile is 400 million she can't live on ???? is she living in poverty with 400 million ????

  • Donna KT
    Donna KT 2 hours ago

    Call in the Military

  • PK Shumway
    PK Shumway 2 hours ago

    If they are not follow the laws to a tee then it all should be thrown out until they get it right.

  • ReiHinoSenshi
    ReiHinoSenshi 2 hours ago

    Shift had said the doj did not do there job and investigate what already 4 people have been arrested for...and it has to be secrit because the doj was supposed to have done this in secrit and so the house is having to do bill bars job this is why he should have did his job and not be Trump's lawyer and do his job and try not to burry it and dismiss it and be a miss at his job. If he did his job then they would not have to do what they are that what they have already said but i have not heard them bring that up in this gop meating witch makes this whole gop meaning pointless is there covering what was already explained. So it comes back to guess bar should have did his job and proved it wrong when he had the chance but partisanship and all....

  • PhysicalGraffiti
    PhysicalGraffiti 2 hours ago


  • Alma Lawrence-Fraser

    Where is Gray-ham? Sucking democratic breasts

  • J M
    J M 2 hours ago

    It's the )ew York Times of course (they) like her

  • marlon slingga.b
    marlon slingga.b 2 hours ago

    They don't like me I don't like them too I live in the BX I see how stupid some can be ,I'm With my president all the way

  • rick payne
    rick payne 2 hours ago


  • Mick Taylor
    Mick Taylor 2 hours ago

    It’s an investigation and republicans are able to ask questions if they are on the committee. It is a system to protect the accused to stop witnesses from changing their testimony. In the senate trial all of the stated protections will kick in, the target and his co-conspirators do not get to control the investigation. The third hand accounts are necessary because the people closer to the plot are taking the fifth! They are desperate!

  • Frank 522
    Frank 522 2 hours ago

    I’m a Trump voter and support impeachment so Republicans can call witnesses and expose Democrats.

  • Insomniac Audio
    Insomniac Audio 2 hours ago

    They only mention Hillary Clinton in the last 10 seconds of this video, what was everything else? Lol 😂

  • Lana Williams
    Lana Williams 2 hours ago

    There were Republican's sitting in on every closed door testimony, they could ask questions freely of anyone called to testify. Lindsey you are stupid as Rudy. It was the WH lawyers that stopped people from testifying.

  • Timothy Roepe
    Timothy Roepe 2 hours ago

    with the lack of protein you become a beta male; that's what they want

    • Timothy Roepe
      Timothy Roepe 2 hours ago

      and conversely; if you eat meat, you would be hard at work, burning protein, and would have time to entertain feminist talk with faulty untrue logic-such as the pre-supposition of a patriarchy that needs dismantling

  • New Zoo Guru
    New Zoo Guru 2 hours ago

    Democrats want to be the Judge, jury and executioner. How would you like to be accused of a crime and be tried like this? America needs to stand up. If they can do this to POTUS they can do it to you.

  • Masson H
    Masson H 2 hours ago

    Graham: The biggest lie of this administration is that ISIS is defeated. Trump just made ISIS great again.

  • Gwen Soileau
    Gwen Soileau 2 hours ago

    We NEED More Freedom Caucus Members In Our Congress. We MUST Purge Our Gov. Of Demonic Dems. & Resistant RINOS.😠🐊🐊🐍🐍👿👿

  • Yana Akasha
    Yana Akasha 2 hours ago

    When he said the Kurds didn't help us in Normandy.. guess who else didn't help us..draft dodger trump and his whole entire rich swamp family..dodging wars and faking medical letters rolf.😂

  • Fixer Upper
    Fixer Upper 2 hours ago

    The impeachment is gaining momentum. Trumps guilty of treason. 2 out of 3 Americans are Anti Trump. 🇺🇸

  • Norman E. Lackey
    Norman E. Lackey 2 hours ago

    These liberals have taken an oath of secrecy for the concealing of truth from the American people. I am sick and tired of the way this non-transparent inquiry is going and the fact that Congress fails to do anything other than focus on tearing down the duly-elected president.

  • Susan C.
    Susan C. 2 hours ago

    It's this diplomat's day in the sun. This guy has an agenda, just like the evil Dems. Appointed by Obama.

  • elo o
    elo o 2 hours ago


  • Karl DeWeese
    Karl DeWeese 2 hours ago

    Democrat leadership using Ukraine for an impeachment cudgel is not so much about a son profiting from corruption instead, it appears much of the 2016 Russia narrative against Trump, had a well funded, DNC/Clinton connection in Ukraine. Those who helped with the "insurance policy" to overturn an election, are right to worry about this administration's ongoing investigation.

    Roy CHELLEMI 2 hours ago

    The Democrats never play fair they cheat they have weak in the presidency. If they succeed with this impeachment. They will rue the day a democrat becomes president.

  • Eyjolfur Eyjolfsson
    Eyjolfur Eyjolfsson 2 hours ago

    Where can I donate to Trump champaign

  • daniel spindola
    daniel spindola 2 hours ago

    Bunch of clowns just like their orange bozo what a circus act Made a fools of themselves

  • Snake1989
    Snake1989 2 hours ago

    Elizabeth Warren is a whack job for sure.

  • Rodney Fowler
    Rodney Fowler 2 hours ago

    Lindsey Graham, needs to either POOP , OR GET OFF THE POT!!

  • Ronald Osborne
    Ronald Osborne 2 hours ago

    Someone needs to release the names of the so-called whistleblowers.

  • Scott Webster
    Scott Webster 2 hours ago

    Corrupt coup wake up!

  • Rosie Mclafferty
    Rosie Mclafferty 2 hours ago

    Graham talks a lot but sits on his hands and does nothing

  • Michael Bobkov
    Michael Bobkov 2 hours ago

    What is happening to the Republic??

  • Snarkly Credible
    Snarkly Credible 2 hours ago

    This is an investigation of a bunch of mobsters. Bolton called it a drug deal! This is the Trump mob not the Republican party. Good investigators do not allow the mobsters in on the investigation. The mob boss Trump will have a chance to face his accusers when he is on trial in the Senate.

  • Tom Lemke
    Tom Lemke 2 hours ago

    They're doing this so they can torture this person and make him say what they want to hear we already seen how Adam schitt lies in court what do you think's going on down there in the basement where nobody else can hear them lies all lies send the Marines and knocked the door down throw him in jail how can this be legal. Where is the Supreme Court now this country this world is laughing at us.