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The 1975 "Sincerity Is Scary"
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  • Areli Huitimea
    Areli Huitimea 3 hours ago


  • Patrycja P
    Patrycja P 3 hours ago

    You are right, Long Live feels different for us now, it's even deeper and it brings huge tears and pride. 💗

  • Lulu April
    Lulu April 3 hours ago

    please react to Anna and Medicine by him too

  • Patrycja P
    Patrycja P 3 hours ago

    I'd like to watch her in some kind of old movie 🖤 that would be masterpiece

  • Jean Gibbs
    Jean Gibbs 3 hours ago

    Love Harry Styles ❤

  • Dafne MR
    Dafne MR 4 hours ago

    Man react to Courtney Hadwin American's got talent and after that react to her covers 👌 React to James Artur audition too

  • -
    - 4 hours ago

    Taylor writes ALL of her songs :)

  • C R
    C R 5 hours ago

    Rosalia is the narrator. She's an amazing spanish artist. You should react to her music like "Malamente" and "De Aqui no sales"

  • Markus Hayden Sutherland

    They didn't really break off from Pentatonix. They were actually together with Kirstie from high school before Pentatonix and brought Kevin and Avi in to create Pentatonix.

  • Treyann Bella
    Treyann Bella 6 hours ago

    React to Halsey’s newest songs Finally//Beautiful Stranger or Sugas Interlude

  • strawberry
    strawberry 7 hours ago

    And like Rosalía as the narrator was just perfect

  • Sarah
    Sarah 7 hours ago

    If you like mumford & sons you should watch the video where they sing "with a little help from my friends" together with Dermot at All Points East

  • Coffee is Life
    Coffee is Life 7 hours ago

    I was so excited for the end part then he just stopped I can't!

  • ImAHotKnife
    ImAHotKnife 7 hours ago

    Mumford and Sons 🙄 how about go and listen to more Dermot? (and no. it's not der-MOTT)

  • ImAHotKnife
    ImAHotKnife 7 hours ago

    Please listen to more than Outnumbered and Power Over Me... people are so stuck on those

  • juniorhorse
    juniorhorse 7 hours ago

    Hurt by Johnny Cash!

  • ImAHotKnife
    ImAHotKnife 7 hours ago

    There is seriously always ONE hater doin the thumbs down!

  • Elezeiaz
    Elezeiaz 8 hours ago

    Alice Chater - Hourglass Alice Chater - Thief My two favourites of her :3

  • Elezeiaz
    Elezeiaz 8 hours ago

    ohhhh I've been wanting to see this for weeks!

  • Alexandre Sousa
    Alexandre Sousa 8 hours ago

    Please react to LM5 album 🙏😭

  • daylight tay
    daylight tay 8 hours ago


  • Emma Marie
    Emma Marie 9 hours ago

    Yesss, animals aren't here for us. Go vegan!

  • Ezul Amir
    Ezul Amir 9 hours ago

    Hearing Steven saying snow is just a common experience for him make my desired to touch snow at least once in my life increased becuz there's no snow in Malaysia. :(

  • Taylor swift love
    Taylor swift love 9 hours ago

    This song and MV is so cute!!!

  • Gödsmäck 15
    Gödsmäck 15 9 hours ago

    How about listening to KATRINA VELARDE Whitney Houston Medley...for sure u'll like it too♥

  • Daniel Clemente
    Daniel Clemente 9 hours ago

    When she sang the word "The time we stood with our shaking hands The crowds in stands went wild" and the crowd screams .so Nostalgic

  • Arno
    Arno 9 hours ago

    BMTH is the new Linkin Park.

  • dingdong ping
    dingdong ping 10 hours ago


  • Walter Genius
    Walter Genius 10 hours ago

    I just subscribed to your patreon. Love your reactions. :)

  • tylor swft
    tylor swft 10 hours ago

    It'd be amazing if you checked out Alice Kristiansen's EP "Streetlights" that came out Dec 6! She's been making covers for years and her music truly deserves more attention 😍

    PARIMALA TV 11 hours ago

    Plsss do for one direction night changes and what makes you beautiful

  • Pam Rogers
    Pam Rogers 11 hours ago

    And love (for long live) - Taylor is so lovable - and thirteen years is a long time to cement loyalty based on love?

  • Sj Ko
    Sj Ko 11 hours ago

    대한민국의 제2의 비공식 국가 '아리랑'이었습니다.

  • Candace Garrett
    Candace Garrett 12 hours ago

    I know right. This is my new favorite music video. And I too absolutely love this song.

  • Nathan
    Nathan 12 hours ago


  • Tinh Tran
    Tinh Tran 12 hours ago

    Now it’s 479 million views

  • Ivan Iraheta
    Ivan Iraheta 13 hours ago

    Narrated by Rosalía? React to Rosalía, please

  • Jidy Powell
    Jidy Powell 13 hours ago

    Amen brother! I reserve judgment pn a band until I can see them live. The great ones are BETTER live!! I have been disappointed by some big names over the years because they sucked live. It separates the real from the pretenders.

  • DLS 1967
    DLS 1967 13 hours ago

    Of the 3 this is my favorite. My daughter still puts Lights Up as her favorite!! I love the vibe of this one 💚🦐

  • Eden Gallagher
    Eden Gallagher 13 hours ago

    2:41 she actually has two other home-video music videos from her really early days, for The Best Day (from Fearless) and I'm Only Me When I'm With You (from debut)

  • Eden Gallagher
    Eden Gallagher 13 hours ago

    Her Christmas EP also had two original songs she wrote herself, Christmas Must Be Something More and Christmases When You Were Mine

  • Eden Gallagher
    Eden Gallagher 13 hours ago

    this has also got to be my favorite from Fine Line and that's really saying something

  • Jeffery Aldaz
    Jeffery Aldaz 14 hours ago

    Respect in your vegan life👍🏻however I love me some animals. Sorry

  • Deshaun Galloway
    Deshaun Galloway 14 hours ago

    Agreed! This is my favorite so far! On repeat! It does have an amazing groove.

  • Del B.
    Del B. 14 hours ago

    "target can't wait to get it on their playlist" hahaha,, the truest thing I've ever heard

  • Anam Fatima
    Anam Fatima 15 hours ago

    No one: Me when Taylor gets the guitar as a Christmas present: 😭😭😭😭

  • Alejandro Ramírez
    Alejandro Ramírez 15 hours ago

    Please don’t skip “Why she disappeared” next reaction!

  • Gina V
    Gina V 16 hours ago

    “Snow is not always that beautiful to me,” 😂 same! I’m from the Northeast and I moved away so I totally feel that. Agree with everything you said especially her voice maturing.

  • Naswidah Nalunjogi
    Naswidah Nalunjogi 16 hours ago

    I stan Harry styles for anything he do that me😂😂😂😂he is everything thanks for reaction

  • Devendra Mane
    Devendra Mane 16 hours ago

    React to Put a little love on me by Niall, it’s awesome I think u will love it

  • Mr. banana
    Mr. banana 16 hours ago

    Filipino:Di mapaliwanag. English:Can't explain.

  • kayla
    kayla 16 hours ago

    please react to self titled, i dont care if the video is super long lol

  • PolliitoAle
    PolliitoAle 17 hours ago

    "I'd be an ok dad" dude, I don't know you but I have full confidence in you and your parental skillz

  • Dana Cooley-Keith
    Dana Cooley-Keith 17 hours ago

    I love your channel and your reactions. I also was hit pretty hard by the fish relationship and accident. 💜

  • Viral Rajgor
    Viral Rajgor 17 hours ago

    This dude is very positive and lovely ! Loving your reactions mate xx

  • Levi Blue
    Levi Blue 17 hours ago

    btw the songs “christmases when you were mine” and “ christmas must be something more” on her first christmas EP are original songs

  • sepia phoenix
    sepia phoenix 17 hours ago

    She won the voice Philippines.She's really great and if you noticed she sung it higher.

  • Levi Blue
    Levi Blue 17 hours ago

    you literally cut the video right before the best part omg 😭

  • aishart chxnnel
    aishart chxnnel 17 hours ago

    please react to her AMAs performance:)))))))))

  • Veronica joyce Calculate

    the queen and the heiress.

  • Jillian Wilber
    Jillian Wilber 17 hours ago

    Harry performed adore you on the Graham Norton show last night. Really good performance. The back up vocals were amazing. And on top of all that, he wore an actual pearl necklace. Lol.

  • mooonsnzthy
    mooonsnzthy 17 hours ago

    You'll be an awesome dad :)

  • Megan Lengel
    Megan Lengel 18 hours ago


  • Tania Marcella
    Tania Marcella 18 hours ago

    Please react to Taylor Swift's AMAS

  • Rim1789
    Rim1789 18 hours ago

    It’s definitely my favorite of the 3 singles if not my favorite of all the song he ever released. It’s so good and so catchy. I loved the story (and the whole campaign was really crazy). I felt emotional too about the fish. Under the guise of a poppy up beat song and a seemingly absurd MV, the lyrics and the story are actually quite sad. I enjoyed very much the « Can u believe it » that was also Harry talking to the fish. There is a lot to unpack from the MV. The boy born different and rejected (not everyone is cruel and can still reject u) because of how he his and suppressed himself until he tried to die. Then meeting someone like him and then letting them go because they thought that was what was best for them. How they both grow up and gained confidence thanks to one other company. Departing from someone u love isn’t the end too etc. The pain /self hate/weakness used as strenghth to make the boat move on And the lyrics could also work to a certain degree with the MV. As it’s not a happy love song either, and could be one-sided, or at least an acceptance they may not be needed/loved as much or the same way as the other. It shouldn’t work with the plot of the MV, the MV shouldn’t hit the audience this much, and we all shouldn’t be this involved with the fish story but we all absolutely are. Again what I really enjoy is that Harry sound is very distinct from the rest of mainstream pop. You will absolutely notice his single and in particular this one if you listen to radio. It’s truly so different. In music, singing style and the balance of them both. Sometimes in pop, the singer take a very noticeable precedence over the music. Not here. Both are equally important

  • Vidhi Vasaiya
    Vidhi Vasaiya 18 hours ago

    One of the self written 🥰🥰

  • Neil Francis Isidro
    Neil Francis Isidro 18 hours ago

    She entirely wrote and co-produced this wonderful christmas song national anthem <3

  • Da Moley
    Da Moley 19 hours ago

    Yaaas hunny

  • walshknwsbest
    walshknwsbest 19 hours ago

    Fantastic insightful and genuine reaction ❤️

  • Elvia Sanchez
    Elvia Sanchez 19 hours ago

    For some reason long live always makes me feel so emotional

  • valentina
    valentina 19 hours ago

    5:40 harry always says thank you to everybody just like taylor does. they are the kindest people on the industry i honestly have no doubt

  • Wendy Williams Grant
    Wendy Williams Grant 19 hours ago

    Please react to scarypoolparty new album please

  • Robert Heslop
    Robert Heslop 19 hours ago

    Sorry but the moment you mentioned about having a child one day, my heart melted. I think you'd be an amazing father because of your positivity.

    • Elle Bruce
      Elle Bruce 4 hours ago

      and his kid will probably have a hell of a musical taste

  • WeAreBeautifulandSick
    WeAreBeautifulandSick 19 hours ago

    Give me ALL the Harry!!!

  • swiftie Nicole13
    swiftie Nicole13 19 hours ago

    She had original songs on the Christmas album to

  • Lainie Britton
    Lainie Britton 19 hours ago

    we love Harry content yasss

  • Tatiana Pardo Pinzón
    Tatiana Pardo Pinzón 19 hours ago

    yes, she wrote all the song by herself

  • David Fortnite
    David Fortnite 20 hours ago

    this is an original song

  • stfustyles x
    stfustyles x 20 hours ago

    the promo for this song was insaaannneeee he didn’t tell anyone about this whole Eroda thing for a while and people were getting advertisements for it so people started getting scared and making conspiracy theories about how they’re getting ads about visiting a country that DOESNT EXIST but then we started piecing together little clues and realized it was harry all along

    • Eden Gallagher
      Eden Gallagher 13 hours ago

      Twenty One Pilots did the same thing, they made a website about a fictional city named Dema and it had no connection to them but somehow fans figured it out and it ended up being the world their album Trench mostly took place in. It's really cool that people can actually catch on to things like that

  • stfustyles x
    stfustyles x 20 hours ago

    omg im so excited for your reaction to his albums hs1 feels so much more reserved and different after only hearing these 3 songs he’s put out like harrys versatility is literally insane

  • Vanessa Torres
    Vanessa Torres 20 hours ago

    I’m from Chicago too and nope! Don’t like snow either hahaha as a kid was fun... adulting + snow sucks! Also I’m a HUGEEEE TS fan... interesting you like her too! If I saw you out there would never come to my mind you could ever 😂💖

  • Breanna Nicole
    Breanna Nicole 20 hours ago

    She actually co-wrote "Christmases When You Were Mine" and solely wrote "Christmas Must Be Something More" on her Christmas album.

  • Mvolk2013
    Mvolk2013 20 hours ago

    Shoot, Medicine in MN was my concert. That was a great song/video wasn't it? Ugh, Ultralight Beam and now that video...Oh well. Did you hear weeks before about Eroda (Adore, backwards) , there was a whole thing on line that just showed up one day with all these clues, we figured it had to do with Harry really quick. Hope you watched through the end of the music video.

  • 901 SWiFTiE
    901 SWiFTiE 20 hours ago

    this was also around the time when that weird ass guy was threatening to kill her so she was actually grateful for the security and she meant every word she said.

  • Kaitlin Batson
    Kaitlin Batson 20 hours ago

    DUDE the balance and composure vinyl in the back..... brb gonna go listen to tore you apart in my head and CRY. music taste superb Edit: THE BAYSIDE POSTER where did u come from im shook

    • Kaitlin Batson
      Kaitlin Batson 19 hours ago


    • Steven In Stereo
      Steven In Stereo 20 hours ago


  • Lillian T
    Lillian T 20 hours ago

    I’m still sad I can’t watch your medicine reaction

    • Sofia B
      Sofia B 8 hours ago

      Lillian T ok, i understand

    • Lillian T
      Lillian T 9 hours ago

      Sofia B doesn’t mean I have a Dollar a month to spare on it

    • Sofia B
      Sofia B 10 hours ago

      Lillian T it’s only a dollar a month to be a patreon of his

    • Alejandra Vogel
      Alejandra Vogel 19 hours ago

      same :((

  • Physics Lady
    Physics Lady 20 hours ago

    Could you please do Niall's new video next? Pleeeeaaasse

  • Velvet Noe
    Velvet Noe 20 hours ago

    VGang!! ✌️🌱 (loved the video!!)

  • Alejandra Bordón
    Alejandra Bordón 20 hours ago

    I love your reactiooonsss😍❤

  • s t
    s t 20 hours ago

    Please react to camila's album romance 😍

  • Alma
    Alma 20 hours ago

    He just performed this song live on Graham Norton! You should react to it when it gets uploaded, I think it's one of his best live performances so far

    • Alma
      Alma 4 hours ago

      @Eden Gallagher I saw it on the tv!

    • Eden Gallagher
      Eden Gallagher 13 hours ago

      where did you see it if it's not uploaded, were you there?

    • Jillian Wilber
      Jillian Wilber 17 hours ago

      And he wore a pearl necklace. Love that dude.

  • Daniel Creed
    Daniel Creed 20 hours ago

    Hey Steve, HALSEY dropped a new fantastic song today Finally/beautiful stranger could you react to it?

  • Valentia
    Valentia 20 hours ago

    yesss i was waiting for you to react to adore you! didn't expect the video to be here so early, but i'm glad!! adore you is such an amazing song and the whole eroda marketing thing was so creative and fun for the fans, and the message and story of the song are so sweet as well. how can you not love harry styles after this?

  • Nita Fe
    Nita Fe 20 hours ago

    Welcome backkkkkk 😍

  • McPhillen
    McPhillen 20 hours ago

    You keep cutting off man,its annoying

  • angelica
    angelica 20 hours ago

    im so happy you posted on yt!!!

  • jaz zy
    jaz zy 21 hour ago

    “animals aren’t here to eat” okay vegan KING

  • Lucia Ferrufino
    Lucia Ferrufino 21 hour ago

    Only Harry Styles can make me cry over a cgi fish

    BRENDA HAMMONDS 21 hour ago

    Hi Steven, I just love your reactions Harry is my favorite artist out right now he is so creative I heard you say you're going too react to his first album if you can please check out his behind the album it's just him and his band live at abby road studio where the Beatles recorded it is so good too just see him and his band jamming and recording it for the first time they do all the songs from the album you will really enjoy that sorry I don't have the link maybe someone can send it to you have a fantastic day.

  • Sofía G
    Sofía G 21 hour ago

    I love this video, its BEAUTIFUL agh. Great reaction bro 💚 AND Pls dont eat animals 💚💚💚 they suffer too ✌🏽