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iKON - I'M OK MV (JP Ver.)
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iKON - 'NEW KIDS' Trailer
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iKON - 'I'M OK' M/V
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  • Sheila Yamuna
    Sheila Yamuna 3 hours ago

    비아이 사랑해 ❤❤❤

  • catarina
    catarina 4 hours ago

    don't you ever wonder how the fuck this fucking bop doesn't get the attention that deserves? this pisses me off a lot

  • Nameless ARMY
    Nameless ARMY 4 hours ago

    And I still come back

  • pug vainilla dos piña

    ₩¥¥€€£¥÷+€¥£€€ nose lo que escribe sos unos buenasos en la mucica

  • Blanca Días
    Blanca Días 4 hours ago

    Es tan hermoso

  • 100000 subscribers with 0 videos

    *This is proof you were here before 400M views*

  • june's hoe
    june's hoe 4 hours ago

    no matter who your biases are, if you're a *real* iKONIC, your bias wrecker will always be Kim Donghyuk

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina 4 hours ago

    I miss B.I

  • Ev Sightz
    Ev Sightz 4 hours ago

    Jamming To this while staring at a black hole

  • Blanca Lagraña
    Blanca Lagraña 4 hours ago

    You crack

  • sadaf turkmani
    sadaf turkmani 4 hours ago

    Not gunna lie I love this song and the group but the lighting and the camera angles r kinda bad

  • Irving1943
    Irving1943 4 hours ago


  • BTS, Got7, Monsta X, IKON, Seventeen, StrayKids

    I want to talk about Jinhwan's hip thrusting and sexy amazing dancing and how i almost choked myself to death because i might have replayed it too many times but everyone in the comments is talking about Hanbin and that makes me sad ...because i'm here trying to move on but i can't help but be reminded of it.... oh but trust me i don't want to forget.. and i don't want u guys to stop mentioning him... i want YG to feel so phuking annoyed so they can finally get off their asses and ACTUALLY do something about it....(like bringing him back) although i don't think that's how it works

  • Farismad Shift
    Farismad Shift 5 hours ago

    Hello my name is cringe I have came from fortnite

  • Thunder
    Thunder 5 hours ago


  • BTS, Got7, Monsta X, IKON, Seventeen, StrayKids

    they make dancing look so easy

  • Evan Pham
    Evan Pham 5 hours ago

    AA aaa a a a aa a a

  • Evan Pham
    Evan Pham 5 hours ago

    so cool

  • Blucity
    Blucity 5 hours ago

    Here’s what your looking for 1:08

  • BlintJoink
    BlintJoink 5 hours ago

    Me aparece esta pendejada cuando Fortnite sigue con su agujero negro. T_T

  • Alisaya Buck
    Alisaya Buck 5 hours ago

    I like ikon

  • Kelvin chan
    Kelvin chan 5 hours ago

    0:42 are they jay walking?

  • Tuli Tavirai53rhivb2bimce7echc7ebtn

    Its ok dut BTS IS BETER 😏

  • Pe Guz
    Pe Guz 5 hours ago


  • Pe Guz
    Pe Guz 5 hours ago

    Deseo que las dificultades solo los vuelvan más fuertes y unidos, aunque Hanbin no esté espero que ese lazo no se rompa. Para mi #iKON pierde su escencia musical sin B.I realmente estoy acá por su música, solo deseo que de alguna forma pueda regresar.

  • Crystal Snow
    Crystal Snow 5 hours ago

    Question: Does BTS dance faster than Ik0n or are there moves just smooth

  • Harley Nadal
    Harley Nadal 6 hours ago

    i like ro song

  • ʝɪʍɪɴɴyɛ _Ъя

    Caralho q viciooo

  • Scorpionmk 1998
    Scorpionmk 1998 6 hours ago

    Adivinare bienes por el baile en Fortnite :3

  • Tony Boone
    Tony Boone 6 hours ago

    bro you littttttt🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Noone Nevermind
    Noone Nevermind 6 hours ago

    Who's from Fortnite? (RIP game)

  • Nikki Valenzuela
    Nikki Valenzuela 6 hours ago

    Hanbin's verse 🔥

  • Theodora Bulli
    Theodora Bulli 6 hours ago

    Everytime that i hear this song i am thinking b.i 💘💘😭😭

  • Martin Destefano
    Martin Destefano 6 hours ago


  • dilanfast GG
    dilanfast GG 6 hours ago

    fortnite love escenario

  • Chheng Sok Heang Chheng Sok Heang

    Hanbin with ikon 2019 anyone here 😭😭😭...?

  • Sayaha Ssi
    Sayaha Ssi 6 hours ago

    Dance tutorial please

  • Bartola Cruz alvarez

    Me. Gusta. Muchisimo

  • ポップコーンの鬼太郎


  • Raymond Garcia
    Raymond Garcia 6 hours ago

    were sorry ikon no more ikonik cause mincraft killed fortnite im sad mincraft sucks

  • Zetrax
    Zetrax 6 hours ago


  • אל פרימו
    אל פרימו 6 hours ago


  • אל פרימו
    אל פרימו 6 hours ago


  • אל פרימו
    אל פרימו 6 hours ago


  • אל פרימו
    אל פרימו 6 hours ago


  • Lithium Scythe
    Lithium Scythe 7 hours ago

    2:26 he says the n word

  • Carlos Ruiz
    Carlos Ruiz 7 hours ago

    #ikon-Love Scenario

  • Nehat Tahsin
    Nehat Tahsin 7 hours ago

    IKON!!! COME BACK PLZ!!!! I MISS U GUYS SO MUCH!😞😞😞😭😭😭☹️☹️☹️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Iryna Liman
    Iryna Liman 7 hours ago

    Rip fortnite

  • J A M E S
    J A M E S 7 hours ago

    The easiest korean lyrics to remember😁

  • sk clanbop
    sk clanbop 7 hours ago


  • LGDS Firegamer 52
    LGDS Firegamer 52 7 hours ago

    Like su vienes porque te gusta el baile y la canción

  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia 7 hours ago


  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia 7 hours ago


  • Rafael Rios
    Rafael Rios 7 hours ago

    Wat ar say littl boy

  • one한ᄂ
    one한ᄂ 8 hours ago

    ikon without hanbin like rice without chicken😂😂😂

  • FZ _EDO07
    FZ _EDO07 8 hours ago

    Scenario or floss? Scenario =like Floss=comment

  • Freddy Gomez
    Freddy Gomez 8 hours ago

    Colombia bogota latinoamerca

  • TheChatwalai
    TheChatwalai 8 hours ago


  • Carolyn Hautapu
    Carolyn Hautapu 8 hours ago

    'I- 0 _ 2

  • Jòsùè Wèèd
    Jòsùè Wèèd 8 hours ago

    1:07 scenario ❤

  • canciones faboritas Olivares

    Los amo

  • Moleke doido 2019
    Moleke doido 2019 8 hours ago

    Bit these boys kill me with such beauty, You have a beauty that only my soul can handle beautiful

  • Shirley Shirley Duarte amaral

    lindos 😍

  • yoongi daegu
    yoongi daegu 8 hours ago

    i don't even care about the shitty company that yg is, i just feel sorry for all the members and ikonics :(

  • Luvi H.
    Luvi H. 8 hours ago


  • Dear Azila
    Dear Azila 8 hours ago

    I just want to listen all of your song my dear Kim Hanbin ❤️

  • Jay Gonzalez
    Jay Gonzalez 8 hours ago

    They made the iconic dance😝😝

  • Mochi’s Wife
    Mochi’s Wife 8 hours ago

    I don’t even stan but I gotta admit I am in love with this song♥️

  • kim mochi
    kim mochi 8 hours ago

    Like si amas a estos chicos

  • Natacha Ying
    Natacha Ying 8 hours ago

    Who's crying

  • Loverzz Bii
    Loverzz Bii 9 hours ago

    I honestly came from FB and tik tok what bout you😏 👇

  • Aymar Mamani Quispe
    Aymar Mamani Quispe 9 hours ago


  • Dark
    Dark 9 hours ago

    I like Fortnite... We like Fortnite fort.. fort... Fort.. nite fort.. nite

  • Tomáš Hokr
    Tomáš Hokr 9 hours ago

    0:32 that Jinhwan in the bathtub.

  • kpop tv
    kpop tv 9 hours ago


  • muut131
    muut131 9 hours ago

    who's here still streaming??? on October 19

  • xWeeDz
    xWeeDz 9 hours ago

    Like you cideo

  • AnssHD
    AnssHD 9 hours ago


  • ziad gamer
    ziad gamer 9 hours ago


  • ariani cocola
    ariani cocola 9 hours ago

    Hanbin-ah, i miss you.

  • Cristina Catambis
    Cristina Catambis 9 hours ago

    This Song is a blast..and start everything for this group ikon is not Ikon without the Leader..Hanbin...Come back stronger B.I

  • Eka Fitriani
    Eka Fitriani 9 hours ago

    Hanbin i miss you😘😘

  • Nutthagan Prommin
    Nutthagan Prommin 9 hours ago

    Miss you Ikon😭

  • Eka Fitriani
    Eka Fitriani 9 hours ago

    IKON OT 7!!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • TSK- saad
    TSK- saad 9 hours ago

    I love you

    TÖMMY YT 10 hours ago

    Turn on captions auto-generated and try not to cringe

  • {أسطورة}__{الاوتاكو}KSA


  • Eivon zaje
    Eivon zaje 10 hours ago

    Honestly I can't take this song seriously because of what they did in iKON TV😁😁

    J-HOE IS BACK 10 hours ago


  • Team Massi
    Team Massi 10 hours ago

    IKON si love

  • xqpwzx
    xqpwzx 10 hours ago

    yes I'm crying...

  • t_3thical
    t_3thical 10 hours ago

    HOW MUCH DO U LOVE THIS SONG????🔥🔥🔥 ⏬ ⬇️

  • Nightcore boy
    Nightcore boy 10 hours ago

    Ahhhhh... Again to this song..

  • M Z
    M Z 10 hours ago

    I love this song but this mv made me dizzy

  • kim rnavy
    kim rnavy 10 hours ago

    iKON - I'M OK 10.13 12:15AM KST: 27,643,287 10.14 12:15AM KST: 27,664,894 Today vi3ws: 21,607

  • JonyLaw Playz
    JonyLaw Playz 10 hours ago

    Who’s better BTS = Reply iKON = Like BTS and iKON = Like and Reply

  • kim rnavy
    kim rnavy 10 hours ago

    iKON - GOODBYE ROAD 10.13 12:10AM KST: 45,512,196 10.14 12:10AM KST: 45,536,738 Today vi3ws: 24,182

  • taz lin
    taz lin 10 hours ago

    I just got to know that he had a solo album.. why i do not know this earlier? I love his rapping skills n voice bt now i love his singing voice even more.. he is my bias in ikon. He might not be as good looking as the others bt that confidence n charm plus his voice that make me love him.

  • Isaac Carbó Turón
    Isaac Carbó Turón 10 hours ago

    Vaya mierda