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  • hevelen chagas
    hevelen chagas 5 seconds ago

    #goo goo galaxy

  • Jennifer Marquez
    Jennifer Marquez 2 minutes ago

    Person: puts dog in bag Dog: lack of air Person: cries and screams during a test Dog: I have found da light forever

  • Christine Hebert
    Christine Hebert 3 minutes ago


  • Bitcade
    Bitcade 3 minutes ago


  • Nicci Corray
    Nicci Corray 4 minutes ago

    You are so Stupid:)hehhheheehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahaahhhhahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah

  • Merklmn
    Merklmn 7 minutes ago

    “Cut a person using memory foam” *takes out ginger bread man template*

  • Garry Scroggins
    Garry Scroggins 8 minutes ago

    who's ever classes is it is a cool class

  • Olivia Kalinauskas
    Olivia Kalinauskas 8 minutes ago


  • hevelen chagas
    hevelen chagas 9 minutes ago

    Rainbow peniwise

    NANCY GUNN 10 minutes ago

    I would pick McDonald’s in Barbies

  • princess sparkly Unicorn
    princess sparkly Unicorn 11 minutes ago

    #whathappenedtocurlysue? #bringbackcurlysue #iwantanswers

  • Kylie forever
    Kylie forever 12 minutes ago

    I’m subscribed to troom troom

  • Super push guy Moive and shorts

    Short hair gang

  • Xx A_parakeet_that_eats_frys xX

    Troom troom: A way to sneek your pets into school! Child: Mom!! Can I bring Sprite the Guinea pig to school with my cool backpack? Mother:umm honey i dont thin- Child slams door: Mother: sighs* AT SCHOOL Child: *drops celery and carrot and hay in backpack* Child whispers: there you go hammy! *class ends* * Doesn't check on Guinea pig * Child gets home* Child:mom! I'm home Mother:WHY ON EARTH DID YOU BRING YOUR PIG TO SCHOOL? Child: no no mom you dont understand, she's ok see! Child holds up dead guinea pig* Mother: why dont you go to your room to study!!.. Child: okay.. Mother: goes to store* Buys a guinea pig that looks exactly like the dead one* Puts guinea pig in cage* Buries the dead one* End This is Animal abuse!! >:v Me: imagines Guinea pig in back pack* Also... Those fish need a filter they need decore to make them feel safe, and what if you accsadenly drink out of it???? These people need to think about the animals xD

  • Cat kid Kuhn
    Cat kid Kuhn 13 minutes ago

    Madame boss how about the peace sign

  • •Ãushii Møøn•
    •Ãushii Møøn• 15 minutes ago

    First of all- dont EVER put your pets in a backpack- or in a FREAKING CUP YOU DRINK WITH.. 2nd of all....why would you bring either of those to school-???

  • C Nash
    C Nash 15 minutes ago

    At first, i thought ur 5 minute crafts

  • Merklmn
    Merklmn 16 minutes ago

    2:35 “juice fruit” Me: whaaaaa 🧐🤨

  • Rasana Gorkhali
    Rasana Gorkhali 20 minutes ago

    Wow so cute Halloween hairstyle 💁 l will definitely try that pumpkin hairstyle 🎃 If you like this video then share this video and hit the like button in ☝️ ☝️ ☝️ Are you agree with me then hit the like button in 👇 👇 👇

  • The Space Noodles
    The Space Noodles 20 minutes ago

    Curly hair

  • Lanelva Marshall
    Lanelva Marshall 22 minutes ago

    can you can you make a video that shows many different ways how to make your mistake of coloring white again

  • Extra-Large Animates
    Extra-Large Animates 23 minutes ago

    Let’s go MINECRAFT

  • Jughead Jones
    Jughead Jones 24 minutes ago

    Short hair is so much better

  • 2VerySnowy
    2VerySnowy 26 minutes ago

    That hampster better be in a good cage

  • Super push guy Moive and shorts

    WHo thought the mask was gross

  • Ashton reacts to videos
    Ashton reacts to videos 30 minutes ago

    Aww so cute snail 🐌 is little

  • Bye Bye
    Bye Bye 33 minutes ago

    Bikhibsshsishieneossnueje Jjeoeneepkhdhruiieudbdidbyjdoodrrhdud Hsusjdudiddirkk(rirbfhftttggercwyx Dgsguegysvbn😁😁😁😁😁😁😁ftggdd Sji😁niriijk(jdijjjurj)jdjfinrririff😁 Usueirrurnjirn)pjrnidnripwhdnxizsmd(ddrrjfjfifrkdjrn)nsnfdkjdjfkfmifkrmrirkrrjrrikkrmrroirjrutrjnririrk'isjdirui')rkkomhBudhjaaikdjddkrojidjBisiieksisnjjjjjoeooepoejrorttbufjfirn Jrirrkrkitoo(irrjjkinxnonidjjdhuhifknbhcvjsdidkd Jddjrkrkrrjrhfhfjddccwkbpwscjgkpglmrhrnr Kekrkrnrkfjhfiokkioerrif Krriorjrijrigji😁😁😁😁😁😁😁ndjrrktiijtjiyjjggggjjjjggjgggrrieirikrokkrdo Dnrriidndjfjb😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁bijjeieneoe(ienjujehjjiejjejeeeieiieieiririiireehbj

  • princess sparkly Unicorn
    princess sparkly Unicorn 34 minutes ago

    #1. That bowl is way to small for guppies ,let alone 2. #2. There is no filter, or bubbles, or any dechlorinator in there so I would rather leave my fish babies at home thank you very much

  • Allen Byers
    Allen Byers 34 minutes ago


  • Rainy Rainbow514
    Rainy Rainbow514 36 minutes ago

    Troom troom: You can never have to much glitter. me:ohhhhhhhh (buys 10000 gallons of glitter

  • Yellow dragon
    Yellow dragon 38 minutes ago

    PePa wHaT aRe YoU dOiNg In A tRoOm ViDeO

  • Shaun Kavanagh
    Shaun Kavanagh 38 minutes ago

    What should I use because I'm elergiced to face paint

  • Evelin Suriel
    Evelin Suriel 41 minute ago

    I love it 🥰

  • Gacha Butterfly
    Gacha Butterfly 46 minutes ago

    7:21 uh you have a little something on your faces

  • Kawaii Cookie :3
    Kawaii Cookie :3 47 minutes ago

    2:09 Why are you helping your students?

  • Lana .I
    Lana .I 47 minutes ago

    The Jack o lantern hair style looks uhm Kinda horrible but it's better than the surfer look on the other hair hack video ITS JUST MY OPINION nit saying it to hate but the spider Space bun hair style thing Kinda looks cute

  • GalaxyGamerWolf#24 GalaxyGamerWolf#24

    Why do all kids look sad that's creepy 😭😰

  • David Luna
    David Luna 48 minutes ago


  • Isla Obarianyk
    Isla Obarianyk 48 minutes ago

    Why does the little girl with the really long blond hair remind me of the girl in the first Mary Poppins movie

  • A A amazing art
    A A amazing art 49 minutes ago

    Who has a cockroach as a pet

  • Lena J
    Lena J 50 minutes ago

    Hi who ever is reading this have a good day and believe when you can , when you can hope hope for the best oh and this is what I am doing today 1. Sleep in 2. Watch RUclip 3. Eat 4. Watch RUclip 5.Eat 6. Watch RUclip 7. Go to bed Any one else's day p,an like this😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Lena J
      Lena J 47 minutes ago

      Any one else's day PLAN the word that is not right is plan. Also plz give me a like

  • Jhocelyn Monterroso
    Jhocelyn Monterroso 50 minutes ago

    it is s love bird

  • 325mick
    325mick 51 minute ago


  • Vika
    Vika 54 minutes ago

    Love birds are too loud to hide, I know, I have four of them.

  • LeafTehSlothQueen Soltysiak

    Hey children don’t drink fish

  • Aspen Miller
    Aspen Miller 58 minutes ago

    Mermaid mermaid mermaid mermaid mermaid

  • Taryn DiGiacomo
    Taryn DiGiacomo 58 minutes ago

    First of all there like get me out of and I watch this stuff with out even doing them

  • Cesia De Lucio
    Cesia De Lucio 58 minutes ago


  • Unicorn Cupcakes
    Unicorn Cupcakes 59 minutes ago

    I REALY wanna do the witches finger hot dog trick it sounds SO fun

  • Randy Burr
    Randy Burr Hour ago

    I love your canol from

  • Melisa jasmine chanel

    Soo cute kitti

  • Yarelis Mena
    Yarelis Mena Hour ago

    Y es do good

  • shenene74
    shenene74 Hour ago


  • The Apson Squad
    The Apson Squad Hour ago

    I have a kitty cat.

  • S W
    S W Hour ago

    I have curly hair it's the worst for reals

  • Spaceship Explorers

    *sigh* the employees can’t listen to music with earbuds bu the BOSS can use FREAKING SLIME what is this logic...

  • blas navies
    blas navies Hour ago

    Jessica gives Ben a first aid kit Me:yaeh because he gets hit so many times

  • Jolly Bots
    Jolly Bots Hour ago

    7:48 really 😒

  • Emma gaming
    Emma gaming Hour ago

    I love it😍😈

  • RyleeIsLit
    RyleeIsLit Hour ago

    6:51 yea totally not obvious that a bird cage is behind the books XD

  • Nem No
    Nem No Hour ago

    Is the thunbnail fake?

  • melody bondoc
    melody bondoc Hour ago

    I really like your all videos since 2018

  • None of your business Not your intention

    these girls doing makeup art in this video trying to be James Charles so bad be like

  • Sawanda Mckinney

    i like the evil mermaid mack up

  • Anvitha Mani
    Anvitha Mani Hour ago

    Troom troom this is a very stupid video

  • wavy tay
    wavy tay Hour ago

    Uhh...the dish look dead...

  • Joyce Resende
    Joyce Resende Hour ago

    Fala português

  • Meylis Lorenzo
    Meylis Lorenzo Hour ago


  • Summer the wolf
    Summer the wolf Hour ago

    Hey can u guys come over and do my nails someday?? ;) Or do I hav 2 come over?

  • Maya Kee
    Maya Kee Hour ago

    Harry Potter is the best movie of all time

  • Micky the Royale bumble bee

    Those kids look like there suffering

  • Faith 7382 yt
    Faith 7382 yt Hour ago

    Who watches troom troom but does not do the crafts like if that is you

  • Powerpuff girls tracks!

    I love diy

  • Zoni Sulaiman
    Zoni Sulaiman Hour ago


  • Glorymary Santiago


  • =) Monster Gacha =( =/

    Yeah cloudy puff is right!!!🐶🐀🐇🐻🐸🐧🐔

  • Brianna Does gacha


  • Pedro moroni
    Pedro moroni Hour ago

    and the curly south!

  • Ultra instinct Goku

    Who else eats takis in class?

  • Casey OConnor
    Casey OConnor Hour ago

    I'm being a demon for Halloween.

  • Marilou Felix
    Marilou Felix Hour ago

    So cool

  • Keshia Jones
    Keshia Jones Hour ago

    My pet will kill evreyone there ..😤

  • Sophia Wm
    Sophia Wm Hour ago

    9:00 is amazing

  • Ivy Dukes
    Ivy Dukes Hour ago

    This is Emily .she is 0 years old . One like =a year 👱‍♀️ 👗 👠

    • Jolin Wang
      Jolin Wang 11 minutes ago

      보내려다 클리어도

    • Jolin Wang
      Jolin Wang 11 minutes ago

      코너 버려서요 고모를 말할 수도 보나요 않아요 그래서 거의 넣어야 사무실이에요 코는 되세요

    • Jolin Wang
      Jolin Wang 12 minutes ago

      She is 10

    • 2VerySnowy
      2VerySnowy 33 minutes ago

      She is 6

    • Zelda And ticci toby
      Zelda And ticci toby Hour ago

      How is she 1 shes clearly 14 now

  • MJ 101
    MJ 101 Hour ago

    I have short hair like be sometime it can be a annoying

  • Makenna Rice
    Makenna Rice Hour ago

    if we bring are pets to school we will get in trouble

  • Achee uwu
    Achee uwu Hour ago

    Part 6:00 I have that dog but black and white lol

  • Nuha chanel
    Nuha chanel Hour ago


  • Jaclyn T
    Jaclyn T Hour ago

    I loved all of them. I just love everything MERMAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lina ambar
    Lina ambar Hour ago


  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark Hour ago

    This is how many times troom troom sed fome sheet of paper 👇

  • HedgehogGamerGirl YT

    Who else has a hedgehog 3 hamsters and 2 bunny’s and 1 dog and 3 fish? Oh just me I get that...

  • Lina ambar
    Lina ambar Hour ago


  • Learn and Grow - Kids TV

    Cute bat braid 👱🏻‍♀️🦇

  • vule king
    vule king Hour ago

    Idiot Ben

  • gaming sistasss
    gaming sistasss Hour ago

    um you know an angel doesn't have to be all white

  • 유정화
    유정화 Hour ago

    i love hamsters 😍🐁

  • Red Rosims48YT
    Red Rosims48YT Hour ago

    “Costa Rica” My country :^

  • Powerpuff girls tracks!