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  • FransN
    FransN Minute ago

    I would rather buy 7 than the 6

    BENNIE ADMAS 33 minutes ago

    They call it budget phone. But in my country is the rich . 300$ = 1.6k and they call it budget

  • Jibratul Kiran
    Jibratul Kiran 46 minutes ago

    Indonesian pleasee:(

  • Meister Rodgers
    Meister Rodgers Hour ago

    My first Samsung anything experience is Note 10 Plus, Wireless Charger Duo Pad, Wireless Charger Portable Battery, Galaxy Buds, and the Galaxy Watch. So far I love the ecosystem of devices and how well everything works.

  • Meister Rodgers
    Meister Rodgers Hour ago

    I wish manufacturers would move away from glass on the back. However, after watching JerryRigEverything try to break the device in his flex test, I thought "hmm... I could put a DBrand skin on the back the house it in the Samsung Clear View flip case. Pretty sure it will be okay."

  • Alfred’s Reaction

    Who went here just to know the price so they can buy this No one Just me Ok bye

  • earlbee31
    earlbee31 Hour ago

     I hope Apple will give the 13 inch MacBook Pro the same treatment 💻☮️✌🏻

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby 2 hours ago

    For the money Exynos always outperforms a Snapdragon. Sold !

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby 2 hours ago

    My Note 5 is 4 yrs. old and takes stellar night shots...better than A50

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby 2 hours ago

    Bixby Vision lets you make AR creatures of yourself with your voice and send them to people.

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby 2 hours ago

    Even with my bad credit , Simple Mobile will let me get it for $17/month !

  • Derek Porter
    Derek Porter 2 hours ago

    I've literally been debating over this for a month

  • Ruben Compean
    Ruben Compean 2 hours ago

    I like how he uses the best model of the iphone 11 but doesn't use the S10 plus

  • Ruben Compean
    Ruben Compean 2 hours ago

    I can't believe he actually said because its flat I'm done

  • Amri Burns
    Amri Burns 2 hours ago

    Battery will drain and phone will hot.if you adjust all.animation in 0.5.

  • Utkarsh Joshi
    Utkarsh Joshi 2 hours ago

    One plus steal iphone gestures how bad one plus😂😂😂

  • iacob emil
    iacob emil 2 hours ago

    I bought Samsung S8 Active ,is a tank i like it more.

  • Your Pakistani Bro
    Your Pakistani Bro 3 hours ago


  • Maryna Vakulchyk
    Maryna Vakulchyk 3 hours ago

    Thank you!!!! You just sorted all thing up for me

  • Matthew Scanlon
    Matthew Scanlon 4 hours ago

    I just bought a 6s out of necessity I broke my HTC replacing a battery , I have no complaints it’s a lot faster and doesn’t use as much battery as my HTC and has more features

    SMA AXLBOZ 4 hours ago

    How much is the repair of the back of the iPhone xr

  • ZackTheHack YT
    ZackTheHack YT 4 hours ago

    Could these Samsung retards shut up about their Korean phones, made and designed cheaply and think they are the best. No, you’re not, Apple put a lot more beautiful materials and quality into their phones. Also these tech reviewers always try and make the Samsung look nicer, when it isn’t. It just gets on my nerves how people get elitist about a cheaply built phone.

  • Squid
    Squid 5 hours ago

    Im debating if I should get this phone or the xr. I was on google and saw deals for it selling at the same price and/or cheaper then the xr (im Canadian so it was selling around $800ish. Lowest i saw was like $750)

  • Pinky poo Butt
    Pinky poo Butt 5 hours ago

    First and only reason , your a fan boy 😂👌🏼

  • yoboi778 cool
    yoboi778 cool 5 hours ago

    I think the 7 plus is better with battery and looks, and updates. Also the One plus is cheap and a downgrade. The iPhone 7 Plus is better

  • Smash Goodridge
    Smash Goodridge 5 hours ago

    Upgraded from a s8 to the note 10, bought it during the black Friday sale and got free buds.

  • yoboi778 cool
    yoboi778 cool 5 hours ago

    IPhone 7 Plus squad

  • JPT
    JPT 5 hours ago

    It’s been rumored that Apple will release an SE2+ on 2021, it will have the design of the iPhone 8+ with 2021 iphone specs.. I hope it’s true, I miss having a home button.

  • yoboi778 cool
    yoboi778 cool 5 hours ago

    The 7 plus booted up first

    YVNG AMIR 5 hours ago

    Got the yellow iPhone 11 it’s fast asf

    QUEEN YUMI 6 hours ago

    Give away to me pls i dont have an iphone😊😊😊

  • silent_wolf_jace1
    silent_wolf_jace1 6 hours ago

    My phone is coming in the mail

  • Kaiser
    Kaiser 6 hours ago

    Best phone I ever owned and I only had it for a few days.

  • CyberLinkGuy1968
    CyberLinkGuy1968 6 hours ago

    The LG Stylo 3 will support 2TB SD memory.

  • Shlomi SelA
    Shlomi SelA 6 hours ago

    I upgraded! My s8 screen got shuttered and it cost 300$ to fix it, cyber Monday at best buy got me the s10 for 550 unlocked. I agree with you, the s8 feels better in hand and looks better and I could definitely carry another year with it.

  • Rick Angelico
    Rick Angelico 6 hours ago

    Volume/brightness etc. just touch-hold and slide right/let. no two steps are necessary.

  • Madison Calvert
    Madison Calvert 6 hours ago

    I found it for $669

  • philliumcorp
    philliumcorp 7 hours ago

    I ❤️my iPad mini. My only regret was not buying the 256gb model or the silver tone. Because the silver tone is timeless.

    MAXIMO MAX 7 hours ago

    11 pro. 🤓

  • The Viper
    The Viper 8 hours ago

    This should be done when both the phones are new and not using for a long time with apps filled

  • Kimidog
    Kimidog 8 hours ago

    Just bought 6s+ for $150. I’m a little spooked because the phone case is crazy big 😬 for anybody else who bought it. Do you get used to the size?

  • Kazoobles
    Kazoobles 8 hours ago

    dude im sitting here with my used, cracked 6s

  • Rian free fire
    Rian free fire 9 hours ago

    Note 10 plus

    ASHAY SINGH 9 hours ago

    Best looking phone is xs max..

  • joebro391
    joebro391 9 hours ago

    Take a shot everytime Nick says "Beast Mode"

  • Stephanie Larrieux
    Stephanie Larrieux 9 hours ago

    I just got a 7, and the phone is still pretty great and fast(hence the battery life. I will keep it for another year then upgrade to either an 11 or the regular iPhone model coming out next year.

  • Birbee
    Birbee 9 hours ago

    Just got the XS max for 170$ and it’s in perfect conditon

  • 1K Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

    The regular 11 is the best new affordable phone

  • Jaden Lucas
    Jaden Lucas 9 hours ago

    Got a series 4 on Black Friday from Best Buy I’m ready to get it for Christmas

  • Ernande Silva
    Ernande Silva 9 hours ago


  • Souljabroable West
    Souljabroable West 10 hours ago

    nice review 👏

  • David Myhr
    David Myhr 10 hours ago

    So why did Samsung disable landscape mode if you wish to use an external monitor connected with a USB-C to HDMI cable/dongle? Deal breaker for a serious videographer.

  • Joe Sweet
    Joe Sweet 10 hours ago

    Lifetime iPhone user just switched to the s10 best decision I ever made

  • The1&Only Kia
    The1&Only Kia 10 hours ago

    Was going to upgrade to the 11 Pro Max but........I’m keeping my Red IPhone 8 Plus till 2020 when a newer comes out👍🏽.

  • Morten Emil Jarlhøj
    Morten Emil Jarlhøj 10 hours ago

    I disagree with everything this guy says. Even the speaker test he got wrong. But thanks for pushing the adds! Always a pleasure to watch!

  • J_K1NNEY
    J_K1NNEY 10 hours ago

    An iPhone is literally a Samsung they buy nearly all their parts off Android they just slap on a 🍎 apple logo and bang suddenly it’s worth £200 more

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer 10 hours ago

    S8 still feels ahead of it's tine

  • Keven Cordóva
    Keven Cordóva 10 hours ago

    I have this phone and the same phone server

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby 10 hours ago

    I'm getting one on Simple Mobile.

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby 10 hours ago

    Bixby was fired.

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby 10 hours ago


  • #Dom Vlogs
    #Dom Vlogs 11 hours ago

    I’m thinking about buying last years MacBook should I?

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 11 hours ago

    Is it portable

  • kurd stan
    kurd stan 11 hours ago

    SAMSUNG galaxy s10+❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Balla Thug
    Balla Thug 11 hours ago

    I used to criticize iPhone for its price being on par with a macbook, thanks for fixing that Apple $$$

  • Rehman Marian
    Rehman Marian 11 hours ago

    I just got my s10 plus today

  • Asap Lil pump
    Asap Lil pump 12 hours ago

    Im Upgrading from 6s to 11

  • Falcon
    Falcon 12 hours ago

    7:25 do gpu test aswell please! I have never seen someone do that why??

  • The beginer Minecraft
    The beginer Minecraft 12 hours ago

    On the amazon prime one iphone 7 won

  • Nafis BD
    Nafis BD 12 hours ago

    S10 e is the best

  • R. R
    R. R 13 hours ago

    I have a XS Max.

  • Colton Mears
    Colton Mears 13 hours ago

    You keep bringing up accidentally touching the curved sides but you fail to mention in settings you can disable it preventing it from happening.👌 help us master our technology Nick.

  • Andrea Roriz Solano Cateb

    um this is a 300 hundred dollar phone comparing to a almost 1100 dollar phone

  • HALWG51
    HALWG51 13 hours ago

    Is it possible to load iOS on the Samsung hardware? Someone should figure that out. Would sell millions.

  • Horror Cinema
    Horror Cinema 14 hours ago

    A 4 year old phone still holds up well in 2019

  • Kaiser
    Kaiser 14 hours ago

    I think OnePlus makes the best phones out there.

  • Tazanna 04
    Tazanna 04 14 hours ago

    Does dark mode on SE save battery?

  • Jordy Barrios
    Jordy Barrios 14 hours ago

    The iPhone X's the BEAST

  • cyberfennek
    cyberfennek 14 hours ago

    The Note 10 + thats how a phone of the future looks :)

  • Костик Тынц
    Костик Тынц 14 hours ago

    Best guide!

  • I know AppleOS
    I know AppleOS 15 hours ago

    Cool intro!

  • ItsKenth
    ItsKenth 15 hours ago

    It’s not that I don’t like the XR, it’s just that the Iphone 11 is cheaper and has better battery so i’ll take that instead.

  • LGC_Crystal
    LGC_Crystal 15 hours ago

    Plot twist: he bought a new phone

  • T0mm Teddy
    T0mm Teddy 15 hours ago

    I changed my S9 to iphone 11 pro max due to battery draining

  • Timmy Taters
    Timmy Taters 15 hours ago

    When you were in temple run the a50 was not far behind it's just that you tapped the screen on the s10+ which made it go straight to the play button but you didn't do that for the a50

  • Dr Dimento
    Dr Dimento 16 hours ago

    Thanks for this review. Definitely, the iPhone 7 is the winner IMHO due to price and operational quality. The only thing I would buy the iPhone 10 (or 11 for that matter) would be to eliminate the Home button. Otherwise, the neither the 10 or the 11 have anything to offer me; period.

  • Hugo Mulligan
    Hugo Mulligan 16 hours ago

    A lot of apple fanboys commenting on how the iPhone is so great, even though it clearly lost the test...

  • Fatima Aden
    Fatima Aden 16 hours ago

    2019 anyone no oh okeyy 🥺

  • barış gezer
    barış gezer 16 hours ago

    İphone 8 Best ☝️👍

  • Lisa Schmit
    Lisa Schmit 16 hours ago

    Can you maybe help me to decide the best configuration for me ? I would be very glad I use photoshop for digital painting and blender and maybe in future fcpx what should i buy the macbook pro 16 i7 or i9?? 5300m or 5500m 4/8gb??? 16 or 32 gb ram? And makes the space grey al lot of fingerprints??? thanks in advance

    • Nick Ackerman
      Nick Ackerman 14 hours ago

      Hey Lisa, both machines are plenty powerful enough for your needs in your case I would do the base i9 model as shown in this video!

  • prizren tuning
    prizren tuning 17 hours ago

    Keep in mind with the a50 you are geting a new device with beter battery life

  • gabriel xd
    gabriel xd 17 hours ago

    comparing a 2019 phone to a 2016 iphone well done

  • Soham Bhopi
    Soham Bhopi 17 hours ago

    I want the wallpaper

  • amier sadewo
    amier sadewo 17 hours ago

    Iphone se wort it to buy :)

  • Dominik Mrázik
    Dominik Mrázik 18 hours ago

    Next video.. why is S10 better than Poco F1 😂

    • Nick Ackerman
      Nick Ackerman 15 hours ago

      Nobody knows what’s F1 is here in the US.

  • Rev Lev
    Rev Lev 18 hours ago

    Still got 5s😔

  • caramelized sugar
    caramelized sugar 18 hours ago

    T-mobile was charging me over 300 to upgrade to the xs from last year! i got the 11 instead!

  • The One
    The One 18 hours ago

    I have the S8 and love it BUT is finally going out. Im having hardware issues, so im going for the S10. He is right, if your S8 still need to upgrade but if you need a new phone because of hardware issues and such, then yes get the S10.

  • Mrigank Kumar
    Mrigank Kumar 18 hours ago

    Can you do a Beast mode Note 10 vs OnePlus 7Pro comparison. Who'd win?