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Making Wedding Bands!
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  • Sam Donohue
    Sam Donohue 9 minutes ago

    Time to build a smoker Alec, no need to use the cancer box!

  • Steven Wing
    Steven Wing 10 minutes ago

    6:48 Missed the perfect opportunity to get the alliteration of "Wish Will well" for shame.

  • Zach Wilcoxson
    Zach Wilcoxson 10 minutes ago

    You need a plainer

  • Christian
    Christian 13 minutes ago

    Make a Dothraki sword

  • Christian
    Christian 21 minute ago

    Make a dothraki sword

  • Quincy Turner
    Quincy Turner 24 minutes ago

    You should grind it into like dust or tiny pieces, then forge it in a canister

  • Today With Trevor
    Today With Trevor 41 minute ago

    Sending this question out into the Inter verse. Why not put a couple of pieces of angle under the POTATO CHIP desks to pull them back into square???

  • Zack Markham
    Zack Markham 52 minutes ago

    Hire me to operate your forklift! JK, I live too far away. I am certified, though...

  • howizee
    howizee Hour ago

    Good health and Will to you all.

  • Addmix
    Addmix Hour ago

    Cold brew is disgusting change my mind

  • Texas T
    Texas T Hour ago

    Y'all don't know how to heliarc weld at all .

    ALL THUMBS Hour ago

    Amazing!!! Looks absolutely gorgeous .... Excellent job hombre 🍻 cheers. Watching from Canada


    you really look like that kid from meet the robinsons

  • Jumpsuit Snipez
    Jumpsuit Snipez Hour ago

    How dare you you are English you must drink tea reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Error5050
    Error5050 Hour ago

    Six months later still not demonetized

  • Pontus Ohlert
    Pontus Ohlert Hour ago

    I’ve worked with those xerox MFdS DM if you want some help

  • Darksun Arts
    Darksun Arts 2 hours ago

    You guys just need a diamond play button to put on the wall.

  • Justin M
    Justin M 2 hours ago

    Also Alec I have to say, I work in a fabric warehouse... and if you do get larger... your warehouse is the Heart, you will need the space..... our owners didn't realize it, and everything is crammed into a small building, although thats supposed to change, but if they had dealt with it in the beginning, they wouldn't be in such a mess now....

  • Justin M
    Justin M 2 hours ago

    Sir Alec Steele..... If you do indeed get into the clothing business.... Please for the love of all things good and Holy, PLEASE make clothes for tall guys... wouldn't mind some good work boots too....

  • Evan Cummings
    Evan Cummings 2 hours ago

    Have you tried making the Chinese tiger hook swords?

  • Richarizard92
    Richarizard92 2 hours ago

    Here's wishing Will well! <3

  • Greg Tucker
    Greg Tucker 2 hours ago

    I’m still waiting for you to realize that you didn’t have a high enough forging temp for the meteorite, and here you are fussed about an office.

  • Matthew Fries
    Matthew Fries 3 hours ago

    Me - 🤨 No one ever - “I want to watch a 17 minute video about sword making where the two spazzes making it only spend about 45 seconds doing anything with the sword.”

  • Chilln187
    Chilln187 3 hours ago

    What would happen if you heated it up like you did, added all the break off parts to a crucible. Then added it to a Foundry. Then poured gas in it.. Then lit a roman candle attached to a law mower.. Then after the meteorites fell down... Then (Anyone Uncle Rob reference) But honestly what if you added the parts to the crucible, then to a foundry. Remove the slag, wonder if that would then work for forging?

  • cere tomer
    cere tomer 3 hours ago

    Just beautiful. Imagine having a whole set of kitchen knives like this for your very own. Just don't know if I would actually use them.

  • mark ankone
    mark ankone 3 hours ago

    Only a Japanse can make a katana

  • Ryan A.R.
    Ryan A.R. 3 hours ago

    "Getting Steele" the best Steele joke since sliced bread ✌

  • HW Roux
    HW Roux 4 hours ago

    I am actually in central Free State South Africa

  • HW Roux
    HW Roux 4 hours ago

    Glad to see the South African flag

  • Onehappydawg
    Onehappydawg 4 hours ago

    I’m on my third leaf...only 97 more to go. lol...Thanks Alec...keep up the good job on the great videos 👍

  • unicornsRmanly YT
    unicornsRmanly YT 4 hours ago

    they do know they could have done this in ten minutes by sand casting right?

  • The gamer Family
    The gamer Family 4 hours ago

    Do you guys ever get treated like you don’t know what you are doing.

  • Adam Marshall
    Adam Marshall 4 hours ago

    Get some small wire cage channel to keep the cords off of the floor (attach it to the bottom of the desk close to the wall). IKEA makes a good one, but you could always make them.

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M 4 hours ago

    Please put pot lights in your office. Hell I'll do it for free (journeyman electrician) next time I'm in Montana. If you want an office that isn't depressing the white walls and 5000K fluorescent lighting gotta go!

  • Reaper
    Reaper 4 hours ago

    You would hate how messy my dads basement workshop is... We actually need to clear out a giant mound of coal coke cause it almost entirely blocks the entrance.

  • Daan
    Daan 4 hours ago

    Ikea makes tables that last for 2 - 5 years ? Alec makes tables that last for eons.

  • elijah mciver
    elijah mciver 5 hours ago

    What does the blue stuff do

  • Glenn Müller
    Glenn Müller 5 hours ago

    Kinda interested how long it will take that you realise that you should have cut it several times more legthwise to stop it from looking like a Circle Segment ;-)

  • subhadip biswas
    subhadip biswas 5 hours ago

    Back ground music is India type

  • BananaNyourSplit
    BananaNyourSplit 5 hours ago

    Alec Steele oh lord another challenge with Damascus steel. Completly let down that y’all forgot to etch the push daggers from last episode even after half of wills design while forging was so the pattern would look insane after etching. I’m writing this before watchin this episode so I pray to see some etchin otherwise just more wasted Damascus. PLEASE SHOW THE PUSH DAGGERS ETCHED WE WANNA SEE THE DAMASCUS PATTERN ON THE PUSH DAGGERS DAMNIT!!!!!!!

  • BananaNyourSplit
    BananaNyourSplit 5 hours ago

    Alec Steele why did y’all not etch them? Wasn’t half the point of the push dagger was that it was Damascus?!?!?!? Did y’all just forget or was it on purpose that y’all didn’t etch them? I noticed will test etched it in the beginning but didn’t hear or see anything about etching or that they were Damascus blades after that point. Kinda disappointed we didn’t get to see the pattern. HELL WILL DID A DESIGN ON HIS BLADE WHILE FORGING SO THAT THE PATTERN WOULD LOOK SICK WTF HAPPENED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • brian swink
    brian swink 5 hours ago

    Brother, you need height adjustable tables and more ergonomics in the office!

  • Randy Novick
    Randy Novick 6 hours ago

    Welcome to the schmate business.

  • Gene Takach
    Gene Takach 6 hours ago

    Please, more forethought and less fooling around in the videos. 😕

  • jakub szandor
    jakub szandor 6 hours ago

    Lubiłem kiedyś ten kanał teraz, same smuty....

  • Darin Roodman
    Darin Roodman 6 hours ago

    15:17 Alec: This tabletop is a complete potato chip Me: Waitaminit, didn't you guys get it leveled through the giganto-leveler-thingy?!

  • Paul Debaecker
    Paul Debaecker 6 hours ago

    Great video as always, but I have two remarks: -Maybe you should create a second channel for allyour "side" activities, keeping this one only for the forging, which is your main activity -I think it would be interesting to have an overview of the crew, not only Will and Alec but all the people behind the scenes!

  • Bear Hand Savage
    Bear Hand Savage 6 hours ago

    “I turned it on yesterday.” “Did you just ruin my bit?” “Yup” 😂

  • Darin Roodman
    Darin Roodman 6 hours ago


  • Noah Delcroix
    Noah Delcroix 6 hours ago

    Next episode: Making damascus table legs

  • Kevin Armstrong
    Kevin Armstrong 6 hours ago

    Your laser printer just needs to be cleaned. There is a sensor and it most likely has toner on it. You should use Isopropanol alcohol and a lint free cloth. Shop towels will work. It will depend on the model of printer, where the sensor is located, Look where the paper feed through the rollers, look at the fuser, and look at the toner cartilages. If you see toner outside of the toner cartridge, give it a wipe down. The printer doesn't need to be immaculate, just clean enough to work.

  • Djaq Harris
    Djaq Harris 7 hours ago

    I've been watching your videos for about a year or two, Alec. You always brought up my mood with your excitement about your craft and I absolutely loved them. Then you moved to the States (welcome to the other side of the pond, btw) and got a partner. All of this to say that you managed to make already great videos better by adding a second person who is just as jazzed about crafting and creating things as you are and the comedic chemistry between you is only rivaled by the wonders you create. Thanks for brightening our days with your enthusiasm and good luck with your new business ventures.

  • Zé Kafeina
    Zé Kafeina 7 hours ago

    0:43 most guys put posters of hot girls on their office, Alec put hot power hammer posters on his office.

  • paul warburton
    paul warburton 7 hours ago

    nice music

  • Steve Haines
    Steve Haines 7 hours ago

    IN the future always with the grain with a belt sander.....

  • MHMoose
    MHMoose 7 hours ago

    Alec: the man with the coolest job on the flipping planet. Anyone else slightly jealous

  • adrian hinds
    adrian hinds 7 hours ago

    I'm from UK i dont know you.but I'm very proud of my fellow country man.well done on your business.your team is top notch God bless America.

  • maxie fuqua
    maxie fuqua 7 hours ago

    Alec's unrelenting enthusiasm can be quite hilarious sometimes. I've never heard anyone say "we got a cancer box!" So excitedly before.

  • nike nysæter
    nike nysæter 8 hours ago

    Will is a coffee addict

  • iamtiffers
    iamtiffers 8 hours ago

    The Kove headphones are $87 on amazon.... 😞

  • David Dobrik
    David Dobrik 8 hours ago

    perfect 😂

  • John Jude
    John Jude 8 hours ago


  • Andreas Fuchs
    Andreas Fuchs 8 hours ago

    Noise cancelling headphones do not silence human voice

  • D. Mat.Zero6
    D. Mat.Zero6 8 hours ago

    this reminded my of the movie Step Brothers bunk bed scene

  • Danny ArrowheadStalker

    Being in a truck, not hearing the introduction, and the hockey puck didn't come about until after two hammers were made. I'll have to watch again when I'm in a quiet place to know what's going on.

  • John Jude
    John Jude 8 hours ago

    Big project men. Thanks

  • Jse contractors Inc.

    Awesome job Young man. What materials are used in damascus steel?

  • John Jude
    John Jude 9 hours ago

    What beautiful fab work Will.thanks

  • John Jude
    John Jude 9 hours ago

    Great safety stuff.Thanks

  • The SJV Workshop
    The SJV Workshop 9 hours ago

    Having the pith in the centre of those slabs is not ideal, they'll warp and split as they dry. They've come from being outside covered in snow to inside, the moisture content of those is probably still 50%+

  • Guy Girard
    Guy Girard 9 hours ago

    nice guys have a challenge for you : can you make something out of Titanium Damascus ? Cheers :)

  • Daniel Mores
    Daniel Mores 9 hours ago

    I like watching americans say weird things when they measure infreedomheight and try to divide that 10 foot piece :-D Seriously ... join the rest of the world and embrace the metric system. No shame in admitting your system is outdated. PS: Kudos to that incredible edit at 3:50 ... this is why I watch your channel. Your edits to the music are amazing!!

  • HaakonElseth
    HaakonElseth 9 hours ago

    Did you guys check if the tables are level in the new office? I always heard that you should level something in the room they are used in, since it's not certain that the workshop floor is the same as the office floor...

  • Lang Chao
    Lang Chao 9 hours ago

    What kind of cutter were you using at 6:28

  • Daniel Mores
    Daniel Mores 9 hours ago

    Okay I just watched the goofy intro and had to thumbs-up the vid. Hilarious :-D

  • John Jude
    John Jude 9 hours ago

    Asking for the info on the shut off valve you use and where to get...I want the safety valve Thanks, great videos always

  • Focalplane
    Focalplane 9 hours ago

    Oh man, it's painful watching these two..........

  • John Jude
    John Jude 9 hours ago

    I'm also building a ribbon burner

  • stevojp1994
    stevojp1994 9 hours ago

    I seen you didn’t indicate the piece in your three jaws chuck it’s best to do it first before you start turning your piece not trying to tell you what to do just trying to help keep up with the good work

  • dawid nalepa
    dawid nalepa 9 hours ago

    That poor material you mad it upset

  • moonboogie N8
    moonboogie N8 9 hours ago

    Alec: "we're gonna be tig welding these quarters together for a ring stock" US government: "U wot mate?"

  • Bill Brockmann
    Bill Brockmann 9 hours ago

    Given your love of machinist's blue, please check out Sir Joseph Whitworth. I think you'll be edified.

  • Ian Kelley
    Ian Kelley 9 hours ago

    Paint the office walls and add some plants. Maybe light gray on three walls and black on the fourth wall?

  • bob carlington
    bob carlington 9 hours ago

    Yall need a secretary

  • Reegan Holdal
    Reegan Holdal 10 hours ago

    WERE CRAZY??! Robertson screws are way better than silly american philips.

  • Gryph Gryphindoros
    Gryph Gryphindoros 10 hours ago

    had me dying on "a cancer box "

  • Zeki Brown
    Zeki Brown 10 hours ago

    1 comment to make your office waaaaay better. Get a standing light. Neons give white depressive lights, you need some yellowish light instead

  • Tyrell Overhiser
    Tyrell Overhiser 10 hours ago

    You need a shop dog

  • 10 hours ago

    Near death heart attack is definitely where you want to end the video. LMAO

  • Nick Shomenta
    Nick Shomenta 10 hours ago

    Would love a cane sword for my collection

  • James Ellsworth
    James Ellsworth 10 hours ago

    Two young men build a machining/forging business! Lots of challenges.

  • realvictim
    realvictim 10 hours ago

    The reason they weren't level ? The tables are so massive the spirit level was reacting to the gravity well :D

  • r blake
    r blake 10 hours ago

    I bet Will loves it when Alex drops a filing job on him.

  • Mr Hyde
    Mr Hyde 11 hours ago

    This gave me excitement goosebumps

  • freenarative
    freenarative 11 hours ago

    Dude juggles 500Lb hammers during forging like they are smarties but squats 5Lb (plus bar) on leg day. Y'all ned ta up ya game sonny boy!

  • Lachlann203
    Lachlann203 11 hours ago

    You should do a vid where u get a real bad knife make it good and sharpen harden and all that good stuff

  • jonnyboat2
    jonnyboat2 11 hours ago

    Do the British add an extra “I”to the word aluminum, or is it an “e”? Aluminium or alumineum.

  • James Holmes
    James Holmes 11 hours ago

    To me, a table that thick is screaming for a resin pour kind of look. I think taking pieces of steel, like some random knife blanks, heating them and letting them burn into the surface then covering the top with resin would cool. A giant touch mark in the center would have been perfect.

  • MaxUniverse
    MaxUniverse 12 hours ago

    for your printer problem: have you guys tried blowing on the cartridge?

  • Adam Spina
    Adam Spina 12 hours ago

    Are you at all concerned with those wooden slabs checking and cracking as they expand and contract in Montana's extreme weather? I'm in Toronto and I had that problem with a 2" slab of pine checking straight down the middle, almost through the thickness. It's still structurally sound, but no longer level or flat.