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CARL.EXE in Brawl Stars
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  • luciana Ion
    luciana Ion 28 seconds ago

    I didnt got:gene crow spike emz and sandy

  • GuardiaN GaminG
    GuardiaN GaminG 9 minutes ago

    I have more skin they are Bandita Shelly and pink piper and classic 8bit and wizard barely I want to say one thing why the Shelly skin is too cost

  • Mr PRO
    Mr PRO 11 minutes ago

    8:06 вот дибил

    GAMER HD 14 minutes ago

    Turkish publisher liked for the first time

  • Rice Muffin J
    Rice Muffin J 19 minutes ago

    I just wanted Leon to say "Now you see me, now you don't!"

    HARKESH BAIRWA 35 minutes ago

    I collect gems for new skin of leon i think it is of 80 gems But But It was of 150 gems wow sup erc ell

  • Revelry Communications Chen

    Piper new skin for piper

  • Parth Makwana
    Parth Makwana 39 minutes ago

    Background Music?

  • Itz Cola
    Itz Cola 42 minutes ago

    Honestly I expected Leon to sound like some kind of monster or something lol

  • Ya chee Chan
    Ya chee Chan 57 minutes ago

    When carl uses its super at the minecart,he stops spinning

  • Golden Freddy
    Golden Freddy Hour ago

    Guys, what would you advise, buy a new skin on Piper (because there are no gems on Shelley), or buy any other for 80 gems?

  • darkgameplay 68
    darkgameplay 68 Hour ago

    Leon's voice soooo bad :( But leon my favourtie brawler :3

  • Bananka01
    Bananka01 Hour ago

    ставь лукас

  • dávid thinkpad
    dávid thinkpad Hour ago


  • Sindralosa : Sigit

    I not have leon

    YT RAJU Hour ago

    Plz tell my channel name in one video

    YT RAJU Hour ago

    Your editing is op bro

    YT RAJU Hour ago

    Nice bro

  • Igli Kurti
    Igli Kurti Hour ago

    Next myth 8 bit has something on his head when super

  • Jasenka Mada
    Jasenka Mada Hour ago

    Facts: Emz is just another freshman girl

  • ʙʀᴀᴡʟᴇʀ_ᴋᴏᴛ

    6:09 wow is ryan

  • tine petrovic
    tine petrovic 2 hours ago

    Leon is goot but it's not leon eni more

  • Darren Tan
    Darren Tan 2 hours ago

    The satisfying kills tho :)

  • aziko tüfek
    aziko tüfek 2 hours ago

    Güncelleme ne zaman

  • Kovács Gina
    Kovács Gina 2 hours ago


  • play max bro Animation

    The developers are amazing! Leon's fighting so badly, and then his ultimatum was lowered!

  • Anil Baranwal
    Anil Baranwal 3 hours ago

    All legendary brawlers

    NOCDEATH IDK 3 hours ago

    Meteor rush nerfed Me as a main : I don’t care

  • Kanch Bhattarai
    Kanch Bhattarai 3 hours ago

    I like it

  • Fiona_Gamingz UwU
    Fiona_Gamingz UwU 3 hours ago

    Leon: *SnEaKY tImE!*

  • Cole
    Cole 3 hours ago

    Ok update is here even a break or servers shut down HERE COMES UPDATE BOIS PUT YOUR 3D GLASSES ON AND GO

    • Cole
      Cole 3 hours ago

      Or idk maybe I'm wrong

  • Tâm nguyễn
    Tâm nguyễn 3 hours ago

    Ai có chơi brawl satars mà ở vn điểm danh

  • Fluffymarshmelloz
    Fluffymarshmelloz 3 hours ago

    Definitely want Leon's over Shelly's skin

  • Mazen Sabra
    Mazen Sabra 3 hours ago

    Me see we’re wolf Leon omg soo cool

  • Do Kin
    Do Kin 3 hours ago


  • Kims
    Kims 3 hours ago

    1:22 i found piper calavera on the frame!!!!

  • Kims
    Kims 3 hours ago

    1:22 i found piper calavera on the frame!!!!

  • Jan HD
    Jan HD 3 hours ago

    Nice intro

  • Gacha - Brawl Stars
    Gacha - Brawl Stars 3 hours ago

    Whats the songs name

  • Relics Gaming
    Relics Gaming 3 hours ago

    They ruined my girl Bibi too.😓😔

  • Gerenic PatoFigo
    Gerenic PatoFigo 3 hours ago

    Piper is 80, in discount is 59 and I have 59 gems, so... Let's just hope for a special discount for frank or piper skins :D

  • Irina Tsonidis
    Irina Tsonidis 3 hours ago

    The only what leon need is a face reveal

  • tonpick live
    tonpick live 3 hours ago

    Даже на джина есть звук а на кактуса(спайк) нету?! Например там I'm its spice, cactus win und you lose

  • el WirØ
    el WirØ 4 hours ago

    When does this update drops?

  • GV Drefty
    GV Drefty 4 hours ago

    Is there no werewolf nita

  • IléñđlI
    IléñđlI 4 hours ago

    leon voice like pam

  • Harshal Jai Singh
    Harshal Jai Singh 4 hours ago

    Those satisfying movements 😍😍😍😍

  • Savage Duck
    Savage Duck 4 hours ago

    Y do u keep on pressing emz?

  • Твой Хозяин

    some satysfying moments for monetisation ;)

  • Stephen Trac
    Stephen Trac 4 hours ago

    Hmmm when will spikes voice come out... hmmm

  • Oliver Gonzalez
    Oliver Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    I really want spike

  • Muhammed Suheyl Kızılelma

    Star shelly> Witch shelly

  • Mimi Alicea
    Mimi Alicea 4 hours ago

    I want crow

  • 7apu
    7apu 4 hours ago

    Why does leon sound like carl?

  • Austin Chan
    Austin Chan 5 hours ago

    What does code radical do

  • Onni Rahkola
    Onni Rahkola 5 hours ago

    Crow dabs ven he youses his super and then fall then Crow dabs

  • MatEO :D
    MatEO :D 5 hours ago

    Siento que Supercell le hace bullying a Leon con tantos nerfeos, y tambien deduzco que el favorito de Supercell es Brock

  • 001
    001 5 hours ago


  • DreamTeam
    DreamTeam 5 hours ago

    Code for what

  • Mangesh Dutonde
    Mangesh Dutonde 5 hours ago

    Update kab aaye ga?????

  • BatoreQ
    BatoreQ 5 hours ago

    Warwick Leon

  • Show Man
    Show Man 5 hours ago

    Is there gonna be discount on the skins alike the dragon knight Jessie discount 150🚫69 gems ??

  • {Řőŋæłðø ĵŕ}

    Ребзи ребят обнова завтра в 10:00!!!!

  • Roman BS
    Roman BS 5 hours ago


  • Spindandan Official
    Spindandan Official 5 hours ago

    Piper nerfed because of one shooting a tick 3096. Tick =3080 3040 no more one short tick

  • Prosto_Batia
    Prosto_Batia 5 hours ago

    Неужели голос леона!!!

  • Aditya Harishchandra

    I didn't unlocked Tara, crow, Leon and sandy yet

  • ice Deluxe
    ice Deluxe 5 hours ago

    I think witch shelly be 80 gems :(

  • ꧁༺࿐Lム尺gøg࿐༻꧂ Gacha

    Leon Voice Poop

  • Russkiy Chel
    Russkiy Chel 5 hours ago


  • L C
    L C 5 hours ago

    Bibi got nerfed

  • Julian Reyes
    Julian Reyes 5 hours ago

    Leon sounds so gay

  • Call me whatever you want idc

    I was really looking forward on getting witch Shelly until I saw the price

  • poseidone 22
    poseidone 22 5 hours ago

    No you wrong dj frank is 30 gems

  • BB_ boyz103
    BB_ boyz103 5 hours ago

    I love how they change death effects

  • Juhis YouTube
    Juhis YouTube 5 hours ago

    Spike:...... Darryl:...... Leon: Invisibility Spike:I throw you to the out Whoops Darryl: Wtf New mythic whos comes soon: Throws all to the out👌

  • meloun tri 66
    meloun tri 66 5 hours ago


  • GRAY
    GRAY 6 hours ago

    Leon sounds like: I WILL GIVE YOU. CANDY,. JUST COME IN MY VAN

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 6 hours ago

    I am the only one who hates the leon voice

  • Olivia Rosetes
    Olivia Rosetes 6 hours ago

    Alguien sabe el nombre de la canción inicial ,central y final 😍😍😍 porfa contesten

    MINECRAFT BASICS 6 hours ago

    Why did you take that dumbass in your video😠😠 - 8:16 ( all satisfying destroyed)

  • Vijetha Madyastha
    Vijetha Madyastha 6 hours ago

    I like werewolf Leon skin but I'm playing since 1 year still not unlocked 😔

  • Deadmemez
    Deadmemez 6 hours ago

    DJ frank is kinda ugly ngl. Would of helped if his animation was like a dubstep shockwave

  • franco sniper977
    franco sniper977 6 hours ago

    I'm FrancoN23 in brawl stars

  • franco sniper977
    franco sniper977 6 hours ago

    Gift me 300 gems pls

  • Nahot
    Nahot 6 hours ago

    I'm sorry, but what's the name of music?

  • Desmonetizaçao :D
    Desmonetizaçao :D 6 hours ago

    Trash nerf

  • Luga GT
    Luga GT 6 hours ago

    Die Voice Leon is N I C E

  • Lady Zombie
    Lady Zombie 6 hours ago

    Piper skin why 80 ;-;

  • Gaming With Sakchhyam

    Myth: when Leon attacks his enemy he never use his single hand (he use two hands)

  • thunder blaze
    thunder blaze 7 hours ago

    Leon has a voice dont believe me? Then dislike when the update comes u will see if im right u have to like

  • Cosytman
    Cosytman 7 hours ago

    Leon voice was fake

  • The Showdown slayer
    The Showdown slayer 7 hours ago


  • Yang Hu
    Yang Hu 7 hours ago

    old piper + new star power l = 3096 > Tick (3080) = one shot one kill = Tick's nightmare

  • СеРгЕуС TV
    СеРгЕуС TV 7 hours ago

    Wow, very good!

  • your dad
    your dad 7 hours ago

    Why the update is not coming 😡😡

  • Classifies Confidential

    Shelly’s cat is the cutest😍😍😍

  • Endy
    Endy 8 hours ago

    Am I the only person that wants a penny remodel btw?

    • gosmento o sapo
      gosmento o sapo 7 hours ago

      too bad, she's already a """""new"""" brawler. so, yeah no remodel for her

  • Phantasm 97
    Phantasm 97 8 hours ago

    The voice is trash btw