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How I Got My Job At CBC
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Disney's Frozen 2 | Interview
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    Renee Mcgee 3 days ago

    Slayage all over

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    Rose Hunt 3 days ago

    Appreciate💕 you and your Shares Thank you

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    Libby James 3 days ago

    D ⭕ P E 🔺

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    Isabela Arias 3 days ago

    I really love Ariel, he's such a cute guy, please invite him again and make more videos like this 💞 Btw his voice and his accent are cute 😍

  • Sean Tran
    Sean Tran 5 days ago

    *So when can I adopt baby yoda?*

    • CBC Kids News
      CBC Kids News 5 days ago

      Haha. Get in line Sean ;) Thanks for watching!

  • CBC Kids News
    CBC Kids News 5 days ago

    0:14 Aladdin star Mena Massoud shares some surprising news! 1:01 More Baby Yoda 2:02 Sidekick Saadia talks about a J.Lo dress controversy 5:27 There's a new apple that *might* be in a grocery store near you... 6:32 A dare gone wrong

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 9 days ago

    When you disable the comments on your video about vaping because you know you're completey biased and only base your "facts" upon opinion.

  • Anna Weiner
    Anna Weiner 11 days ago

    super 🤓

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    joangz23 11 days ago

    It's really, really very cool video!!!

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    Andres Peralta 11 days ago

    Pretty cool video

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    Ariana Aguerri 12 days ago

    Wow Ariel is really handsome😍 he rocks

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    A A 12 days ago

    We want to see Ariel more often. Great video btw.

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    Ana Karina Lacayo 12 days ago

    Please make more of these videos

    • CBC Kids News
      CBC Kids News 12 days ago

      As long as you promise to watch ;) Thank you!

  • Ana Karina Lacayo
    Ana Karina Lacayo 12 days ago

    watched this a million times. ariel seems very cool.

  • Julia Gutierrez
    Julia Gutierrez 12 days ago

    Awesome Ariel!!! You’re a rockstar!!! 🙌🏻

    • CBC Kids News
      CBC Kids News 12 days ago

      Yes, yes he is! Thank you for watching.

  • fer stadthagen
    fer stadthagen 12 days ago

    Make more

  • fer stadthagen
    fer stadthagen 12 days ago

    Awesome video

  • CBC Kids News
    CBC Kids News 12 days ago

    THIS WEEK'S STORIES! 0:18 Why is it called Black Friday? 1:31 Netflix saves a movie theatre?!? 2:18 Millie Bobby Brown's MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR DEAL! 3:06 Sidekick Ariel Barrios reacts to Tesla's Cybertruck...do we love or hate it? 5:28 Bubble tea straw DRAMA! 6:18 Dissecting frogs just got less gross...

    • Rachelle Dannlble
      Rachelle Dannlble 6 days ago

      Since you don't want to have open conversation on all your videos lying to kids it's not right. It's THC cartridges from third world countries not regular Vapes causing lung illness thank you. And of course nicotine is addictive in fact it's a neurotoxin so why would your Vape videos be promoting and making kids aware of the higher nicotine content. I only vape at a 1.5 nicotine level. I tend to inform my customers that the higher nicotine's are not good for them in the studies that have been done by the UN you should do your research. I don't condone anyone who has never touched a cigarette to be influenced to pick up a Vape.

    • kosminus kosminus
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  • Super story kids
    Super story kids 19 days ago

    Hello 🧑 Great video my friend 💛👌🔔 Hope see you soon 🤝❤️❤️

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  • CBC Kids News
    CBC Kids News 19 days ago

    0:13 New solution for sticky poop? 1:07 Kylie Jenner sells her cosmetic brand! 1:54 New RUclip changes causing chaos... 3:04 Verified with Veena! We react to Grammy nominations. 5:46 Tiktok vs Instagram? 6:40 Meme of the week - Gonna Tell My Kids 7:09 Grey Cup Cheer!

  • Aaron Does Dominoes
    Aaron Does Dominoes 26 days ago

    I just really like listening to fellow (I am assuming you are a teenager) teenagers sharing their opinions :)

    • Evan Swart
      Evan Swart 26 days ago

      @Aaron Does Dominoes same

    • CBC Kids News
      CBC Kids News 26 days ago

      Thank you, Aaron! Hope you have a fun weekend.

  • Evan Swart
    Evan Swart 26 days ago

    Loving these! Keep it up please Myah

  • CBC Kids News
    CBC Kids News 26 days ago

    0:07 Sonic the "new" Hedgehog has a glow up! 1:16 Sephora's BEST IDEA EVER! 2:03 Why Don Cherry was fired... 3:06 Sidekick Ethan Berkeley-Garcia reviews "everything i wanted" the new song by Billie Eilish 4:28 Songs we're lovin' on Tik Tok 5:05 What is impeachment? 6:10 Is Disney+ worth it?

  • GardenEwarfare
    GardenEwarfare 26 days ago

    Hi are you able to make a video on the new RUclip terms and service on how’s it going to effect creators thank you

    • GardenEwarfare
      GardenEwarfare 26 days ago

      CBC Kids News yay thank you so much 😊

    • CBC Kids News
      CBC Kids News 26 days ago

      Great idea! It's all a bit confusing, isn't it? We'll work on something for you :)

  • Trouble Maker Da Rapper

    Hell yea to spider verse, and i wanna see Dr. Sleep obviously lolz

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones Month ago

    What does a wealthy, high-status man get if he dates Emma Watson?

  • Jack
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  • Navruz Meldamiyase


  • CBC Kids News
    CBC Kids News Month ago

    THIS WEEK'S STORIES 0:14 Changing the alphabet song. N-O. 1:02 Apple TV+ launches and Disney+ is close behind... 1:51 Clocks fall back this weekend and some Canadians want it to stop 2:32 Sidekick Sean Tran reacts to Markiplier's Heist 3:32 Sidekick Sean Tran gushes over Cinderblock 4:37 This real-life Spider Woman will amaze you! 5:10 This mystery safe cracking story will amuse you!

  • Sean Tran
    Sean Tran Month ago

    *My queen Cinderblock can GET IT!*

  • Zoe G
    Zoe G Month ago

    So good! Hosts are super entertaining and very well spoken, and these were great topics to talk about! Can’t wait to see the next episode! (:

    • CBC Kids News
      CBC Kids News Month ago

      Amazing Zoe! You can always let us know about topics to cover. We'd love to hear from you.

  • Anisha Latchman
    Anisha Latchman Month ago

    Love this! Perfect balance of humour and info. Catch me here every Friday ;)

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    Saima Ahmed Month ago

    Sadia you go girl

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    Aleks Plays Month ago

    Cat is my friend his name is tom

  • CBC Kids News
    CBC Kids News Month ago

    THIS WEEK’S STORIES 0:13 Direct texting with celebrities 1:16 Gradient App 2:08 Justin Trudeau's minority government 2:51 Sidekick Saadia with ShaneXJeffree makeup launch update and Meghan Markle documentary drama 5:24 Netflix password sharing crackdown?!?!

  • Abraham Ali
    Abraham Ali 5 months ago

    It's common goals that makes you victorious, not diversity or multiculturalism.

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark 5 months ago

    3:25:40 DRAKE footage!!!

  • CBC Kids News
    CBC Kids News 5 months ago

    Thanks for joining our live stream!

  • Lucinda Holland
    Lucinda Holland 6 months ago

    One of the greatest movies I've seen. I cried so much. All the actors did a tremendous job.