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  • Marc Dumont
    Marc Dumont 2 hours ago

    Welp, goodbye 35mm film. Goodbye Breaking Bad aesthetic.

  • Raoul Ralli
    Raoul Ralli 2 hours ago

    Does anyone know the track from the Compton scene? ANYONE!? Desperate to find it!

  • Faiz, Muhammad
    Faiz, Muhammad 2 hours ago

    Abaramafinger need more screen time tbh, he's a brilliant actor

  • Lonnie Shell
    Lonnie Shell 2 hours ago


  • ankit akhilesh
    ankit akhilesh 2 hours ago

    I mean what is it 'The 6th Day' without muscle and planes

  • Wayward Sister
    Wayward Sister 2 hours ago

    "I know karate" SHOW ME.

  • William Tim
    William Tim 2 hours ago

    0:20 Scarecrow ❤️

  • Vedant Vashi
    Vedant Vashi 2 hours ago

    Why they didn't mention that Steven Soderbergh directed Traffic ?

  • Lyle Swann
    Lyle Swann 2 hours ago

    About fooking time!

  • CrowmanBowman
    CrowmanBowman 2 hours ago

    Whats that song?

  • Jo Shua
    Jo Shua 2 hours ago

    I can’t wait for season 3

  • Mili Lopez
    Mili Lopez 2 hours ago

    I am only one happy for Las casa de las flores/ the flowers house. I hope very soon bring Anne with an E season 3

  • Sub to PewDiePie
    Sub to PewDiePie 2 hours ago

    This show just tries to push the limits every single sec of footage, like I mean pre teens doing incest? Come on man.

  • Naomin khongsai
    Naomin khongsai 2 hours ago

    Peaky fuckery blinder

  • guts dragonslayer
    guts dragonslayer 2 hours ago

    Everything in October

  • BRUHassan
    BRUHassan 2 hours ago

    Internet Explorer user hmm

  • Riordan Phoenix
    Riordan Phoenix 2 hours ago

    guruji:ahm brahmasmi Adonis: ahm emranhasmi

  • Prem Lad
    Prem Lad 2 hours ago

    Ummmm.. Netflix took that nebula meme Damn too seriously, huh

  • Susan de Bruin
    Susan de Bruin 2 hours ago

    Needed that. Thanks

  • Rahul
    Rahul 2 hours ago

    I literally cried at the end of the show “Unbelievable”. Makes me wanna respect women even more. . . . I wake up now and I can imagine good things happening.

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown 2 hours ago

    netflix on a roll this and raising dion going to be good

  • Kara Kelly
    Kara Kelly 2 hours ago

    Mommie, Daddy, Daughter in a car accident. Everyone died. Daddy revived and comatose. This is his fractured mind trying to fix itself and regain coherence. He will either wake up to find out they died or he figures out he's reliving a comatose state permanently and to wake up he has to let go of the wife and daughter. Which is just as cliche as the corrupt hospital nabbing patients for nefarious purposes and then mindfucking a survivor.

  • caitlyn who r u
    caitlyn who r u 2 hours ago

    Fiore and Ludovica are so cute but they're toxic at the same time too sigh

  • tracie howorth
    tracie howorth 2 hours ago

    Finn wolfhard

  • betty cooperx
    betty cooperx 2 hours ago

    1:04 i love how griffin gluck just puts his arm on ava's lap. I shiiiipppppp 😍❤️💪🏻

  • GoProJoe
    GoProJoe 2 hours ago

    F1 should make a world class documentary after every season if they want to lower the entry barrier of interest for the sport

  • KkBre Love
    KkBre Love 2 hours ago

    Ok I have a question since this was so freaking good...what other series do they have that’s good like this??

  • caitlyn who r u
    caitlyn who r u 2 hours ago

    Alice Pagani literally has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen

  • Andrew P. Stewart
    Andrew P. Stewart 2 hours ago

    Hugh Manatee 😂

  • caitlyn who r u
    caitlyn who r u 2 hours ago


  • caitlyn who r u
    caitlyn who r u 2 hours ago


  • Paul Martin G
    Paul Martin G 2 hours ago

    What's the name song? Cuál es el nombre de la canción? Quel est le nom de la chanson? Come si chiama la canzone? ma aism hadhih al'aghnia Wie heißt das Lied? Zhè shǒu gē de míngzì shì shénme? 这首歌的名字是什么? ما اسم هذه الأغنية

  • Andrew P. Stewart
    Andrew P. Stewart 2 hours ago

    Griffin: My oldest note is when I wrote down all the lyrics to Eminem’s “Survival”. Griffin, you deserve a hug, a handshake, and a high-five for that one! I love this guy already!

  • saniesh sanu
    saniesh sanu 2 hours ago


  • Olimpia Mancini
    Olimpia Mancini 2 hours ago

    Co byli w Polsce szkoda że ich nie widziałam !!!

  • Aaron Hazard
    Aaron Hazard 2 hours ago


  • Tea
    Tea 2 hours ago

    Daybreak looks cheesy as hell but I’d honestly watch it

  • eliteslayer
    eliteslayer 2 hours ago


  • R3LYKS
    R3LYKS 2 hours ago

    So far no Bryan Cranston. He said he hopes he gets a role. He better. Idk how though since he died. But is there any chance he could have survived? I remember him laying one the ground. I don't remember why though.

  • Mati meister
    Mati meister 2 hours ago

    That s for 10 years kids

  • itzRayys
    itzRayys 2 hours ago

    Walter is still alive. I bet y’all

  • Dorian
    Dorian 2 hours ago

    What‘s the song at the beginning?

  • Domexpo
    Domexpo 2 hours ago

    It’s a SERIES?!

  • david valentin
    david valentin 2 hours ago

    It was the one armed man !!!!!

  • FlowerChild
    FlowerChild 2 hours ago

    I like this new Ant-Man movie

  • wiss
    wiss 2 hours ago

    It's so interesting waiting for season 2

  • Sreeraj
    Sreeraj 2 hours ago

    # A dusty black coat with a Red Right Hand

  • rhosey
    rhosey 2 hours ago

    I thought she's Tokyo 😍

  • Escobar HAP
    Escobar HAP 2 hours ago

    am i the only one who saw already the first 5 eps?

  • Cobey Campos
    Cobey Campos 2 hours ago

    So...can they see Connie? I’m confused lol

  • Gacha Wild
    Gacha Wild 2 hours ago

    1:25 me coming out to my class be like

  • dominik sukala
    dominik sukala 2 hours ago

    Enjoy netflix watchers. Am waiting for last episode tommorow. It is going to be awesome.

  • Rafferty Keegan-Sharief

    JAFAR !!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tristan Carver
    Tristan Carver 2 hours ago

    queer eye, i stg thats everything

  • SIKE01
    SIKE01 2 hours ago

    the jogger's selective amnesia

  • Orka
    Orka 2 hours ago

    Oh shit a new hormone monster

  • Ravio Patra
    Ravio Patra 2 hours ago

    This shit is so good and slick!! 😍😍😍

  • Just Here
    Just Here 2 hours ago

    I see paul rudd and im immediately excited

  • Conrad Wong
    Conrad Wong 2 hours ago

    If it's real, the story is Flightplan. If it's not, it's Shutter Island.

  • João Paulo Martins Sampaio

    Vai ser bom

  • Kim Miranda
    Kim Miranda 2 hours ago

    Yeah I definitely had to second guess what was CGI and what was puppetry, and these gelfling puppets had that same adorable humanoid faces as in the 80's movie, but with much more sophistication and expression

  • Kawin Yogam
    Kawin Yogam 2 hours ago


  • Hyuna Humilde
    Hyuna Humilde 2 hours ago

    In our world: Little girls like to play with Barbie Upside down: Demigorgans like to play with *Barb*-ies

  • Ważka na luzie
    Ważka na luzie 2 hours ago

    Hell yeah. It's going to be hilarious!

  • Believix Winx
    Believix Winx 2 hours ago

    Noah and Millie are screaming and Finn is just so silent

  • Özgür Vatan Çakan

    where is sadie and natalia and maya

  • Va Ne
    Va Ne 2 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me the song playing in the background

  • Gilberto Abad
    Gilberto Abad 2 hours ago

    The 6th day with Paul Rudd instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Camila Miranda
    Camila Miranda 2 hours ago

    Hallyween 😂

  • Veneno
    Veneno 2 hours ago

    0:59 dris isnt dead 😉

  • Djhemerson Rodrigues

    Lindo documentário 🤩

  • Moates 1
    Moates 1 3 hours ago

    Someone watched The Prestige and thought, “yeah I’ll have that”

  • Aphrodite
    Aphrodite 3 hours ago

    it reminds me of The Forgotten movie and Flight Plan movie 🤦‍♀️

  • Ashish Purohit
    Ashish Purohit 3 hours ago

    Pinkman will always be my favorite character. I'm so excited to see him again

  • Pudge Wisp
    Pudge Wisp 3 hours ago

    Any1 knows the model of the launchpad and DJ mixer he use at 0:03 and 1:18? (For design purpose)

  • Roshan Antony Tauro
    Roshan Antony Tauro 3 hours ago

    Why does Nadia want to blow up the UN building?

  • odd killer_08
    odd killer_08 3 hours ago

    I just started to watch it and I think it's ex or a police officer

  • Kaijukid 96
    Kaijukid 96 3 hours ago

    Please give us Season 2!

  • j sidhu
    j sidhu 3 hours ago


  • Owsm Shot
    Owsm Shot 3 hours ago

    Is Netflix useful...⁉️

  • Marcelo Santiago
    Marcelo Santiago 3 hours ago

    This is the WORST shit I’ve ever seen. I forgot that you cannot watch Netflix’s movies. Give me my 2 hours back.

  • RB DGR8
    RB DGR8 3 hours ago

    Netflix: This is the most intriguing season you Will see Me: Already seen

  • FloridaSky ツ
    FloridaSky ツ 3 hours ago

    "Prank Encounters"? Uh... You mean "Scare Tactics"?

  • Zaid Butt
    Zaid Butt 3 hours ago

    raise your hands if you have watched 5 episodes and waiting for the finale...

  • Frau Holle
    Frau Holle 3 hours ago

    I want to give a sincere thank you to the makers of this series; for all the rekindled childhood memories. It exceeded all my expectations and was nothing less than a masterpiece. And thank you Netflix for hosting it.

  • 5Harmony4Ever Studios

    Fun fact: the person who voices Dr. Drakken in Kim possible is the voice of Bea's dad!

  • yugandhar kallam
    yugandhar kallam 3 hours ago

    It's telugu movie evaru l

  • Hoseok Is My Hope
    Hoseok Is My Hope 3 hours ago

    I'm surprised that many people like Niccolo x Chiara...? :/ Why? I don't hate it, but they had an affair, Chiara got bullied for it as if Niccolo didn't do anything, he didn't defend her, just kept her as his side chick but still had the audacity to harass Damiano just bc he and Chiara get along well... as if he has any claim on Chiara while still dating Virginia. I think Niccolo does have real feelings for Chiara, but Chiara obviously doesn't and I think Niccolo messed up too much. I do hope they'll end this weird thing with the sport teacher/Damiano's step mom though bc it's nasty... even Nico deserves better than that haha...

  • S
    S 3 hours ago

    จากทหารสู่นายก 5555555. แนะนำให้ดู ความทะเยอทะยานของทอมมี่.

  • Edward Cole
    Edward Cole 3 hours ago

    Wheres the rest of Friday night dinner. Come on Netflix

  • Rishabh Goud
    Rishabh Goud 3 hours ago

    This comment section is under new management BY ORDER THE PEAKY BLINDERS

  • Shadab Zaman
    Shadab Zaman 3 hours ago

    Abarama gold dies

  • Manolya İzgi
    Manolya İzgi 3 hours ago

    Seems cool movie 🥰

  • ThePizzadude93
    ThePizzadude93 3 hours ago


  • Music is My Life
    Music is My Life 3 hours ago

    Ohhhhh shiiiiiit

  • Chubulub
    Chubulub 3 hours ago


  • Jesu Nishant
    Jesu Nishant 3 hours ago

    When he says I am "Miguel bernardeau" there is something there. Can't figure it out.

  • Hoseok Is My Hope
    Hoseok Is My Hope 3 hours ago

    Been looking forward to this for so long 💟 Just rewatched S1 again the other day haha. Can't believe it'll come out right before my birthday... lucky 💪🏼

  • passionparker
    passionparker 3 hours ago

    nebula 2014 and nebula: 1:49

  • MrShaneac1
    MrShaneac1 3 hours ago

    Just finished the new series and to say I loved it would be a understatement thank you Netflix for doing such an amazing job giving us more of thra I hope we get to see much more with additional seasons to come.