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Pwnisher App!
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E3 2013: Timelapse Montage
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Live Action Smash Bros
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Parker Action Short
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Waluigi vs. Luigi
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But Then [Part 1]
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Pwnisher's Parkour Palace
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Cardboard Warfare 2
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Killzone Extraction: HD
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War Footage Promo
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  • Nelson Chien
    Nelson Chien 28 minutes ago

    Why are there storm troopers

  • JÔ animações
    JÔ animações 9 hours ago

    BR ?

  • Adam Brorson
    Adam Brorson 10 hours ago

    That bazzoka recoil

  • Wyvern Slayz
    Wyvern Slayz 10 hours ago

    Corridor helped you?


    American forces invades a Nazi area in France in order to push them back to Germany 1944 Colorized


    America invades a Nazi area in France in order to push them back to Germany


    American Forces invades a Nazi area in France in order to push me back to Germany 1944 Colorized


    America invades a Nazi área in France 1944 Colorized


    The Battle of Cardboardazi (Cardboard Nazi)

  • Mathias Voorhees
    Mathias Voorhees 10 hours ago

    Wow this entire short film is better than most action films today. Yes I'm looking at you Jason Bourne.

    SUNKYDL 11 hours ago


  • TheCyanShyGuy
    TheCyanShyGuy 22 hours ago

    Wow for 2011 this is some high quality stuff! I know it's all cardboard and all but it really gets you captured by the story and VERY good acting. 10/10

  • Truong Nguyen
    Truong Nguyen 22 hours ago

    Sooo Are their bullet cardboard too?

  • Doop Macias
    Doop Macias Day ago

    So when will the game come out :D

  • Terrificrockstar

    Did y’all use real explosives

  • AustinGaming
    AustinGaming Day ago

    Very well made.

  • deepsleepdiver

    4:28 to 5:04 feels like an homage to The Raid 2 😆😄

  • Knispel Luch
    Knispel Luch Day ago

    Well there was a CoH reference

  • bias car driver

    How ww2 really turns out

  • Keith The Faith 3%
    Keith The Faith 3% 2 days ago

    BRAIN LE ??

  • Spank 08
    Spank 08 3 days ago

    Nobody: Not a living civilized human being: Boys locker room:

  • Dominic DiQuarto
    Dominic DiQuarto 3 days ago

    Awesome, gruesome, and realistic!

  • Warat C
    Warat C 3 days ago


  • snazdog dbfan
    snazdog dbfan 3 days ago

    Brian and Andy freaking Le

  • ExEo Gaming
    ExEo Gaming 3 days ago


  • Jack Green
    Jack Green 4 days ago

    make more

  • RithloveKhmer
    RithloveKhmer 4 days ago


  • Angela Martínez
    Angela Martínez 5 days ago


  • Dangerflea
    Dangerflea 6 days ago

    Does anyone know the release date for this and if it is going to be first person or third person?

  • robert lee
    robert lee 6 days ago

    Hollywood would make Sleeping Dogs starring Justin Bieber

  • jnorm 18
    jnorm 18 6 days ago

    the cardboard makes it so much less serious

  • 😀talun And fifa
    😀talun And fifa 7 days ago


  • Rad_itya 2
    Rad_itya 2 7 days ago


  • ejoke payrock
    ejoke payrock 7 days ago

    Omg this video cool action and tragid

  • Damp Milk
    Damp Milk 8 days ago

    If only everything else was cardboard

  • Toxic Trash
    Toxic Trash 9 days ago

    my friends and i when mom says she doesn't want the amazon box

  • Bigg Papa
    Bigg Papa 9 days ago

    This is why war is EVIL AF!! And government is disgusting!! And people are dumb AF! To even sign up for war!!! They give you cash and an education! Just so you'll sign up and go fight their battle!! And possibly never come back home!!! All so they can sit in their big mansions!! And collect in the end!! You gotta be dumb AF! To even go to war!!! Stupid AF!!!

    • shiba
      shiba 7 days ago

      you probably wouldn't have a computer rn if people weren't in the war. please stfu and actually consider things before writing them.

  • Fatal Gamer
    Fatal Gamer 9 days ago

    This is how much cardboard they used 👇

  • Samuel Echeverri
    Samuel Echeverri 9 days ago

    That’s so cool

  • Nicholas Skific
    Nicholas Skific 10 days ago

    what was once lost is now found, 10 years later

  • May Kelvin
    May Kelvin 10 days ago

    2019 ?

  • BIMN Boys
    BIMN Boys 10 days ago

    Go to corridor crew or corridor, he works there now and he might make another cardboard warfare. He works for visual affects there. They have a really cool RUclip channel that has great content!

  • Nicolas Boucher
    Nicolas Boucher 12 days ago

    thank you mate, forgot how to do that,

  • Itsyeboiangl e
    Itsyeboiangl e 14 days ago

    Who else saw a english sign in the nazis shack?

  • Shardell
    Shardell 14 days ago

    Wow they even got the over exposure right

  • yurpaderp
    yurpaderp 14 days ago

    I wonder how long after he made this that he decided to be done...

  • NavalCraftAnimates
    NavalCraftAnimates 15 days ago

    The war crimes are ranking up

  • Mohd Aerul Syafie Shahirol

    wei looks like a game

  • Enigma
    Enigma 15 days ago


  • EastNeetFleet
    EastNeetFleet 16 days ago

    First to get recommended this in 2019.

  • Elija amies
    Elija amies 17 days ago

    They shouldn't of bombed perl harber dumb~asses

  • Jack of Some Trades
    Jack of Some Trades 17 days ago

    Niko is a pilot

  • Bryer Valenzo
    Bryer Valenzo 17 days ago


  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 17 days ago

    WHY JOHNSON-- i just realized my username is "Adolf Hitler", and this is about WWII..

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 18 days ago

    Me: it’s bedtime stop talking brain: remembers video I watch it in my head* me: thank you brain: your welcome

  • Mr Camper the bush sniper

    Wait is every weapon from cardboard I can have 2 MG42

  • Fariz Maulana
    Fariz Maulana 18 days ago

    fuck this video

    PINCHE DIEGO 18 days ago

    This is why Toby never finished playing dead island 🌴

  • Saucey Carrot
    Saucey Carrot 18 days ago

    rocket jump was better. but I cant do better. so good job. you made a sequel and everyone is proud edit: ok this thing is actually as good as rocket jump forget what I just said

  • New Russia Is a country

    This is almost as old as me


    Carboardazi soldiers (Carboard Nazi soldiers) being invaded by Carboardan Forces (Carboard American Forces)


    “The Battle of Carboardjistani” - Me

  • Dobin S
    Dobin S 21 day ago

    Wow how did you do that !

  • That guy Needs a name

    *actual millitary are patrolling the area for no reason and come across these guys...* Filmers: it’s not what it looks like.

  • Philipine Ball
    Philipine Ball 21 day ago

    Who's still watching this 2019!

  • Joshua Rodrigues
    Joshua Rodrigues 21 day ago

    not a single person reloaded

    IM STUPID AND DUMB 21 day ago

    16:20 when mom leaves me in the basement because I did something bad

  • Tiger gaming
    Tiger gaming 21 day ago

    These Germans don’t sound German at all

  • Jairus Buetre
    Jairus Buetre 21 day ago

    Letter c only not base

  • Jairus Buetre
    Jairus Buetre 21 day ago

    Why there's aircon in WWII I saw in Base letter c

  • Boubacar Ba
    Boubacar Ba 22 days ago

    And they train you to never leave a man behind

  • Boubacar Ba
    Boubacar Ba 22 days ago

    Why the fuck he was talking like that in the beginning

  • Tony Afonso
    Tony Afonso 22 days ago

    Épica!! Gracias!!

  • Sebastian Daverio
    Sebastian Daverio 22 days ago

    you can heare a train bell and horn in the background

  • Dorion Douglas
    Dorion Douglas 22 days ago

    Yooo Sam and Niko are in here

  • Ot3p
    Ot3p 22 days ago

    Is that fucking FPS Doug?? It fucking is.

  • Ot3p
    Ot3p 22 days ago

    When he flicked the switched on and the thing actually changed. That got me to snort into my Jagr and 7up.

  • Ot3p
    Ot3p 22 days ago

    Well this was on my recommended.

  • Arcor Manzanero
    Arcor Manzanero 22 days ago

    This happens when we run out of metal

  • Dany Netter
    Dany Netter 23 days ago

    What kids are imagining when they are playing in a cardboard box.

  • Asking Benjamin
    Asking Benjamin 23 days ago

    I dislike videos with waluigi losing well Luigi is my favorite to but why is it waluigi fault >:(

  • Ericblox5
    Ericblox5 23 days ago

    you bastards

  • Captain Leo
    Captain Leo 23 days ago

    4:45 "We can't take out that cannon, there's only three of us." "Exactly, that's why we have to regroup with our men after we take out this cannon."

  • Enderman Playz
    Enderman Playz 23 days ago

    Who’s from 2019

  • アクラムAlvin
    アクラムAlvin 23 days ago

    Low budget🤣🤣

  • アクラムAlvin
    アクラムAlvin 23 days ago

    So creative dude

  • Archer Stern
    Archer Stern 23 days ago

    First of all, this was done really well. Second, I recognized much of the music in this; some of it is from a game I used to play on the Gamecube. I think it was a Medal of Honor game. It really gave me nostalgia.

  • Vincent Meade
    Vincent Meade 23 days ago

    I love this so much but one small detail is that he doesn't have tattoos, in the game he has a half tattoo sleeve on both arms but everything besides that is on point

  • A idiotic Nerd
    A idiotic Nerd 24 days ago

    Why does the nazi have an ak

  • Workchun Konyak
    Workchun Konyak 24 days ago

    Is true fighting?

  • :Call sign: Woodland whisky

    Pwnisher: * makes cardboard warfare 2 * Me: * triggered screams because not correct Uniforms *

  • Bean Bean
    Bean Bean 24 days ago

    Why am i watching this

  • Jack melokov
    Jack melokov 25 days ago

    Band of brothers on a budget

  • Tie Interceptor
    Tie Interceptor 26 days ago

    i kinda feel bad for the german tank, it never had any chance to shoot back or anything.

  • Justin Monteclaro
    Justin Monteclaro 26 days ago


  • Federico Bartolome
    Federico Bartolome 26 days ago

    Can u add nukeclear bomb

  • Ace Burgerz
    Ace Burgerz 27 days ago

    9qwt thyhgyhhj,k,,mmm,k,knv(h*b(hbbnnmm,,,,,,,,,,,,....... ..,,..llllkkklllllllll.,pl

  • Peace Is Our Profession

    7:35 "There is no better training, comrade, than fighting to survive"

  • Nicklas Borgersen
    Nicklas Borgersen 28 days ago

    I remember when I watch watchinf this and many this type videos in my childhood 2010-2013. btw 2019? anyone?

  • flukeman022
    flukeman022 28 days ago

    Should've waited after a rain storm before the invasion.