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Hickey Horror Story
Views 3M20 days ago
My Track Season Was Ruined
Views 838K27 days ago
My First Period Disaster
Views 1.3MMonth ago
My Best Friend Turned On Me
Views 1.1M2 months ago
Left Home Alone In A Tornado
Views 3.3M2 months ago
My Dad Was A War Hero
Views 1.4M2 months ago
My Mom Had To Go Get Help
Views 1.5M2 months ago
The Scariest Day Of My Life
Views 1.5M4 months ago
AP Exam Test Nightmare
Views 1.7M4 months ago
Worst Prom Date Ever
Views 3.6M5 months ago
Living with ADHD
Views 4.8MYear ago


  • Ar_tzYT
    Ar_tzYT 2 hours ago

    Go Belle Delphine

  • Circus Spider
    Circus Spider 2 hours ago

    Once this happened to me

  • Heshu Halgurd
    Heshu Halgurd 2 hours ago

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  • TheRealhero 76
    TheRealhero 76 2 hours ago

    It's ok if you are short IT MEANS YOUR SPECIAL

  • project zorgo joiner

    If i was in the play i would be romio and hed be a tree

  • Ben Forgione
    Ben Forgione 3 hours ago

    Remember stay strong even when there’s a bombing say to yourself I’m going to make it though this

  • spooky wooky
    spooky wooky 3 hours ago

    I am addicted to BLACK

  • jooniejoonie yp
    jooniejoonie yp 3 hours ago

    All I gotta say is Yikes.

  • Kelvin CG
    Kelvin CG 3 hours ago

    What is Albert ienstien doing in her brain??

  • Harold Atillo
    Harold Atillo 3 hours ago

    who ever that guy is deserves to die

  • Eloise Edman
    Eloise Edman 3 hours ago

    This was so inspirational 💖

  • darcy pines
    darcy pines 3 hours ago

    march 3rd one day before my birthday 😄🎉🎉🎉

  • robi mio Calimbas
    robi mio Calimbas 3 hours ago

    It's like your saying lola

  • ROBLOX_guy1236
    ROBLOX_guy1236 3 hours ago


  • Mohamed Atta UTTP
    Mohamed Atta UTTP 3 hours ago

    Oy vey, damn

  • Artstifact Yuriko-Chan

    I mean...This girl is a pshyco

  • Jade Moyle
    Jade Moyle 4 hours ago

    Ok that's so sweet

  • Safwan Chapz
    Safwan Chapz 4 hours ago

    "play the 'HA GAYYYYYY' meme"😁

  • Itz_ PlayTime! 413
    Itz_ PlayTime! 413 4 hours ago

    I was a victim of the 5.5 quake in Philippines on 13 September 2019. The chandelier was swinging lightly, and I was really terrified...

  • Hxppytearsz
    Hxppytearsz 4 hours ago

    Kid:YoU gOttA LeArN tO wOrk tOgeTheR In tHe fUtUre oR eLsE yOuLl bE a SaD lOnLeY mAn Me:*Lets work together to Yeet me off a building*

  • Safwan Chapz
    Safwan Chapz 4 hours ago

    so,the girl here is a 'PSYCHO'😁

  • It's_Ellie
    It's_Ellie 4 hours ago

    Why would you bully someone disabled? Why would you bully someone anyway? This world is messed up. I wish all the best for Mandy ❤

  • Lemon Head
    Lemon Head 4 hours ago

    Everybody: The comments of this video: I gUeSs YoU cAn SaY hE dId NoT tHrOw AwAy HiS sHoT

  • Asmr moonlight
    Asmr moonlight 4 hours ago

    Im from norway tho

  • Necessary Gaming
    Necessary Gaming 4 hours ago

    Funniest story tellers 1st Instant Snow Disaster 2nd Tornado Warning

  • Fatemeh Ghafoori
    Fatemeh Ghafoori 4 hours ago

    I have it to 😔

  • Molly G
    Molly G 4 hours ago


  • Normani Ar
    Normani Ar 4 hours ago


  • _Nightz_
    _Nightz_ 4 hours ago

    Asian food is yummy ..

  • Taco And Burrito
    Taco And Burrito 4 hours ago

    To hogwarts

  • Princess.x.lizzie 12

    So I heard your smart can you do my homework I pay you

  • AndyDhafin
    AndyDhafin 4 hours ago

    Should’ve went to Australia in the first place 😂😂 jk

  • Iona A
    Iona A 4 hours ago

    At 2:25 Sara was a yeet

  • Iona A
    Iona A 4 hours ago

    At 2:25 Sara was a yeet

  • Trọng Nguyễn Hữu


  • Trọng Nguyễn Hữu

    !@#$/^&*>?,:"'!@#$$\%€£¥¢≫≫][@#34$5^&< qswer

  • mansur munir
    mansur munir 5 hours ago

    Suicide is bad!

  • Olive TV
    Olive TV 5 hours ago

    My parents call me toothpick because I’m thin

  • * S U N N I E *
    * S U N N I E * 5 hours ago

    I've been sexually abused at the age of my older brother it's been 4's gave me pain,depression and anxiety I've never told anyone not even my parents and nobody knows but im scared if I tell I'll be...put in care..away from my family and siblings..

  • Liyana Khatija
    Liyana Khatija 5 hours ago


  • xPurplesimx
    xPurplesimx 5 hours ago

    Bro they're doing it to you cause they're jealous that you're so uniquely beautiful, i would've befriended you right away if i saw you

  • Abeth Musor
    Abeth Musor 5 hours ago

    Vaping is destroying our lungs

  • Estello 〜
    Estello 〜 5 hours ago

    You’re not alone girl my classmates are just like you but I support them to have confidence in them

  • Mikaira Yuki Chan
    Mikaira Yuki Chan 5 hours ago

    Omg! Wonder!! I love that soo much. There is a movie about him😍. Salute to you!

  • Emil Eyford
    Emil Eyford 5 hours ago

    she says too many likes

  • Kaitlyn Robinson
    Kaitlyn Robinson 5 hours ago

    who nosed that the girl that could not talk after they apologized she was talking

  • Unicorn Dust13
    Unicorn Dust13 5 hours ago

    When i saw this i dropped everything and watched this

  • John Maude
    John Maude 5 hours ago

    Your mike

  • Gavriell Tanjung
    Gavriell Tanjung 6 hours ago

    I hope people was praying for the coutry and people mass be safe for the bombing on the news

  • Toxic Cookie
    Toxic Cookie 6 hours ago

    Your parents can see this video... Better run gurl

  • Ben Hutchinson
    Ben Hutchinson 6 hours ago

    It's actually pretty fine if your worst enemies throw insults at you, at least you can learn to live with it. BUT WHEN IT'S YOUR BEST FRIEND, THREATEN TO THROW THEM IN THE SLAMMER!!

  • Mario power
    Mario power 6 hours ago

    Why would that girl snitch on you

  • 감자PotatoChip
    감자PotatoChip 6 hours ago


  • Dark_Midnight _Wolf_Demon

    A way to let parents know wut their kid is doing

  • OreoGacha
    OreoGacha 6 hours ago

    Ah? Ok

  • Diane Salarda
    Diane Salarda 6 hours ago

    they are bad person

  • Diane Salarda
    Diane Salarda 6 hours ago

    why they do that!!!!

  • Marie C
    Marie C 6 hours ago


  • Olalde Alberto
    Olalde Alberto 6 hours ago

    her voice sounds nice and soft~😁 but sad when you didnt want to go to school 🙁☹️😢😭

  • OrangeFunk
    OrangeFunk 6 hours ago

    I can seriously relate to this I am an Egyptian But Christian and I often get bullied for being Christian But One day Aton of churches got bombed my church did get bombed the next week I go to church and see these policemen with mini guns AKS and it really freaked me out and I was terrified at first but I got used to it

  • The besties
    The besties 6 hours ago

    I was in it to 😝👊🏼

  • flesh evta xɑɳxɑxɦѳɛร

    I thought someone put this story as a 9/11 survivor

  • Jamel Paute
    Jamel Paute 6 hours ago

    Philippines are good at english Mexican saves America, America saves Philippines

  • Kaitlyn Robinson
    Kaitlyn Robinson 6 hours ago

    this has happened to me at school i am 9 years old and in year 5 a boy in year 7 age 12 took advantage of me and you know so i told the teachers and my mum and dad he bully's me now but i just ignore him because i know he is jealous of me that is why he liked me

  • Madalynn Murphy
    Madalynn Murphy 6 hours ago

    WTF is WRONG with people!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • LogicLemons
    LogicLemons 6 hours ago

    Those damn freshmen

  • Indumati Koorichh
    Indumati Koorichh 7 hours ago


  • Gloria Diaz
    Gloria Diaz 7 hours ago

    I I am going through that too

  • heavenly love
    heavenly love 7 hours ago

    What's your name I might have seen u on the show

  • GachaKiki
    GachaKiki 7 hours ago

    I had a fish then I woke up at 1:00 then he was dead we didn't clean his water :(

  • Jacob Harvath
    Jacob Harvath 7 hours ago

    0:26 that’s so cringyyyy

  • Kaisy C Gacha Life
    Kaisy C Gacha Life 7 hours ago


  • heavenly love
    heavenly love 7 hours ago

    That's not funny because if u reported the texts to the police your brother would have went to jail

  • Pinkish Arielle
    Pinkish Arielle 7 hours ago

    Rise up When you livin' on your knee You rise up

    • Natalia Cu
      Natalia Cu 4 hours ago

      Tell your brother that he's got to rise up

  • Sarah Ahmad
    Sarah Ahmad 7 hours ago

    This is fake, as a Muslim we can't date anyone. Once we woman r adults our parents choose a guy to marry. We can't just date. Even being friends with a male in Islam is forbidden and u will go to hell. So this is fake.

  • Insane Crap
    Insane Crap 7 hours ago

    _Steals a Goldfish_ *"I aM a FeLoN"*

    ASTA AHMED 7 hours ago

    The mom kept the other kids but not her.

  • Jamel Paute
    Jamel Paute 7 hours ago

    A smoke is destroy lungs

  • Jillian Queja
    Jillian Queja 7 hours ago

    it’s ok I am tall

  • Dixo_draw!
    Dixo_draw! 7 hours ago

    My grandma is an Philippine

    • Dixo_draw!
      Dixo_draw! 7 hours ago

      And she always makes rice for dinner luv her!😄

  • Estrełła Studiøs
    Estrełła Studiøs 7 hours ago

    WHO DARE DISLIKE THIS MAN **insert Eliza's pterodactyl screech**

  • Alaska Edits
    Alaska Edits 7 hours ago

    Im tempted to upload what happened today when I decided to have a midnight feast with my friends on the roof. 🤷‍♀️

  • Dixo_draw!
    Dixo_draw! 7 hours ago

    Has anyone has a over protective-dad

  • Melany Guzmán
    Melany Guzmán 7 hours ago

    you don't need him you find a other boyfriend that is hot 😏

  • nyesha richardson
    nyesha richardson 7 hours ago

    :'( just ... :'(

  • LpsWild Cat
    LpsWild Cat 7 hours ago

    Least the kid wanted to help xD

  • Zapper Inc
    Zapper Inc 7 hours ago

    Imagine having 4 toes

  • yt lena
    yt lena 7 hours ago

    then that aint yo friend baby

  • no idea
    no idea 7 hours ago

    This girl voicing outside tf

  • Mini Mia
    Mini Mia 7 hours ago

    My cHILD

  • Safety Doggo
    Safety Doggo 7 hours ago

    I suck at geometry

  • The NightWatchers
    The NightWatchers 7 hours ago

    I'm a catholic ;-;

  • Dwayne Foster
    Dwayne Foster 7 hours ago

    It's ok she will be up top seeing how u are growing up

  • Alexandra Dominguez
    Alexandra Dominguez 7 hours ago

    I use to wear bathing suits that cover your body when I was little because I was embarrased off showing but now I wear bikinis better because I faced my embarrasments I don't wear bathing suits that cover your body anymore because it's for girls who are embarrased

  • Caitlin Duggan
    Caitlin Duggan 7 hours ago

    comments: 1%Other stuff 99%: HE DIDN'T THROW AWAY HIS SHOT

  • Xavier 503
    Xavier 503 8 hours ago

    So bad

    SWATHI BODAPATI 8 hours ago

    There was a real fire at my school and me and my friends said if it was a real lock down we would get a chair and stab them with a pencil and much more lol😂

  • Kittygirlawesome
    Kittygirlawesome 8 hours ago

    It sucks

  • Kittygirlawesome
    Kittygirlawesome 8 hours ago

    Girl were like twins I have ADHD like you