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  • King Oouzi
    King Oouzi 3 minutes ago

    Saints are not playing at home either you dipshits

  • King Oouzi
    King Oouzi 3 minutes ago

    Oct 15 way to early to be putting out picks!!!!! Cause its not back up vs back up Playing.

  • John Five
    John Five 6 minutes ago

    I kept waiting for a big hit to get the party started....that was the hit LOL

  • Iam Matrix
    Iam Matrix 7 minutes ago

    Ryan and Hutton was on a date?Lmaooo just guys look how they hold each other 😂😂😂😂

  • Iam Matrix
    Iam Matrix 15 minutes ago

    What a dive 😂😂😂

  • MrHalitov
    MrHalitov 18 minutes ago

    Release the -Kraken- Kovalchuk!

  • P Is
    P Is 19 minutes ago

    The NHL is so pathetic. Can’t take a perfectly clean hit without going for revenge. A huge trend in NHL lately and it stinks

  • Sam Galvin
    Sam Galvin 23 minutes ago

    is it a bird or a plane? oh its just Gio doin his thing.

  • Backhand Oksanen
    Backhand Oksanen 24 minutes ago

    Giordano, the real life Superman.

  • Deedee Supine
    Deedee Supine 25 minutes ago

    Well I must be missing something with that “good check” or “clean hit” by Doughty...he used his stick under Tkachuks skate and flipped him up. WTF?

  • One Buffalo
    One Buffalo 27 minutes ago

    lbh if this game didnt have this action we'd have been disappointed lmao

  • Darin Kaintz
    Darin Kaintz 31 minute ago

    Yotes Are Buzzin!

  • Vincent Choi
    Vincent Choi 35 minutes ago

    Surprised Doughty didn't cry and whine again

  • SpikeFlea
    SpikeFlea 36 minutes ago

    LOL one of the funniest scrums I've seen in ages. Tkachuk got tka-checked!

  • Tobb asch
    Tobb asch 37 minutes ago

    Scorey Perry

  • SpikeFlea
    SpikeFlea 39 minutes ago

    I'd love to hear Quick's conversation with the ref.

  • Lima Bean
    Lima Bean 41 minute ago

    Carter Hart is so clutch

  • AJ J
    AJ J 43 minutes ago

    When did the WWE sponsor the NHL

  • Watcher 693
    Watcher 693 46 minutes ago

    I'm just really happy she's not yelling at us about climate change being man made.

  • Joe Boo
    Joe Boo 47 minutes ago

    1:09 you can see him try and throw a dirty elbow if you slow it down

  • Oliver Glawe
    Oliver Glawe 48 minutes ago

    Really Really Bad Game Canucks

  • Faisal Abdullah
    Faisal Abdullah 51 minute ago

    كما العسل يا السنتور .

  • hunterdude113
    hunterdude113 52 minutes ago

    Zdeno chara, the bear of Boston, the man famed for hurting guys, is human after all.

  • Juuso Suominen
    Juuso Suominen 53 minutes ago


  • jtm1979
    jtm1979 54 minutes ago

    Kovy will score 30+ goals this season 👊🏻💪🏻

  • h8ght1me
    h8ght1me 56 minutes ago

    i love this girl so much. so proud, finally as a tennis fan for so long. finally we have a grand slam winner

  • Veczey
    Veczey 59 minutes ago

    Giordano May be the Norris winner but god damn he’s an idiot that could have been bad, also he straight up hit the guys head when he superman dove

  • Jim Ross
    Jim Ross Hour ago

    Please Coyotes management, change your jerseys to these ones & get rid of the maroon and white ones.

  • Норм Парень

    Ткачук конченое ЧМО((( эта гнида будет сломлена, как Петух линдрос!!!

  • Gijane Gijane
    Gijane Gijane Hour ago

    Ковальчук всё не стареет. Молодчина!

  • Mr.Ouest
    Mr.Ouest Hour ago

    Couple of cowards that refuse to drop the gloves. This feud is ridiculous.

  • CJay
    CJay Hour ago

    Name a better player vs player rivalry!

  • Gerald Drouillard

    That wasn't a hip check it was a knee check because he knew if he tried to hit him normal he would get bounced from hitting steel, lol so he was forced to cheap shot him. No Doubt a cheap shot.

  • Dylan Rogers
    Dylan Rogers Hour ago

    What’s the song played right before puck drop?

  • MysticSaxophone
    MysticSaxophone Hour ago

    Just sit the other Stars. Let Hintz play alone, he'd probably win more often.

  • Guy Dumont
    Guy Dumont Hour ago

    They are both at fault. One guy for skating with his face at about a 3 foot height. The other guy for extending his arm towards him when he was about to miss the hit. Result: give them each one game.

  • N Marples
    N Marples Hour ago

    Does that Gio hit count as him leaving his feet? Like he flew like he’s John Cena doing shoulder tackles

  • Bwaka 67
    Bwaka 67 Hour ago

    Flames are a joke, always overhyped

  • Floyd Pinkerton
    Floyd Pinkerton Hour ago

    that tackle by Giordano was a thing of beauty.

  • Familjen Möller

    Wow! They didnt show the penalty..obvious its not a hockeyprofessor editting the video..

  • yurok51
    yurok51 Hour ago

    Sharks sucker!!!!!!!

  • Liam Keane
    Liam Keane Hour ago

    All 2020 draft picks for fleury

  • HondaMan Vtec
    HondaMan Vtec Hour ago

    Nhl was cool back in the days.. but know they start a fight juat beacus off clean

    MISSxSHADOW Hour ago

    Good ole stewy

  • Hockeytown9
    Hockeytown9 Hour ago

    What is with these girls who can’t take a hit anymore? You got hit, get up and play the game sally. Don’t start a brawl because you got lit up. That’s pathetic.

  • nav 78
    nav 78 Hour ago

    When are these 2 actually going to man up and drop the gloves.

  • YAhabsYA
    YAhabsYA Hour ago

    What a hit

  • Shank
    Shank Hour ago

    Tkachuk needs to recognize a good hit even if it’s on him, nobody likes a cry-baby. Take the hit and keep playing.

    • Mike-rophone
      Mike-rophone Hour ago

      @Tim Ross true, true

    • Tim Ross
      Tim Ross Hour ago

      That was not a good hit. That was a torpedo into his legs. Doughty lesding with his helmet is an intent to injure, which, if the NHL actually does care about player safety should review.

    • Mike-rophone
      Mike-rophone Hour ago

      @zunaid khan yeah, besides, you gotta give their fans something to think about on the car ride home, so why not try fighting, if you win, you make the home team and their fans question the strength of their team

    • zunaid khan
      zunaid khan Hour ago

      You losing 4-0 to your rival. Anybody would do that. Especially if they mock your home fans

  • Purple Beast
    Purple Beast Hour ago

    Drew smiling because he knows he was getting hit by a female. If it was a grown man hitting him, he wouldn't be smiling.

  • Shello 28
    Shello 28 Hour ago

    Why is tkachuk so triggered???????

  • Chris Weyer
    Chris Weyer Hour ago

    My god Islanders fans are assholes, but I respect them quite a bit for it. They’re really passionate and good at making their voice is heard.

  • Victor Petrenko
    Victor Petrenko Hour ago

    Brian Burke is the David Lynch of the NHL

  • Marco Reyes
    Marco Reyes Hour ago

    Leafs dominated those little Bruin players!! Great game!! Go leafs go!!

  • laurie kelner
    laurie kelner 2 hours ago

    Get em gio

  • Nathan Cate
    Nathan Cate 2 hours ago

    More Keystone Cops than Brawl. But still funny seeing Gio flying.

  • TheStallionforce
    TheStallionforce 2 hours ago

    Lol this is a 'brawl'? Oh lord please give me some 80's hockey.

  • Hockey_All_Star5
    Hockey_All_Star5 2 hours ago

    Go leafs go!

  • Windforce Misser
    Windforce Misser 2 hours ago

    did jack edwards just look and talk like a normal human being?

  • Carl Greger Hjortkloe

    180cm Calvert takes down 198cm Hedman Hahahahaha!!!

  • Dr Sendmeemails
    Dr Sendmeemails 2 hours ago

    3 games in, and Perry is playing incredibly well for the Stars. The line of Roope, Benn, and Perry was Dallas’s best last night. Never thought I would say it... but I love this guy on the home team.

  • Ugandan Jamal
    Ugandan Jamal 2 hours ago

    Go Avs!!

  • Donald Edison
    Donald Edison 2 hours ago

    I cant wait until tkachuck demolishes doughty in a fight. Doughty is gutless

    • Donald Edison
      Donald Edison Hour ago

      @Bamskies funny I remember chucky wanting to fight doughty and doughty wanted 0 part of it.

    • Bamskies
      Bamskies Hour ago

      So is chukky. Turtles all over the ice when a real man comes after him

  • Joe Schmo
    Joe Schmo 2 hours ago

    C Stewart trying to stick around a minute. Good 4 him, and a pretty decent scrap.

  • Jerry Kong
    Jerry Kong 2 hours ago

    I hate both these teams.

  • TheRealManatee
    TheRealManatee 2 hours ago

    This was edited terribly.

  • Mr. Lifter
    Mr. Lifter 2 hours ago

    SportsNet, the Eastcoast and Canadian stroke master lol. Go Kings!

  • No Name
    No Name 2 hours ago

    Gusev olympic champ world champ 4 mill $ per year plays at 4 line. NJ - awful team...

  • The Berg
    The Berg 2 hours ago

    Giordano went YEET

  • Oh No
    Oh No 2 hours ago

    looks like doughty hurt himself more with the check than he hurt tkafuck

  • Devlin Hustwait
    Devlin Hustwait 2 hours ago

    doughty hit his face on the ice when he made the hit, he might've taken the bigger L here but tkachuk did get really upset lol

    • Dad's Home
      Dad's Home 2 hours ago

      Wouldn't you? Guy takes your legs from under you instead of a face to face hit. And its doughy of course lol

  • de132
    de132 2 hours ago

    Martin Jones gives up the worst goals, like he made 31 saves tonight, but geez, some of these goals he gave up are weak.

  • Bauss Nguyen
    Bauss Nguyen 2 hours ago

    Why you gotta do Crosby like that...

  • Sikora Flower
    Sikora Flower 2 hours ago

    And somehow Tkachuk comes up on top

    • Sikora Flower
      Sikora Flower 28 minutes ago

      @ferrall derrall not what I'm talking abt. You forgot to mention kings won too.

    • ferrall derrall
      ferrall derrall Hour ago

      Only cost a major and a misconduct, doughty got out with no penalties

  • Luv Blossom
    Luv Blossom 2 hours ago

    Damn I kinda don’t care

  • Patrick Bergen
    Patrick Bergen 2 hours ago

    Go should be suspended for that bullshit. Tired of stupid things happening after a good hit. Very much not a hockey play. Just stupid players doing stupid things. Get your head in the game gio your better than that.

  • Lima Bean
    Lima Bean 2 hours ago

    Gio just LAUNCHING himself OVER the existing fight and onto a King is something truly beautiful to witness

  • Kamil K
    Kamil K 2 hours ago

    The fight with two winners: Dowdy and Giordano

  • Miguel Farias
    Miguel Farias 2 hours ago

    Kings are trash

  • Hare Brahs
    Hare Brahs 2 hours ago

    if it misses it will go round the corner and down like a rat out of a aqueduct, just saying..

  • Anthony Arellano
    Anthony Arellano 2 hours ago

    I like how they say the flames were taking cheap shots on Clifford when clearly Clifford started it and deserved the licks he got

  • Jesse Bafia
    Jesse Bafia 2 hours ago


  • CyberBeta
    CyberBeta 2 hours ago

    Big Rig with the Win. Stewart had to wrestle him down to get the refs in cause he was running out of steam & could not keep up. Heck it took him two tries to toss Oleksiak to the ice, first time he just knocked the helmet off.

  • Greenwoodguy _
    Greenwoodguy _ 2 hours ago

    clean hit, super dangerous play by gio. i like gio but the league needs to call him up for that.

  • Hare Brahs
    Hare Brahs 2 hours ago

    great snapper, remember his junior days, great stuff that he finally made it. respect the hard work

  • am israel chai !!!
    am israel chai !!! 2 hours ago

    So tkachuk think he's not allowed to get hit ???

    • superstaralen
      superstaralen 55 minutes ago

      Dad's Home nice try and probably just the right amount of retardness id expect from a flames fan

    • am israel chai !!!
      am israel chai !!! Hour ago

      @Dad's Home ha

    • Dad's Home
      Dad's Home 2 hours ago

      Doughy hip checked because he was too scared to hit him face to face, he deserved it.

  • Tom Lako
    Tom Lako 2 hours ago

    The beef between those two is seems like there is no end to it

  • Scott Way
    Scott Way 2 hours ago

    Thanks Toronto!

  • evan williams
    evan williams 2 hours ago

    poor old craig anderson

  • Katie Toews
    Katie Toews 2 hours ago

    These lightning jerseys are horrendous, they look like practice jerseys

    • pxzzcxl -
      pxzzcxl - 49 minutes ago

      Katie Toews I think they look quite cool. It makes the players look bigger then they are idk

  • Lauren Siemens
    Lauren Siemens 2 hours ago

    That was an awesome game. I can't complain I am an anybody but Calgary fan

  • holymackenaw
    holymackenaw 2 hours ago

    if you want to fight fight standing up, dont hold the other guys legs, wrestle him down and punch from behind lying on his back. thats crap.

  • Marty SR K
    Marty SR K 2 hours ago

    Wonderful tribute to Patty. Now it’s our turn! And I’ll be there at Scotiabank Arena October 25/19. Can’t wait!

  • Buke Ahn
    Buke Ahn 2 hours ago

    two guys on the left look like they're on a date

  • LateNight
    LateNight 2 hours ago

    I hope each of the players are targetting from now on in the league and get career ending injuries.

  • Meat Dragon
    Meat Dragon 2 hours ago

    2:50 I just find PK dragging bodies out of the pile to be hilarious.

  • Jaime Reimer
    Jaime Reimer 2 hours ago


    • Jaime Reimer
      Jaime Reimer 2 hours ago

      D C Yo I wish

    • D C
      D C 2 hours ago

      That should be the headline in the papers. 👍👍

  • nolla7
    nolla7 2 hours ago

    Way the Hedman uses that visor when fighting. And still plays little pig always.

  • Zetoria
    Zetoria 2 hours ago

    SanJose Tanks are not going to play offs

    • de132
      de132 2 hours ago

      Eh, that's a stretch.

  • Peter Jeffery
    Peter Jeffery 2 hours ago

    ABOUT TIME.....haven't seen a hip check that good since Bobby Baun's days on the Leaf blueline. Text book hip check.....what was Tkachuk expecting? He saw it coming a mile away, he was looking up but jumped in front of the speeding train anyway...thats just DUMB!

  • RK TR
    RK TR 2 hours ago

    lmao poor tkachuk just cant win