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Veterans in watercolor
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Nature: Salmon
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Heaven sent
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Passage: In memoriam
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ELO's Jeff Lynne is back
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Nature: Bat swarm
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No deeper love
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The armless archer
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Art collective Meow Wolf
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Almanac: S.O.S.
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Pages from Prince's life
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Nature: Spider webs
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A friend in need
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The art of gargoyles
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Almanac: Captain Cook
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Skateboarding at 40+
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Nature: Butterflies
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What's in a name?
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Playing an escape room
Views 24K28 days ago
The real Herbert Hoover
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Almanac: Margaret Dumont
Views 9K28 days ago
Growing up trans
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Extended Video: Lizzo
Views 530KMonth ago
For The Record: Lizzo
Views 36KMonth ago
View from the top
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Glass art, cast in sand
Views 16KMonth ago
On her toes
Views 11KMonth ago
Nature: Trout
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  • Lynnesque Lee
    Lynnesque Lee 3 minutes ago

    Send the true love to JEFF from s.korea.

  • Not Beethoven
    Not Beethoven 4 minutes ago

    This is not Beethoven

  • Kent Kaliber
    Kent Kaliber 6 minutes ago

    I will LITERALLY NEVER in my life ride one of those Scooters. Literally NEVER.

  • Autarky Bear
    Autarky Bear 11 minutes ago

    Japan's awesome. Just don't think they're taking immigrants anytime soon.

  • hello lyda
    hello lyda 15 minutes ago

    Yeah I also thought he's gay 😂

  • Rinawma. Hmar.
    Rinawma. Hmar. 18 minutes ago

    It make me fell manythings

  • Frank Stoeffler
    Frank Stoeffler 19 minutes ago

    I wish I knew this person now and when as a child growing up. I don't understand dyslexia because I never had it. I've never had syphilis and glad I never understood that but I am curious about dyslexia because I see today two childhood friends .. ya know... guess what I will say/write, It makes sense now. Very intelligent but really good lip readers.

  • Karen Hanania
    Karen Hanania 24 minutes ago

    Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of both Olivia Coleman and Helena Bonham-Carter, but neither Queen Elizabeth nor Princess Margaret had brown eyes! Am I the only one bothered by these glaring inconsistencies in casting? Plus, because they are so recognizable, for me, it gets in the way of the characters. Claire Foy worked well partly because she's not well known, in the US anyway. I'm not even sure I'll watch season 3; I'm so annoyed with the casting - again excellent and talented actors, but those two highly recognizable royal figures did not have brown eyes!

  • Big Thunder
    Big Thunder 28 minutes ago

    I knew a guy who rented two trucks and ran them 24hrs a day he rake in some dough and he didn't even work

  • Jeffrey Payne
    Jeffrey Payne 30 minutes ago

    I met him and heard him speak in his mid 90’s. Remarkable man.

  • Double X
    Double X 31 minute ago

    The Michael J Fox memes...

  • Nick Ilinsky
    Nick Ilinsky 31 minute ago

    Because Queen Anne wasn’t a “real character” imbecile.

  • HufflinPuffs
    HufflinPuffs 38 minutes ago

    Just listened to this episode. It’s a great tribute.

  • Joe Cook
    Joe Cook 39 minutes ago

    Nice story. This one seems to be real and has worked. I bet Joel is mormon. Just a guess. It doesn't matter. I live in Utah too.

  • Luis Enrique Rosario peralta

    What a courageous woman! She is synonymous with freedom.

  • Art HeisenbergsCourier
    Art HeisenbergsCourier 41 minute ago

    Funny that they show the Private Parts clip after they talk about his honesty. He didn't have the poofy look when the scene happened in real life. He was overweight with a bad mustache.

  • Jonathan Kent
    Jonathan Kent 43 minutes ago

    I read somewhere that the doctors farted into Garfield's open wound. Any truth to that?

  • Cornell Waters
    Cornell Waters 47 minutes ago

    📬 Thank You!

  • I Love Arrma
    I Love Arrma 55 minutes ago

    Grandpa I have finally found you after many years!

  • IamLolaGrace
    IamLolaGrace 59 minutes ago

    TRULY One of the BEST!!

  • William Schwab
    William Schwab Hour ago

    Wow... Straight news... Nowadays, CNN would have 30 people from the Obama administration on a panel talking about how this was a good thing for progress

  • lostintime86
    lostintime86 Hour ago

    where's the Ferrari??

  • Tenifus
    Tenifus Hour ago

    David Gibson sadly passed away today :(

  • Dave Gutknecht
    Dave Gutknecht Hour ago

    Depresion is a terrible thing.

  • CarbonGlassMan
    CarbonGlassMan Hour ago

    Tell that girl she will die if she crosses you.

  • Moving Urbanly
    Moving Urbanly Hour ago

    What more shocking are the 50 witnesses who testified to the limo stop the disinfo of Lib er ty doing LBJ aka 1967 flagfalse(past ai censors of lda read backwards people) etc and the editing out of the J's hit on JFK and removal of that limo stop from the zapruder film and others not shown to the public for 12 years and 20 + the others like Nix who had his filmed returned, chopped up and virtually destroyed by the criminal GOZ gov once again read backwards

  • David Donnelly
    David Donnelly Hour ago

    I thought Howard would eat a cat hahaha

  • joyaxiz
    joyaxiz Hour ago

    i predict that there will be a meteor that will destroy earth to happen in 1000 years from now////

  • Qu AudioReact
    Qu AudioReact Hour ago

    I feel lizzo. the moment about her father mom has heart failure :(

  • resce rolse
    resce rolse Hour ago

    Hirosima and Nagasaki left the chat.

  • S F
    S F Hour ago

    Coolest Brit to ever exist.

  • The rat no one likes13 647

    the Wright brothers are actually my 3rd cousins

  • masterpd85
    masterpd85 Hour ago

    You forgot to mention their self-made social and economic problem they've placed on women. Marriage and pregnancy can halt job growth and even lead to pay/hour cuts because babies take up valuable work time. They're doing it to themselves.

  • paddy brady
    paddy brady 2 hours ago

    and soon you will no longer exist islam has taken you over like the rest of europe

  • Zoomer30
    Zoomer30 2 hours ago

    The reason for the delay before they started televised coverage was that the cameras they used back then were quite complicated and required a significant warm up period.

  • Anthony Wright
    Anthony Wright 2 hours ago

    Their would not be a need for this is WSS didnt steal and pray upon us!!!!!!!

  • maynardsmoreland
    maynardsmoreland 2 hours ago

    I liked "The Shape of Water"....when it originally came out in the 1950s as "Creature from the Black Lagoon."

  • Mark Davids
    Mark Davids 2 hours ago

    It’s the greedy brewers fault, charging the Landlords a fortune for the drinks

  • strange love
    strange love 2 hours ago

    looks laika a tru...uhhmmm.. austrian vegan 2me ... isnt it

  • Jimmy Pop
    Jimmy Pop 2 hours ago

    My favorite Pop Artist 😍😍

  • Tootie Pootie
    Tootie Pootie 2 hours ago

    Don't no one believes that old lieing woman 🙄 we know they run alot

  • Blue Butterfly Wellness

    I LOVE THIS MAN!! Such a warm & genuine man who I had the pleasure to meet years ago at one of his signings and showed genuine interest in my now published book! What a special soul. ❤❤❤

  • 19fenway
    19fenway 2 hours ago

    I thought this was going to be about the imprisonment of rodeo animals

  • Frances Jusko
    Frances Jusko 2 hours ago

    prostitutionprostituti To T Aaaaaaaaa tomjusko1@y tomjuskolyahoo.Com

  • alittlestrength
    alittlestrength 2 hours ago

    Southern India Charm LOL.

  • Sam Arittan
    Sam Arittan 2 hours ago

    Wonderful example of handling adversity. Inspirational.

  • Happy Hermit
    Happy Hermit 2 hours ago

    Blood testing now eliminates doubt.

  • hi!
    hi! 2 hours ago

    it’s always the same thing. it’s always people saying that the kid was putting the pressure on themselves, that they seemed so happy and were so intelligent and had everything going for them. that exact thinking is the reason those same kids feel utterly trapped in the perceptions others have of them. the reason they feel the need to be perfect is because everyone calls them perfect. alexandra was misunderstood alive and is misunderstood now that she has passed as well. i wish she knew that she was funny and pretty and interesting, even without the grades or awards or rankings-that she wasn’t perfect, but that that was okay.

  • Darius Deasia Cooks
    Darius Deasia Cooks 2 hours ago

    Season 3 airs in about 4 hours on Netflix! Yassssssss

  • Nagato the destory fo evil

    Humans yeah right.

  • Joseph Wilson
    Joseph Wilson 3 hours ago

    Of course the lawyer.... But yeah destroy them all.

  • Aaron Vang
    Aaron Vang 3 hours ago

    This gave me hope in humanity. What a great person.

  • JoanRudith
    JoanRudith 3 hours ago

    When I heard they were changing the cast for season 3 I was like "no! Why change everything? Clair Foy was doing a great job!" Then I heard Olivia Coleman would take the lead role and I was like "Oh. Okay! Sometimes change is good!" lol

  • my name is _HAYWIRE
    my name is _HAYWIRE 3 hours ago

    Absolute children.

  • - Mikaz0 -
    - Mikaz0 - 3 hours ago

    Luftwaffe wants to know your flight path

  • Rumo Llc
    Rumo Llc 3 hours ago

    I'm a Democrat, But I'd Vote for Trump before I Vote for Buttigieg...My Religious Values come before Politics, U Got to Stand for Something of Fall for Anything!

    NUCLEAR BUM 3 hours ago

    we shut down one side of a 300ft bridge and get harassed for months a cant imagine being on this job ...but i would love it

  • Kevin
    Kevin 3 hours ago

    I'll tell you something even more incredible than the earthquake in Japan and the tsunami from the results. The fact that the Fukushima Nuclear Plant was built on a beach facing the Pacific Ocean. If I didn't know better I'd think the American Democratic Partiers were in charge of that show too...

  • Anthony Scantinini
    Anthony Scantinini 3 hours ago

    what right does a lady like caroline have to make choices about her own life. this is america. we let the government control us. they tax our income. they tell us how to live. if caroline can't understand that, then she should maybe go somewhere else. course, they won't let you go there cause of all the borders.

  • Carolyn's RV Life
    Carolyn's RV Life 3 hours ago

    I just saw Harriet in the theater and it's sad that she doesn't get more attention in history books. She's an American hero! And it was a great movie.

  • Beth Bartlett
    Beth Bartlett 3 hours ago

    No longer the worse. Buchanan (ranked 2nd - now 3rd)and Andrew Johnson (was the worse, now 2nd) Trump clearly the worse. But the one that hurt the country the worse is Woodrow Wilson. Federal Reserve Bank Corp birth certificates owned by them as well and traded on NYSE Owner/Manager agencies IRS, CIA War Loan Go to Source - All = Rothschild and his allies inc - Rockefeller famly, Bush family, Murdoch

  • Anna Cuevas
    Anna Cuevas 3 hours ago

    True ROCKSTAR right here

    TXMEDRGR 3 hours ago

    Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going. Ecclesiastes 9:10

  • bo0tsy1
    bo0tsy1 3 hours ago

    He killed Kurt.

  • TheJanka51
    TheJanka51 3 hours ago

    that really set them back 10 years

  • Beth Bartlett
    Beth Bartlett 3 hours ago

    Woodrow Wilson did the greater damage - it continues today and it is serious. 1. Federal Reserve Bank Corp - private extreme elite International Bakers - namely Rothschild owns our currency, sets the Fed interest rate, and "where's the Gold/Silver"? Owns all Central Banks Western World, Owns our Birth Certificates and trades them M-F on NYSE, Owns Agencies, i.e. CIA, and particularly IRS is linked in. Johnson was clearly an insecure man, low self confidence, and appeared to be Narcissist Personality Disorder. You can't compare Johnson to Lincoln they were polar opposites on every level and particularly in thought (Lincoln Wisdom of Higher Minded Thoughts, and Johnson operated from his lower or Ego Mind - adolescent in his emotional development, more like DT though likely not quite as Malignant in his Overt Narcissist behaviors

  • Carlos Trincado
    Carlos Trincado 3 hours ago

    Good reporting , but you just cant help it to inject how "lucrative" her speeches are. Something you never spoke of the Clinton's or Obama.

  • Amina Mouse
    Amina Mouse 3 hours ago

    Shes such an angel GAH

  • Devoted To Christ
    Devoted To Christ 3 hours ago

    All Freemason buildings should be LEVELED!! as in DEMOLISHED, DESTROYED, OBLITERATED!

  • Cash ordeals
    Cash ordeals 4 hours ago

    Noice 👌

  • Lena Stearnes
    Lena Stearnes 4 hours ago

    I fell in love with you at 13

  • Aris Mukti
    Aris Mukti 4 hours ago

    Forget de niro and pacino, im surprised joe pesci also there ??!

  • Lena Stearnes
    Lena Stearnes 4 hours ago

    I would leave my husband today for you,I love you

  • Erik Peterson
    Erik Peterson 4 hours ago

    great story..thx

  • fixento
    fixento 4 hours ago

    Rising sea levels, not, sinking land reclaimed frot the sea, yes.

  • westfield90
    westfield90 4 hours ago

    I read a great line in a newspaper today. Finally woke Hollywood makes a movie about two white men driving fossil fuel cars. A winning formula for the box office over every other woke trash Hollywood produces these days.

  • Grey Ford
    Grey Ford 4 hours ago

    This is real life? Unfuckingbelievable, mankind is amazing!

  • Guy Hero
    Guy Hero 4 hours ago

    I feel for you Michael, I really hope one day we can create some sort of relief for you. I really feel for anyone going through any sort of trauma.

  • Your mom
    Your mom 4 hours ago

    This is just racist and ugly and rude. Whoever does this is not funny but cruel and racist.

  • Texas Veteran
    Texas Veteran 4 hours ago

    If you don’t know Miles died you are not a racing fan.

  • mario katulacs
    mario katulacs 4 hours ago

  • Jim Bean
    Jim Bean 4 hours ago

    It must be overturned save the life’s of millions

  • Sons of Dream
    Sons of Dream 4 hours ago

    It’s crazy that he played lex Luther son because now he is playing lex himself in the dc arrowverse show called supergirl

  • jason bishop
    jason bishop 4 hours ago


  • jasonROXcarlySUX Kiki

    5 yrs 2 the day! Happy b day, dad!

  • Richard Carrington
    Richard Carrington 4 hours ago

    Keep going Michael.

  • Cousin It
    Cousin It 4 hours ago

    Giving respect to a Dog would never be in Russia or China . Because they are Evil people without a heart.

  • Jenna
    Jenna 4 hours ago

    So crazy I remember watching his old video about him telling about his heart condition and now this video is in my recommended :(

  • Norsefalconer
    Norsefalconer 5 hours ago

    I've been watching "Travel by Narrowboat" on Amazon Prime, and am now totally enamored by the romance of it all. If it's still possible to rent, and self pilot, a canal boat on the Erie Canal, I believe I just found next year's vacation.

  • mz movers
    mz movers 5 hours ago


  • Yengad Nergreb
    Yengad Nergreb 5 hours ago

    My husband drives 200 everyday. No biggie. Lol

  • Dreaded_Pegasus
    Dreaded_Pegasus 5 hours ago

    I am stationed at McConnell AFB, where this took off and I see it all the time. It’s incredible

  • John Roseman
    John Roseman 5 hours ago


  • Marcel Dunkelberg
    Marcel Dunkelberg 5 hours ago

    But in your freaking country those people don't get the rewards they are supposed to get. The orange idiot in the oval office gets all the attention.

  • A.P.1987.
    A.P.1987. 5 hours ago

    I never realized he solely recorded the first FF album on vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. That is absolutely insane. Think about that!

  • loganbaileysfunwithtrains

    Glad it’s finished and people in Boston can enjoy the new areas that have been opened up but was it worth it in tax payer dollars?

  • Chris Lapp
    Chris Lapp 5 hours ago

    I'd grind her right into the mattress.

  • Mr. G.
    Mr. G. 6 hours ago

    I HATE seeing him in that condition but PROUD to see him fighting and living as much as he can ! Lets hope a cure will be found soon. THUMBS UP M.J.F. !!!

  • hl Sarona
    hl Sarona 6 hours ago

    Every day I know something about them Here I saw how j hope can be sooo serious omg