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Bad News on the Humvee...
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For Sale....Pile of Junk
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The Expansion!!!
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We Got a Pet Fox!!!
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My Scope Collection!!!
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He Messed Up....
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She’s Stuck Up There...
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My new Arrival is HUGE!!!
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Can We Keep It?!?!
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The Runaway Car Aftermath...
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The Most Dangerous Glove
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Dozer's Last Video...
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The New Camper...
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The Dream Garage!!!
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We Have The Worst News...
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Why Am I So Bad At This???
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This Is Frowned Upon...
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New House Tour!!!
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She Let Me Buy This Car!!!
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This Is Going To Hurt!!!
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We Rolled It... It's Bad...
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New Breaching Tools...
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She Got Owned!!!
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I Bought Land!!!!!
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  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 minutes ago

    Lemme guess you fucked it up doing something stupid and then bought another one.... Oh my heart just bleeds

  • Tyler Van Meter
    Tyler Van Meter 4 minutes ago

    Bug out/“prepper” guidance: I follow many, but Bear Independent is good and Viking Preparedness is good. Bear: Viking:

    • Tyler Van Meter
      Tyler Van Meter Minute ago

      I think they both do one-on-one consultations. From emergency preparedness to pew pews and security and more.

  • Adrian Herrera
    Adrian Herrera 4 minutes ago

    Bring Robert to the mansion and destroy stuff

  • Robert Choate
    Robert Choate 5 minutes ago

    Its called a drag link and tie rod ends

  • Adrian Herrera
    Adrian Herrera 7 minutes ago

    You should try and work out like a strong man for like a month or 2 with nick,. Would love to see the results

  • Fluffy Wubkins
    Fluffy Wubkins 8 minutes ago

    Geeko wins this

  • Neil Wolf
    Neil Wolf 10 minutes ago


  • That Pickle Dude
    That Pickle Dude 14 minutes ago

    Mat, keep moving slow, but hell yeah that's cool

  • TJT Gaming
    TJT Gaming 23 minutes ago

    Please please please make a video with him!!!! I want to see this so bad

  • mazzab1970
    mazzab1970 27 minutes ago

    Matt. Is Vet Ranch your only channel that doesn't feature guns? It would be good if you had another channel that didn't feature guns or limit them to Demo Ranch.

  • Tony G
    Tony G 27 minutes ago

    Hook up with Roman Attwood and it would be cool. 😎

  • notabot667
    notabot667 35 minutes ago

    That is a rooster

  • Alberta Newell
    Alberta Newell 41 minute ago

    No body fights alone mark!!!!!!!

  • P000000000 1S 0P P33333
    P000000000 1S 0P P33333 43 minutes ago

    You need a new Front end

  • P000000000 1S 0P P33333
    P000000000 1S 0P P33333 44 minutes ago

    U need tie rod ends

  • Jordyn Degnan
    Jordyn Degnan 47 minutes ago

    Are u still a veterinarian anymore?

  • Dave Roy
    Dave Roy 56 minutes ago

    the parts you need are called the idler arm,pitman arm and outer tie rods.

  • Linda Melarvie
    Linda Melarvie Hour ago

    Gamma Ray surgery. Best to you My Friend. Thank you for the Update. Wonderful Guitar ☀️🌙🌟🎸

  • Roman Lee
    Roman Lee Hour ago

    Black lab

  • Keichwoud357
    Keichwoud357 Hour ago

    Addie is already becoming the 'disinterested older sibling' of the house.

  • Landon Haines
    Landon Haines Hour ago

    Just a kid and his bicycle

  • Tom Sizemore
    Tom Sizemore Hour ago

    Imagine convincing your wife to throw her purse away to watch motocross

  • Tall Giraffe
    Tall Giraffe Hour ago

    Idler arm and pitman arm

  • Ice_Wolf76
    Ice_Wolf76 Hour ago

    still miss her

  • Bigfoot Jr
    Bigfoot Jr Hour ago

    Just go to a custom shop and have them do a resto mod on the Humvee!

  • Devon
    Devon Hour ago

    i want an old rusty c-clamp shirt, like make it part of the subscription.

  • TheFriendlyHacker

    Name it the Bolshevik Ox

  • Ella Hosokawa
    Ella Hosokawa Hour ago

    God bless nice 👍 thank you 🙏

  • Brandon A
    Brandon A Hour ago

    Go ahead and change that pitman arm (first dealy you pointed at). And those track bar. Tie rod and ends and itll get rid of that death wobble

  • Linda Irby
    Linda Irby Hour ago

    RIP white chicken

  • Jeff Woelki
    Jeff Woelki Hour ago

    How about an update on the Bronco?!

  • Patrick Wilson
    Patrick Wilson Hour ago

    I don't understand why isn't anyone saying what they Cost???? ARE THEY HIGH PRICES????

  • utsav agrawal
    utsav agrawal Hour ago

    She is so cute I wish I had a sister like her

  • The man in the suit

    Got to go fast bro flywheel master race

  • Barry G
    Barry G Hour ago

    How you know someone didn't spend a lot of time in the military.. If the steering wheel doesn't move 3 feet (in a circle) without moving the wheels. Someone messed with your ride. That's completely normal for those "military" vehicles. haha.

  • Adair Henderson
    Adair Henderson Hour ago

    Are you doing any more Vet Ranch videos? I haven't seen a new one for a long time.

  • P House
    P House Hour ago

    hey matt love your vids if you need parts for the hmmwv go to

  • xBlitzwolf
    xBlitzwolf 2 hours ago

    Couple goals right there.

  • tjfrench03
    tjfrench03 2 hours ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that chases chickens out of my my shop. Nothing more irritating than chickens pooping in my shop. That and the daughters goats like to ran straight in there and poop everywhere also.

  • Katie C
    Katie C 2 hours ago

    Rip Jake u will be missed

  • John SmoKe
    John SmoKe 2 hours ago

    6:36 i wanted to die for some time :/

  • Ella Hosokawa
    Ella Hosokawa 2 hours ago

    Nice 👍

  • Jeff Everett
    Jeff Everett 2 hours ago

    I think Matt has a little crush on that girl, i am not sure what her name is (Mel?)... (not his wife Mare), but you can tell his face gets a little red when talking to her. Hmmm, maybe something has already happened, or definitely could happen if thrown into the right situation!! She actually looks like Matts wife somewhat, not as pretty in the face but oh my in other areas!! This post comes with all due respect of course...just joshin ya!

  • Alex Papoušek
    Alex Papoušek 2 hours ago

    soo you are How to Basic :D

  • Nathaniel Miller
    Nathaniel Miller 2 hours ago

    Rumor has it the water is still running today

  • Jagger Nottingham
    Jagger Nottingham 2 hours ago

    As if it's even a guess we need send him a German Shepherd puppy

  • Paige Roby
    Paige Roby 2 hours ago

    Did anybody else notice the Texas translation 6:55 ?? That was absolutely hysterical 😂😆😆

  • tran tan
    tran tan 2 hours ago

    They both look hotter as they grow older. Respect that !

  • Viperbronco Almasty
    Viperbronco Almasty 2 hours ago

    yeah Russian

  • athhud
    athhud 2 hours ago

    No way I am sending you a Starrett micrometer. I’ll gladly trade you a brand new Harbor Freight micrometer for that old worn out Starrett though...

  • Gio N
    Gio N 2 hours ago

    So those are the pitman coming off of the steering box and the idler arm coming off of the frame

  • athhud
    athhud 2 hours ago

    Pitman arm, idler arm, center link, and tie rods are the parts you need. Going to be a bad day if any of those parts break while cruising.

  • Maja Bjørnholt
    Maja Bjørnholt 2 hours ago

    Update on the old Bronco!

  • Bevan Lourens
    Bevan Lourens 2 hours ago

    Ball joints thei're called ball joints

  • Battousai Himura
    Battousai Himura 3 hours ago

    i love the southern definitions you put up

  • Billy Smith
    Billy Smith 3 hours ago

    You should start a deadpool for the gecko. The winner gets the broken humvee.

  • Hoosier Patriot
    Hoosier Patriot 3 hours ago

    A Bassett Hound

  • Peter Trast
    Peter Trast 3 hours ago

    Having a beautiful wife... who is also smart... Isn't it great? :)

  • Ella Hosokawa
    Ella Hosokawa 3 hours ago

    God bless

  • do it to it
    do it to it 3 hours ago

    ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN. Thats who our angels are.

  • Grayson Sorensen
    Grayson Sorensen 3 hours ago

    Gotta name it Clifford the big red truck

  • David Urbina
    David Urbina 3 hours ago

    @OffTheRanch I have noticed you wear a small pouch on your hip and curious as to what you carry with you.

  • jessica anderson
    jessica anderson 3 hours ago

    Send doughnut a mini aussy or a blue heeler ! Best dogs ever or a rescue from the texas cattle dog rescue!

  • Jimmy Jones
    Jimmy Jones 3 hours ago

    #whatswrongwithhumvee The first piece of steering components you pointed to is called a Pittman arm, it's attached to the the steering box, the one that is on the other frame rail is a idler arm, they attach to the drag link that is attached to the Axel spindles. You need new Pittman arm and idler arm.

  • Russ Webster
    Russ Webster 3 hours ago

    That dirt looks like a good backstop for a range, Bunker Branding and Gun Range.

  • The man in the suit
    The man in the suit 3 hours ago

    But if you put the hammer in a elevator

  • Miyu Miyu
    Miyu Miyu 3 hours ago

    Four shower heads facing each other. . . it looks like a decontamination room to me. Which would be an instant red flag.

  • Tanya Barbee
    Tanya Barbee 3 hours ago

    Way to represent in that NSR hat!!! I want it!!

  • Donald Hayes
    Donald Hayes 3 hours ago

    My grandad had tractors and farm trucks that were worn the same way. He adjusted so much normally that when he got in a car that was not worn out, he drifted back and forth from the habit of adjusting the bad vehicles. You need to replace ball joints. The arms are probably good and the ball joints usually screw off on all vehicles I have seen. Don't know about hummers.

  • Nick Roth
    Nick Roth 3 hours ago


  • Joshua Ilac
    Joshua Ilac 3 hours ago


  • alam md. sam sul
    alam md. sam sul 3 hours ago

    beautifull display.....

  • Average Floridian
    Average Floridian 3 hours ago

    NGL, y'all could do a whole episode on every painfully nerdy detail of the detention pond and I'd enjoy it. Kinda what I do for work too, but different enough that I've never seen it before.

  • deeskrags eckstein
    deeskrags eckstein 3 hours ago

    u keep getting rid of the dust in the log and stick and the dust is what truns into the ember

  • Cameron Shoemaker
    Cameron Shoemaker 3 hours ago


  • Mac Kent
    Mac Kent 3 hours ago

    Inside the steering box is a pinion gear and a worm gear, the pinion can wear but i doubt it

  • Garrett Marsh
    Garrett Marsh 4 hours ago

    you get a sub for the awesome boxer

  • ck8koneti
    ck8koneti 4 hours ago

    He says beautiful monstrosity and brings Meredith into the field of view 😂😂😂😂

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else 4 hours ago

    Those are ball joints. The vertical link on the passenger side is called an idler arm. The micrometer is for measuring things with great accuracy. Chickens come in your shop because they are nosey little heathens that enjoy pooping in new places. There, all of your questions answered.

  • Josh Jans
    Josh Jans 4 hours ago

    There should be no play in those steering joints at all. crazy. You should replace all parts with those "ball joints".

    JASON L 4 hours ago

    just did the pitnum arm on my hmmwv

  • Forrest Overstreet
    Forrest Overstreet 4 hours ago

    It's a Starret #436 micrometer very expensive piece of equipment

  • RoyalRabbit
    RoyalRabbit 4 hours ago

    If you can Talk to ChrisFix about the Humvee

    JOE ESTEP 4 hours ago

    Blaba Blaba Hero!

  • Mayte Martinez
    Mayte Martinez 4 hours ago

    The Mediterranean house gecko is actually an invasive species to Texas

  • Joshua Fallon
    Joshua Fallon 4 hours ago

    Lol I feed my dogs venison too

  • Brandon Kunimura
    Brandon Kunimura 4 hours ago

    idler and pitman arm

  • Stacie Brooks
    Stacie Brooks 4 hours ago

    hi Matt love your videos please help share this

  • fdoeppen
    fdoeppen 4 hours ago

    Yeah, cause your new doctor wears shorts! Fantastic video!

  • Bigcountry 20
    Bigcountry 20 4 hours ago

    You donut a great Dane puppy hahahaha

  • Meadowlark music
    Meadowlark music 4 hours ago

    Nice one Mere ..from all wives out there who'd love to do this!!😂😂😂

  • Rj Alexander
    Rj Alexander 4 hours ago

    the parts are idler arm, pitman arm, and inner/outer tie rods

  • Chandler Kinealy
    Chandler Kinealy 4 hours ago

    Front suspension kit, idler arm, pitman arm, gear box, tie rod ends all good stuff. You shouldn’t have a lot of play in any of them,

  • Tina Howell
    Tina Howell 5 hours ago

    My dad said if you change one change them both. Get a tuning fork you'll need it. Thats why i said go to the shop. Then take it to someone who can align the front end

  • robert Foley
    robert Foley 5 hours ago

    Pitman Arm off the steering box on drivers side. Idler arm is on the passenger side an they are joined by the drag link. An then there’s 4 tie rods 2 inner an 2 outlets.

  • Aaron McClure
    Aaron McClure 5 hours ago

    Are there any updates on the bronco, haven't seen it in a while?

  • Tina Howell
    Tina Howell 5 hours ago

    Take it too the SHOP

  • SpeedyslothFTW
    SpeedyslothFTW 5 hours ago

    Talk to the RUclipr Chris fix it he lovers hummers

  • Firecracker762
    Firecracker762 5 hours ago

    the pitman arm, idler arm, and tie rods it looks to be, those humvees use older suspension they're not too hard to work on just a little meticulous.

  • brandon hooey
    brandon hooey 5 hours ago