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Worst Animal Attacks Ever
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Top Simple Life Hacks
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  • Andrea Heiligh
    Andrea Heiligh Hour ago

    How do you go on a whole trip Knowing you killed somebody that’s just horrible 😢

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith 2 hours ago

    Two funny 😄

  • Chock Wolf
    Chock Wolf 3 hours ago

    There not allowed to keep you in the chair for longer than 3hours just for that reason

  • md miraj
    md miraj 3 hours ago


  • me me
    me me 3 hours ago

    Tourists that are idiots and retarded are better pay their mistakes .

  • me me
    me me 3 hours ago

    2 girls , 2 idiots. You wrong , you pay.

  • slav
    slav 5 hours ago

    If i would see a dead bpdy at school i would call my mom and run and not looking back

  • *Mutilated Angel* **

    Burke so did that murder!!! C'mon!!!

  • diamond Uju
    diamond Uju 7 hours ago

    Those politicians working in Nigeria.. No wonder we have bad government here.

  • J Smerf
    J Smerf 7 hours ago

    Holy shit, butthole lips

  • J Smerf
    J Smerf 7 hours ago

    Yucky that butt lol

  • J Smerf
    J Smerf 7 hours ago

    Big fan.

  • J Smerf
    J Smerf 7 hours ago

    Hope he gets his ass slammed in prison.

  • J Smerf
    J Smerf 7 hours ago

    He's probably gay too.

  • J Smerf
    J Smerf 7 hours ago

    Sharpe rather

  • J Smerf
    J Smerf 7 hours ago

    Sharp is a sick nerd...

  • J Smerf
    J Smerf 7 hours ago

    Give me 5 minutes with this sick fuck...

  • J Smerf
    J Smerf 7 hours ago

    You sick fuck Loran.

  • Lou Arcib
    Lou Arcib 8 hours ago

    Circuses are never fun!! They torture animals for your entertainment 😡

  • Scully
    Scully 8 hours ago

    Most disturbing rescue videos caught on video: doesn't show video 👎👎👎

  • Manish Debnath
    Manish Debnath 8 hours ago

    Mis use of freedom

  • Denish Kshetri
    Denish Kshetri 9 hours ago

    Moral of this video: there should be no front camera in mobile phone...👍👍🏻

    SULAIMAN AKHLAKEN 13 hours ago

    Link 2 show the extreme video like this..?

  • ReelMan
    ReelMan 14 hours ago

    That is really fucked up

  • Grant Walls
    Grant Walls 16 hours ago

    Very sad but true why in all human history we kill each other. Please god it needs a miracle to stop fighting all over.(For good or bad)

  • Jade Bodino
    Jade Bodino 16 hours ago

    Nasobrahan hahaha

  • Dee lathe
    Dee lathe 17 hours ago

    Gabriel's brother is probably fucked up for life, can you imagine seeing that? I'd shoot myself, no way I could live with that.

  • Alana Arciaga
    Alana Arciaga 18 hours ago


  • StepByStep Draws
    StepByStep Draws 18 hours ago

    First one deserved to die I love lord fuck alah

  • Dolan Wright
    Dolan Wright 18 hours ago

    Sleep is for suckers

  • Joey Splats
    Joey Splats 19 hours ago

    They delineate between "aggravated bodily harm" and "grievous bodily harm" and plea down to "actual"? It should be "attempted murder".

  • Mr Chandu
    Mr Chandu 19 hours ago


  • Dee lathe
    Dee lathe 19 hours ago

    Paul needs to get his face beaten in again and again. 1 year? The judge is a joke, the justice system is a joke.

  • whyistomatoafruit
    whyistomatoafruit 20 hours ago

    Watches video titled “10 Things You Should Never Google.” *immediately goes to Google*

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 20 hours ago

    How the hell is the Paiola and John Worrel story included in this video? There’s no photo that captures the moments before? Interesting story, yes, but definitely not what the title of the video is about.

  • 421.l_lboyyy *
    421.l_lboyyy * 21 hour ago

    For number 4: If you’re somewhat squeamish, you’d be wise if you chose to pass this video up as it is exactly as brutal as the title suggests. It depicts the execution of two Sinaloa Cartel member by decapitation. One is beheaded with a chainsaw, the other one with hunting knife. The idea of chainsaw beheading has a ring to it that’s much scarier than knife beheading, yet if you watch the video, you’ll see that the chainsaw granted the man who was chosen for this type of decapitation much faster and less agonizing death. Unlike the guy who was beheaded with the knife. You can hear his severed trachea grasping for air long after his beheading started. The video starts by showing two men who identify themselves as Felix Gamez Garcia and his uncle Barnabas Gamez Castro. Felix Gamez Garcia confesses to smuggling drugs into the United States, which was his job as part of the Joaquin El Chapo Guzman lead Sinaloa Cartel. Both men are seated outside a mud house. They are shirtless, only wearing pants and begin to be questioned by unknown gunmen. Glimpses of at least two gunmen, one wearing military style clothes are seen in the six minutes long video. The man identified as Barnabas Gamez Castro said that working for Sinaloa Cartel did not pay much. His last job landed him with mere 300 pesos. After being given time to say their last words, the captors proceeded with decapitations. Applying chainsaw to one of the captives resulted in rapid spray of blood and albeit violent, it was definitely more merciful than what the other captive got. Before his head was severed, the second captive to die took one last look at his uncle who laid beside him headless, much of his blood sprayed over both captives. Due to massive blood loss, partially decapitated Barnabas Gamez Castro leaned against his nephew and as the captor continued to saw his head off, the chainsaw also cut into the arm of Felix Gamez Garcia. Once Barnabas was chainsaw decapitated, another captor approached Felix and proceeded to cut his head off with a knife. Like his uncle, Felix took what was coming to him without any form of resistance however his death was long and slow coming. Nerve twitching and gasping for air continued for a while after the beheading started. I literally found your script on a different website????

  • PinkyuInkyu Productions

    The woman had 69 children, *Nice*

  • John Pendleton

    Part you accused President Trump of is fake democrat propaganda.

  • day thinker
    day thinker Day ago

    The Woman and Hound with child actress Dakota Fanning never released.

  • Arosha Afridi
    Arosha Afridi Day ago

    this is just so saddd

  • Braydon Cartrette

    Dog killer should have been given 100000000000$ and then choked to tease him then the dog come back to life and bite him hard at the same time being choked.

  • Bingung
    Bingung Day ago

    Nr. 1 doesn't explained, why they try to flee to south. He might be a spionage Nr. 2 TOTALLY CONSPIRACY, hanging+tied+ naked+humiliated = suicide, good job police

  • Geli Gamlin
    Geli Gamlin Day ago

    Behind the green screen😂😂

    ROSHAN RAJ Day ago

    The thumbnail is indin real pic Its happend on india

  • Borlem Dias
    Borlem Dias Day ago

    Another thing you should never Google: “Honey Boo Boo nude leaked photos”

  • stardust13sp 0000

    Amazing job , I love ur videos!👌🏻👌🏻😄

  • Gabriel YamKa
    Gabriel YamKa Day ago

    9:04 Me, killing a cockroach.... The ants:

  • Gabriel YamKa
    Gabriel YamKa Day ago

    #1... I don't know Rick.

  • Joey Arnold
    Joey Arnold Day ago

    Im glad they killed all those fucking 500 bastartds that cut those guys throats

  • CrlAhza Gaming

    Not gonna lie Malaysia had many child kidnappers. 😔

  • Daniel Decius
    Daniel Decius Day ago

    Look like you put it here just so i can google it

  • Mia Monroe
    Mia Monroe Day ago

    The first ones where stupid

  • Unique Photo & Id Card

    The Top 04 things you should never Google

  • Raju Chandra 70

    An is egg ID if aag lb shh of egg of a of egg uh duh on pm in PA has is us ah in cm in

  • Raju Chandra 70

    Six sub hah yah is aag on go real

  • Raju Chandra 70


  • Raju Chandra 70

    Ma diary

  • Raju Chandra 70

    Mandar chod

  • Raju Chandra 70

    Mandar chaod

  • mohammed ullah

    Really wish Ryan or Shane would do this as well

  • jake fiscus
    jake fiscus Day ago

    Natural means it would have happend anyways.. Ur sayin he would have died if he was free

  • Shahid Khan
    Shahid Khan Day ago

    our life is important than who else agree like here👇👇👇👇👇

  • Pika Jew
    Pika Jew Day ago

    I literally watched a doc on the body farm yesterday. Pretty neat.

  • Spectrum
    Spectrum Day ago

    Jane doe...? Wha...?

  • Pika Jew
    Pika Jew Day ago

    I've seen a lot of the murders. The fuck is up with horse lady though?

  • M P. H. N
    M P. H. N Day ago

    no wonder why we smash guards in europe

  • Brittany Merrill


  • Twenty øne Phans

    "I hope you make it out of this" well in the uncensored video the poor girls head is literally split open so no, I think she was dead on impact

  • deva raja
    deva raja Day ago

    Die die 😒 education fools.. We want population down.. Go take selfeis and die 😒😏😏 we don't care.. Think yours family.. Shit

  • Leave a Like
    Leave a Like Day ago

    Sentence to 300 years?

  • 50,000 Subscriber With No Videos

    Me:That's Not Scary Me Watching later Me:That's F*cking Creepy Picture

  • 50,000 Subscriber With No Videos

    This Is So Creepy!! O_O

  • William S Chinaski

    Where is the seemingly innocent video in #2? The Stephanie and James Smith case.

  • Itz_Spinel Lucy the gachatuber

    That guy in the thumbnail looks like James Charles failed on his own makeup tutorial for Halloween

  • runechuckie
    runechuckie Day ago

    C'mon 2 girls 1 cup is gross but not that bad compared to some of the gore on mean there are legit vids of ppl blown up, being stoned to death, head slowly being chopped off, suicide & much more but because there is feces 2 girls 1 cup is gross? I think the mutilation of bodies is a lot worse c'mon!!!

  • Luffy With A Bun

    Oh god why did I search up tub girl

  • Ariman98
    Ariman98 Day ago

    4:48, erm, if its in declining health, one swift bullet should be a fine way to send off an animal. Like for example when they hit a moose in alaska

  • Emi Yoyooki
    Emi Yoyooki Day ago

    i like how the video started by the girl saying SEX! thats how you start a video.

  • Ellen Cherpeski

    In at least a small bit of happy news, Orange Socks has been identified as Debra Jackson through DNA from her sister, so her family can get a small modicum of closure.

  • Josh Tanner
    Josh Tanner Day ago

    Hate it when they make a list but do not put the times of each in the description

  • Josh Tanner
    Josh Tanner Day ago

    Tusk was wild had brilliant acting in it I that the movie overall was great and at the very end when his girlfriend said Wally and he came out that cave freaked me out and I felt sad for him being stuck like that forever I'd kill myself

  • Filipino Gamer

    holy shit i need some holy water

  • REC0N
    REC0N Day ago

    Imagine the people who searched up Shotgun commercial for buying but came across some isis killing people

  • Rosa Maiava
    Rosa Maiava Day ago

    im kiddin

  • Rosa Maiava
    Rosa Maiava Day ago

    and believe tht shit u yellow bitch

  • Rosa Maiava
    Rosa Maiava Day ago

    niga soon as u get out ima killyo ass

  • Rosa Maiava
    Rosa Maiava Day ago

    ima kill tht white bitch

  • Mazafaka Oficcial

    That time it isn't click bait...

  • inner dinosaur

    Yeah scary stuff 🦖

  • Treven Sweat
    Treven Sweat Day ago

    My grandma had the same problem, she had a blood clought in her leg and it traveled to her lungs and the doctor said he was amazed that she survived

  • cig bhungus
    cig bhungus Day ago

    Number 15 Burger King foot lettuce

  • Jaypee Aronce
    Jaypee Aronce Day ago

    Do great things to be emulated instead

  • SlowRiotNewKanada

    Suing the city lololol yeah bro they made you take your boat out and then forced you to get in over your head. Fuck outta here.

  • Aiden's  Stuff
    Aiden's Stuff Day ago

    *in some alternate universe, xxxtentacion bought a motorcycle, which took him so long that the people who shot him shot somebody else*

  • Samy
    Samy 2 days ago

    Where are my comment friends I need protection 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Jbonus
    Jbonus 2 days ago

    why am i torturing myself

  • Josh Stewart
    Josh Stewart 2 days ago

    I did it because the thumbnail

  • vasu dev
    vasu dev 2 days ago

    This selfie is fake not possible..

  • private poopoo
    private poopoo 2 days ago

    Why dont you call it things you should search up so I dont care

  • Dans
    Dans 2 days ago

    Cover me boys, I'm goin fullscreen