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  • Rollercoaster Crazy
    Rollercoaster Crazy 17 minutes ago

    Why is this recommended

  • Alex Wilson
    Alex Wilson Hour ago

    I bet you smell like fish 😂😂

  • Lewis Robathan
    Lewis Robathan Hour ago

    Well done you look about 12 still

  • Carys Xox
    Carys Xox 2 hours ago

    Who else has been to a place called blue water maybe I’m alone

  • Smilla! c:
    Smilla! c: 2 hours ago

    Oli's breakfast is WAY better 💚

  • super Seager
    super Seager 2 hours ago

    It's Bredrin- his mates Ollie!!!

  • Lara Dunworth
    Lara Dunworth 2 hours ago

    Not all about looks ❤️ just my opinion personally xxx

  • Samuel Roberts
    Samuel Roberts 2 hours ago

    This guy has fallen so far...

  • Moyra Wright
    Moyra Wright 3 hours ago

    I'm not going to lie but this was one of the most funniest videos you've posted ! 😂💕

  • Moyra Wright
    Moyra Wright 3 hours ago

    I think it's funny how James is like " nOpE " the. Oils like yeah 😂 They're brothers but have different taste and never agree into eachother !

  • Eleanor Dalton
    Eleanor Dalton 3 hours ago

    I’ve had chocolate crickets before but my friends dad said they were maltesers

  • Syeda Mariam
    Syeda Mariam 3 hours ago

    I am from Pakistan and I have a video idea. You should do 'eating South-Asian food for a day'

  • an a4 class pacific mallard

    First thing James says after eating something "NO"

  • an a4 class pacific mallard

    He doesn't like anything

  • johnnyOeternally xxx

    no way was he 13 in this awh

  • Hexx
    Hexx 6 hours ago

    For some reason I’m really craving chocolate 🤔

  • Suki Scales!
    Suki Scales! 6 hours ago

    For the rounds! 🤩 Yeezy Round: Josh Nike Flip Flop Round: Joe Nemo Round: .....

  • Thecamebros Gaming
    Thecamebros Gaming 6 hours ago


  • M Helal
    M Helal 7 hours ago

    james's one

  • Thomas Peebles
    Thomas Peebles 7 hours ago

    Carolina panthers are going to the Super Bowl this season

  • Chaza06 _
    Chaza06 _ 9 hours ago

    He asks what the whopper is 😂 it’s the most iconic Burger King burger

  • Feba Davidson John
    Feba Davidson John 9 hours ago

    the olive smell makes me want to gag

  • Holly Strugnell
    Holly Strugnell 9 hours ago

    James: that’s way to much it way to much past my sugar limit Meanwhile Also James : drank a whole bottle of coke and some doughnut

  • Feba Davidson John
    Feba Davidson John 9 hours ago

    i love mangos

    CYNICALXLORD 9 hours ago

    It isn’t actual glitter. While I am here I want to say I love your channel and I have watched all of your videos and I have been subscribed since 100000. 😀🤪🤩😋

  • Holly Strugnell
    Holly Strugnell 9 hours ago

    James just ‘eats’ the doughnut and pretends he doesn’t like it so he can drink some coke 🤣

  • Joanne edits
    Joanne edits 10 hours ago

    James: wear a tracksuit The next day Everyone he sees walking down the street wears a tracksuit

  • Francesca Temple-Smith

    Congrats James

  • Kpop Angel
    Kpop Angel 11 hours ago

    i love kitkat and watermelon hehe..

  • Charlotte Giles
    Charlotte Giles 15 hours ago

    I love salt and vinegar chips and lattes

  • Missy Steenkamp
    Missy Steenkamp 16 hours ago

    Bruh next time actually be smarter and put the map somewhere else and not blame your bro for hitting the door when he didnt really have a choice, he couldn't hit the CeIlInG lmao😂🤷‍♀️

  • Demoniceen
    Demoniceen 16 hours ago

    5:00 oli fully said bread bin 😂🤦‍♀️

  • Evanz111
    Evanz111 17 hours ago

    Hey Oli, do you remember Mr Galeano in GCSE ICT? I won’t drop the name of the school because of security and stuff. We worked together quite a few times though! I remember people finding out about your channel, and didn’t know some people were mean about it, because we loved you clowning around in ICT lessons - always a pleasure to look forward to!

  • Jordan Walsh
    Jordan Walsh 17 hours ago

    Part 2

  • Clarkabsx
    Clarkabsx 18 hours ago

    Bread bin😂😂😂😂

  • Zen Hylton
    Zen Hylton 18 hours ago

    03:02 me when I went Thorpe park and me when I was on it ... “it’s just a giant swing” they said, “it won’t be scary” they said

  • Tia and amber’s Adventure

    Who eats beans with ice cream

  • Fonzo action Sports
    Fonzo action Sports 19 hours ago

    Juggling 2 fruits hard

  • Kittie Lee
    Kittie Lee 20 hours ago

    Literally eating Mikado while they were eating pocky

  • Harrison Palin
    Harrison Palin 20 hours ago


  • Harrison Palin
    Harrison Palin 20 hours ago

    I like warter Mellon

  • Rohan O-J
    Rohan O-J 20 hours ago

    0:42 I DIED 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Izzy Welsh
    Izzy Welsh 20 hours ago

    Im a 16 year old girl. I see a fit boy. I think ‘he is fit’ I look down He is wearing a tracksuit. Says ‘ew’ Walks away Tracksuits litterally put me off any boy no matter how good looking they are 😂

  • Joshua The vlogger
    Joshua The vlogger 20 hours ago

    Oil man language he’s 16 or 14 and your saying tw*t can’t even pranounce the hole thing

  • Lilli L
    Lilli L 20 hours ago

    Who forgets Kylie Jenners name!! 👏👏😂😂

  • Sienna Beck
    Sienna Beck 21 hour ago

    At 3:34 oli got regretted

  • Francesca Temple-Smith

    Oli is the best and james

  • Brandon Cooke
    Brandon Cooke 22 hours ago

    Congrats 🥳🥳🥳

  • Brandon Cooke
    Brandon Cooke 22 hours ago

    My mum and dad is 50years married

  • Infires man
    Infires man 22 hours ago

    how is he 14?? Is it just me or do the kids from UK and USA look younger then the rest of the world?

  • Jamesluke007
    Jamesluke007 22 hours ago

    oil's breakfast is a vegans wet dream

  • Chargrilled 81
    Chargrilled 81 22 hours ago

    21:57 naw

  • Poppy Anne Williams
    Poppy Anne Williams 22 hours ago


  • Gaia
    Gaia 23 hours ago

    I died laughing at this video but I love how all British boys now make their voice sound roadmap like yeah bruv omg stop

  • Archie Gore
    Archie Gore 23 hours ago

    James is so picky omg!!!😂💖

  • Ayaan Nadeem
    Ayaan Nadeem 23 hours ago

    Oli 1like=1subscriber please pin it your the best in the world!!!

  • Ayaan Nadeem
    Ayaan Nadeem 23 hours ago

    Pin it if you want more subscribers

  • Kittie Lee
    Kittie Lee 23 hours ago

    Awww James is so cute 😳

  • MrGibbster
    MrGibbster Day ago

    Oli: I have a bowl here in case I throw up. Also oli: *throws up in the toilet*

  • TheLegitMarrow

    Legend says that after he filmed this video he got a mouth ulcer.

  • Banana Belle
    Banana Belle Day ago

    Healthiest drink in the world Water?

  • KiraWalrus
    KiraWalrus Day ago

    I haven't watched Oli for years now and James is do grown up it's weird...

  • Gabriele Savanevskyte

    8:54 James licked his hand 😂

  • Mia Pace
    Mia Pace Day ago

    When oli say eating like a celeb when he is on

  • Francesca Temple-Smith

    He’s not 18

  • Chris Hotters
    Chris Hotters Day ago

    Imagine eating a hot wing and saying the spice is kicking in Oh white people

  • Leanne Barrows

    I love your videos 💕💕💕💕💕

  • Olivia Ryding
    Olivia Ryding Day ago

    Happy birthday🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰

  • Rebecka Pullen

    12:28 did James say pomegranate doesn't exist in the countryside 😂

  • Harrison Craig

    James am with you

  • cheesedog 6118

    Raw carrot is way better than cooked

  • Peter Bonusiak

    How Oli said that James would be like "Wanna kiss"cross eyed xD hahahahahahaha FUNNY YEET!

  • Peter Bonusiak


  • Game Geek
    Game Geek Day ago

    Anyone 2019????

  • Ella Beaumont
    Ella Beaumont Day ago

    If you put bbq sauce in your baked beans they will taste like kfc beans

  • Elma Emiantor
    Elma Emiantor Day ago


  • Smilla! c:
    Smilla! c: Day ago

    This is just the same as every other try food videos😂

  • Shadow_ Realmz

    1:48 the person who told you that recommendation must've felt guilty when you said that😂😂

  • Ronnie Dickson

    Why is he eating chicken wings like that, break it apart and then eat both of dem

  • Chloe Heritage


  • Sam Windle
    Sam Windle Day ago

    Out of touch

  • lena andrusiewicz

    I’m literally afraid of glitter so much

  • Joe&Elish a
    Joe&Elish a Day ago

    Olis voice cracks 😂 And James is soooo young

  • RHYS D27
    RHYS D27 Day ago

    There’s an orange twirl, like if you have tried it?

  • Samiboy
    Samiboy Day ago

    Oli and james Corden would be mad

  • Larissa Bice
    Larissa Bice Day ago


  • Jessica Sequeira

    James is so adorable😂 Its nice it tastes nice

  • samantha Dufty

    At the strawberry milkshake bit, almost seemed like James got high off sugar 😂

  • samantha Dufty

    Terry the toaster

  • T J’S garage Taylor jarred

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  • Kittie Lee
    Kittie Lee Day ago

    I relate to so many things James said

  • Joshua Wellins


  • NutellaPaste
    NutellaPaste Day ago

    White people will reclaim Europe

  • NutellaPaste
    NutellaPaste Day ago

    The great replacement is a reality

  • Emma Laidlaw
    Emma Laidlaw Day ago

    Don’t you just love it when Oli is just going on about the spicy nuggets and u want to try them butt u are vegetarian so funnn btw I reallly want themmm

  • Raphel Balogun

    Yo guy this so good video

  • Amber Lacey-Neaves

    You hate vegetables like me James told me to say that. He is the funniest person

  • Najibullah Mazlumyar


  • Kelvin Mustafa

    Oli white smelles like shit

  • Crucid Fever
    Crucid Fever Day ago

    Hi ollie. Im American and barnys here are called teddies. Just thought id share. Have a good day and keep up the good work.😁