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HOT FUZZ - "Judge Judy" Clip
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My First Gig with Neil Jordan
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  • Olimpia Olmos
    Olimpia Olmos 20 minutes ago

    This movie its so amazing. Teaches us bout faith leave it in gods hands no matter what happens... It made me cry. Racism still lives till this day when are we putting that fire out?

  • Reddie is real btw
    Reddie is real btw 39 minutes ago

    Conversion Therapy: *Puts a bunch of homosexual/bisexual boys in the same room as eachother* Me: **Opens Wattpad**

  • Edi Curcan
    Edi Curcan 55 minutes ago

    Yeah, man, yeah!

  • Plane For All To See

    We live in a world run by corporate dictatorship that pretends its democracy!!

  • Ricardo Rosales
    Ricardo Rosales Hour ago

    Mamma mia, She is more than wonderful

  • smar-10
    smar-10 Hour ago

    The original minions

  • Jena'
    Jena' Hour ago

    I love the song. The vocalist embodied it. The only thing I don't like about it is the course sounds like freedom the song beyonce did for lion king.

  • Travis
    Travis 2 hours ago

    Most puzzling part of this movie is when he was shown using a Nokia 5120 in the year 2012

  • Dinah Reitman
    Dinah Reitman 2 hours ago

    Did anybody watch The View today on MLK’s birthday? Guess to which song the women took the stage? You’re listening to it!

  • Furious Psy-Op
    Furious Psy-Op 3 hours ago

    This is like Palestine fighting the occupying force of illegal Zionist settlers.

  • Rajashree Gopinath
    Rajashree Gopinath 3 hours ago


  • Love music enjoy
    Love music enjoy 4 hours ago

    U are a good singer

  • bryn eka
    bryn eka 4 hours ago

    This movie set in 1998 but i swear i saw many 2010's cars

  • josiette holler alves dos santos santos

    when i think that her performance on the color purple was all

  • Jeremy Butler
    Jeremy Butler 6 hours ago

    What is the direction this movie even going 🤔🤔

  • Boli Bompa6520
    Boli Bompa6520 6 hours ago

    Those DuPont bastards...... all of them how knew about this shit should’ve been killed in the chair or hanged..... or forced to drink their own teflon shit....🖕🤬😡 If it were my loved ones i would kill them ... starting with the CEO and then the factory management....

  • R
    R 7 hours ago

    I’ve never heard of Emma , but this looks amazing.

  • Leenard Balhag
    Leenard Balhag 11 hours ago

    I already love the cinematography and the plot of this... it's like everyone's crazy in love and that she's the only normal one XD

    NOOR NOOR 13 hours ago

    I love this song to much

  • George Lincoln
    George Lincoln 13 hours ago

    When I had seen two guys were kissing i decided not to watch this movie.. It's terrible!

  • truthseeker444
    truthseeker444 14 hours ago

    Watched this last night on Netflix, the Daniel Day Lewis's character has the best case of Asperger's that I have ever seen in a film, his sensitivity to noise, change in routine, and his creativity are all classic Aspergers. For his swan song this was an epic performance.

  • Claudia Vlahović
    Claudia Vlahović 16 hours ago


  • Dean Jacobs
    Dean Jacobs 17 hours ago

    Muc respect for her but these movies suck.

  • shethewriter
    shethewriter 18 hours ago

    Finally, an excellent trailer for an incredible book that doesn’t spoil the plotline!

  • Sarah Adams
    Sarah Adams 18 hours ago

    Harriet Tubman thank you for saveing my cosion monicic anseters to freedom my cosion moe is part black but I love her

  • Derrickclark2506
    Derrickclark2506 18 hours ago

    I played this 16 times back to back open my eyes almost had a tair come out

  • ItsNickei Watson
    ItsNickei Watson 18 hours ago

    I love this and her voice is amazing!!

  • Sadler Arcade
    Sadler Arcade 19 hours ago

    Everyone: actually talking about the movie Me: OMG BO BURNHAM. I MUST WATCH THIS ON REALESE DAY

  • phillip kalaveras
    phillip kalaveras 19 hours ago

    Dupont murdered Wallace Hume Carothers the inventor of nylon.

  • Josias Lora
    Josias Lora 19 hours ago

    I get the chills listening to the backround song and her story line is amazing this woman is the true badass that has ever walked on earth..PERIODT

  • Dimitri James
    Dimitri James 20 hours ago


  • 7ab7ab
    7ab7ab 20 hours ago

    Mark Ruffalo, he deserves the oscar after this movie,,

  • Paula A Urrego
    Paula A Urrego 20 hours ago

    Love the movie, great performance of Jessica Chastain 😊

  • Bina B
    Bina B 21 hour ago

    Emma legit is one of the most underrated stories around. Its so funny for being classic lit lol

  • muhammed sowe
    muhammed sowe 21 hour ago

    Whose here from just watching the movie, and feel so happy and sad at the same time.

  • Pat Kight
    Pat Kight 22 hours ago

    Saw the movie yesterday. It's astonishing, and so is she. I wholly recommend it if it's playing anywhere near you!

  • Lisa Slack
    Lisa Slack 22 hours ago

    Great film. If you haven't seen it please do.

  • jst1187
    jst1187 22 hours ago

    The anti-abortion folks being all tearful about babies and kids while supporting putting brown kids in cages. *smh* Also always weird to me how some women totally support men getting legal control over women's bodies while NO women can legislate control over men in any similar way.

  • Amber Henriquez
    Amber Henriquez 22 hours ago

    Wow her voice 😇😇😇wow 💜💜💜💜

  • Prettyfacemari
    Prettyfacemari 23 hours ago

    I get chills every time she sings!!! She is so beautiful and talented!

  • Flow boogs
    Flow boogs 23 hours ago

    This song is amazing black power

  • Christopher Pasos
    Christopher Pasos 23 hours ago

    It angers me as to how underappreciated this movie is.

  • Patrick David
    Patrick David 23 hours ago

    I learnt 6 months ago never to watch a trailer just quickly screen through the comments to see if anyone says it's awesome movie and if it has 90% likes lol always turns out awesome ! Never watch trailer this movie was amazing watch it now !

  • Kymiah Faulks
    Kymiah Faulks Day ago

    I can’t wait till I see the play❤️❤️❤️❤️ This song is stuck in my head all day and night

  • Matheus Dutra
    Matheus Dutra Day ago

    Now she's only the second person ever to be nominated for Best Actress and Best Original Song at the year

  • laura
    laura Day ago

    I loved it haha

  • anjasy
    anjasy Day ago

    God, could they choose prettier Emma?? This girl is ugly.

  • HaHa
    HaHa Day ago

    Why didnt the israelian army just halo jump and secure the enemy territory sneakily like that. That way they could do it darkness, and show no sign of penetrating into the area. They could have had Snipers hidong in all the vegetation and urban areas in the far distance, marksmen for the medium distance to cover for the infiltrators pushing in and sieging the outposts and the terminal. Obviously it would require lots of military personnel to carry out an attack of this size, for example, carrying out the large amounts of sieges at once so that no communication is possible

  • pepper mint
    pepper mint Day ago

    As usual, I get Everything!!! And I'm Not Moving!!!

  • pepper mint
    pepper mint Day ago

    No Old Women and No Homosexuals!!! I don't trust either!!! I could care less what they do in their own lives. To Each There Own!!! But when they start interfering in My Life, that's when they got a Big problem!!!

  • Jess C
    Jess C Day ago

    I see Josh O’Connor, I click

  • CMDR Mawortz
    CMDR Mawortz Day ago

    In 2020 slavery is still real in sweatshops in third world countries making your precious iphones and gucci bags

  • Mario Perez
    Mario Perez Day ago

    Racial descrimination is still a problem.

  • Shannon Hymon
    Shannon Hymon Day ago

    My Daughter has to dance to this song I can't stop listening to it

  • pocket change
    pocket change Day ago

    very nice movie...reminded me of American Beauty...I don't know much about jewish people or have many jewish friends but I'll watch this again and appreciate

  • D.d owens
    D.d owens Day ago

    4:24 OMG tears

  • frank
    frank Day ago

    This movie is so powerful and inspiring

  • Ardelia Durano

    Saoirse just nailed the scottish accent

  • Ardelia Durano

    Saoirse just nailed the scottish accent

  • Shanti Noble
    Shanti Noble Day ago

    Dang I got goose bumps watching this trailer love it badass woman alive

  • frankenpope
    frankenpope Day ago


  • Fred Brun
    Fred Brun Day ago


  • msf the1st
    msf the1st Day ago


  • cabsep
    cabsep Day ago

    This performance gives me chills. The lyrics, the melody, HER VOICE!!! I love the way that she is still throughout the performance and allows the music to speak for itself. Absolutely beautiful performance.

  • sviraman
    sviraman Day ago

    She got a voice, no doubt, but melodically this song is like basic Eurovision level. Couldn't they do better for such an amazing singer?

  • call ofduty
    call ofduty Day ago

    they will do everything to the people.but only in the movie not in real life😞

  • Bri asthetic
    Bri asthetic Day ago

    I did a dance to this song . And it was very very deep a lot of the people cried during our performance💕.this will always be a favorite of mine!

  • Sebi Reid
    Sebi Reid Day ago

    An absolutely incredible movie! Cynthia Erivo did such a brilliant job!!! ...But it still would've been more fair to give the role, to any one of the very talented African American actresses, it's their history after all...


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  • Gar96
    Gar96 Day ago

    I’ll be honest, as much as I like the trailer, when I discovered that this was Daniel Day-Lewis’s final film, I was worried that this film would be a very slow and dull movie, which isn’t how I wanted Daniel’s career to end, on a low. But I have to say, this film is probably one of my favourites of his. Thank you Paul Thomas Anderson!

  • Tonkin De Broulie

    0:37 is nobody pointing out that the girl in the pink dress have no eyebrows

  • naya fena
    naya fena Day ago

    What a long wait

  • Film Toppings
    Film Toppings Day ago

    This gives me The Favourite vibes. I love it.

  • Karen M.
    Karen M. Day ago

    Far cry from the Gwenny Paltrow version eh? Anya is a surprising choice, I only see dead, killer eyes since Thoroughbreds. She's a scary Emma and the trailer had little dialogue so it makes her the more scary 🤐

  • Mrs Thom Yorke

    So fucking stupid that it was actually great lol

  • Haory Setiyantoko

    Amazing voice

  • its too much
    its too much Day ago

    Tell me exactly what this shit is about coz I didn't realize anything after watchin.. to me, always this happened When libtards makes movie. direction:0 act:0 story:0 edit:-0 why and how this shit made i really donno

  • 莫玄
    莫玄 Day ago

    2020 我現在才知道 簡愛是個人

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen Day ago

    331 (and soon to be more) incels have disliked this

  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis Day ago

    But no I kind of like it now

  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis Day ago

    My sister keep dancing on this song and this is so so kind of annoying to be honest the reason why I do not like this song is because when I was in 3 grade we had a test on native Americans and I got a F on my test that's why I do not like native Americans

    • Matthew Davis
      Matthew Davis Day ago

      Btw dont yell my sister anything her name is Grace San Augustin dont tell her anything

  • William Alespiller

    This reminds me of what is happening in the justice system world wide.

    DIAMOND HALL Day ago


  • Sandra Elder
    Sandra Elder Day ago

    Oooo, she seems like a b... It looks gorgeous, but I hate reimaginings of classics. It usually means the original magic has been “updated” into smirky cynicism.

  • Sharah La -ah-na Not forgotten

    Isn’t she the one who played Harriet Tubman??? Her voice is phenomenal

  • sher
    sher 2 days ago

    Pssssh am not crying....u r

  • The channel
    The channel 2 days ago

    The Seamstress is and will always be my favorite beast made by the Fabrication Machine

  • The channel
    The channel 2 days ago

    This is my 2nd favorite movie

  • Sherrie Skaggs
    Sherrie Skaggs 2 days ago

    That actress did Harriet justice

  • Sherrie Skaggs
    Sherrie Skaggs 2 days ago

    Her story is simply amazing. So brave and such a badass! She should have her own day as well!

  • Rêveuse
    Rêveuse 2 days ago

    Omg isn’t that the song of Portrait of a lady on fire? 😢

  • Aminata Sow
    Aminata Sow 2 days ago

    Who else thinks that she looks COMPLETELY different in the movie🤔😮

  • Mike2014
    Mike2014 2 days ago

    *Dark Water, Dark Soul* - John Eleuthère du Pont was an heir to the Du Pont family fortune/sickness/plague, a convicted murderer, and an American philanthropist.

  • Mannsy83
    Mannsy83 2 days ago

    I thought this was going to be another Shark movie

  • Bernard Roger
    Bernard Roger 2 days ago

    comment mettre 524 pouces en bas , juste magnifique et regarder ce film histoire vrai mon pouce est en haut et fiere

  • Bernard Roger
    Bernard Roger 2 days ago

    juste magnifique et le film est vraiment magnifique histoire vrai bravo

  • Jazz Thompkins
    Jazz Thompkins 2 days ago

    I love this song

  • Kitkat Moon
    Kitkat Moon 2 days ago

    Emerald fennell is so talented!

  • Chris GR
    Chris GR 2 days ago

    Big love to Israel 🇮🇱 from Greece 🇬🇷 Great movie!!

  • Lavender Bloom
    Lavender Bloom 2 days ago

    Who else realized she was a brave woman to stay strong?