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Thank You
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  • Ryan Drop like
    Ryan Drop like 5 hours ago

    Make an impossible to beat build video

  • Champduzco 07
    Champduzco 07 8 hours ago

    Plzzzz show us the build vid

  • Jace Roehr
    Jace Roehr 8 hours ago

    Nobody: Zach: I wanna know what u can do with two

  • Alex Chiasson
    Alex Chiasson 8 hours ago

    These Kendrick instrumentals are nice.

  • Peter Rivera
    Peter Rivera 10 hours ago


  • Peter Rivera
    Peter Rivera 10 hours ago

    James got an extra life but kris didn’t

  • Skull_VLN
    Skull_VLN 11 hours ago

    dude i can watch porn in them screens hahaha +1 if someone agrees

  • Marie Silmone
    Marie Silmone 14 hours ago

    Build please!!!!

  • Ro _
    Ro _ 20 hours ago

    No one wanted to be there

  • Jonathan Lugassy
    Jonathan Lugassy 21 hour ago

    You should have face cam the whole time

  • AshHitbox
    AshHitbox 23 hours ago

    First thing I saw in Joakims sis even before the hint was Zach Lavine

  • Anthony Vassallo

    zach low key looking a little yoked

  • Ant Gets Packs

    Everyone roasting mopi but how do we know zack gave him that same hint abt that bulls just a thought

  • gogeta DbSuper

    G that look like a unicorn

  • Teddy Coons
    Teddy Coons Day ago

    I know I’m a pacers fan but Cheryl Miller was an easy one.

  • Noah Te Marino O'Brien

    When I get told someone is already a 99OVR on the frost day of 2K 6:46

  • The real Humphrey

    I just realize Markell futlz look like little tecca with them glasses on 😂😂

  • Colton Ross
    Colton Ross Day ago

    Mooche can’t shoot a three at all he missed so much

  • Thanos Papantoniou

    do you have the legend edition

  • Ąžuolas Jurkus

    You can dunk? What?

  • Marcus Celestine

    2 out of 10

  • Marcus Celestine

    1 out of 10

  • Marcus Celestine

    Jeeser damian lilord

  • itschinoftb
    itschinoftb Day ago

    Kris with the subtle flex “Oh yeah she follow me” 💪🏽😂😂

  • Ayo Swayvey
    Ayo Swayvey Day ago

    Phone was already James how his Instagram on it while he recording the video if the phones up for grabs 🤔 but that’s just a theory

  • okcthunderfan 27


  • ahmed almugannahi

    I like how khris aka LSK shoots

  • Shane Tv
    Shane Tv Day ago

    1:38 dat boi face drop

  • Alex Rodriguez

    This video reminded me when coach says " stop going half speed in the drills "

  • RJ_WaterMilone

    You should have done king of the court with two people actually doing the screens in the thumbnail

  • Melissa Sparks

    I knew it was iverson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😛😜😝🤑

  • Melissa Sparks

    I got only one wrong with was Karl Malone but I got every other one right

  • Kylan Youngbull

    Kris always choking

  • Whelahan Leo
    Whelahan Leo Day ago

    Yeah do a rebuild vid

  • PvssyLemonade_

    Dude can someone fucking kick James out already he is so Ass like shit even I could fucking shoot better

  • I dont Care
    I dont Care Day ago

    Yeh it’s two but the camera is pixels

  • Nick Grengs Jr

    I love them this long these videos are so entertaining please keep it up

  • Camren Robinson

    Does anyone else relive he was talking in third person in the title

    MIKE WALLACE Day ago


  • Green beast pro

    His laugh had me dead every time he scored

  • MushRoom
    MushRoom Day ago

    Did Mopi even say a single word the whole video?

  • Sam Rutledge
    Sam Rutledge 2 days ago

    I put up 41 points in that game

  • Jaden Mack
    Jaden Mack 2 days ago

    the closing song ??

  • Oliver Kuiper
    Oliver Kuiper 2 days ago

    Show the build video

  • Zion Lewis
    Zion Lewis 2 days ago

    6 right

  • Ahmadibrahem Majed
    Ahmadibrahem Majed 2 days ago

    Us water to wipe

  • Tiger 45
    Tiger 45 2 days ago

    I only guessed Kobe jordan and criss Paul's children

  • Skyy Lockhart
    Skyy Lockhart 2 days ago

    James kinda cold ngl

  • Skyy Lockhart
    Skyy Lockhart 2 days ago

    Y’all should do another “who’s the best shooter in 2hype” video

  • dare thats G
    dare thats G 2 days ago

    Zack your the best

  • Sajan Thomas
    Sajan Thomas 2 days ago

    11:17 I’m telling u what you want to see in this video

  • London 721
    London 721 2 days ago

    Playmaking sharpshooter shooting guard

  • Itzdom
    Itzdom 2 days ago

    If zack don’t heart this comment I will fail my test.!!

  • Chris Castaneda
    Chris Castaneda 2 days ago

    Jesse run like a girl

  • gayla fonville
    gayla fonville 2 days ago

    praying mantis

  • Layne Beast
    Layne Beast 2 days ago

    Zach you did your best you just couldn’t come out with the win there’s nothing wrong with that so everybody stop hating on Zach

  • Jiggy PD
    Jiggy PD 2 days ago

    You’re a toxic lame ass clown shouldent be in 2hype

  • L.Z.
    L.Z. 2 days ago

    Unrelated but you chose some absolute fire beats for the background music.

  • Elyte Gio
    Elyte Gio 2 days ago

    Look at his hair at 7:04

  • The real Humphrey
    The real Humphrey 2 days ago

    U made me look bad Jesse 😭

  • The real Humphrey
    The real Humphrey 2 days ago

    U made me look bad Jesse 😭

  • Owen Chamberlin
    Owen Chamberlin 2 days ago

    I think we all know nobody cared about that phone

  • Joey Busch
    Joey Busch 2 days ago

    It's literally the 2 screen hype phone

  • Josh
    Josh 2 days ago

    Who else at the beginning was like thats just two phone wth

  • Melissa Wallen
    Melissa Wallen 2 days ago

    Mich needs to be in 2hype

  • Young Capalot
    Young Capalot 2 days ago

    Can u keep making videos

  • Yung. Rang
    Yung. Rang 2 days ago

    I would suggest making your build 6.5ft JUST because you’ll make more drives to the paint and have higher block

  • Ashtyn Jakubenko
    Ashtyn Jakubenko 2 days ago

    Does James know how to count

  • Reeebrother
    Reeebrother 2 days ago

    Is it me or James got QuickDraw all of a sudden

    • Elijah Mitchell
      Elijah Mitchell Day ago

      Reeebrother James the only one trying his hardest it seem like

  • Samuel Otto
    Samuel Otto 2 days ago

    Yessssssssssssssssssssss pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Maury TheDon
    Maury TheDon 2 days ago

    Anyone remeber when mopi was the best shooter in 2Hype

  • Bervensky Mystal
    Bervensky Mystal 2 days ago

    i want the build vid

  • Fly eagles Fly
    Fly eagles Fly 2 days ago

    James goat

  • Dave R2
    Dave R2 2 days ago

    James kinda shoots like klay

  • Adonis Manjengwa
    Adonis Manjengwa 3 days ago

    20:07 is that Tim Duncan

  • Isaac Houser
    Isaac Houser 3 days ago

    Sweat so hard

  • Diego Delgado
    Diego Delgado 3 days ago


  • Anton Elser
    Anton Elser 3 days ago

    When u realize mopi has more subs than you Oooooof

    AC3 ICYY YT 3 days ago

    How come aj kept getting shots when he got it in but the rest of 2hype didn’t but sometimes they did

  • Tracey Troy
    Tracey Troy 3 days ago

    Hey zack keep on making good videos it's amazing I sub and liked God bless you!

  • Fabian Valdez
    Fabian Valdez 3 days ago

    James shot is so ugly but that's my boy

  • Charlie Young
    Charlie Young 3 days ago

    James is a bitch

  • Brock Ferguson
    Brock Ferguson 3 days ago

    zack and jsr

  • Brock Ferguson
    Brock Ferguson 3 days ago

    At the beginning, they all did pretty bad.

  • Mischief Maniac
    Mischief Maniac 3 days ago

    Anybody: *shoots* Zach: “there it is”

  • My Name Is Private LOL

    You can tell their running out of ideas

  • Josif Elkhedr
    Josif Elkhedr 3 days ago

    Jiedel is becoming the best hooper in 2hype

  • Where Are You Toasty

    Freddie Hotbun

  • Loran Macy
    Loran Macy 3 days ago

    Finally, someone put Mitchell with 2Hype. The title says 2Hype

  • Loran Macy
    Loran Macy 3 days ago

    Let's get Zack to 1 mill

  • RayT
    RayT 3 days ago

    Mopi would’ve won the phone

  • Alex Madison
    Alex Madison 3 days ago

    What happen to 50calmal TD and walker

  • Jackson Vincent
    Jackson Vincent 3 days ago

    where is kobe's court

  • Beef boss From wii sports

    Maaaan don’t nobody want a droid 😂

  • subhash shirwa
    subhash shirwa 3 days ago

    Jessee is best shooter

  • Amirah Hussein
    Amirah Hussein 3 days ago

    He’s gonna let ppl borrow it coz he doesn’t want it

  • Mando Gucci
    Mando Gucci 3 days ago

    You the best in making ads lol

  • Ayden Bishop
    Ayden Bishop 3 days ago

    Um um um the man of the year you on crack TD its rookie and defensive

  • Brock Korgan
    Brock Korgan 3 days ago

    Ok mopi go off

  • PRaiSe Rocko
    PRaiSe Rocko 3 days ago

    Fire vid zack 🔥