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  • Orlando Rizzo
    Orlando Rizzo 3 minutes ago

    david gave you the worst advice and he knows it does he give gifts without a story behind it no he give one too make it seem he is the best guy! JOSH you should of put all about DRAKE AND JOSH your struggles with acting and HERE BABY , Ive Struggled as an ACTOR but you are my Wife and this gift is for my HARD WORK!!!!! Not the OH HERE IS A CAR NO EMOTIONS!!!

  • Brendan Smith
    Brendan Smith 4 minutes ago

    13:59 Jonah seems so high

  • Colombianheat 18
    Colombianheat 18 13 minutes ago

    I’m so poor and so drunk right now this comment has no reason

  • Vanessa Carrasquilla
    Vanessa Carrasquilla 17 minutes ago

    me:*skips 20 seconds into the video* josh:*holds up products* me:”i don’t wanna buy ur product just eat the fucking donuts.”

    • Vanessa Carrasquilla
      Vanessa Carrasquilla 14 minutes ago

      update: ive only watched 3 minutes. i’m done i love you josh but this is the one video i’ve watched that doesn’t hit right at all.

  • Mariah Garza
    Mariah Garza 22 minutes ago

    i’m vegan and i took a trip to los angeles JUST to have donut friend. no regrets.

  • Rose Kampwirth
    Rose Kampwirth 30 minutes ago

    8:59 I love how he jumped when josh said Wendy's

  • Taylorspliff
    Taylorspliff 36 minutes ago

    Wrong Capri sun is lit

  • Brian Omilian
    Brian Omilian 37 minutes ago

    You gotta stop feeding that fat guy just for views

  • Chase Pruitt
    Chase Pruitt 39 minutes ago

    If you feed this man one more unhealthy thing I swear... ( inserts Arthur's fist meme)

  • MadisonPaige
    MadisonPaige 40 minutes ago

    Honestly....... I literally have fallen in love with you Josh.

  • Amanda Rice
    Amanda Rice 41 minute ago

    Loving the Illinois taxpayer jokes 😂😂😂 #relatable

  • Chris Busby
    Chris Busby 59 minutes ago

    Why does he keep looking at u weird when u take a bite I’m over here dying laughing at his crazy looks like dude I’m about to smash it and josh says nope all mine ....... I have laughed so hard on this video ....

  • Drin Ademi
    Drin Ademi Hour ago

    It’s not a wing then If it’s boneless, it’s just a nugget u fucking idiot

  • Bella Bella
    Bella Bella Hour ago

    He paid how much for this?😨 Were you a cheerleader?😂

  • oof
    oof Hour ago

    *t H e R e A b A c K oN mY h O l E*

  • Jess
    Jess Hour ago

    As a 90's kid I really appreciated that Amy Grant remix in the beginning.

  • golden brick
    golden brick Hour ago

    Small stallelight 😂

  • OG6601 Trey
    OG6601 Trey Hour ago

    If family guy had a movie Jona could be Chris

  • Bianca Pedraza
    Bianca Pedraza Hour ago

    Literally josh you ARE SO CUTE. Like fr. ❤️

  • Bianca Pedraza
    Bianca Pedraza Hour ago

    How about do not my friend *ba dum tssssss* :D uwu

  • Stephanie McMillan

    1st disliked video! Not an act, if u think a bit women would sit at home with a baby under 1 and allow that (yet 1 I know of)disrespect. Re edit

  • Bianca Pedraza
    Bianca Pedraza Hour ago

    I literally have the same shirt as Jonah...

  • Brenda Guillen
    Brenda Guillen Hour ago

    Omg I could not stop laughing so hard when he sits in the car yelling to open the door lol 😂😂😂

  • Armando Calderon

    Why does Nick always look high in these videos

  • EERY 111
    EERY 111 Hour ago

    2:58 we needa talk about this 😂😂😂😂

  • Brenda Guillen
    Brenda Guillen Hour ago

    Is it quaking because I am quaking omg I could not stop laughing lol 😂😂😂

  • Stephanie McMillan

    Camera slides only focus is Josh. Laughs it's like a close up! okay! Sounded fboy 😂😉😂

  • Toolitz Atoive
    Toolitz Atoive Hour ago

    Josh just made me watch ad for 6 mins. Dammit. You got me

  • Devan Barnes
    Devan Barnes Hour ago

    Drake and Josh together is a miracle for all people to share 😄

  • lol Hey
    lol Hey Hour ago

    Damn my unhealthiest cereal is organic healthier off brand cheerios lol thanks to my mom also I can’t stand breakfast & Sweets In the morning

  • narekoh
    narekoh Hour ago

    Can’t believe y’all haven’t seen the real picture josh is using Jonah only using him for eating videos he doesn’t want to see Jonah winning wake up already people.

  • lol Hey
    lol Hey Hour ago

    If my mom even saw me taking a bite out of any of these I would be put on a diet for a year

  • NBK_ Fr3Sh
    NBK_ Fr3Sh Hour ago

    So I’ve been watching vardons workout videos for nothing

  • Casandra Caballero
    Casandra Caballero 2 hours ago

    Joe kinda reminds me of Jesus from TWD

  • Autumn Aviles
    Autumn Aviles 2 hours ago

    It’s funny because I’m wearing Bluetooth headphones right now to listen to this video LOL 😂

  • Harrison Perlstein
    Harrison Perlstein 2 hours ago

    DUCK DONUTS! Create your own donuts. So good. Amazing. Fantastic. OMG. Literally fly to Charleston, SC, it's worth it.

  • Adria R
    Adria R 2 hours ago

    I realize that they were all white people. They need a little Latina in there like me😉 I’ll help y’all out with these chips

  • Life with Chass
    Life with Chass 2 hours ago

    I’m sorry but in the beginning it looked like u we’re old 😢

  • Nyah Hooks
    Nyah Hooks 2 hours ago

    me before watching this video: jonahs in this...if it isn’t Krispy Kream donuts i’m gonna be SHOCKED (ly guys😂❤️❤️)

  • Cooper Obrien
    Cooper Obrien 2 hours ago

    Do a hockey video with nick !!

  • Caitie Michelle
    Caitie Michelle 2 hours ago

    I know this isn't Jonah's Video, but I am SO proud of him and how serious he's taking his weight loss ❤😊💪

  • Olivia Harder
    Olivia Harder 2 hours ago

    I love that David is reaching across Jason while Jason is having a convo with josh and does not even pay attention to David at 5:50 lmao

  • Gabby Gumshoe
    Gabby Gumshoe 2 hours ago

    lol hilarious!

  • Conversation Collage

    Is Jonah on drugs? Or something he’s been acting strange in everyone’s videos lately, or is he trying a new “character ” because either way it’s not working it’s just creepy and weird

  • Video .mp4
    Video .mp4 2 hours ago

    Why is josh trying so hard to make sure Jonah doesn’t lose weight

  • Emily Taylor
    Emily Taylor 2 hours ago

    Best donuts in Australia, Daniels donuts in Victoria !

  • Drunk Santa
    Drunk Santa 3 hours ago

    Stop Leting him eat that shit Jeff is probably taking time out of his day to make sure he tries to come healthy

  • leondro cedillo
    leondro cedillo 3 hours ago

    My son from nyc I’m from brooklyn

  • Adam Hafez
    Adam Hafez 3 hours ago

    David Dobrik plays assassins creedorigins

  • Niamh McDermott
    Niamh McDermott 3 hours ago

    Was waiting for a 'hug me brutha'

  • John Logan
    John Logan 3 hours ago

    Oooooooooh k

  • Brooklyn Harris
    Brooklyn Harris 3 hours ago

    Jonah had to be high🤣💀

  • win2008workstation
    win2008workstation 3 hours ago

    Josh, I own a RIDGELINE. Should I get a RIDGE wallet? Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of Josh Peck, Inc.

  • Kinley Klair
    Kinley Klair 3 hours ago

    Josh: *drops earbuds* “I got it!” Also Josh: *drops again* “Ima cut that out...” OMG I LOVE JOSH AHHH HE IS SUCH AN AMAZING PERSON

  • Alexis Delano
    Alexis Delano 3 hours ago

    I want someone to look at me the way Jonah looks at donuts

  • Fabian Ruiz
    Fabian Ruiz 3 hours ago

    I thought Jonah was trying to lose weight.. exposedddddsd

  • Shadani Nieto
    Shadani Nieto 3 hours ago


  • Dylan Mccarty
    Dylan Mccarty 3 hours ago

    I love it how all your vids are just food vids now 😂

  • John Logan
    John Logan 3 hours ago

    Your awesome for doing that for him you made his life just a little bit better

  • Jacob Myler
    Jacob Myler 3 hours ago

    you can eat whatever you want as long as its not incredibly unhealthy and still get fit

  • Ethan Zapp
    Ethan Zapp 3 hours ago

    PAULA’s donuts in Tonawanda New York 14150 !!!!!!!! Beat mouth watering donuts there, Jonah would love them!!!!

  • Dion Diova
    Dion Diova 3 hours ago

    I am Amir of the desert I fly come run through you To ascend in the nighttime I brings the camel And I've come to rock you, eh lllllllpa lllllpa lllllllpa lllllpa lllllpa llllllpa Come to my tent I'm gonna circumsize you

  • Jack Ames
    Jack Ames 3 hours ago

    is nick baked lmao

  • bon bon loves Scootaloo

    0:06 two ass grow men playing with donuts 🙌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Hailey Leeming
    Hailey Leeming 3 hours ago

    you HAVE to try Allies Donuts in Rhode Island. best homemade donuts you’ll ever have! they even make DONUT CAKE!! you could literally have one made that looked like jonah😂

  • SoulCristian 15
    SoulCristian 15 4 hours ago

    Josh your the best I been watching Drake and Josh when I was little and it was the best show

  • Kmr_2003 _
    Kmr_2003 _ 4 hours ago

    I felt the snowy night in November taste

  • Jonathan Montalvo
    Jonathan Montalvo 4 hours ago

    are they the guys from drake and josh show????

  • Dash
    Dash 4 hours ago

    Dude dead serious Jonah needs to loose weight and that’s not helping not trying to be mean like at all but I want to help because I don’t want him to die at 40 from a fucking hart attack from eating muck bangs And if u read this josh can u put me in the vlog and here’s my number 3865174344 plsssssss put me in and I’d love to meet david I would cry if I got to talk to him Plsssss do a healthy muck bang for Jonahs sake love u no homo Dow

    • Dash
      Dash 4 hours ago

      I’m 12 also so don’t bully me guys

  • Kpop Is a beautiful mess

    1:23 Literally me trying to keep up with life after high school

  • Jeff Pape
    Jeff Pape 4 hours ago

    God bless this man. I truly hope things turn around for him!

  • Chef Chris456 fortnite

    If you brought that to school everybody would go to you and ask you for some

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan Williams 4 hours ago

    Press 8 over and over lmao

  • Manny Jesus
    Manny Jesus 4 hours ago

    Voodoo doughnuts are the best in the world

  • Nick Armstrong
    Nick Armstrong 4 hours ago

    Josh: Do you think if its not wild rice all other rice goes to bed at a decent hour ctfu😂😂

  • Random
    Random 4 hours ago

    This is a dream for me to eat my favorite dessert in all kinds of flavors.... donutssssssss

  • Nick Armstrong
    Nick Armstrong 4 hours ago

    Best doughnuts in the world are at voodoo doughnuts in denver Colorado on Colfax check em out

  • Avi A
    Avi A 4 hours ago

    you cracked a youtube code, I cant stop watching, gratz Josh and your crew.

  • Victoria Ross
    Victoria Ross 4 hours ago

    Josh looks like Superman. 🔥

  • Anne
    Anne 4 hours ago

    Josh peck is the only person Who can be funny and interesting and make me not skip the brand deal

  • Cooper Webber
    Cooper Webber 4 hours ago

    Josh keep doing what you are doing you are awesome

  • Ember Ann
    Ember Ann 4 hours ago

    The way Josh bit that donut @14:19 was mortifying

  • qauck Shaun
    qauck Shaun 4 hours ago

    My favourite TV show :)

  • stacey rhoades
    stacey rhoades 4 hours ago

    I love how attentive and relatable Josh always is. He is such a great listener

  • Makenzie Rosol
    Makenzie Rosol 4 hours ago

    Josh with the wild rice dad joke😂👌

  • iOS Gamer234
    iOS Gamer234 4 hours ago

    I am genuinely conserned about his mental health and self control jonah your my guy but dont youwanna live past 60

  • Rachel Kaminski
    Rachel Kaminski 4 hours ago

    damn josh I didn’t know u had a good singing vocals. I’m shook 😂 Anyways, love ur videos ❤️ and those donuts 😍 I’m jealous.

  • Noah Alila
    Noah Alila 4 hours ago

    15:34 Did Joe just bleep out “throat”???

    MRS GTAVFTW 4 hours ago

    ya dude it has bluetooth

  • teerpp
    teerpp 5 hours ago

    Help him get skinny stop using him

  • E
    E 5 hours ago

    15:55 jonah looks stoned as a gravel road. lol

  • Rita Martinez
    Rita Martinez 5 hours ago

    Honestly Jonah deserves more respect than he gets and Josh is decent enough to do that

  • LordsIntegrity
    LordsIntegrity 5 hours ago

    Nobody: Josh: “Megann” 7:42

  • Lalo Lariz
    Lalo Lariz 5 hours ago

    The old guy in the intro needs to just stop he's old as fuck he needs to hang out with people his own age !!! Mid life crisis much ?? It's sad cause I know he has no fucking friends that's why he's trying so damn hard to look young but he's not he's old as fuck

  • Lil rigatoni
    Lil rigatoni 5 hours ago

    They can't take his brain out if he doesn't have one

  • Zavaruz
    Zavaruz 5 hours ago

    Carly’s really cute and it surprised me she’s 28 still doesn’t change my opinion on her

  • erika e
    erika e 5 hours ago

    Josh high af 😂😂😂😂

  • I'm Tasha
    I'm Tasha 5 hours ago

    Jonah is the cutest! 💜💜💜💋 You ever see a baby that is so cute that you can just punch it or throw it across the room? But in the most sweetest way ever? That's how I feel about him! 💜💜💜💜 I could cuddle him so hard . Ok bye.

  • julio cesar
    julio cesar 5 hours ago

    Hablo español

  • Trenton English
    Trenton English 5 hours ago

    Love you Josh!!! Love the type positivity and content you bring