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am I Faking my Honeymoon?!
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what we got for Our Wedding!
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I Bought Babies on Wish!
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Unboxing a Slime Mystery Box!
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Making Big batches of Slime
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Baby is COMING!
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Twins Swap Lives For A Day!
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  • Alicia Rodriguez
    Alicia Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    Karina! I will play this game with you!!

  • Kaylee Zacher
    Kaylee Zacher 3 hours ago

    Your breathing girl

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  • no dur
    no dur 3 hours ago

    1:42 -1:44 why did he keep look at her the nodding saying yes then look back at her

  • Diya GILANI
    Diya GILANI 3 hours ago

    love the nails girl

  • Darlyn Rodriguez
    Darlyn Rodriguez 3 hours ago


  • Bonnie Rivera Perez
    Bonnie Rivera Perez 3 hours ago

    I feel like Karina should say yes to her husband

  • Braylin Manley
    Braylin Manley 3 hours ago

    He looks like beetle juice

  • Corgi lover 909er
    Corgi lover 909er 3 hours ago

    Who loves Karina 👇

  • Mele Vanisi
    Mele Vanisi 3 hours ago

    Love the nails siss

  • vianey idk :P XD
    vianey idk :P XD 3 hours ago

    Yes Have it be the other way around when u have to say yes for 24 hours XD

  • jamesjohnstonekyle
    jamesjohnstonekyle 3 hours ago


  • angie Rodriguez
    angie Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    7:36 got me deaddd😂

  • Madeline Morales
    Madeline Morales 3 hours ago

    I love tamalies

  • Katherine Gonzalez
    Katherine Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    This was hilarious and fun to watch, do a video with your little sister😆

  • Just Us
    Just Us 3 hours ago

    0:29 I love how she says surprisingly lol This isn't hate

  • Yikeees Hello
    Yikeees Hello 3 hours ago

    Y’all are so cuteeee😭😭😭

  • Cassie McKesson
    Cassie McKesson 4 hours ago

    OMG the hair looked so bad a dry why u say it look goood lmao

  • Metzli Cervantes
    Metzli Cervantes 4 hours ago

    non nonono

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 4 hours ago

    Best challenge video in the whole channel you should do more of these videos

  • Barbara Alvarez
    Barbara Alvarez 4 hours ago

    Who is watching in 2019?.?.?

  • Ashley Elston-Sullins

    For the portion on nicoles shop, I am not at all surprised there was an issue with the order. I had a huge issue with my order, multiple missing slimes, the slimes i did get were mostly only half full. I took pictures of my reciept and the box while it was still packed and of how empty the slimes were. I sent her MULTIPLE messages to her customer service with no replies. DMs with no replies. Posted comments within minutes of her posting on IG and watching there be replies to other comments and my comments getting deleted. I ended up having to dispute and get a refund through my actual bank

  • Zahraa Flower
    Zahraa Flower 4 hours ago


  • Aerawn Tadas
    Aerawn Tadas 4 hours ago

    My sister said Your whispering is the ASMR

  • Busy Bee ASMR
    Busy Bee ASMR 4 hours ago

    This is the longest nails I ever seen! Woww! How you can do your daily routine with that nails? 😉😊🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Busy Bee ASMR
    Busy Bee ASMR 4 hours ago

    Wow! What did u do with him? 🤔😂😂😂 Fals nails?? Not all guys will accept this!! You are lucky!

  • Hailey Slimes
    Hailey Slimes 4 hours ago

    This video is so funny! 😂🤣😆 Who agrees????? ⬇️

  • cupcakewolfie
    cupcakewolfie 4 hours ago

    when karina swallowed those gummy i was like "OMG ARE YOU OK!"

  • Kya Smith
    Kya Smith 4 hours ago

    17 dollars for a coffee go to like 9:13

  • Reyna Castro
    Reyna Castro 4 hours ago

    Do it with jasmine !!

  • Isabella Gonzalez
    Isabella Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    Karina Garcia is the slime queen 👑 And Moriah Elizabeth squishy queen 👑

  • Cecelia Martter
    Cecelia Martter 4 hours ago

    Let your husband do it

  • Gaby Lopez5
    Gaby Lopez5 4 hours ago

    Karina Garcia can you do the pause challenge

  • V Yoongi UwU
    V Yoongi UwU 4 hours ago

    8:30 I felt that

  • Kelly Diaz
    Kelly Diaz 4 hours ago

    Because u threw up

  • Liliana Villarreal
    Liliana Villarreal 4 hours ago

    Peter is me in the back minding my own business and sniffing candles

  • SmiTello
    SmiTello 4 hours ago

    A pumpkin

  • Kelly Diaz
    Kelly Diaz 4 hours ago

    I hate you know

  • Kelly Diaz
    Kelly Diaz 4 hours ago

    Ewwww you discusting

  • Brylee Reinke
    Brylee Reinke 4 hours ago

    Avocado one had me 😮

  • Sara Horton
    Sara Horton 5 hours ago

    Ummmm that other guy is"A Little Gay"

  • Diana Landa
    Diana Landa 5 hours ago

    hey girl hey :(

  • masoomeh tanghatari
    masoomeh tanghatari 5 hours ago

    It was so cute😄😄.He he didnt know how to open the chocolate !

  • lupeherrera691
    lupeherrera691 5 hours ago

    love your videos but where did u get that sweater its so cool

  • Abigail Johnson
    Abigail Johnson 5 hours ago

    You should try getting bliss balm there slime is Soo good

  • Noelle Smith
    Noelle Smith 5 hours ago

    I had the blueberry ones for a snack today

  • Zaniya Sander
    Zaniya Sander 5 hours ago

    You should shop at kztslimeshop on Etsy

  • Emelie Smets
    Emelie Smets 5 hours ago

    I'm the only one in 2019

  • Katelyn Rodriguez
    Katelyn Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    Say yes to him for 24 houra

  • Siri Chennareddy
    Siri Chennareddy 5 hours ago

    Heheh like to stop meh from spamming

  • Siri Chennareddy
    Siri Chennareddy 5 hours ago


  • Siri Chennareddy
    Siri Chennareddy 5 hours ago


  • Emelie Smets
    Emelie Smets 5 hours ago


  • Siri Chennareddy
    Siri Chennareddy 5 hours ago

    Wow top 1000 like pls

  • alexander lopez
    alexander lopez 5 hours ago

    2:13 got me dead 😂

  • Iconic Jordyn
    Iconic Jordyn 5 hours ago

    8:30 Raul:I’m not going........period 💀 😂

  • Slime Queens
    Slime Queens 5 hours ago

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  • Freestyleplanet
    Freestyleplanet 5 hours ago

    I’m so late sorry

  • Jenn's Corner
    Jenn's Corner 5 hours ago

    Side note...I've been eating those Brookside treats for years and they're legit BOMB yummmmm Raul is channeling Penelope back there lol

  • Addy Williams
    Addy Williams 5 hours ago

    At the dollar general near me they had borax!

  • David Rupp
    David Rupp 5 hours ago


  • Alishea Redman
    Alishea Redman 5 hours ago

    Nicole is there watching her play with the slimes like "damn give me some slime to play with two"

  • Karlie Schow
    Karlie Schow 5 hours ago

    U should paint Penelope the pineapple for Christmas 🎄

  • Isaac Castillo
    Isaac Castillo 5 hours ago

    Your little brother is fat and discusting like you

  • Niya Girl
    Niya Girl 5 hours ago

    Y’all should do the twin telepathy slime challenge

  • Samantha Shibao
    Samantha Shibao 5 hours ago

    I know how to stop biting your nail what you do is to motivate that once your nails are grown you can get it done and nice also you can just add a layer of nail Polish that's what I do and now I don't buy my nail

  • Karoline Perez
    Karoline Perez 5 hours ago

    When he started eating with his nails💀💀💀MOOD

  • Firdaws Moumen
    Firdaws Moumen 5 hours ago

    Who love karina ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️ Ps me! 👇🏽

  • zombieworriors
    zombieworriors 5 hours ago

    Weird flex but okay...

  • Mia Roblox
    Mia Roblox 5 hours ago

    Substitute for leather pleather

  • Mia Roblox
    Mia Roblox 5 hours ago

    Your supposed to start vegetarian and then go to vegan because it’s easier

  • CjaiiTV •
    CjaiiTV • 5 hours ago

    I love u karina and Raul u guys are so cute💖❤️❤️❤️

  • Snow white The bunny


  • Enrique Gonzalez
    Enrique Gonzalez 5 hours ago

    I wanna do it rigth now

  • Chan Chi
    Chan Chi 5 hours ago


  • The Freeman Initiative

    is that a Mass Effect jumper!?

  • Talia Aspler
    Talia Aspler 6 hours ago

    How is Penelope already ruined. U just did a makeover!

  • Los Kerry
    Los Kerry 6 hours ago

    Ur hoodie♥️

  • Shanda Mell
    Shanda Mell 6 hours ago

    I'm literally commenting on every video from here on about saying yes to him until it's posted!

  • Miriam Fuentes
    Miriam Fuentes 6 hours ago

    8:28 Raul:im not going period 1 sec later why am i doing this 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lily Aileen
    Lily Aileen 6 hours ago

    Omg y’all are so cute

  • EpicMunke
    EpicMunke 6 hours ago

    Haha yes!! I was waiting for this vid!! 🤣

  • heart craft
    heart craft 6 hours ago

    Literally the whole comment section: "Who else is a true fan?"

    • Jason Yuen
      Jason Yuen 5 hours ago

      yea because they are all self promoters, i wish karina could delete self promo comments

  • Presley Wheat
    Presley Wheat 6 hours ago

    peter in the back ground had me dying

  • naddiuska brito
    naddiuska brito 6 hours ago


  • c marie
    c marie 6 hours ago

    Do you have a online shop that I can order online

  • Charlotte Charli
    Charlotte Charli 6 hours ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Tatum Walker
    Tatum Walker 6 hours ago

    Today's my birthday ps love yr vids Karina

  • Kelcey Smart
    Kelcey Smart 6 hours ago

    I add toilet paper into slime it makes a cool texture

  • Alma Lucero
    Alma Lucero 6 hours ago

    Omg omg 😱😱

  • Star pawer For ever
    Star pawer For ever 6 hours ago


  • Maddison Bigham
    Maddison Bigham 6 hours ago

    That is weird because when I ordered I was able to email her and she emailed me back.

  • omonyax
    omonyax 6 hours ago

    You can make slime out toth pase and glue

  • Ella Da Queen
    Ella Da Queen 6 hours ago

    when he said “im not going. periodt” i felt that

  • Clarkey Vlogs
    Clarkey Vlogs 6 hours ago

    3:57 ocean breeze my brothers slime

  • esmeralda aragon
    esmeralda aragon 6 hours ago

    oh woah i live in nj. my Birthday is on june 15th..m

  • Carlie WDW
    Carlie WDW 6 hours ago


  • William Clark
    William Clark 6 hours ago

    Ayrshire I’m from

  • Litty Arterrance
    Litty Arterrance 6 hours ago

    "they're like.... in your lungs"😂😂😂

  • Aureen Sheikh
    Aureen Sheikh 6 hours ago

    I would get your own slime