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  • ledro ledros
    ledro ledros 55 minutes ago

    This is soo emotionall i almost cried! Support him if you liked the video

  • La Karuma
    La Karuma 56 minutes ago

    Ada orang indo disini bukan anak indo mie

  • Paul Fisher
    Paul Fisher 57 minutes ago

    it be nice to see a magician do something other then usual card tricks, bc they all come out say pick a card to the same judge who in previous shows picks the same card!!

  • Erover Cybercafe
    Erover Cybercafe 59 minutes ago

    2:26 to 2:44 song name please anyone????

  • Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee Hour ago

    this is a whole new level of multitasking

  • rr rabona
    rr rabona Hour ago


  • Ulyses Labajo
    Ulyses Labajo Hour ago

    Arguably the best pure singer in the lineup... Angelina Jordan will going to show how it's done.

  • Shanifa Rahman
    Shanifa Rahman Hour ago

    I am indian i love my india gods own country

  • Nikola Masic
    Nikola Masic Hour ago

    Whats the name of mix sound anyone??

  • Giana Caiola
    Giana Caiola Hour ago

    Yet that girl who did comedy was on Disney channel on bazardvark

  • Jak Dexter
    Jak Dexter Hour ago

    He drew a perfect circle that’s not human

  • Elvis Jefferson Dela Cruz

    July 1 2014 - July 17 2015 R.I.P Pops.

  • ปรเมศวร์ บัวขม


  • Umaima Rizwan
    Umaima Rizwan Hour ago

    If you saw a girl wearing grey scrunchie in her hand so please like me

  • j o h n y
    j o h n y Hour ago

    didn’t they work at great america for like 3 years ?

  • Mochisun
    Mochisun Hour ago

    yes he has cancer, he got the ribbon on his violin, he played a song that goes with his sob story theme. that's cool and all, props to him, but as far as talent goes, isn't he like super mediocre? like, I see comments all the time about how a sad backstory shouldn't put you above others in AGT, but he didn't do anything special with the violin, if anything I think his beat was off sometimes. There have been actual, talented and beautiful violinists on this show that haven't gotten the golden buzzer because they weren't a cancer kid, just irks me. not the kid's fault, go off man, but if you're only judging people off their inspiring stories, maybe you should change the title of the show to fit

    MAUNO FENI TV Hour ago


  • Donald Holder*Doc*

    Charlotte got ripped off! She is by for Superior. Hope she makes it big.

  • Trump IsaStump
    Trump IsaStump Hour ago

    Another new song dropped making 3 for today Poser Grace VanderWaal is a excellent performer.

  • muhammed musharraf

    This is fake show. Shame on you. You cheated V. Unbeatable. This show is only for Americans.

  • muhammed musharraf

    This is fake show. Shame on you. You cheated V. Unbeatable.

    • Jürgen Böhm
      Jürgen Böhm Hour ago

      If the outcome is not to your liking, that is cheating? They shouldn't have invited back an act with such toxic unfair fans.

  • Ashish kumar
    Ashish kumar Hour ago

    Neil can make these all sounds together alone.

  • Trump IsaStump
    Trump IsaStump Hour ago

    New Grace Vanderwaal song dropped today the City and another new one Gucci Shoes Two new songs how cool.

  • Jeany Westcliff
    Jeany Westcliff Hour ago


  • Williemac0548 esparza brothers

    Skylar is awesome!!!

  • Кайл Крэйн

    а че так можно было?))

  • Trevis Schiffer
    Trevis Schiffer Hour ago

    Simon has leadership quality

  • rkmorrisbishoot morris

    they cut all the girls clothes in half for winning the round. what a deal for the heart of thatn family

  • B Burns
    B Burns Hour ago

    80 percent of the comments the is how many people are talking about she’s 12 19 percent of people talking about when they were 12 1 percent are talking about the song

  • Tluanga Mizo
    Tluanga Mizo Hour ago


  • Timothy Lloyd
    Timothy Lloyd Hour ago

    Actually not good at all

  • justsnappy
    justsnappy 2 hours ago

    Kodi made Ms. Lewis sound like an amateur!

  • sravani kandarpa
    sravani kandarpa 2 hours ago

    Awesome extradenary.keep it up and good luck

  • Grace Allen
    Grace Allen 2 hours ago

    This always makes me cry

  • rkmorrisbishoot morris

    they need to forgive their father and turn from their own sins

  • Andrew Kalvin
    Andrew Kalvin 2 hours ago

    This kid is such an inspiration hit the like button to stop bulling

  • Angga Putry
    Angga Putry 2 hours ago

    Kenapa finalnya ga full di tayangakan

  • Jack Empson
    Jack Empson 2 hours ago

    His cane attaches to a frame under the rug. At the Top of the cane is not a real hand on the cane. It's fake and attaches to a frame on his back under the loose clothing. That's why he has an explosion to distract you at the end, to get his real hand out

  • Christbepraised
    Christbepraised 2 hours ago

    Good on you, Howard. That was very classy. And, to use your one Golden Buzzer to let them through was awesome

  • davaasuren murun
    davaasuren murun 2 hours ago

    dis is why i belive Ghosts!My Friends Doesnt They think it’s not real😔

  • Van Van
    Van Van 2 hours ago

    Rooting for Marcelito!

  • amanda Dimas
    amanda Dimas 2 hours ago

    He is so beautiful i love his hair and his voice is amazing!!!

  • Jack Empson
    Jack Empson 2 hours ago

    he's the same guy that plays an old man that levitates. he's good. he even has the same magical cane

  • BubbaRuff
    BubbaRuff 2 hours ago

    those singers have an awful male vocal

    NICOLE WEBB 2 hours ago

    Mulan is mean as hell

  • Jonathan Tw
    Jonathan Tw 2 hours ago

    Man I needed a laugh tonight!! LMAO!!!

  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 hours ago

    Me watching this for the 100th time* Also me: I’m not gonna cry this time. Also me starts crying again*



  • 2OOO
    2OOO 2 hours ago

    Vortex Inferno Cyclone and Dairen!

  • serenity world
    serenity world 2 hours ago

    She is amazing ☺☺

  • Jay Ricci
    Jay Ricci 2 hours ago

    When your pizza rolls are done

  • Fahrii 12
    Fahrii 12 2 hours ago

    0:55 song please

    NUTTYBANGERS 2 hours ago

    Preacher Lawson = Overrated

    NUTTYBANGERS 2 hours ago

    Simon got mad at that little dog joke

  • John Jay
    John Jay 2 hours ago

    This man does justice to this song

  • MistaPandaYT
    MistaPandaYT 2 hours ago

    Of this grey your gay | | | | V

    ANEL REANCONT 2 hours ago

    Amiga extraordinaria EL si vendrá a ti por qué TE AMA........EN HORA BUENA

  • King Joffrey
    King Joffrey 2 hours ago

    is the first "song" based on an actual song or is it just freestyle? cuz i really dig that intro beat

  • Avinash sendre
    Avinash sendre 2 hours ago

    super the king

  • Iron Igniter
    Iron Igniter 2 hours ago

    Is this this only week one

  • Iron Igniter
    Iron Igniter 2 hours ago

    4:23 I'm going to help you win this fight

    ANEL REANCONT 2 hours ago

    Amiga extraordinaria no les agas caso a los que te dicen que estás enferma y no puedes cantar. ERES UNA CON LA MÚSICA ...... CON LOS OJOS CERRADOS O ABIERTOS TU SIEMPRE CANTARÁS......... ME ENCANTA TU VERSIÓN AL NATURAL MAS QUE CUALQUIER OTRA VERSIÓN....... AMIGA SOY TU FAN NÚMERO UNO... .....ERES MARAVILLOSA

  • Sergio P-delgado
    Sergio P-delgado 3 hours ago

    My jaw dropped thru the whole thing... And in Not even into it .was amazing!!

    DAVID VGR 3 hours ago

    Is this guy no need to breath?

  • Lily Attrill
    Lily Attrill 3 hours ago

    I'm still angry about the fact that she won and Justin crum came fourth

    • james thomas
      james thomas 3 hours ago

      Can I ask you what has justin crumb accomplished since winning he is a Vegas lounge act. I can give you a very long list of Grace's achievements since winning.

  • Jun Aguda
    Jun Aguda 3 hours ago

    d wade 🐐

  • Amja5d Shinati
    Amja5d Shinati 3 hours ago

    Smart fanny man lol

  • Jan Yang Khor
    Jan Yang Khor 3 hours ago

    Too bad he died. Rest In Peace Ray Jessel. We will never forget you...

  • lalledlarsen1
    lalledlarsen1 3 hours ago

    he won the "Idols world " Right ?

  • Jan Yang Khor
    Jan Yang Khor 3 hours ago

    Who thinks that he looks just like Albert Einstein like if u agree lol

  • Ryan Forbes
    Ryan Forbes 3 hours ago

    wait where is the asian guy?

  • Deepak Sonkar
    Deepak Sonkar 3 hours ago

    Proud of you guys You are amazing

  • Basavapattan GP
    Basavapattan GP 3 hours ago

    Nobody can dance like you.. You are really unbeatable... And you are pride of India...

  • Kamron Spencer
    Kamron Spencer 3 hours ago

    My mom just recently passed away from cancer about 1 month ago

  • Callie Jones Comedy Studio

    So beautiful 😭😭😭

  • The Mask
    The Mask 3 hours ago

    Angelina Jordan "The velvet voise"

  • Rodthab
    Rodthab 3 hours ago

    1:00 *whoops*

  • number one
    number one 3 hours ago

    It's fake, it's all a trick

  • Dara Singh
    Dara Singh 3 hours ago

    Indians are always great

  • Dendy Deka
    Dendy Deka 3 hours ago


  • Katsu
    Katsu 3 hours ago

    even donald trump was suprised

  • Idk Forever
    Idk Forever 3 hours ago

    Ayeeeeee Bars And Melody imma watch this episode when it premieres bc I love em

  • Miracle Hat
    Miracle Hat 3 hours ago

    I am so glad that melB will not be a returning judge. She was a terrible judge and should continue to stay away.

  • by3h1ms31f;]
    by3h1ms31f;] 3 hours ago

    I almost cried for the seal giraffe and butterfly guy they so mean😭

  • Aljohn Dimla
    Aljohn Dimla 3 hours ago


    DŨNG LÊ 3 hours ago

    내 남자를 강하게 해

  • Naila Mehmood
    Naila Mehmood 3 hours ago

    There are three types of English American British Sean paul

  • John Culley
    John Culley 3 hours ago

    This is the first time this famous aria has been sung in any televised talent competition.

  • Flynn Atkinson
    Flynn Atkinson 3 hours ago

    the one that started o the left looks like TJ perenara

  • Eloise Nygard
    Eloise Nygard 3 hours ago


    WEEKEND POPCORN 3 hours ago

    Watch out for Marcelito Pomoy.

  • Alamin binabdela
    Alamin binabdela 3 hours ago

    Eany endian people hear From Africa ETHIOPIA

  • Notalejandra Yay
    Notalejandra Yay 4 hours ago

    Omg the first girl sounds like a minor sia

  • Mark Lu
    Mark Lu 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or did piff get a little chuncky. ( no offense piff still love you)

  • Lara_themoji♡
    Lara_themoji♡ 4 hours ago


  • Alex Dias
    Alex Dias 4 hours ago

    Fenômeno de Deus!!!!!!

  • Cristian Gonzales
    Cristian Gonzales 4 hours ago

    I got the chills

  • Lara_themoji♡
    Lara_themoji♡ 4 hours ago


  • Jenna Luce
    Jenna Luce 4 hours ago

    Damn onions being cut!!!!!! That dance was stunning! I hope that these two remain as a dancing pair! The chemistry they share and bond they have is perfect!

  • Glenn Thomas
    Glenn Thomas 4 hours ago

    Wow.....what an amazing voice for any age. Out of this world beautiful and she is 10 years old. That just does not seem to be possible. Seriously, what can you say to this???? So very very beautiful. Takes you to another place, to another world. Bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!