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I Need Sum Money Ft. Janiyah
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  • Melissa Vaught
    Melissa Vaught 10 minutes ago

    Am I wrong for saying that Jacquees' version is better?

  • Aubrey Moore
    Aubrey Moore 2 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Ayden_Chadway
    Ayden_Chadway 2 hours ago

    Why is it so short???

  • ramon galbert
    ramon galbert 3 hours ago

    This song & album needs to be promoted in Casablanca, Marrekesh, Tangier, Fez, Morocco and Algeria & Tunisia.... intl team is missing at the label....

  • Ididk Hdhdur
    Ididk Hdhdur 3 hours ago

    Bryson's part really got me feeling some typa way

  • Catharina Diah
    Catharina Diah 3 hours ago

    Kylie Jenner bring me here

  • Delstyle101
    Delstyle101 4 hours ago

    She looks like Naturi Naughton (Tasha from Prower) in this video

  • nadirah croom
    nadirah croom 5 hours ago

    Love both of them!!

  • Chyna Alvez Bounds
    Chyna Alvez Bounds 5 hours ago

    🌃🌌night dreaming💙

  • Myrella Guerra
    Myrella Guerra 5 hours ago

    OOOUHH... she so fucking fine, ugh I can’t 🥰😍😍😍

  • Yung Capalot
    Yung Capalot 5 hours ago


  • Quentin Torbert
    Quentin Torbert 6 hours ago

    Dat voice got me hooked 🔥🔥‼️‼️

    JETT GOTSWAGG 6 hours ago


  • Getting Money
    Getting Money 7 hours ago

    Good topics.

  • Getting Money
    Getting Money 7 hours ago

    Try my challenge. It’s on my channel

  • shaliyahsmom
    shaliyahsmom 7 hours ago

    This was a vibe great personality from both ladies I enjoyed this

  • Buffy Black
    Buffy Black 7 hours ago

    This is one of the best songs I heard in a LONG time. I luv ur music Summer ❤

  • Oof Big oof
    Oof Big oof 7 hours ago

    I’m a kid and I listen to this song it’s the best!

  • Leya P
    Leya P 8 hours ago

    I knew I wasnt alone! sugar daddy, where you at?

  • Eric Fitzgerald
    Eric Fitzgerald 8 hours ago

    World off....Music on

  • Eric Fitzgerald
    Eric Fitzgerald 8 hours ago


  • Tameshia Woodard
    Tameshia Woodard 8 hours ago

    Don't be in your feelings listenin to Summer Walker. Periodt!

  • K. Palé
    K. Palé 9 hours ago

    There are certain songs that have a different vibe to it and this is one of them.

  • LewiRicH
    LewiRicH 9 hours ago

    👀 At the end tho 👀

  • LewiRicH
    LewiRicH 9 hours ago

    🔥 Boo

  • Patrina Johnson
    Patrina Johnson 9 hours ago


  • Latonya Bishop
    Latonya Bishop 9 hours ago

    I loved it

  • Juju lee
    Juju lee 10 hours ago

    Such a comfortable and real interview with two beautiful black queens that's revamping RnB music

  • Jovan Lopez
    Jovan Lopez 10 hours ago


  • Ichin & Burnin
    Ichin & Burnin 11 hours ago

    love this romantic,crazy,smoothing song

  • Quest 4 6
    Quest 4 6 11 hours ago

    They fucking after the show.

  • chloe michaela
    chloe michaela 12 hours ago

    bryson and summer walker, we must be a real dream wish Bryson had a longer verse but he songs 100/10 it slappppppps

  • oh wow
    oh wow 12 hours ago

    Who actually came because they like the song and not because of hailey? 💆🏽‍♀️

  • Megan Fox
    Megan Fox 12 hours ago

    I should've known better Can't even pretend like I don't want it again On the brain all the time Thinkin' of all the things that we did You did somethin' 'Cause shit like this don't happen too often It's the way you put it down I don't want no one else around Got me takin' a step on the wild side Cuttin' all ties With them other guys When you, when you look in my eyes Lovin' me nice and slow You make me wanna come through Quarter after two Just to put it down on you You make me wanna behave All of those things That you and me, we do You make me wanna come through Quarter after two Just to put it down on you You make me wanna behave All of those things That you and me, we do Tell me what you make me wanna do I'll drop all my niggas for you Got my feelings runnin' on the news This ain't what I'm really used to Before anything happens between us Be sure you're ten toes down before I pull out this car (pull it) And the only thing that's comin' beside me Got the situation, issue waitin' and get some more (oh, get it) I told you, I'ma take your place (whoa) 'Cause I seen it in your face (yeah yeah) And I knew that you would say this, so how you wanna play this? Yeah, you got somebody (yeah) I been in this predicament (uh) (Don't trip just) break the script That's just what we dealin' with You make me wanna come through (you make me wanna, wanna) Quarter after two Just to put it down on you You make me wanna behave (oh) All of those things (oh-oh) That you and me, we do (whoa-oh) You make me wanna come through (you make me wanna, wanna) Quarter after two Just to put it down on you You make me wanna behave All of those things (all of those things) That you and me, we do (ooh) (You make me wanna, wanna) Tell me what you make me wanna do (oh) I'll drop all my niggas for you (for sure) Got my feelings runnin' on the news (ooh, baby) This ain't what I'm really used to Ain't what you used to, used to Whoa-oh, oh Oh (You make me wanna, wanna, wanna) New relationship too, this is what you do Think about her, cuddle her Love her

  • ava richardson
    ava richardson 12 hours ago

    We need to talk about Drake @1:58

  • ava richardson
    ava richardson 12 hours ago

    We need SSHEA Summer Walker+SZA+H.E.R+Ella Mai+Ashian

  • The Watkins sisters
    The Watkins sisters 12 hours ago

    My mom loves this song she listens to it while she is driving 😂

  • Kézia dos Santos Santos


  • elizabeth merillat
    elizabeth merillat 13 hours ago

    the 2nd part is her leaving the voicemail to london on the track that’s why she does the ....lodt

  • Ami
    Ami 13 hours ago

    hailey is fucking annoying like whos she gonna kill casper the ghost?

  • ツliyah
    ツliyah 14 hours ago

    when i get a speaker im BLASTING this shit ong .

  • ツliyah
    ツliyah 14 hours ago

    my boyfriend been cheating on me with this japanese bitch named anna mae

  • Melissa Applewhite
    Melissa Applewhite 14 hours ago

    shit on repeat

  • Diego Carrillo
    Diego Carrillo 14 hours ago

    Wholesome af

  • francesca harris
    francesca harris 14 hours ago

    When she through that knife 😩my spirit animal❤️

  • Princess Kelley
    Princess Kelley 15 hours ago

    6:06 yo bald headed bitch....omg i've never laughed so hard ,,,,the way she said that

  • Shallissa Jefff
    Shallissa Jefff 15 hours ago

    ugh i miss our man, mostly hers but like it’s whatever

  • Courdney Bell
    Courdney Bell 15 hours ago

    I died @ a long back

  • naturallygorgeous rara

    Summer Walker: This ain't what I'm used too. Me: Me neither, I get all into the whole album, jamming and grooving, then all of a sudden I hear (crickets). Where the rest of the song🤷🏾‍♀️That's ok...its definitely on replay allday. 💯🔥💥

  • ily TT
    ily TT 15 hours ago

    Favorite song 😩🥺😍

  • Darren P
    Darren P 15 hours ago


  • Alisa Wray
    Alisa Wray 16 hours ago

    Ok sis

  • Nathalie Jules
    Nathalie Jules 18 hours ago


  • Steve Mullins
    Steve Mullins 19 hours ago

    "You make me wanna come thru, buckle my shoes..."

  • SophiaCovers '
    SophiaCovers ' 19 hours ago

    It took me 3 weeks to figure out why "you actin kinda shady, you ain't been callin me baby" was hella familiar-

    JCOVDA1 19 hours ago


  • Johnnie Simmons
    Johnnie Simmons 20 hours ago

    I keep repeating this damn song

  • Khaneil Fisher
    Khaneil Fisher 20 hours ago

    Crack Open That Hennessy & Put The Speed On 0.75 💕🔥

  • Ash
    Ash 21 hour ago

    Usher went AWF Lmao

  • Selicia Lewin
    Selicia Lewin 21 hour ago

    Omg 😱 on repeat 😍😍😍

  • Dustin Tidwell
    Dustin Tidwell 21 hour ago

    Summer Walker honey, you got me FUCKED UP😫❤️ This my songggg

    JDOGFTW 21 hour ago

    waking up to SUMMER WALKER.

  • Ryner Ryner
    Ryner Ryner 21 hour ago

    Shut up hailce duckwin irrelevant fad

  • Gacha Time
    Gacha Time 21 hour ago

    Lolllllllllll this song didn’t even go famous go see Selena Gomez views and see this song views and like when Selena song came out it got famous soooooo fastttt so bye gurl ur done

  • Ryner Ryner
    Ryner Ryner 21 hour ago

    I'm going to kill you HaLice baldman

  • Andre Powell
    Andre Powell 22 hours ago

    Nobody else Get this song, it’s the best fucking song on the album

  • Andre Powell
    Andre Powell 22 hours ago

    I love this so much been on repeat

  • elüyassina
    elüyassina Day ago

    Who's actually here because they like this song and don't know about any of the crazy Bieber and Selena drama happening 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Vanessa Williams


  • NJ223Gaming
    NJ223Gaming Day ago

    *Anyone else here because of Hailee Steinfeld?*

  • The Kre8ive1
    The Kre8ive1 Day ago

    Yooo! I did not think you’d be into women Summer, lol. I’m here boo lmfao, I need me a gf *crying laughing emoji* I’ll see you when you come to ATL for concert lol

  • zef ramos
    zef ramos Day ago

    1:07 -1:15 makes the song to me

  • Analisa Sepeda

    This song a whole fucking vibe !🖤 Who tf is Hailey ? 😂

  • Anonymous Potatoe

    Might as well put the whole album in my playlist🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • xoshar92
    xoshar92 Day ago

    Jhene Aiko is seriously fucken amazing 😍💞

  • Anonymous Potatoe

    This song so mfing good I'm quiet the whole time n actually moving w the lyrics. No need for me to be shouting them out.

  • Neveah Brawley

    Summer walker can you and Lexxy Make a song together It would be so good !!

  • kandy kiss
    kandy kiss Day ago

    Lmmmfaooo "little cute studs "

  • Snothile wendy khumalo

    Song is extremely short , so annoying 😒😏

  • Fernando Neves

    looks like sza

  • Juju Luv
    Juju Luv Day ago

    I love this song💕 bryson made it 10x better

  • Kavon
    Kavon Day ago

    Bryson not in the vid cause “he’s playing games”

  • *Rae*
    *Rae* Day ago

    This my fav song

  • teairra campbell

    I love this song but I didn’t understand the video

  • shaniah smith
    shaniah smith Day ago

    2:00 she kinda sounds like Sza :)

  • teniqua gittens

  • Traona Williams

    This was so beautiful and raw !!! Please don't stop performing your album "Over It" is literally making me feel like that bitch during my current break up ! It's so honest and once again RAW lol I love you girl <3

  • Charles Dean
    Charles Dean Day ago

    Not to be a dick about it but dude I still remember the classic song and this is complete TRASH!!! SUMMER WALKER seriously YOU FUCKED UP THE SONG!!!

  • Edrissa Mboob
    Edrissa Mboob Day ago

    I didn't know summer was this funny lmao 😂😂

  • Jen Fuller
    Jen Fuller Day ago

    So real, so good! More beautiful women sayin it strait please!

  • Vitória Dumonte

    Vim pela kylie 😍

  • Bardi Gang
    Bardi Gang Day ago

    Can sum1 plz explain why everyone is talking about Hailey and Selena Gomez?????

  • T Naomie J
    T Naomie J Day ago

    Come on nah imma need atleast two more verses with this song most def need to be 4 min long or longer 😛

  • kd 1love
    kd 1love Day ago

    I'm here because my girl sent this link to me. Shy Babi, I love you💛

  • Playboi_bardiii

    Really wish this song was longer

  • Anjola Debo
    Anjola Debo Day ago


  • Leila Avega
    Leila Avega Day ago

    summer aint like anyone she her own kind tf

  • Heather Marie
    Heather Marie Day ago


  • mrbrainchild76

    They represent a new genre of music..thot soul.

  • Burger And Fries Witha Milkshake

    All these comments about Hailey but not about summwr. Where's her acknowledgement?