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Someone Shot our new TV!
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We Made Home Alone R-Rated
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We Made Marvel R-Rated
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We Fixed John Wick's Gun FX
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We Built a REAL Guillotine!
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Electric Skateboard Jousting
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Paint Drying in Slow Motion
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Slow Mo Ice & Fire @ 1000fps
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10 Vlogs in 10 Minutes!
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Man vs Flood
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Chopstick Hands for 24hrs
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Best Videos of 2018
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360° Camera in a Cannon!
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Corridor Job Opening
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  • Hii621
    Hii621 Minute ago

    Please react to the new Call of the Wild trailer. The CGI dog looks awful😂

  • Ammad Ahmad
    Ammad Ahmad 3 minutes ago

    I am really enjoying these videos

  • Anthony Miller Jr
    Anthony Miller Jr 3 minutes ago this one maybe?

  • David Caro
    David Caro 4 minutes ago

    Hey guys! Brig fan over here from Colombia. I would love if you can react to this new movement of virtual influencers.

  • ayush subba
    ayush subba 7 minutes ago

    Watch south indian movies

  • 1st GA Co. B Blondie
    1st GA Co. B Blondie 11 minutes ago

    I robot


    Estaréis muy orgullosos de hacer mejores VFX que una película de hace 17 años usando el software actual... "clap" "clap" "clap"

  • Denver Ross
    Denver Ross 14 minutes ago

    The new call of the wild trailer with Harrison Ford, it’s got a bad case of cgi dog face

  • Matthew Cary
    Matthew Cary 16 minutes ago

    you're really not even gonna credit videogamedunkey for that skyrim clip? shame

  • Chompski
    Chompski 16 minutes ago

    How is it you guys havent do react to "Love , death & robots". All their episode is worth you guys reacting to them and explain to us

  • Tanatos Hipnos
    Tanatos Hipnos 22 minutes ago

    En serio ya sospechaba que ese vídeo no Hera real pero estaba bastante convincente al verlo por primera vez wow

  • andy forgit
    andy forgit 31 minute ago

    I'd be curious to see what you think of the dog in the Call of the Wild trailer that came out today. I actually think the movie looks pretty good, but the dog came across as subpar to me. It's not THAT bad in my opinion but I wonder what you guys think!

  • MrKeys57
    MrKeys57 33 minutes ago

    I agree with everything the older guy says about dogs! I love dogs, and have the most lovely JackRussel terrier myself! Greetings, Levi (and we love your videos! They are just soo good!)

  • chris86simon
    chris86simon 33 minutes ago

    Imma still post this suggestion until I see it in here: Trollhunter (2010)

  • Elmerbaby
    Elmerbaby 36 minutes ago

    Thank you Wren. You were always my favorite.

  • Ganidu Perera
    Ganidu Perera 40 minutes ago

    Pls do a reaction on " Ra one"

  • saad usmani
    saad usmani 41 minute ago

    Do more of bollywood..

  • Connie P
    Connie P 43 minutes ago

    Can you react "Mars needs moms"?

  • Gab Gélinas
    Gab Gélinas 46 minutes ago

    Please do a react on the fight scene between Captain america and the winter soldier under the of the coolest fight scene ever.... Movie: Captain americe: the winter soldier

  • Fredy lucas
    Fredy lucas 48 minutes ago

    Do any marvel movie

  • Wan Paperhand
    Wan Paperhand 49 minutes ago

    React to one of Overwatch's short story

  • C W
    C W 55 minutes ago

    Please react to the Call of The Wild trailer

  • Esteban Salazar
    Esteban Salazar 57 minutes ago

    Can you guys react to Final Fantasy movie??? The first one!!!

  • Spencer Bottorff
    Spencer Bottorff 58 minutes ago

    You guys should look at Hollow man. Specifically the gorilla scene

  • JohnN320
    JohnN320 Hour ago

    I like to think the animators of Sonic saw their reaction to the first trailer and used their opinions like about the Bloom and Saturation.

  • Lego Boy
    Lego Boy Hour ago

    When will you do Space Jam 😂😂

  • g8kpr3000
    g8kpr3000 Hour ago

    Please react to Call of the Wild trailer

  • Lach Cypher
    Lach Cypher Hour ago

    I know it's an older one but can you guys react to Sucker Punch!

  • Tr!xless
    Tr!xless Hour ago

    but they can breath THROUGH THE NOSe :)

  • Paul Hopper
    Paul Hopper Hour ago

    There are some really awesome shots in Chronicle, and I think it did really well with the cgi with it being a "found footage" type movie.

  • sai Venkat
    sai Venkat Hour ago

    Eega movie

  • tubechiq88
    tubechiq88 Hour ago

    Can we have Eric officiate the next "Office Olympics" series since you guys did Tom Cruise and Jackie Change already? It be great to do Keanu Reeves or Jason Statham.

  • Joshua Talavera
    Joshua Talavera Hour ago

    Do black panther

  • Edward Howard
    Edward Howard Hour ago

    Can u react to ice twisters plz and may be fix it thanks keep up the good work guys

  • Scyte Hanjong
    Scyte Hanjong Hour ago

    React to Diablo4 Trailer

  • Blu
    Blu Hour ago

    You guys have GOT to do the train wreck scene in Snowpiercer. It looks so fake!

  • Mars Andersen
    Mars Andersen Hour ago

    React to Captain Marvel or just do another Marvel episode

  • Aidilla
    Aidilla Hour ago

    reacts to percy jackson!!

  • Arman Paknia
    Arman Paknia Hour ago

    React to movies in Alien franchise

  • Alal Malal
    Alal Malal Hour ago

    The boys is such a great show, I really hope they fix their 3 cuts/second problem

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown Hour ago

    You should compare that James Bond surfing scene to the Snake Plissken surfing scene in Escape from LA.

  • butternoon
    butternoon Hour ago

    How does the game of life work?

  • Rum-N-Toke
    Rum-N-Toke Hour ago

    The Call of the Wild | Official Trailer is out save us!

  • Dre Dub
    Dre Dub 2 hours ago

    Curry Powder simulation ftw

  • Phoebe Phoebe
    Phoebe Phoebe 2 hours ago

    Congratulations on 3M NERDS!!!!!

  • ダバダバ
    ダバダバ 2 hours ago

    逆に、こんなに邪魔されて的に的確に当てる人間って⁉️あと、何億円もかけて、こんなCG作る意味がわからん‼️まるでNASAと同じフェイクしてるとしか思えない‼️ 最後の陽気な兄さんを起用して この動画は嘘だよと言うあたりも NASAのフェイク動画に似てる‼️

  • Gabroll
    Gabroll 2 hours ago

    Birdemic or The Room. Both use "CGI." Those would be 👌

  • Roland Goudriaan
    Roland Goudriaan 2 hours ago

    Ran in to an image of Gordon Freeman (from Half life) today..... Clint would be a good look alike for him ;) Would be cool to seen Clint in the game ;) (have never played half life so forgive me if this is an insult ;)

  • Makeup By M
    Makeup By M 2 hours ago

    Why does the red camera pixels i hate pixels

  • Goodshot Gamer
    Goodshot Gamer 2 hours ago

    Next, react to IP man fight scenes

  • MeMeBigBoiii
    MeMeBigBoiii 2 hours ago

    I've never seen anything more patriotic than on lookers in awe as they're watching a man holding his custom built rifle while the U.S National Anthem plays, anyways *puts hand on chest*

  • musicx xa
    musicx xa 2 hours ago

    Mandalorian is interesting. They are using game engine (unreal engine). You guys should do some game game cgi videos too.

  • SP Tracks
    SP Tracks 2 hours ago

    Plz do a vfx reaction to IT chapter two

  • Akhil Surendran
    Akhil Surendran 2 hours ago

    Plz do a reaction to- It chapter two

  • Akshit Nair
    Akshit Nair 2 hours ago

    Do a VFX artist review of the curious case of Benjamin button

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy 2 hours ago

    What movie is the stained glass knight from?

  • Gino
    Gino 2 hours ago

    How about Victor Magtanggol?

  • Vivitsa 13
    Vivitsa 13 2 hours ago

    In a combat situation I highly doubt that this is actually possible. In combat I doubt that you and the Archer are working together to cut the arrow in half.

    ZAIN AKBAR 2 hours ago

    Let’s see some reacts to Spy Kids 3 and Sharkboy and Lavagirl

  • R S
    R S 2 hours ago

    wow, that flash's scene is awesome. I'd be proud of myself if I was in the team that did it

  • Jason Thomas
    Jason Thomas 2 hours ago

    Can you guys please do box react to terminator 3, but specifically the final 15mknites when he's showing half the end selection and then runs and jumps to stop the metal door from closing down completely.

  • LoneWolf
    LoneWolf 3 hours ago

    For your next react can watch one of the one Power Rangers?

  • DadGeek UK
    DadGeek UK 3 hours ago

    Also, with the James Bond scene, he surfs down a tidal wave and at no point does he encounter a single drop of water. He lands COMPLETELY DRY!!!

  • Cccc Jjjj
    Cccc Jjjj 3 hours ago

    Asique los robot tienen sentimiento O era programado para a ser eso 3:30

  • J Shepard
    J Shepard 3 hours ago

    Я знал что они п#здаболы.

  • Big Guy
    Big Guy 3 hours ago

    This is Bollywood where gravity and laws of physics doesn't work

  • kosmonaut dan
    kosmonaut dan 3 hours ago

    Do Heroes. There's a lot of dodgy effects in there like phasing through walls or the green screen flying. But Hiro's timestops were amazing. I also liked Isaac's vision painting.

  • DadGeek UK
    DadGeek UK 3 hours ago

    Please do the CG from GEOSTORM, specifically the car escape/eruption scene.

  • Dom A.D
    Dom A.D 3 hours ago

    pst hey, land of the lustrous is pretty great, it's the good cg anime, try it bois

  • Andy Barker
    Andy Barker 3 hours ago

    You should look at the paddington film, I think it's good cg, especially the bears intro and I'd love to see what you think

  • Beardy Glasses
    Beardy Glasses 3 hours ago

    Sod it they need to slap a go at Kung Pow Enter the Fist.

  • LegendarySuperKaiju
    LegendarySuperKaiju 3 hours ago

    9:32 when the filter falls off

  • PontinG GameR
    PontinG GameR 3 hours ago

    Singham rrturns

  • Simba
    Simba 3 hours ago

    Please do spykids 3!

  • Saralena Winters
    Saralena Winters 3 hours ago

    And this is just one of the many reasons why Titanic is in my top 3 fave films 😁😁❤️

  • Kyler English
    Kyler English 3 hours ago

    Oblivion (2013).

  • Enrico Francese
    Enrico Francese 3 hours ago

    Please, react to human hair in Pixar's Moana!

  • Camyron Burfield
    Camyron Burfield 3 hours ago

    You guys need to do a reaction to T-34 (2019) the CGI is amazing. Atleast i think it is.

  • RS Web series
    RS Web series 3 hours ago

    Thank god they had not seen other south indian movies

  • Emily Walpole
    Emily Walpole 3 hours ago

    VFX artists fix the James Bond surfing scene?

  • ZapWo
    ZapWo 3 hours ago

    This video revenu will cover for the TV :)

  • Giuseppe Abba
    Giuseppe Abba 4 hours ago

    Great scene to react to: Literally any of the stunts from Avengement (2019) starring Scott Adkins.

  • CrqzYoloGuy
    CrqzYoloGuy 4 hours ago

    React to vfx from The Amazing Spiderman 2

  • Will
    Will 4 hours ago

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on "The Mandalorian" Especially the first episode!! :)

  • Johannes Nisi
    Johannes Nisi 4 hours ago

    11:47 Nobby hätte mal besser in Chemie aufpassen sollen hahah

  • Aman Nagar
    Aman Nagar 4 hours ago


  • Md Mink
    Md Mink 4 hours ago

    Please do ( DC Titans ) Pls pls pls pls pls

  • George Earl Franklin

    Is nobody gonna say it?

  • Md Mink
    Md Mink 4 hours ago

    U guys totally change the way i look movies and series

  • SSgtBlackMamba
    SSgtBlackMamba 4 hours ago

    Upvote for the Vanguard themed rifle