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  • FeksSZN
    FeksSZN Minute ago

    Whats name music in a start video

  • Ethan Allschwang
    Ethan Allschwang 2 hours ago

    5:43 that voice crack though

  • Dominic Ogbuehi
    Dominic Ogbuehi 10 hours ago

    anyone know what keycaps dubs uses

  • unkind_ray849
    unkind_ray849 Day ago

    0:15 SONG PLS

  • Ryx c_ollapse
    Ryx c_ollapse Day ago

    How do u type the -a- after his name just curious

  • Insane SlixL
    Insane SlixL Day ago

    Lets go Dub$

  • Storrorman HD
    Storrorman HD 2 days ago

    Use Code FaZe Dubs in the fortnite item shop

  • Slav Skillz
    Slav Skillz 2 days ago

    4:55 🤦‍♂️ omg so cringe i swear

  • Slav Skillz
    Slav Skillz 2 days ago

    Fortnite players are so cringey omg

  • Aiden Bosworth
    Aiden Bosworth 2 days ago

    I'm 11 and my voice is deeper than dubs voice

  • Squakie
    Squakie 2 days ago

    good energy always comes from dubs and thats why he is so dope ;D

  • PrxFN
    PrxFN 2 days ago

    dubs is nasty with it

  • BoffyStoffy08
    BoffyStoffy08 2 days ago

    3:26 you killed sceptic

  • BoffyStoffy08
    BoffyStoffy08 2 days ago

    3.26 you killed sceptic

  • D Λ V Ξ
    D Λ V Ξ 2 days ago

    Your brother's voice sounds like Roman Atwood's voice so hard bro :D

  • lilruk 1408
    lilruk 1408 3 days ago

    Dubs vs clix WINNER:Dubs

  • Joshua Ritchie
    Joshua Ritchie 3 days ago

    Hello Danny Walsh

  • bilbo baggets
    bilbo baggets 3 days ago

    Who else has watch this video 50 times and loves it every time

  • bilbo baggets
    bilbo baggets 3 days ago

    Love u dubs no homo keep up the content

  • Fil 1056
    Fil 1056 3 days ago

    That last clip when Dubs won gave me chills😁

  • Ohheyezz
    Ohheyezz 3 days ago

    holy shit shit mic

  • Ali Suha
    Ali Suha 3 days ago

    Bad MIC😡

    ZZZTOWN 3 days ago

    that facecam is so cute

  • KingTomato
    KingTomato 3 days ago

    Living up to your name bro

  • KingTomato
    KingTomato 3 days ago

    The Goat

  • HiddenInUrBox
    HiddenInUrBox 3 days ago

    9:06 it sounded like he said "were we at n..."

  • zPlatanoツ
    zPlatanoツ 4 days ago

    Nice day

  • Patsy Griffith
    Patsy Griffith 4 days ago

    Meggas mom can get it 😎

  • SebeFN
    SebeFN 4 days ago

    Damn ur so good

  • Mario Rosales
    Mario Rosales 4 days ago

    why r u duoing with megga, he is holding you back

  • Adn.
    Adn. 4 days ago

    4:56 that was so cringey bro jesus

  • HoKaGe kSn
    HoKaGe kSn 4 days ago


  • Bronx TV
    Bronx TV 4 days ago

    Halt dich bedeckt

  • Epicskill
    Epicskill 4 days ago

    Mongraal stinkt

  • rickyishome
    rickyishome 5 days ago

    I watched this live lmaoo

  • Nasir Cruz
    Nasir Cruz 5 days ago

    3:08 rare footage of mongraal outside

  • Rainzy
    Rainzy 5 days ago

    I can’t hear shiiii

  • Bapter fn
    Bapter fn 5 days ago

    Faze dubs channel is so dead I’m unsubscribing.

    • imjesusboi
      imjesusboi 3 days ago

      When your a no life so you just talk shit in comments lul

  • Harde -4
    Harde -4 5 days ago

    He aploaded after 2000 yaers

  • Javi
    Javi 5 days ago

    Huele a otaku esa casa alv

  • NofPvP
    NofPvP 5 days ago

    'vrs' who came down in the comments to check he slept that wrong?

  • Andy Jeong
    Andy Jeong 5 days ago

    Someone is blocking the mic and the sound is muffling the whole entire video

  • moujib ch
    moujib ch 5 days ago


  • shadows ツ
    shadows ツ 5 days ago

    whats with the audio sometimes it sounds like your in a plane with the windows open

  • Markus Gade
    Markus Gade 5 days ago


  • MrWhiteboy145
    MrWhiteboy145 5 days ago

    That’s the first shower that fatty has had in weeks

  • Руслан Вичев

    This audio is trash

  • Editz
    Editz 5 days ago

    Sounds like it's recorded in a damn bucket

  • Wxyz
    Wxyz 6 days ago

    Why was ayden on keyboard

  • chxll.
    chxll. 6 days ago

    nobody faze dubs: scoew baby

  • Mr Jaxx
    Mr Jaxx 6 days ago

    Good shit

  • meliodaxs
    meliodaxs 6 days ago

    2:26 what is the name of the headset he use

  • Swazzy
    Swazzy 6 days ago

    Did dubs get banned on twitch?

  • Folksman456
    Folksman456 6 days ago

    Back when there used to be lots of mobility in Fortnite 🙁how far the game has fallen

  • Davs
    Davs 6 days ago


  • Mr.Parrot
    Mr.Parrot 6 days ago

    Dubs is a living dub S-M-I-L-E

  • Hauntedsoul1
    Hauntedsoul1 6 days ago

    Get a new camera man

  • Blaze Escamilla
    Blaze Escamilla 6 days ago

    Went stupid on em, keep the heat videos coming dubs!

  • Flux Jinkz
    Flux Jinkz 6 days ago

    *cries in poor*

  • imjesusboi
    imjesusboi 6 days ago

    Another day of dubs catching dubs🥳😁

  • Cryga
    Cryga 6 days ago

    Does anyone know what the a means at the end of his name?

  • Trip E
    Trip E 6 days ago

    Y’all should do arena together. Good energy

  • Zavier Villanueva
    Zavier Villanueva 6 days ago

    dubs do you recommend using 1658x1080 aka stretched res or native if so why or why not

  • Soulzzzy
    Soulzzzy 6 days ago

    if this is blue you love faze dubs (im gifting my next 10 loyal subs 😎 ) 👇🏼

    • Awry Jex
      Awry Jex 6 days ago

      shoo self promoting shit

  • Emerdly
    Emerdly 6 days ago

    Dynamo Dubs🍇

  • EC Kuw
    EC Kuw 6 days ago

    Clicked when it said 0 veiws 1 like 0 comments

  • Itay Elloul
    Itay Elloul 6 days ago


  • Gls_ Isaac
    Gls_ Isaac 6 days ago

    Lets go you pro my speak spanish xd

  • cgx_carlosYT
    cgx_carlosYT 6 days ago

    Just drop I vid if you mind checking it out ❤️💞

    • Convoy Bird
      Convoy Bird 6 days ago

      cgx_carlosYT imagine having yt in ur yt name

  • FlopkeSpamsL2 YT
    FlopkeSpamsL2 YT 6 days ago


  • Brandon Zaragoza
    Brandon Zaragoza 6 days ago

    Who else watched this live on twitch. Had to watch it again tho‼️⚡️

  • Ber- XD
    Ber- XD 6 days ago

    Anyone else boticed the sonic theme at the end? XDXDXD

    • ッWyntri
      ッWyntri 6 days ago


    • Ohori
      Ohori 6 days ago

      Ber- XD I mean everyone know sonic

  • DST Drizzy
    DST Drizzy 6 days ago

    Dubs only gets dubs😤

  • Tenix
    Tenix 6 days ago

    Upload more on RUclip

  • CobraaSZN
    CobraaSZN 6 days ago

    Who else is a huge fan❤️? 👇 📍 😉 Gifting my next 21 sußs

  • Jose
    Jose 6 days ago

    Lessgooo dubs

  • Zetiq
    Zetiq 6 days ago

    We only take ggs only

  • Theo Couto
    Theo Couto 6 days ago

    you´re cracked bro

  • Jack Clan
    Jack Clan 6 days ago

    Good Job pig

  • Maurice ll
    Maurice ll 6 days ago

    Why was it private? Mistake

  • mohamed Shereef
    mohamed Shereef 6 days ago


  • Haku
    Haku 6 days ago


  • wigly
    wigly 6 days ago

    insane bruvvvv

  • Maurice ll
    Maurice ll 6 days ago

    Dubs why u make the bot race vid private

  • jinFN
    jinFN 6 days ago

    Dubs won if you're wondering

  • DARK Winter FN
    DARK Winter FN 6 days ago

    I wish you were live right now😢

  • Fizzite
    Fizzite 6 days ago

    who clicked fast asf? or just me xD

  • Ghøst Gømęs
    Ghøst Gømęs 6 days ago


  • Jaime Flores
    Jaime Flores 6 days ago

    Easy dubs baby 🔥letsss goooo dubsssss 💯you fucking goat 🐐 lol

  • it's limitless
    it's limitless 6 days ago

    First !

  • Marco Quispe arone
    Marco Quispe arone 6 days ago

    Pgos Vs Dubs 1 vs 1

  • ItsHiro.
    ItsHiro. 6 days ago

    Bro, you're the best player on the world

  • linkzuu
    linkzuu 6 days ago

    Only People Who loves Dubs Can like this ❤️ 👇 I am decent 💪🤷‍♂️

  • Marco Quispe arone
    Marco Quispe arone 6 days ago

    Ilove Faze Dubs

  • Mzst1x
    Mzst1x 6 days ago

    title got me mad like it ain’t supposed to be V S

  • alr nlnja
    alr nlnja 6 days ago


  • Retr0 Malixder
    Retr0 Malixder 6 days ago


  • Team BBK
    Team BBK 6 days ago

    If this is grey your CURSED! 👇 We are looking for new members for our fortnite team 🤩

  • Energy FN
    Energy FN 6 days ago

    Use code dubs

  • Team BBK
    Team BBK 6 days ago

    If this is grey your CURSED! 👇 We are looking for new members for our fortnite team 🤩