Talent Recap
Talent Recap
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  • akshay khandagale
    akshay khandagale 32 seconds ago

    fallow the kings united dance crew if you want to vin

  • akshay khandagale
    akshay khandagale 4 minutes ago

    nice light balence kids nice idea

  • Jose Gregorio Cabrera
    Jose Gregorio Cabrera 5 minutes ago

    Name of this song please ?

  • Cent Smith
    Cent Smith 5 minutes ago

    Did he won???

  • iracer101
    iracer101 9 minutes ago

    His talent is far beyond AGT. I'd pay top dollar to see him play. His future will be a fantastic journey.

  • Roxanne Gem Lorenzo
    Roxanne Gem Lorenzo 11 minutes ago

    Benicio! Yuhu!!!

  • anil kumar
    anil kumar 11 minutes ago

    V unbeatable pls come this time with your 100%....unlock your actual strength.. We are waiting...

  • Adam Yong
    Adam Yong 13 minutes ago

    Love zhavia

  • Muhammad Jumadi
    Muhammad Jumadi 18 minutes ago

    Hi.. I"m from Indonesia, and I love Benicio,.. I wish you will win this.

  • Sonny Kamsoh
    Sonny Kamsoh 18 minutes ago

    Love from Kenya❤️

  • Zuz Angelo
    Zuz Angelo 20 minutes ago

    Can they get rid of Howi? He is a big scum and a racist in disguise. I cannot buy this guy I 0 trust him. His comments are always pathetic and he acts nice.

  • Szydercza Żerdź
    Szydercza Żerdź 22 minutes ago

    O kurde

  • Timmy Hunte
    Timmy Hunte 25 minutes ago

    I was so happy to see Emmane's reaction after not getting through on votes with her natural & unique talent on a talent show... Marcin is no doubt a finalist, he's unique & extraordinary... very few can do what he does

  • Jason Cain
    Jason Cain 28 minutes ago

    Kodi is gonna win this

  • Yahiko Pain
    Yahiko Pain 29 minutes ago

    They a look like men

  • Smiley Face24
    Smiley Face24 31 minute ago

    The dad looks like blueface 30 years from now

  • ibra4mufc
    ibra4mufc 36 minutes ago

    Once again getting out actual talents for kids and sob stories

  • margie quare
    margie quare 39 minutes ago

    Crazy judges! Charlotte is a superb singer.

  • Simbarashe Nyambara
    Simbarashe Nyambara 41 minute ago

    gotta love the director

  • Andrzej Lesiak
    Andrzej Lesiak 41 minute ago

    Well done Marcin all of Poland keeps his fingers crossed for you. You make a piece of good music.

  • Terri Khalifa Vlogs
    Terri Khalifa Vlogs 45 minutes ago


  • John Paulo Ubano
    John Paulo Ubano 47 minutes ago

    When you feel you are hopeless, watch how full of positivity and hope in life Kodi is...He is such an inspiration to everyone...His talent is the most wonderful gift from the Heaven... May he continue inspire and touch people's life.... God is really amazing! Love and support here from the Philippines! Mabuhay! Mabuhay!

  • Slade F
    Slade F 48 minutes ago

    They’re getting xtra treatment cause they’re trans...voice not up to par is all he said pretty much. So what’s the talent?

  • Uziel Arauz
    Uziel Arauz 50 minutes ago

    A 3,200 idiotas no les gusta esto

  • Gametroid core
    Gametroid core 52 minutes ago

    Dance is for everyone. V unbeatables should win AGT 2019❤️❤️

  • Andrzej Lesiak
    Andrzej Lesiak 55 minutes ago

    Marcin Patrzałek

  • Jc Andaya
    Jc Andaya 58 minutes ago

    Benicio Brynt for me...

  • Park Chaeyoung
    Park Chaeyoung Hour ago

    Kids under 15 yrs of age r pushing their limits to the extreme

  • Julie Anne Loquinario

    I saw this episode on our home. Can anyone please tell me the messaging app Lukas and Falco use? Thank you very much!

  • Vinayak B Naregal

    At 0:18 He did not huged....motherfucker

  • Raining Blood
    Raining Blood Hour ago

    V. Unbeatable

  • Jetson Cular
    Jetson Cular Hour ago

    I am just so happy for these group.. they put too much emotion and dedication for their performances. We all are lucky to see these kind of talented people. Hope this season is for the v unbeatable!!!!!! Go for the champ!!!!!!! 🇵🇭

  • fitness
    fitness Hour ago

    Shabbash ladko 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • ralph j
    ralph j Hour ago

    Young lady.,. good song choice "You Don`t Own Me" Each performance spectacular. Never ever change your style.,. You are amazing.,. A rising⭐ 🎶👍

  • Viraj Naik
    Viraj Naik Hour ago

    Ganpati bappa morya 😘😘😘😘

  • Stephan the German guy Meyer

    Song name😆

  • king_jadeja 01
    king_jadeja 01 Hour ago

    v unbeatable wins millions hearts...

  • Saloni Gurung
    Saloni Gurung Hour ago

    Zhavia sounded actually like card B while rapping

  • tk tojin
    tk tojin Hour ago

    Very talented indeed, but nowadays many children around her age came out in the audition show and demonstrate their opera vocals at this level, so it's not rare anymore. Besides, I personally prefer Jackie Evancho's vocals.

  • Shiv Chauhan
    Shiv Chauhan Hour ago

    Marcin should be in finals

  • king_jadeja 01
    king_jadeja 01 Hour ago

    (indian team kings win world dance championship) ...( now time for v unbeatable)

  • Karen Hardie
    Karen Hardie Hour ago

    Has it all to be a star. Looks, talent and charisma. Thats why you won. Congrats on all the success. You worked hard and never gave up. Lionel is right. Cant wait to but that album coming out.

  • Jane Marsee
    Jane Marsee Hour ago

    How crazy does one have to be to dress like that. I wondered if they were half-way through surgeries (or something). Some people are just STRANGE!

  • Jetson Cular
    Jetson Cular Hour ago

    We will be seeing you in the very great finals next week. That's it. See you in finals indians!!!!! Hope these group will win this season. Keep it going guys!!!!

  • virus yt
    virus yt Hour ago

    American got talent got Indians talent lol

  • Some Random Girl

    Emanne is great! If she doesn't make it , I still give her props. You gotta be more than talented to sing opera at the age of 7.

  • Jill Charlene
    Jill Charlene Hour ago

    This performance makes me cry every time!

  • xyzan james Hinayo


  • Elavarasan s
    Elavarasan s Hour ago

    Best dance crew ever.... V Unbeatable- I feel you need more contrast dress color which will add more ingredients to audience.. and also Agt camera work and Background light set up need to improve...

  • Jui Nandi
    Jui Nandi Hour ago

    I feel proud to be an Indian. Jai hind.

  • melanie rosenthal

    reminds me of Titus Andromedon

  • Nivas Alien
    Nivas Alien Hour ago

    you guys are right u r unbeatable ,proud of u guys love from home 💕

  • MPSecare
    MPSecare Hour ago

    that's fucking amazing

  • radu mateuca
    radu mateuca Hour ago

    and what was wrong with playing fur elise? i saw some annoying eye rolling from mr cowell; is the shock you wanna see? huh? are you extremely bored with your life and wanna see something WOOOOW????? is really the WOOOW thing that will change your miserable life? or are the simple and beautiful things like art the key to your inner happiness? you have a brain, use it good things don't come from shock im fed up with the shock i saw in got and that's an american thing; everything that is shocking, full of money, glory and zero heart and soul come from a country rulen by power and greed nothing to learn from here, thanks america's got talent!

  • Marie Martin
    Marie Martin Hour ago

    I hope Kodi wins. He has such talent and strength

  • saniye kaya
    saniye kaya Hour ago

    everybody else is shity compared to Marcin and v unbeatable

    • Jürgen Böhm
      Jürgen Böhm Hour ago

      Marcin doesn't agree with you. He said to Emanne: "You are absolutely amazing and I really hope that America appreciates your level of artistry in the finale! ... good luck"

  • Tiffany Elsa Pairin

    Love it!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ Love from Malaysia!!!!!!♥♥♥♥

  • Don Owens
    Don Owens Hour ago

    Amazing giftings from sources that shouldn't seem able to possess them are how I know God truly exists. Let your own tears be a witness.

  • Mohamed 29
    Mohamed 29 Hour ago

    Alex and Marcin out 👿 Shit final full of singer

  • Matt's mtb trails

    I love the drag queens I’d buy the album

  • Penguin
    Penguin Hour ago

    Ugh v unbeatable is gonna win but hey everyone is like oh oh slums so sad guys they been on different shows 2018 like a lot so um but I am sad because kodi he deserves the title and the money

    REENA PANDEY 2 hours ago

    V Unbeatable

  • deepali akarte
    deepali akarte 2 hours ago

    You are great you are the top dancer I promise you will win

  • g money
    g money 2 hours ago

    There are 1400 people who have zero brains

  • sports lovers
    sports lovers 2 hours ago


  • Shivani Desai
    Shivani Desai 2 hours ago

    I'm an India and our whole country is proud of you guys(V-u beatables), love u guys.u made it🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Jose Febres-Cordero
    Jose Febres-Cordero 2 hours ago

    V.Unbeatable: winner to go Vegas Kodi Lee: runner up: Signs a record contract

  • Gen Mat
    Gen Mat 2 hours ago

    No gimmick .. no sympathy.. simply gifted..

  • you cyut or whateva
    you cyut or whateva 2 hours ago

    Kids bop live

  • Tiamaria Cha
    Tiamaria Cha 2 hours ago

    K pop vibes

  • Soma Boho
    Soma Boho 2 hours ago

    المغاربة ديما طوب

  • Sharon Rana
    Sharon Rana 2 hours ago

    Kendall tries too fking hard to sing she trying sound like zhavia or whateva

  • Jim M
    Jim M 2 hours ago

    not my cup of tea I guess...didnt see her as being that good..

  • FourKay
    FourKay 2 hours ago

    Would be more impressed if she sang with her mouth closed.

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni 2 hours ago

    Where do i buy the album, Howie please clean your ears man

  • Jelly Fish7
    Jelly Fish7 3 hours ago

    oh man ... I knew it ... they are into finals. Very strong contender. In all the past America's got talent, 2019 has MANY good performers, and they are so deserving of reaching the finals. However, the competition is so tight. All the best to every performer who are in the Finals.

  • kahtt flavor
    kahtt flavor 3 hours ago

    Gabrielle Union use that lovely agressiveness of yours to educate minds of people to vote for this lovely talented and vivacious choir

  • Goitseone Mabebo
    Goitseone Mabebo 3 hours ago

    M so proud bout this group💃💃💃💃

  • Sai Nath
    Sai Nath 3 hours ago

    V unbeatable.....superb talent

  • Andy Reasoner
    Andy Reasoner 3 hours ago

    Marcin's didn't make finals so AGT forces us to redefine the meaning of the word TALENT ! Talent = sob story + 10y.o.

  • Judy Schroffel
    Judy Schroffel 3 hours ago

    Wow! Amazing, amazing voice and talent!

  • Lina Caroline
    Lina Caroline 3 hours ago

    Diddy i love that truth

  • Justyna Ju
    Justyna Ju 3 hours ago

    Oh come on!!!! Dont even joke AGT. Where is Marcin????

  • Suu96
    Suu96 3 hours ago

    he is really one of the best voices out there even better than harry styles ( my opinion ) and many too he is THE VOICE that i would listen to it even if he says anything

  • jio jio
    jio jio 3 hours ago

    V unbeatable winner confirmed

  • Nuly Noor
    Nuly Noor 3 hours ago


  • Adna Ahmed
    Adna Ahmed 3 hours ago

    Daaaammmnnn. They have more talent then those Kpop artist. And they are so young. 😭😭 by the way this is my opinion.

  • Suu96
    Suu96 3 hours ago

    i want them both with benicio to win !!!

  • learn globally
    learn globally 3 hours ago

    V unbea

  • Barbara Foster
    Barbara Foster 3 hours ago

    Howie you were insulting to mention his hair after rubbishing his choice of song, and Simon your words were utter ridiculous

  • Vikash Chourasia
    Vikash Chourasia 3 hours ago

    Mangal Murti Morryaa..

  • davesh dixit
    davesh dixit 3 hours ago

    Marcin was the only reason to watch AGT.

  • Minu Begum
    Minu Begum 3 hours ago

    Kendyle won but zhavia walked away with more fame

  • Ana Miriam Javier
    Ana Miriam Javier 3 hours ago

    Wow your very good e

  • I Don't Know My Name

    I liked how they counter Simon xD

  • smit dedhia
    smit dedhia 3 hours ago

    Pls vote V UNBEATABLES 🇮🇳🙏🏼

  • Akshay Manoj
    Akshay Manoj 3 hours ago

    Iam really Surprised to see that V Unbeatable is not in her Top 3🤔 Everybody knows that they are the best act in Agt 2019😘

  • silent lover
    silent lover 3 hours ago

    she's just so perfectly amazing Love this girl so much, she really deserves a shot a serious shot❤

    KH RAHUL 3 hours ago

    V Unbeatable🤘🤘