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Help Let Me Go
Views 2.8M2 months ago
We Are Not The Same Person
Views 1.7M5 months ago
Bad Boys On TikTok
Views 3.4M5 months ago
TikTok’s Weirdest Mom
Views 3.8M7 months ago
SLIME (Music Video)
Views 3.1M9 months ago
I Am Hot = Comedy?
Views 4.2M11 months ago
Awful Game Ads on Instagram
Views 3.8M11 months ago
Papa Has Been Replaced
Views 4.3MYear ago
Greg Family Dinner
Views 480KYear ago
Mr. Worldwide
Views 297KYear ago


  • Ella Whot
    Ella Whot Minute ago

    5:05 whot on earth is on that television

  • a random kid on the internet

    “FoUr-eYeS” *takes glasses off* Bullying rate drops 99%

  • 4thGraderHere
    4thGraderHere 10 minutes ago

    Is it bad that i actually got scared i know i have anxiety or something

  • Green Boogs
    Green Boogs 12 minutes ago

    My 7yr bother watches this shit. ... Help me...

  • violet Life
    violet Life 18 minutes ago


    BANANAS FOREVER 20 minutes ago

    Brokeboybeck can be the Steve from Minecraft of Tik Tok

  • Guru Raj
    Guru Raj 21 minute ago

    At 5:05 you can see that the tv switches on by itself Is it edited "¿

  • The Burning Trash UwU
    The Burning Trash UwU 27 minutes ago

    I got a bad ad for episode at the dinner table with my aunt and mum

  • snapple187
    snapple187 32 minutes ago

    Hey Danny, Please give all of your Greg’s their own official number. I think that I was under 2 mil Bra

  • Crix the Rainbow cricket
    Crix the Rainbow cricket 32 minutes ago

    Good job 2.99 M keep going

  • Goat Warrior
    Goat Warrior 35 minutes ago

    Jesus Christ, can this guy not finish a complete sentence without having to cut edit??

  • snapple187
    snapple187 36 minutes ago

    Hey Danny, if I told you to “ KISS MY KNEES!” Would that be mean, because I’m still confused. Sincerely, Greg

  • umaira sofeya
    umaira sofeya 54 minutes ago

    U look like Lili Reinhart

  • Lucifer Skul
    Lucifer Skul Hour ago

    I would be scared if the man ate the alligator

  • Critical Amur
    Critical Amur Hour ago

    The “surgery on a grape” thing was a robot to help surgeons during skin surgery

  • NesrinlikesCats !

    Article: "It is impossible for any lady to not love him" Me: Not true, I hate the nose and the eyebrows. I just watch him because he just exposes everything.

  • RandomnessIsNormal

    PewDiePie Minecraft Halloween You’re welcome <3

  • Lilly.Rosita
    Lilly.Rosita Hour ago

    *then she turned into Scarlett Johansson* 😂

  • Bren_The_Bin
    Bren_The_Bin Hour ago

    The video is down again, as I’m sure we all know, and I am sad. How could RUclip/BST deprive us of such a treasure? Not cool, so not cool.

  • rachel desilver
    rachel desilver Hour ago

    danny was the one who changed it to tiktok!

  • Stephanie Cameron

    Yo what's up I'm Danny and your watching Disney channel

  • Lilly.Rosita
    Lilly.Rosita Hour ago

    varli is the definition of cringe

  • This is Della K. Sigler.

    Is, Danny wereing Lipstick ❓

  • Billy Swift
    Billy Swift Hour ago

    Honestly I thought that 2017 was pretty good I don’t know why he’s attacking it so much, honestly Danny, chill out.

  • Stephanie Cameron

    You might be cool but your not as cool as this Shepard, Who has a gun and a snow lepord. Billgates can spend $1million a day for 218 days without his money running out, that is pretty cool, but he'll never be as good as that Shepard with that gun and leopard

  • Giraffe Girl
    Giraffe Girl Hour ago

    If someone made a movie called “legal options” it’d probably be the scariest Halloween movie ever.

  • Michael Holtz
    Michael Holtz Hour ago

    I think Collins told the editor to go into an epileptic seizure with all of the special effects, and then told him to keep adding more while seizing.

  • Giraffe Girl
    Giraffe Girl Hour ago

    The next time someone says my stuff if theirs I’m just going to tell them I’m reviewing my legal options.

  • C0D3D GAM1NG
    C0D3D GAM1NG Hour ago

    Throw over the SHOULDER

  • Giraffe Girl
    Giraffe Girl Hour ago

    HA! Guess what youtube, I live in South Korea! You can’t stop me from watching a Danny Gonzalez video.

  • Craig Greg shall fall

    3:02 i legit got Drew and Danny mixed up

  • Jennie Washington

    And also the rats are so small like a ant no one explains that

  • salochii
    salochii Hour ago

    Danny: I think parker might be.. the least sneaky person in the world- Me: Have you heard of ahem... Jester

  • Howling Wolf
    Howling Wolf 2 hours ago

    Fantastic product! I'll take 20

  • Kristy M
    Kristy M 2 hours ago

    For anyone wondering what the duck is wearing, it's a diaper. Bird diapers are a thing and duck poop is nasty

  • Critical Amur
    Critical Amur 2 hours ago

    I was honestly a little worried the alligator wasn’t fake, because when it first surfaced it looked very real

  • The Alleycat
    The Alleycat 2 hours ago


  • Leah Animations
    Leah Animations 2 hours ago

    6ft Boy: hello 5'7 girl: *omg ur to s h o r t* Drop a like if your Japanese Grandmother's Pet Rock life dead *tag a boy of the boy boy*

  • Leah Animations
    Leah Animations 2 hours ago

    *As a student, with a student life, minions are the best 😔*

  • A Dinky Dinosaur
    A Dinky Dinosaur 2 hours ago

    Me: I’m being attacked by a stuffed animal Also me: wait. Can’t I just punt that little shit into orbit?

  • Stupid Babei
    Stupid Babei 2 hours ago

    why does little danny look like mattybraps

  • Krysten Cabbage
    Krysten Cabbage 2 hours ago

    If Santa is a magical being who commits thousands of B&E's on an annual basis, is he protected by rule of law? Is it actually illegal to kill Santa? I feel like in Florida you could get away with this, they've got those castle doctrine laws, so if he's in your home, you can legally kill Santa.

  • Aditi Sehgal
    Aditi Sehgal 3 hours ago

    Me wondering- What came first... Misghetti or Litmas ?

  • Lost Boys Adventures

    Imjaystation nobody: Ahhh im never doing that again aww my neck hurts moves it hella

  • Maria MS
    Maria MS 3 hours ago

    I have the same Ikea bed!!!

  • katgurl
    katgurl 3 hours ago

    I have the same kind of toothbrush

  • Mini Mun
    Mini Mun 3 hours ago

    7:19 *flashbacks to the music video ‘help let me go’*

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 3 hours ago


  • Baylee Webster
    Baylee Webster 3 hours ago

    I've sold my soul to you by subscribing and turning on notifications

  • Aydin Dashti
    Aydin Dashti 3 hours ago

    GUYS I ESCAPED FROM A SERIAL KILLER! *l i n k i n t h e d e s c r i p t i o n .*

  • CR7 HD
    CR7 HD 3 hours ago

    fucking stop this gonzalez everyone loves TGFBRO

  • Ludvig Buskbjerg Lübker


  • linemakerproductions

    danny: that feeling when you drill into it and drain every- *cuts to commercial*

  • Rolyat
    Rolyat 3 hours ago

    "Fuck robert" oh n o o o

  • Okayyy Chweee
    Okayyy Chweee 3 hours ago

    2:49 Look at Papa in the back 😂 He's clearly done dealing with this fridge. What if that's what actually happened... Papa was so fed up with this douchebag fridge always playing around & being all suspicious that he walked out on his family... Nahhh Papa would never.

  • Cheryl Cunningham
    Cheryl Cunningham 4 hours ago

    Girl: HoW pReTty Am I Boy: OnE Girl: YoU tHiNk I'm UgLy!?? Girl: **pulls gun out of ass** Girl: **self deletes** Boy: Million..... Like if u cried tag ur shoes

  • Ananya KN
    Ananya KN 4 hours ago

    And... In another universe Danny must be making a Badads video about himself...

  • Claire Wagoner
    Claire Wagoner 4 hours ago

    R I P V I N E

  • osheen rawat
    osheen rawat 4 hours ago

    Danny, your face is so perfect. It helps me cope with my depression for some reason lmao

  • Claire Wagoner
    Claire Wagoner 4 hours ago

    Troom troom crafts with Danny before troom troom crafts with Danny🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Fade Clab
    Fade Clab 4 hours ago

    YA LIKE JAZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tobasaurus PLAYZ
    Tobasaurus PLAYZ 4 hours ago

    That Russian kid apparently says he knows the key to life is in the Sphynx

  • Non-toxic Poison
    Non-toxic Poison 4 hours ago

    girl: will your marry me? guy: no, NOT UNTIL MY HANDSOME NEMESIS IS LOVE

  • DaTallHotdog Man
    DaTallHotdog Man 4 hours ago

    Aaaaaaaaa I was just running from my butt hole👍🏻

  • Claire Wagoner
    Claire Wagoner 4 hours ago

    Yea I’m here October 2019 I’m bored so I’m watching his old ones🙂😂😭

  • 12 TDmac
    12 TDmac 4 hours ago

    I’m Greg!!!!!!

  • Claire Wagoner
    Claire Wagoner 4 hours ago

    His voice😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • mapleorange
    mapleorange 4 hours ago

    fucking got em

  • Claire Wagoner
    Claire Wagoner 4 hours ago


  • Limin Jini
    Limin Jini 4 hours ago

    Time to change CONTENT

  • Claire Wagoner
    Claire Wagoner 4 hours ago

    Has had bars since day one🥵

  • Mudkip the unstoppable

    Are threatening me to curse me and turn me in a reindeer I won't have it

  • Claire Wagoner
    Claire Wagoner 4 hours ago

    Andy Samberg vibes

  • Hiba Shahana
    Hiba Shahana 4 hours ago

    Okay this is definitely indian.

  • Cutey Lime
    Cutey Lime 4 hours ago

    The fukig hel my dode👽

  • angelina k
    angelina k 4 hours ago

    ryan has the biggest man crush on danny i-

  • Hiba Shahana
    Hiba Shahana 4 hours ago

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww omg okay wtf

  • Ella Powell
    Ella Powell 4 hours ago

    Once, one of my substitute teachers literally said that they thought the earth was flat.

  • Dunkin Donutz
    Dunkin Donutz 4 hours ago

    Take a empty shampoo container , fill it with acid Sweetly puts in in her hair and starts having a stroke while having her skull melt at the same time She is very upset Eww GhastLy!!! Sweetie wants revenge Take you boyfriends clothing and fill them with sandpaper, when he puts the clothes on he starts to get scratched and bleeds everywhere next thing you know he is unconscious Haha guess you’ll literally be the shell of the man you once were

  • Anime 0716
    Anime 0716 4 hours ago

    I Will dance around the house in my underwear and eat that's it.

  • Nate Nagle
    Nate Nagle 4 hours ago


  • Major Minors
    Major Minors 5 hours ago

    i am greg

  • sksksk_and_i_oop
    sksksk_and_i_oop 5 hours ago

    And then tik tok came in, yeeted music.ly out the window, and is now healing the victims that still have hope!

  • Faking Baking
    Faking Baking 5 hours ago

    The Charles Darwin part made me almost choke on my Jelly I was eating. Lmao

  • The Truth
    The Truth 5 hours ago

    I use ADBLOCK PLUS for a REASON. When are you people going to get it? Advertising is garbage. All of it. More and more people are getting smart, and using adblockers.

  • Le Eevee of Canada
    Le Eevee of Canada 5 hours ago

    So where the fuck is PETA?

  • Shealynn Daugherty
    Shealynn Daugherty 5 hours ago

    I like the song at the end of this, Good job Danny Gonzalez

    XUAN WEN LIM 5 hours ago

    Their funny 😂😂😂😂

  • arleth tomas
    arleth tomas 5 hours ago


  • sksksk_and_i_oop
    sksksk_and_i_oop 5 hours ago

    music.ly? Cringe Stars? "hot" Me? Shook Danny? Theorist Hotel? Trivago

  • ur mum
    ur mum 5 hours ago

    this is actually a banger

  • sksksk_and_i_oop
    sksksk_and_i_oop 5 hours ago

    haha danny way to go so proud

    XUAN WEN LIM 5 hours ago

    You are f*****ing werie

  • Clayton Postier
    Clayton Postier 5 hours ago

    The bird you compared yourself to is a secretary bird, and those things are fuckin awesome. They curb-stomp black mambas for fun. Embrace your inner secretary bird, Danny.

  • cloudsat7326
    cloudsat7326 5 hours ago

    top neo disco anthems of 2019

  • DaTallHotdog Man
    DaTallHotdog Man 5 hours ago

    Robot rat is worse than sexy rat

  • Le Eevee of Canada
    Le Eevee of Canada 5 hours ago

    Now all I can think of is Quackity pointing a glue gun at Dan for some reason.

  • Carter
    Carter 5 hours ago

    I A M W A K I N G U P N O W F-A-T-H-E-R

  • Josie Wieczorek
    Josie Wieczorek 5 hours ago

    I memorized this movie as a child. And it taught me that there are two types of teen girls: the ones that wear wigs, and the ones that carry snakes in their backpack.

  • Kelly Does Stuff
    Kelly Does Stuff 5 hours ago

    I can’t believe he completely ignored the wiggie’s dad singing in the bathtub during a house party