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GRANNY 2 is out NOW!
Views 1.6M2 days ago
The Minecraft MAGIC MIRROR!
Views 1.5M2 months ago
i vlogged something..
Views 1.1M2 months ago
Who's Your GRANNY?!
Views 3.1M3 months ago
Don't Fall ASLEEP..
Views 2.5M3 months ago
I Made a Song in Minecraft!
Views 2.5M3 months ago
goodbye blue hair
Views 1.4M3 months ago
I. Am. Scared. Of. DUCKS.
Views 1.7M3 months ago
NEW Fortnite JOHN WICK Mode!
Views 2.7M4 months ago
This Minecraft Map STINKS!
Views 1.7M4 months ago
I Became a CRAZY Bus Driver!
Views 3.8M4 months ago
i've broken minecraft.
Views 2.5M4 months ago
CURSED Minecraft Images.
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  • Rob Ours
    Rob Ours 4 hours ago

    Dan seven century’s are 700 years

  • EnerJetix
    EnerJetix 4 hours ago

    Dan why didn’t you try the Quantum TNT???

  • Dank Master
    Dank Master 4 hours ago

    Only OGs remember Asleep

  • Emily Drake
    Emily Drake 4 hours ago

    Splatoon splatoon splatoon splatoon splatoon splatoon splatoon splatoon

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 4 hours ago

    I got banned from commenting for a while, I’m sorry for saying O Yeh Yeh Dan.

  • hadia haroun
    hadia haroun 4 hours ago

    Me: dabs Dan: what Me: nothing Dan: runs me over

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 4 hours ago

    Dan plz play granny 2 again plz plz plz if you don't I will 😭😭😭😭😥😢

  • roblox gamer monis
    roblox gamer monis 4 hours ago


  • Jonathan Jimenez
    Jonathan Jimenez 4 hours ago

    No if you die in your dream you wake up

  • Boxer Craft House
    Boxer Craft House 4 hours ago

    Dan you just past some flowers

  • Pedro Morales
    Pedro Morales 4 hours ago


  • Sean Boone
    Sean Boone 4 hours ago

    Black cats are cute!

  • Gabriel Dias Reino
    Gabriel Dias Reino 4 hours ago

    I honestly think that the Execution day is clearly a reference to the game "What is left of Edith Finch".

  • Caleb Joy
    Caleb Joy 4 hours ago

    Ive died many times in my dreams😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  • Tristan Cochra
    Tristan Cochra 4 hours ago

    ... oh LOL so funny

  • furry_ fangirl Sydney

    Dndnrekejeoebrox *angry arm waving* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zachary Middleton
    Zachary Middleton 4 hours ago

    I love this show...where is season 3? Also I wish there were more episodes with you in it, your character is really cool

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 4 hours ago

    Dan please play this again plz plz

  • Zayne Mund
    Zayne Mund 4 hours ago

    1:26 it is math the answer is 0

  • Aqua_Fox1234
    Aqua_Fox1234 4 hours ago

    Dan : CLOWN BABY! Me : oh meh god🤦‍♀️

  • Boxer Craft House
    Boxer Craft House 4 hours ago

    Translate play Roblox

  • Wendy Isobe
    Wendy Isobe 4 hours ago

    Dan: he hit me with his walking stick Me:I’m dan I think it a crowbar

  • joe mobile legends
    joe mobile legends 4 hours ago

    This rimes wohohooo roblox pokemon go

  • GG BOI
    GG BOI 4 hours ago

    5:13 that’s what she said

  • Tim Chi
    Tim Chi 4 hours ago

    As a remembrance of Larry

  • Luke Miller
    Luke Miller 4 hours ago

    discrace to parcour

  • Gabe Ortiz
    Gabe Ortiz 4 hours ago

    You used to have blue hair I liked it

  • FrogBoio
    FrogBoio 4 hours ago

    wait he doesn't actually have a twin? oh my god I've been lied to my entire life

  • Noname Person
    Noname Person 4 hours ago

    Got is the next keyword

  • Tim Chi
    Tim Chi 4 hours ago

    Celebrate Larry day on Christmas 2019

  • Jack Rush
    Jack Rush 4 hours ago

    Did Dan curse at 9:26

  • max madness
    max madness 4 hours ago

    9:25 he almost says the F word

  • Lexus Cortes
    Lexus Cortes 4 hours ago

    Pepa pig merch

  • Julisa Cosio
    Julisa Cosio 4 hours ago

    Its so easy

  • Servicios y Desarrollos Profesionales S. de R.L.

    Morgan is secretly Morgz!!

  • Dcpgng3013 All day
    Dcpgng3013 All day 4 hours ago

    Hi dan

  • Vikki Cohen
    Vikki Cohen 4 hours ago


    DANIEL GORDON 4 hours ago

    Play camping in roblox

  • Noname Person
    Noname Person 4 hours ago


  • Justin Sutedja
    Justin Sutedja 4 hours ago

    Where's Sir Buddy ?

  • Brooke Sandoval
    Brooke Sandoval 4 hours ago

    Dan after the video with Jemma: if you’re going to be dad and work through. Jemma: dabs. Ok

  • Aiden Goodhart
    Aiden Goodhart 4 hours ago

    I Remember that lol the old days

  • Trisha Crews
    Trisha Crews 4 hours ago

    Minus The saym but black and white

  • Boxer Craft House
    Boxer Craft House 4 hours ago

    Dan 7 centuries = 7000 no its 700 BOI

  • Trinical
    Trinical 4 hours ago

    basically third? YES I LOVE THOSE MAPS Edit: I'v died in my dreams a lot

  • Tim Chi
    Tim Chi 4 hours ago

    Must celebrate Larry

  • Ayden Whitlow
    Ayden Whitlow 4 hours ago

    Out of 100

  • Doughy Town
    Doughy Town 4 hours ago

    Vlad the Impaler That's the OG name of Dracula

  • BuzzPlayz YT
    BuzzPlayz YT 4 hours ago

    “I need to keep my ears peeled” DanTDM 2019

  • Bodhi Merrell
    Bodhi Merrell 4 hours ago

    The sign Is is the language of the enchantment table

  • Luke Miller
    Luke Miller 4 hours ago

    offffff RIP david

  • Ayden Whitlow
    Ayden Whitlow 4 hours ago

    1.1 % chance 2 happen

  • LunaLuna14 S
    LunaLuna14 S 4 hours ago

    Omg plsssss forgive me I don’t have discord but you should start Tik Tok

  • Xander Dure
    Xander Dure 4 hours ago

    my dad has that ipad

  • Chr0me Tect0nic
    Chr0me Tect0nic 4 hours ago


  • Ziad and malek Yosri

    I am watching this at 3 am

  • DSI - Films
    DSI - Films 4 hours ago

    When you said “ one of my favorite maps was” I got asleep in my head and you said that and I was so surprised! Wow that caught me off guard in the intro, I know more Dantdm then I knew

  • blood moon
    blood moon 4 hours ago

    I hate the bad

  • Zain Flores
    Zain Flores 4 hours ago


  • noob master
    noob master 4 hours ago

    can you do a photoshop vid

  • Matthew Guerrero
    Matthew Guerrero 4 hours ago

    I know the sign means, it means that dantdm is the best

  • Luke Miller
    Luke Miller 4 hours ago

    dab police

  • Lollipop kitty
    Lollipop kitty 4 hours ago

    I think there is a secret ending in practice mode in granny two ❤️

  • Braden Kearney
    Braden Kearney 4 hours ago

    23:56 Me in the last day of 3rd grade

  • v e n
    v e n 4 hours ago

    1:24 maybe it says "an experiment"?

  • payton soltys
    payton soltys 4 hours ago

    Dan, I am one of your biggest fans!💖

  • Melissa Mathews
    Melissa Mathews 4 hours ago

    Anybody watching this in2029

  • CreeperGamerkid
    CreeperGamerkid 4 hours ago

    the strange flickering text is STandard Galactic

  • Just your normal anon

    peppa? what are you doing on my shirt??

  • Ignacio Lopez
    Ignacio Lopez 4 hours ago

    The sine sed 363 363747r7u4y 36374743799528901777477

  • Lesley D
    Lesley D 4 hours ago

    dan said dude SO MANY TIMES starting at 1:30

  • FireBoy2007
    FireBoy2007 4 hours ago

    Dan: He had brown hair that’s how you know he’s fake Me: sooo... Is future Dan not the real Dan?

  • The Gaming Center
    The Gaming Center 4 hours ago

    *Looks at the title* Wait.... This looks familiar.... (Asleep 1 & 2)

  • Hunter Jones
    Hunter Jones 4 hours ago

    Why did you get rid of your blue hair

  • Acility
    Acility 4 hours ago


    FIREROD 2 4 hours ago

    I have god teir minecraft so add those shadders with that mod that make the blocks look very real and thats god teir minecraft

  • Rubixmasterdawg
    Rubixmasterdawg 4 hours ago

    If you put the mending book in the other slot it could be less

  • Jesse Jones ::Minecraft::

    Please do a vid about the nightmare dlc

  • Magnus G
    Magnus G 4 hours ago

    DanTDM: talks about resource pack Cows: I'm listening...

  • fischer_comics
    fischer_comics 4 hours ago

    Who remembers sleep 1 Ls for old dantdm

  • King Savage
    King Savage 4 hours ago

    Dantdm , you are my favorite RUclipr

  • Boxer Craft House
    Boxer Craft House 4 hours ago

    Dan its I rage quit not rage quited

  • Xander Dure
    Xander Dure 4 hours ago

    blast prooaing

  • JB Lego Master Builder

    Yep and no

  • People's unofficial Agent

    When there is a roblox death sound in a Minecraft video Wait, that's illegal

  • James Mccoart
    James Mccoart 4 hours ago

    If you go to the United stats the next solver eclips is in 2024 of April 8th

  • DavidChan Da Robloxian

    8:25 Dan: Sheep, you're supposed to protect me! Me: Don't trust WATER SHEEP, Dan!

  • EvanThePizzaGuy1
    EvanThePizzaGuy1 4 hours ago


  • Katherine Schipperijn

    You did aware when u forgot to upload

  • pedro salazar
    pedro salazar 4 hours ago


  • Aqua_Fox1234
    Aqua_Fox1234 4 hours ago


  • The Dragonets-Liam and friends


  • spaghetti sause
    spaghetti sause 4 hours ago

    The draw my life

  • Molly Evans
    Molly Evans 4 hours ago

    you will find the translations when you pause the video

  • little movie make /gamer

    They killed a guy who has pepa PIG sweater

  • Tanner McPherson
    Tanner McPherson 4 hours ago

    i think the sign translates to happy dreamers

  • DailyDiamond 54
    DailyDiamond 54 4 hours ago

    I’ve been watching your vids from the times before the lab when you just did mods and even cursed

  • spaghetti sause
    spaghetti sause 4 hours ago

    Explain why it is the same as denis

  • Angelica Shimmin
    Angelica Shimmin 4 hours ago

    That says that your god I love Dan keep it going 💴💴💴💴