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  • Angie Mead King
    Angie Mead King Hour ago

    Amazing! Would love to eat there!

  • 俊強黃
    俊強黃 Hour ago

    wish come with host view when making fire,

  • Brandizzleizzle
    Brandizzleizzle Hour ago

    All white room reminded me of American Psycho

  • andhika dwi _Kswardana_

    I'm amazed with parsley dots lmao

  • Wally
    Wally 2 hours ago

    Is it me or does he have the most OCD?

  • Leon Dzojic
    Leon Dzojic 2 hours ago

    For anyone wondering, I looked up the prices and their buffet tops at around $50 for adults, so yeah surprisingly affordable considering the quality and variety of their food.

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 2 hours ago

    It’s so satisfying to watch them cut meat

  • jesse kl
    jesse kl 2 hours ago

    Ive never wanted to eat duck in my life..but that looks devine

  • Jat Tan
    Jat Tan 2 hours ago

    Good luck getting a black guy to be a sushi chef. He would have robbed the customers instead, easier money

  • DarksidePride
    DarksidePride 3 hours ago

    CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!!!! -left people

  • 44 magicpanda
    44 magicpanda 4 hours ago

    They don’t drink beer

  • James Testorff
    James Testorff 5 hours ago

    You know? "You know".

  • Techtalk
    Techtalk 5 hours ago

    Is that rawfish good for health...

  • Jay S
    Jay S 5 hours ago

    I'd starve in that place. Straight to a McDonald's after to fill my boots. Ha.

  • How Fun
    How Fun 5 hours ago

    There’s no subtitles in Chinese.

  • Frederick Son
    Frederick Son 6 hours ago


  • DeMarcus Shipman
    DeMarcus Shipman 6 hours ago

    Terrible review in fact not a review at all! I have the Roccbox which a stove store sold me for $370 & it works great no problems. These two ignorant people don’t even know how to use the products they test. Roccbox doesn’t use pellets

  • Vlady
    Vlady 6 hours ago

    When you parents went out too long

  • Rawdog268
    Rawdog268 6 hours ago

    i like the Wynn's buffet better

  • Kopie
    Kopie 7 hours ago

    Wow. Whose hungry? This guy is dedication.

  • Andrew Curtin
    Andrew Curtin 7 hours ago

    Y'all have a number I can call to connect? DM me I'm interested to talk.

  • misael puente
    misael puente 7 hours ago

    Why take it to Oakland when it belongs here in Texas

  • Revo D
    Revo D 7 hours ago

    the ultimate boss weeb

  • Nat Sashikata
    Nat Sashikata 7 hours ago

    お任せ Omakase means "leave it to me" to the person saying it.

  • DarthSailorMoon
    DarthSailorMoon 8 hours ago

    These amateurs don't even know how to keep things cooked evenly...

  • David Slone
    David Slone 8 hours ago

    I'd totally buy this, but I feel like Dry Aged Steak Pellicle Jerky would go viral.

  • Лика Стар
    Лика Стар 8 hours ago

    Why is his grandson interrupting him? Dis grazia!

  • Tenzin Dhonden
    Tenzin Dhonden 8 hours ago

    her passion is very beautiful

  • stan giles
    stan giles 8 hours ago

    wow , nice presenter and she know what she's talking about , yup 1300 is way too much

  • Noah Kisaragi
    Noah Kisaragi 8 hours ago

    Her hands so clean I wanna cry

  • Kono Dutch
    Kono Dutch 8 hours ago

    Just because someone is this mix doesnt make them Muslim. They can be buddhist turk chinese or...any religion but the food is fusion

  • Make it Raine
    Make it Raine 8 hours ago

    that grilled cheese looked awful

  • Zippy
    Zippy 8 hours ago

    In reference to the kitchen aid and speed u need to read the directions. It says always grind on speed 4. So of course u won't have positive results on higher speeds duh

  • Make it Raine
    Make it Raine 8 hours ago

    i can tell from their reactions that they don't really like it. I think the smoke is a bad idea...

  • Fred
    Fred 9 hours ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if this was once a poor man's meal

  • Eliseo Palestina
    Eliseo Palestina 9 hours ago

    I love brains on Tacos Yum 😁👍😀

  • Dennis Janda
    Dennis Janda 9 hours ago

    Is the Fire Dept. parked outside ??..Just Asking !!

  • pristinemirage
    pristinemirage 9 hours ago

    i'm not a vegetarian and/or vegan but technically whenever you throw bones away whether you use them for soup or not that is still waste.

  • McAsianboy 321
    McAsianboy 321 9 hours ago

    Did he say canadia

  • Dennis Janda
    Dennis Janda 9 hours ago

    Thank you for demonstrating how it works..New Tested Subscriber !!

  • Make it Raine
    Make it Raine 9 hours ago

    i dig the dudes understated urban accent...

  • Ashsaloft
    Ashsaloft 10 hours ago

    this mans accent alone worth 10 k

  • Obey Legendz
    Obey Legendz 11 hours ago

    I challenge her to a Shokugeki!!!

  • Safa Bishara
    Safa Bishara 12 hours ago

    Well, I make from it a very nice carpaccio 🤷‍♂️

    ROGUEROUGE 12 hours ago

    Fact no one in North or South Carolina likes being lumped together as the "Carolinas."

  • 48162342
    48162342 12 hours ago

    Ok mans low-key looks like an eel.

  • Matt Andrews
    Matt Andrews 12 hours ago

    My parents are taking a vacation to New Mexico and I want to get some brownie points for recommending good places. That's why this show is awesome. Great host and very informative

  • subhash bhatt
    subhash bhatt 12 hours ago

    Interview for this Restaurant: Candidate:I have worked in world`s best restaurant. Chef:Do you know how to use a ruler? Candidate:ummmm

  • Opmehoofd
    Opmehoofd 13 hours ago

    can't even pay me to eat this garbage

  • mac meron
    mac meron 13 hours ago

    Surely you know that as a chef.

  • mac meron
    mac meron 13 hours ago

    You do not talk on top of a dish because your saliva is jumping out of your mouth going to the food just below your mouth

  • Bastard Squirrel
    Bastard Squirrel 13 hours ago

    now where do I find octopus in New Mexico. Lol

  • Will Milne
    Will Milne 13 hours ago

    These fellas are the real deal. They made the smokers for my brothers establishment (Goldee’s in Ft. Worth) and their smokers are work horses.

  • Audrey Bossman
    Audrey Bossman 13 hours ago

    Alex, I love that you have been able to come all this way! I have loved your videos for years! Even having gone through culinary school, you still teach me new tips and tricks with every video. The way you combine cooking and science is extremely admirable! I can’t wait to see more from you!!!!!!!

  • Cambam43
    Cambam43 13 hours ago

    Smoke the bacon when you wake up? More like wakin ans bacon

  • Mike Androi
    Mike Androi 14 hours ago

    If these two muppets consider themselves professional chefs they should publish a retraction of this review. How embarrassing for them and eater..... the Roccbox is propane or charcoal/wood... not pellets.

  • Bastard Squirrel
    Bastard Squirrel 14 hours ago

    lol, back to the Weber

  • Mr Ed
    Mr Ed 14 hours ago

    Lol sisig MUST be eaten with either rice or light beer. Sisig alone is too greassy.

  • tedspang1945
    tedspang1945 14 hours ago

    I found you by accident, awesome channel...

  • Rob Bob
    Rob Bob 14 hours ago

    nasty ass rotten beef fat - no thanks...

  • Timothy Adolphson
    Timothy Adolphson 14 hours ago

    Rotten.. if ur meat smells like cheese don't eat it.

  • Didier Ortiz
    Didier Ortiz 14 hours ago

    DPRK will overcome imperialism.

  • Audrey Bossman
    Audrey Bossman 14 hours ago

    The three of you should team up with the buzzfeed Worth It crew for a collab!!!

  • harm van zon
    harm van zon 15 hours ago

    If you have to work 18 hours a day, 6 days a week, something is wrong. Effectively you'll be getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night. That's not enough, and you'll notice that when you're getting older.

  • Effa Beei
    Effa Beei 15 hours ago

    gone out of biz....assets up for sale....."utter delicious", "velvety mouth feel"

  • David Li
    David Li 15 hours ago

    Christophe: If you reach perfection, there’s something wrong Also Christophe: Doesn’t matter if it’s for you or the guest, it has to be perfect

  • harm van zon
    harm van zon 15 hours ago

    how does he 'unmold' the sausage?

  • Bastard Squirrel
    Bastard Squirrel 15 hours ago

    idk. I see you going in to it with a pre set bias opinion

  • Samoayling
    Samoayling 15 hours ago

    When you guys go to Tokyo Japan, there is a special street in an almost U shape near shinjuku station. So many different styles of yakitori with different meats and ridiculous hospitable service they take pride in. Simply known as "Yakitori Alley memory lane".

  • blah
    blah 15 hours ago

    The beginning sounded like SpongeBob music when something sad happens. I thought they were playing it because of the dead fish

  • Exania Hislop
    Exania Hislop 15 hours ago

    🤔Can’t say it’s a waste of money... if you travel a lot this could be an amazing investment you can just put those eggs and forget about it until they’re ready, also if you put more water than recommended the runny egg will be overcooked.

  • Elvis Sanchez
    Elvis Sanchez 16 hours ago

    the day I don't know my brother's food preferences is the day i am dead.

  • harm van zon
    harm van zon 16 hours ago

    Mozzerella is nice

  • xx xx
    xx xx 16 hours ago

    100gram flour + 57gram = 157gram 57:157= 36% of water not 57%

  • sylenceexposed
    sylenceexposed 16 hours ago

    That looked horrible to me The chef says it wasn’t even cravable The guy eating it seemed to love it.

  • Seth Gohn
    Seth Gohn 16 hours ago

    Can totally tell these guys are East Coast. I moved from PA to AZ 17yrs ago and went to the store and asked about their different "baloney"(ies) and they looked at me stupid and said they don't know what it is. West Coast is Bologna only..... I miss home!

  • Tony, le Lavallois
    Tony, le Lavallois 16 hours ago

    This would make Gordon Ramsay really mad. This isn't a restaurant. It's a joke...

  • Matěj Svoboda
    Matěj Svoboda 16 hours ago

    Here in Czech republic, pork shoulder is the most popular choice for grill/barbecue.

  • fixstyle
    fixstyle 16 hours ago

    This a rerun content from another popular tuna video

  • harm van zon
    harm van zon 16 hours ago

    A whole chicken for $20? I can get a grain fed biological chicken for under $10 here in The Netherlands. I always thought US was inexepensive for meat.

  • 1990325is
    1990325is 17 hours ago

    Some of y'all never grew up on white bread, bologna and mustard and it shows.

  • Mike
    Mike 17 hours ago

    If I lived in a motel room that would be a mandatory cooking tool.

  • ZetaTango83
    ZetaTango83 17 hours ago

    One is a hideously venomous fish the another one is a slithering bone graveyard. Nobody: ..... Japanese: Nom nom nom nom

  • dracky drackula
    dracky drackula 17 hours ago

    does the grill come with free cataract surgery?

  • wearesupreme
    wearesupreme 18 hours ago

    yeah totally not worth it.

  • Eshan Seepersaud
    Eshan Seepersaud 18 hours ago

    3:52 there's a chip in the deba

  • steve baumgardner
    steve baumgardner 18 hours ago

    Looks like Halloween chatter teeth

  • AyKira
    AyKira 18 hours ago

    disgusting raw meat

  • Siddharth G
    Siddharth G 18 hours ago

    Shark fin?? I am no vegan but shark fin is too much.

  • Mir
    Mir 18 hours ago

    The host is too good, he is natural, doesn't force humour, down to earth, and describes food nicely. Don't like hosts who are too full of themselves.

  • Paul Hernandez
    Paul Hernandez 18 hours ago

    I guess I'm getting old if I can't determine Leah's points because of her indecisive style of speech. (I'm sticking with my KA mixer.) Good video.

  • Carrie Hefernan
    Carrie Hefernan 19 hours ago

    Honest question....whe. your scraoing the fork and metal spatula on that iron grill...there arent any metal chippings gettig in the food? I feel like there would be

  • Takitimu Maniapoto
    Takitimu Maniapoto 19 hours ago

    It shrunk

  • Reginald Marselus
    Reginald Marselus 19 hours ago

    How do you get a reservation at Delmonico's ?

  • Kevin Yenson
    Kevin Yenson 19 hours ago

    Ok, so he cuts fish?

  • Vinson Palmer
    Vinson Palmer 19 hours ago

    rudys is better

  • Joe Garza
    Joe Garza 19 hours ago

    15 people, do a 14lb brisket ($50) 3lbs sausage ($12) 2 whole chicken ($15), 3 racks of ribs ($40). $117. -Texas. Y'all new yorkers doing it all wrong

  • FilmDude
    FilmDude 19 hours ago

    The interior makes it seem like a place where powerful people go to discuss their corrupt schemes.

  • Swedish Jacuzzi
    Swedish Jacuzzi 20 hours ago

    There's a sexual attraction between these two men

  • Quest
    Quest 20 hours ago

    2:05 That person inside the restaurant is giving someone a piece of their mind