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  • Iohcs
    Iohcs Day ago

    They talking about equality, what is this, middle school kids be doing those girls dunks in the middle of a game

  • Steven Shewmake

    😂😂😂 lame...

  • James Williams
    James Williams 2 days ago

    Jumped “over” a woman sitting.

  • Jorik Vandormael
    Jorik Vandormael 2 days ago

    Music at 1:55?

  • raymond barrett
    raymond barrett 2 days ago

    "She has a 31 inch vertical" 😂that's ass

  • Dante' 317
    Dante' 317 8 days ago

    That first dunk was garbage

  • Dante' 317
    Dante' 317 8 days ago

    Her dunk sucked

  • Dante' 317
    Dante' 317 8 days ago

    She was good but not that good to been 1st place

  • chuky RD
    chuky RD 9 days ago

    Wtf men!!

  • Laszlo Kiss
    Laszlo Kiss 10 days ago

    Feel kind of bad for her tbh she knows she didnt win that and kinda hard to have a womans dunks contest when shes probably the only high school girl in the nation that can dunk smh i respect her tho i cant dunk and what was she supposed to do but compete she didnt give herself perfect scores smh

  • Adinata
    Adinata 11 days ago

    I think there's something wrong about this video. The in-game dunk contest is not just windmill. It can be any dunk but with more power, creativity, style and timing.

  • HA IL EY
    HA IL EY 11 days ago

    21 💗 👊 😡

  • HA IL EY
    HA IL EY 11 days ago

    11 basketball nba kawe Dig siig 💗 👊 😡

  • HA IL EY
    HA IL EY 11 days ago

    10 somke 🚬 👎

  • gup
    gup 13 days ago

    the only good dunk she did was off the background lob

  • EJ Funny
    EJ Funny 13 days ago

    Y’all niggas is some straight up haters let these women be great man smh

  • Chronic Timi
    Chronic Timi 14 days ago

    The girl is 6’4 has no hops can only do a simple dunk and gets a high ass score. While Andrew mcfly is 5’4 and could do fly windmills easy

  • Nick Terz
    Nick Terz 15 days ago

    great video man

  • Valk3
    Valk3 16 days ago

    Lmao that girl be 6’4’ and dunking the same as a 10 year old would on a 5 foot basketball net. Yet she gets like 10 on every single one as long as she makes it first try 💀😂💀

  • Lil' Nelis
    Lil' Nelis 19 days ago

    Woman want equality well then give her a 1 every dunk

  • MiMM PRO
    MiMM PRO 21 day ago

    I don't see how these are considered 360's but Air Up There 720 was a 540... FOH. If these ARE 360s then he in fact did do a 720

  • munchy crunch
    munchy crunch 27 days ago


  • diegolol58
    diegolol58 27 days ago

    All boring

  • All cap
    All cap 29 days ago

    31 inch vertical 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦😅😅😅🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦😅😅😅😅😅🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦😅😅😅🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦😅😅😅😅🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦😅😅🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦😅😅😅😅🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤔

  • All cap
    All cap 29 days ago

    This is female privilege at its finest 🤦🤦🤦

  • Isaiah Pierce
    Isaiah Pierce Month ago

    She'll make it to the wnba with just that dunk.

  • Jay Pill
    Jay Pill Month ago

    So she got a 100? Cause she's a 👧

  • Sam The Mediocre 2k Player

    I can only touch rim rn but if i wasnt 210 (mostly fat) id do all those dunks she did im going to 8th grade and im 6'

  • Tashrik Joyce
    Tashrik Joyce Month ago

    1:15 i've never seen a dunk this beautiful

  • Austen Hilton
    Austen Hilton Month ago

    Women: we want equality Everyone:ok so like equal rights? Women: no special treatment if we compete against men

  • CGZ CosweyGamerZ
    CGZ CosweyGamerZ Month ago


  • CyrusJasper Supan

    Is This Lebron Top 30 Dunk?😂😂

  • Sharpshooting Shooter

    why don't that girl just stick to cooking in the kitchen, btw these guys did amazing dunks and yet got beaten by a girl with a simple dunk package just being TRUE💯💯

  • C2 Tan
    C2 Tan Month ago

    My grandma could better then what she did

  • SkateBH
    SkateBH Month ago

    No way she won she got outplayed by the other 2 dudes

  • Ian Sallum BR
    Ian Sallum BR Month ago

    Compare 7:13 and 7:31 O MY GAWD

  • Steve Knill
    Steve Knill Month ago

    Someone’s on lebrons nuts! lol

  • Guh Student
    Guh Student Month ago

    Wait can somebody tell my how high is the rim i am not from america

  • mohamed Isse
    mohamed Isse Month ago

    The fact she was the only female and won now that's fucked up 😑

  • Axis Gaming
    Axis Gaming Month ago

    She didn't even do it first try wtf

  • Matthias Ngo
    Matthias Ngo Month ago

    Bruh this isn’t a pity party why she getting 10s

  • Mellow Kemp
    Mellow Kemp Month ago

    🤔I wonder if he likes Lebron James? 🤣🤣

  • the prankster gangster

    Tf is this bs and how are people liking this.

  • pll superfan4ever

    Scottie should have got first Fran should have got second

  • Wild Fred
    Wild Fred Month ago

    Who is here after Zion became the 1st nba Draft?

  • Wojak Feels
    Wojak Feels Month ago

    Up next WNBA vs NBA. The final score is 85-2 with 85 going to men. WOMEN WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP!

    • All cap
      All cap 29 days ago

      Exactly because there only requirement is to score one bucket and they win 🤦🤦🤦

  • MCcookieGaming
    MCcookieGaming Month ago

    So we still doing this bull shit girl dunk thing

  • Nerf Yew
    Nerf Yew Month ago

    You notice the girl also has a mob of women following behind her every time she’s up to dunk? What’s up with that? None of these other guys have a stadium of entourage swarming them after dunking. Girl has her own hype crew.

  • Kingwavy86
    Kingwavy86 Month ago

    If this how yall doing it as far as the scoring then we might as well have the women competing against the women and leave the men competing against men because they gave her that win. Smh

  • Etienne Yeo
    Etienne Yeo Month ago

    13 year old kids can do that girls dunk smh

  • Ya boi Ethan learnt de wae

    Women: asks for equality Also women: scores 100 of a dunk that my nan could do Get your head out of your arse people

  • Sergio Reyes
    Sergio Reyes Month ago

    Overtime dunk contest > this one

  • Beau Rohrich
    Beau Rohrich Month ago

    Me 12 year old white boy 28 inch vert/ her 19 year old girl 31 inch Announcers: breathtaking

  • Beau Rohrich
    Beau Rohrich Month ago

    Yes because what I wanted to see was a women when we could have had Niven Glover it malichai wideman

  • MrHill 1981
    MrHill 1981 Month ago

    To whomever is in charge of this page, delete it!! Have you ever seen a dunk contest? Like a real dunk contest? These dunks wouldn't even get a 40, let alone a 50!! Smh click bait like a muphuka

  • sheed izi
    sheed izi Month ago

    i never seen an nba player having the head so easily above rim like g green

  • Merrick Tjepkes
    Merrick Tjepkes Month ago

    Bro fr? A 100 on a dunk line that ik she's a girl but wtf (O_o)??

  • Deez NutZ
    Deez NutZ Month ago

    Very bias and sexist, I know her dunks were good but they were nothing compared to other dunks. Also imagine the crowd reaction if SHE did the windmill over 3 people 🥶

  • Vlad Chiriac
    Vlad Chiriac Month ago

    Next time a girl is in the dunk contest the boys shouldn't compete anymore because they will automatically lose because they are males. Or they all should do the dunks that the girl does to prove how women are given special treatment and priviledge

    NIC SWEEZY Month ago

    I seen ni99az in the hood doin better dunks then these pros #FOH

  • Harry Harry
    Harry Harry Month ago

    Lavine in first with his 360 dunk ? -_-

  • Jersey Almonte
    Jersey Almonte Month ago

    Lebron with both the right and left hand windmill dunk. I’ll put him over Green.

  • ꧁Joe꧂
    ꧁Joe꧂ Month ago

    The girl is 6 4 holy shit ofc any one over 6 2 that is in shape can fuckin dunk holy shit ._.

  • ꧁Joe꧂
    ꧁Joe꧂ Month ago

    Wow ur over 6 feet tall and can dunk. No1 cares. Only skilled guy there was the guy who did between the legs but then again he 6 7 xD

  • z
    z Month ago

    DaQuan Jeffries carried this contest. 🔮 🎩

  • Isiah
    Isiah Month ago

    lmao what kinda bullshit is this

  • Avenger772
    Avenger772 Month ago

    Anyone watching this knows damn well she shouldn't have won. No guy doing those dunks would have won so she shouldnt have either of they want to demonstrate equality.

  • K D
    K D Month ago

    This was wrong.

  • manuel di maio
    manuel di maio Month ago

    Lavine is very easy

  • Sn Malki
    Sn Malki Month ago

    I was bout to say how ik what world was that girl her Dunk worth 100 points look at her basic 3th grade dunk the whole team went crazy like if she just shot half court faced opp direction ridiculous

  • Abigael Perales
    Abigael Perales Month ago

    She would’ve won just by touching the rim

  • YoungLife Style
    YoungLife Style Month ago

    She did not deserve that

  • YoungLife Style
    YoungLife Style Month ago

    That’s BS that girl did the most basic dunks ever an she wins that’s some sexist shit right there

  • David Brock
    David Brock Month ago

    It's ok, he will make millions & what will she make?...

  • Gary Escourse
    Gary Escourse Month ago

    Zion>DJJr>Zach le/>Dennis Smith jr>Deonte Burton. #HeatNation...Deonte Burton is a gem for OKC

  • F.B.I Dude
    F.B.I Dude Month ago

    Well, guys have genetics on their side Girls got “equality” on theirs

  • Jaxon MCGREGOR
    Jaxon MCGREGOR Month ago

    LJ the goat kids

  • Glennville Sanido

    This is some next level Bullshit.

  • koolyousuf
    koolyousuf Month ago

    Am Nike fan

  • RealRell757
    RealRell757 Month ago

    She something special can you say wnba nice dunks erbody but the two hand 360 off the alley off the side wooaah

  • Grier d
    Grier d Month ago

    Look I don’t care what anyone says dunking at only 6’1 is difficult as it is but she’s also a girl which is even more impressive

  • Jaay 57
    Jaay 57 Month ago

    I love that she won 💯💯💯 but it was a tie the other way anyway so they gonna be in more dunk contest

  • Me F
    Me F Month ago

    Lmao these dunks are weak as hell

  • CrazyPanda 1
    CrazyPanda 1 Month ago

    Well that was some bullshit

  • Dillon Walsh
    Dillon Walsh Month ago

    That bs

  • benneth directo
    benneth directo Month ago

    Daruis garland is in nba and zion

  • Jaylen Clarke
    Jaylen Clarke Month ago

    The girl literally did the same dunk every time

  • Hamza Bhatti
    Hamza Bhatti Month ago

    I miss this season

  • Christian Tasi
    Christian Tasi Month ago

    Top 20 360s/windmills

  • deine mamamama
    deine mamamama Month ago

    WTF is that shit that exakt the same like in pe and Soccer all Girl get an a cuz they tried and all Boys an c cuz they werent good

  • Almighty Kayl
    Almighty Kayl Month ago

    The comments don't match the like/dlslike ratio

    MACKO TV Month ago

    Same dunks

    MACKO TV Month ago


  • King James
    King James Month ago

    Wtf 100 for that shit why everyone hyped that shit trash 🤣🤣🤣

  • Master Of Statistics

    WOW Zion looks so fat.

  • Bullshit
    Bullshit Month ago

    I can do that I’m 5”8 she 6”4 that shit ain’t impressive

  • His Airness
    His Airness Month ago

    only windmill XD

  • Kutroz
    Kutroz Month ago

    How the hell she beat Zion in the first round doing a simple dunk mans did a between the legs windmill dunk

  • codey chang
    codey chang Month ago

    Equality isn't given a girl a perfect score for dunking normally.

  • KKING Productionz

    Windmill dunks aren't that impressive anymore