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  • No One
    No One 5 minutes ago

    0:40 Darth Nihilus

  • smit joshi
    smit joshi 14 minutes ago

    Bruce lee wasn't loud mouth he wasn't need to explain Martial art by mouth. His body language and action says all. Total fake scene

  • Kp SA
    Kp SA 17 minutes ago

    Hating on "Ways to die in the West" but loving loaded Weapon. Someone just hates Mcfarlane.

  • Vaughn Lewis
    Vaughn Lewis 26 minutes ago

    He should have used a 45 and settled it!!

  • fake Name
    fake Name 27 minutes ago

    Hey F* off, a million ways to die int he west was great!

  • LupeYoung
    LupeYoung 27 minutes ago

    Bruce was more humble and pure strength and speed

  • blank boy
    blank boy 27 minutes ago

    The lore and timelessness of the Star Wars universe carries these shitty written stories on its back.

  • William boozer
    William boozer 29 minutes ago

    Lol 😂 I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • Sam Mitchell Channel
    Sam Mitchell Channel 31 minute ago

    They destroyed the fight scene with that shaky camera

  • metaldad1967
    metaldad1967 31 minute ago

    I'm actually more pissed off about how Bruce was portrayed in Birth of The Dragon than this. THIS is comical as fuck.

  • Jay Khan
    Jay Khan 33 minutes ago

    Nobody ever said the navy was a joke

  • Mervin Lucas
    Mervin Lucas 35 minutes ago

    Hahahhaa poor bruce

  • shanke300
    shanke300 35 minutes ago

    Sam Elliot is truly a man's man. Full on alpha male.

  • brogo ram
    brogo ram 36 minutes ago

    Donnie and Sylvester

  • qntnbarrett88
    qntnbarrett88 37 minutes ago

    The guy on the right looks as though he just did 13 tours in NAM.

    THOMAS G 40 minutes ago

    All of them and future ones too 👍👍👍😂😄

  • YuiTzkie Savage
    YuiTzkie Savage 43 minutes ago

    Am I only the one who thinks Donnie speaks like Bruce Lee

  • Carlos P Diaz
    Carlos P Diaz 45 minutes ago

    That’s the fight scene? This is the controversy? Hmm. His accent’s ok. BORING speech and he lacks Bruce’s charisma to pull it off.

  • K Maan
    K Maan 46 minutes ago

    If you're gonna reenact Bruce Lee, it needs to be spot on.

  • Apocolex
    Apocolex 53 minutes ago

    oh god kill me

  • sunil acharya
    sunil acharya 53 minutes ago

    If bruce kick he would have died

  • Wyatt Wright
    Wyatt Wright 54 minutes ago

    Didn't like the movie or the scene at all and I love Tarantino's work I get the scene was supposed to Showcase Clint's fighting skills and make what he does at the end of the movie seemed not impossible but really you're going to make him square off with literally one of the greatest Kung Fu of Masters of all time and you're going to have him look like a dumbass question mark really questionable call by Quentin who someone who loves martial arts movies

  • Robo DROID
    Robo DROID 56 minutes ago

    If Anakin was the chosen one which means he will come back to kill Palpatine. Maybe "Rise of Skywalker" means Anakin Skywalker's rise from the dead to defeat the Sith

  • Quốc Bảo
    Quốc Bảo 57 minutes ago

    Brad Pitt at 4:25 is priceless

  • Elliott White
    Elliott White 58 minutes ago

    Ahhh the summer of 2003...when I was born

  • William Johns
    William Johns 59 minutes ago

    So no body actually picked up on the fact that the stunt man and Bruce were fighting in Jeet Kun Do which is Bruce Lee’s actual fighting style he created using multiple martial arts. It’s sad how people only get hung up on the lines and not see the beauty that Quintin Tarantino put Bruce Lee’s legacy into film. Love that Director. Brad Pitt’s martial arts by the way 🥋🔥

  • wok lam
    wok lam Hour ago

    what the fok bruce lee never talk a lot just action

  • John Smith
    John Smith Hour ago

    Tyson has no business in any Ip Man movie. Including him was just stupid

  • Ship Lover
    Ship Lover Hour ago

    Plot twist: Anakin is just telling a bedtime story for Luke and Leaia

  • l h
    l h Hour ago

    Worst scene in cinema history this movie was dog shit

  • Grettel Vargas
    Grettel Vargas Hour ago

    This movie SUCKS. I realize why Bruce Lee's family was offended due this scene. Actually, Bruce Lee admired Mohammed Ali.

  • Carlos Sichangi
    Carlos Sichangi Hour ago

    Donnien plays really fight than tyson

  • 1997lordofdoom
    1997lordofdoom Hour ago

    This scene is fucking defamation, it portrays Bruce Lee as an egomaniac that disrespects other fighters at claims he can beat everyone. Why did he have to use Bruce Lee and not some cocky made up character for this scene?

  • Rebelng Superboy

    I did love a Million ways to die in the West it was so funny

  • The Krueger
    The Krueger Hour ago

    Awesome takes, horrible music

  • johnnyreality
    johnnyreality Hour ago


  • Bimini Cunningham

    This scene is the ultimate fantasy of the typical insecure, racist white guy - to belittle the masculinity of men of any race other than himself. They wouldn’t dare do this to Chuck Norris. That’s what makes it racist and disgusting. White privilege makes it easy to deny the racism. Nothing funny about this.

  • Zoha Khan
    Zoha Khan Hour ago


  • Marc Pipistrello

    Sofia Coppola also in Phantom Menace as one of Amidala's attendants.

  • Noah J. Herrera
    Noah J. Herrera Hour ago

    I think a lot of people forget that this was supposed to be a fractured telling of Hollywood. As Quentin is known for, telling fractured stories. A lot of folks I feel take the movie too literally.

  • Carlos Arias
    Carlos Arias Hour ago

    I have my hopes that JJ Abraham’s redeemed Star Wars from Rían Johnson’s and Kennedy’s mess. Let’s see what happens.

  • varun vallath
    varun vallath Hour ago

    Legend LEE

  • Kevin Henderson
    Kevin Henderson Hour ago

    Starsky and Hutch and the movie The A-Team, had a cameo.

  • Giovanni Scalingi

    Ti avverto, non leggere sotto... Ora metti like al commento e domani prenderai 8 e se ti iscriverai al mio canale prenderai addirittura 10.

  • holdmebackbrah
    holdmebackbrah Hour ago

    2 of the most badass people under one roof. Itd be so awesome to meet these guys

  • MeLiOdAs
    MeLiOdAs Hour ago

    Chidori from naruto 1:48 cant stop laughing

  • 1hard2findbro
    1hard2findbro 2 hours ago

    Can't wait for this movie 🙌

  • The Terminated 2020
    The Terminated 2020 2 hours ago

    The T-1000, man that was just great

  • Albert Covington
    Albert Covington 2 hours ago

    Anyone butt hurt over this is a total idiot and has missed the point entirely. It's no disrespect to Lee...that's why it ended in a tie. It's meant to show what a bad ass Cliff...not Brad Cliff was called "Audie Murphy" by Rick at one point. Meaning he killed a bunch of people in the war. Jesus Christ people are stupid these days and can't analyze for shit. Likley yall have never heard of Audie Murphy? Fucking morons.

  • Marvel-Dc Jr
    Marvel-Dc Jr 2 hours ago

    Disney don’t know what to do with the property: the movie

  • Michael Bielawski
    Michael Bielawski 2 hours ago

    He looks like the Bruce Lee double from Game of Death!

  • Geek freak114
    Geek freak114 2 hours ago

    I watched this with my dad and brother. After seeing Bruce Lee get chucked into a car, my dad and brother laughed harder than i thought they would. And to be honest, most of this scene was just a joke, people nowadays are so butthurt because they can't take a joke or a funny moment

  • angel murphy
    angel murphy 2 hours ago

    batman in out of sight 🤔

  • Owened
    Owened 2 hours ago

    This movie's gonna be a convoluted mess. There's too much to cover and make up for, they haven't even made the main characters likable yet.

  • Logic TNL
    Logic TNL 2 hours ago

    that was not how Bruce really was this movie is a joke

  • Randy Fleetwood
    Randy Fleetwood 2 hours ago

    Milk does the body good!

  • kevin clsyton
    kevin clsyton 2 hours ago

    His voice is so much better..more evil👍

  • 4- EAST Entertainments

    Really Tarantino??😕

  • Wise Paranoia
    Wise Paranoia 3 hours ago

    I don't care.

  • Bob Ray
    Bob Ray 3 hours ago

    The beginning of The Run down when Arnold passes The Rock and says "Have Fun".

  • Nino Nice
    Nino Nice 3 hours ago

    Grow up loving every single one of his movies and miss his wild and crazy style.I bet you any money that he's making God, Jesus and all of Heaven laughing their asses off.RIP my friend.

  • Trey Sosa
    Trey Sosa 3 hours ago

    Literally we don't gotta see the movie since we are already seeing the upcoming trailer's

  • lam interior
    lam interior 3 hours ago

    Real bruce here, 10 Brad pitt not enuf to died for.

  • Ромашка 1941
    Ромашка 1941 3 hours ago

    Well. it's a beautiful looking dumpster fire filled with human excrement. Can't wait for the reviews..

  • Mark Lupo
    Mark Lupo 3 hours ago

    They were shooting jay and silent bob strike back, at on the same set. Hence Wes cravens cameo in jay and silent bob

  • BadAsh786
    BadAsh786 3 hours ago

    What annoys me about that BTTF cameo is the Delorean is missing Mr Fusion!

  • pjetrs
    pjetrs 3 hours ago

    I just noticed that this scene is almost one long shot.. impressive

  • Za real LENIN
    Za real LENIN 4 hours ago

    Girls locker room: aagh pe is boring Boys locker room:

  • Lake Cooper
    Lake Cooper 4 hours ago

    Tyson and Foreman were both scary KILLERS. Now...also teddy bears...and loved more than ever.

  • Ritchie Wallace
    Ritchie Wallace 4 hours ago

    I have no doubt that Brad Pitt could beat Bruce Lee in a fight if he was alive. I also have no doubt that I could beat Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in a fight no problem

  • Magido89
    Magido89 4 hours ago

    Returning palpatine is the biggest asspull in movie history. Star wars is creatively bankrupt

  • The Kandege
    The Kandege 4 hours ago

    Tarantino you tease !

  • Shyprox Moments
    Shyprox Moments 4 hours ago

    "He beated the shit out of bruce"- my fav line in the movie

  • Salomov Hikmatullo
    Salomov Hikmatullo 4 hours ago

    No offense, but i see no Bruce Lee, but a shoutnig clown. Who doesn't even fight properly))). Lee was a lot better, and his shouts were too).

  • Fahmy Ardiansyah
    Fahmy Ardiansyah 4 hours ago

    Bruce lee has to win no matter what.

  • maureencora1
    maureencora1 4 hours ago

    They Look Like Vietnam Vets.

  • Aluminum Løu
    Aluminum Løu 4 hours ago

    the guy is hot af

  • Pan con Atún
    Pan con Atún 5 hours ago

    I don’t like this new rework to Nunu and willump

  • SAM
    SAM 5 hours ago

    pls stop making star wars movies and move the fuck on !

  • ShayoX
    ShayoX 5 hours ago

    It's Tarantino and everybody knows that... But this version of Bruce Lee is complete horseshit and nothing like real Bruce Lee.

  • Carsten B.
    Carsten B. 5 hours ago

    Where is the new Hulk movie and the cast in the movie Lou Ferrigno

  • 1stplace2nd
    1stplace2nd 5 hours ago

    When broke Lee hit that car I just died laughing!!!! 135lbs philosopherVs 200lbs special force’s trained, psychopathic stuntman. WORLDSTAR!!!✊✊✊

  • Vortex - Minecraft
    Vortex - Minecraft 5 hours ago

    The fact that he is still alive is really dump how did he even survive?lol

  • Rick O'Shay
    Rick O'Shay 5 hours ago

    0:49 Nice butt.

  • Omar Campos
    Omar Campos 5 hours ago

    be honest with yourself. you don’t hate the prequels. in reality you only hate your dad because he never actually loved you or has been proud of anything you’ve done.

  • jason ishola
    jason ishola 5 hours ago

    This summer disney brings you deadpool PG

  • Dancing With the Nintendo Stars

    How many times are we gonna see another Rey and Ren fight geez bring in spider maul or something different

  • Melvin Hernandez
    Melvin Hernandez 5 hours ago

    The real Bruce lee would had put that pretty boy in a wheelchair

  • Sigma
    Sigma 5 hours ago

    Does that time count, when jason statham was called “the guy from the transporter movie“ in crank 2?

  • bozkurt komAndo
    bozkurt komAndo 5 hours ago

    This is a insult for bruce lee, i hope kids dont look at this, bruce lee hes bones will crack wtf is this bullshit

  • Water Flow
    Water Flow 5 hours ago

    Too slow

  • Darkrenzo Oshrein
    Darkrenzo Oshrein 5 hours ago

    Straight up stopped at #10 and will not watch the rest. Anyone who thinks that A Million Ways to Die in the West was not good enough for that cameo, clearly has not taste!

  • lepoulpejaune
    lepoulpejaune 5 hours ago

    I love these songs!!!

  • Moppas Allmeric
    Moppas Allmeric 5 hours ago

    so brad pitt next james bond

  • Adam Leviathan
    Adam Leviathan 5 hours ago

    Wow, u are DUMB man. The Jason stathum In collateral one at number 2 wasn’t a cameo. It was just Jason stathum in a small movie roll. Look it up dumb a*s. Wow. Lol.

  • Adam Leviathan
    Adam Leviathan 5 hours ago

    A million ways to die in the old west was an “extremely poor movie” dipsh*t? Ok moron. It wasn’t the funniest movie ever, but it’s not known for being bad the way ur making it sound. U obviously have a gay dorky sense of humor, so it’s not surprising.

  • Steven Myers
    Steven Myers 5 hours ago

    2:15 good gosh, he’s still talking hahaha

  • Danni Edwards
    Danni Edwards 5 hours ago

    this made bruce look like a fool here even though this actor was on point of the way he was except for that part where brad pitt does him over🙈😅

  • the the
    the the 6 hours ago

    We all know in real life Bruce would rip the car in two with Cliff lmao

  • mrbatman
    mrbatman 6 hours ago

    LOL no way bruce moved that slow, comeon quentin