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Bruce lee's lifestyle
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  • kc venezuela
    kc venezuela 52 minutes ago

    Pls subscribe to my chanel kurt venezuela and click the bell subcribe fore you

  • Rob k
    Rob k 5 hours ago

    He earns my daily wage in 2 minutes???!! I know I'm poor but man.

  • Msaab Alfadel
    Msaab Alfadel 12 hours ago


  • Gio Verde
    Gio Verde 13 hours ago

    Some true legends but some truly terrible transformations because of cosmetic surgery

  • Valentin Picioiu
    Valentin Picioiu 15 hours ago

    THE GREATEST......

  • Fabian Marin
    Fabian Marin 16 hours ago

    BMW M5 no M6

  • Awee Awee
    Awee Awee 17 hours ago


  • Jesús Mari Zubi
    Jesús Mari Zubi 18 hours ago

    Solo faltaría que los actores famosos,deportistas famosos,etc, después de 30 años permanecieran igual que de joven. La gente ' normal' de la calle cambia y mucho. Y claro,los demás también.

  • Zahoor Baloch
    Zahoor Baloch 18 hours ago

    New bag

  • Saphire Awatere
    Saphire Awatere 20 hours ago

    Sylvester Stallone is the man and arnold Schwarzenegger is the man

  • Allin1cuz !
    Allin1cuz ! 20 hours ago

    Lot of kids.

  • Burtanek
    Burtanek 21 hour ago


  • Dave M
    Dave M 23 hours ago

    That's the man that killed his own daughters.

  • Faruq Ali
    Faruq Ali 23 hours ago

    People with so much will have to give account to the creator one day

  • HENRY Valdez
    HENRY Valdez Day ago

    So fucking funny so Mike Tyson was 1 year old when he bit Holyfield Jajajaja 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ORLY Barria
    ORLY Barria Day ago

    Bellos todos😚

  • ORLY Barria
    ORLY Barria Day ago

    Oye claro que se va a cambiar eterno solo Dios😏

  • Jaco Jaco
    Jaco Jaco Day ago

    Czas płynie nieubłaganie dla każdego

  • Jonathan Szwed

    Hair : bold

  • Lucianna Cirqueira Lima

    Cadê os brasileiros? 🇧🇷

  • Becchee
    Becchee Day ago

    Who do u like Like:Jaden Smith COMMENT: Justin beiber

  • Dominik Grobicki

    Dwyane johnson

  • Rocky Man
    Rocky Man Day ago

    1997 kane too strong and scary

  • Рустам Абдуразаков

    Жуда бахтлик инсон экансиз!!!!! Оллох Сиздан Рози булсин!!!! Ассалому алайкум !!!!!!

  • Siri Ouambo
    Siri Ouambo Day ago


  • Padma Devi
    Padma Devi Day ago

    Abe Jaden Smith ka age bush 20 takh hi ,, aor Justin ka 25 ...😕😕

  • Happy
    Happy Day ago

    It's just stuff... store up treasures in heaven

  • luiz francisco

    Sinceramente- que porrinha feia é esse muleque.

  • Maya Coulibaly
    Maya Coulibaly 2 days ago

    Even at the Same age why does Justin looks older

  • Crystal Gaydos
    Crystal Gaydos 2 days ago

    Every thing for me is Justin

  • Robert Harry
    Robert Harry 2 days ago

    An uninmpressive sperm character in Woody Allen s everything you want to know about sex

  • Aliiloa Silva
    Aliiloa Silva 2 days ago

    What an awesome man he is..... Thank you Arnold for all of your wonderful achievements. So inspiring!!!

  • Vijay Bahadur Yadav

    Justin biber is always handsome and I think most of people only like justine

  • Arie Sakaw
    Arie Sakaw 2 days ago



    Thanks for reminding me that im gonna shrivel up and be hideous


    So they show a cgi picture of dolph in the Now photo and one the Arnold pics wasnt even arnold ffs

  • kartik gamer
    kartik gamer 2 days ago

    nice and beautiful

  • Ayush Pal
    Ayush Pal 2 days ago

    Hai na

  • Ayush Pal
    Ayush Pal 2 days ago

    John Cena bhi

  • Ayush Pal
    Ayush Pal 2 days ago

    I love khali

  • Yudi Yudi
    Yudi Yudi 2 days ago


  • Ritsuko Strange
    Ritsuko Strange 2 days ago

    So much incorrect information.

  • H Norman Fauzi putra

    Alhamdulillah muslim .... Kami indonesia love tyson

  • 0ñłÿ_Ajãh
    0ñłÿ_Ajãh 3 days ago

    Jaden is so adorable and so is his sister willow 😍

  • Triple Akire
    Triple Akire 3 days ago

    Jet Li my super idol. Get well soon god bless

  • Tony Manoa
    Tony Manoa 3 days ago

    Wait Hold up HOLD THE FUCK UP!!!! Did you just write he was born in 1996!!!?? Who's your plug?

  • Amarhi Graham
    Amarhi Graham 3 days ago

    This was made in 2018 they said 2019 slow people

  • Hanna Passos
    Hanna Passos 3 days ago

    Os 2 arrasam

  • 少川靖男
    少川靖男 3 days ago

    all the info are wrong. his high school is st. Francis not La Wall's. plus the thumb nail is a very bad Photoshop crap in front of a vintage car !! this channel should be taken down. his Chinese name was Lee Jun Fan, Lee shiaoLun was only his stage name.

  • Melyn Cassie
    Melyn Cassie 3 days ago


  • Xtniloy
    Xtniloy 3 days ago

    Every one is changed ... But Will smith 🙄🤔

  • Irma Regina Tercero Reyes

    Que te hace pensar que queremos ver a estos parde mierdas

  • hussain kam
    hussain kam 3 days ago

    from nothing to something huge respect for him

  • didikvlastimil
    didikvlastimil 3 days ago

    suche geňo skarede

  • Hizaki Konayuki
    Hizaki Konayuki 3 days ago

    What song ?

  • István Somogyi
    István Somogyi 3 days ago

    Kedves Ferenczy Zsuzsika kereslek teged !

  • Esther Bernard
    Esther Bernard 3 days ago

    So inspired what a great man

  • Puji Prasetyo
    Puji Prasetyo 3 days ago

    Jett li is top

  • Dominik Grobicki
    Dominik Grobicki 3 days ago

    Vin diesel was Rich 🙂🙂🙂


    I love Dwayne Johnson💪 💪💖💪💖💪💖💪💖💪💖 🏋️💪♥️🏋️💚💪🏋️♥️💪🌹 ♥️💗💓💖♥️💕💓♥️💖💗

  • Amina Zed
    Amina Zed 4 days ago

    Cheikh al maktoum ban rachad Macha allah

  • Michele Zhang
    Michele Zhang 4 days ago

    A sick Asian that swung toward Wooly Bully? SO what his mother's mother was fucked by a German drifter?

  • SquashOli
    SquashOli 4 days ago

    Mike is born 1969

    • Jamal
      Jamal Day ago

      SquashOli 1966*

  • Bendon Japon
    Bendon Japon 4 days ago

    Who knew his mom would be fish moony

  • Bridget Sitima
    Bridget Sitima 4 days ago

    Nicky is on fire

  • Andreia Carolina
    Andreia Carolina 4 days ago


  • Ricardo Jarkinng
    Ricardo Jarkinng 4 days ago

    Where is God in your Life Sly ?

  • Canal de Videos da Cristina

    Ele é o melhor 😘

  • Joy Ace
    Joy Ace 4 days ago

    WOW Diesel looking good they say my son looks like you and every time I see you I see my son 😊🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰Love you 🥰my son have 2 beautiful little girls 😊

  • MichaelWhitneyx2pac


  • Paolo Ghibaudo
    Paolo Ghibaudo 4 days ago


  • Carl Davis
    Carl Davis 4 days ago

    First, the Seargeoh pic looked like Milo Ventimiglia. Second, Sly: so how many homeless people do you help in your own city with all the houses and cars you have? How much of the poor do you feed and clothe? Curious.

    • Carl Davis
      Carl Davis 3 days ago

      zestydude87 , nobody needs that many cars and homes! Absolutely absurd!!

    • zestydude87
      zestydude87 3 days ago

      I get what youre saying... Its nice to have some expensive things....but this is just way over the top. I would have to give at least some of it to a charity of some sort in order to look at myself in the mirror each day.

  • Ester bagusss Parapat

    Justin bieber laik 😚😚

  • chhorn seethon
    chhorn seethon 4 days ago


  • bruce lee bruce lee

    My master bruce lee

  • Isabelle Beauchamp
    Isabelle Beauchamp 4 days ago


  • Isabelle Beauchamp
    Isabelle Beauchamp 4 days ago


  • Ed Berger
    Ed Berger 4 days ago

    Mel Gibson looks fucked!!

  • South Philadelphia
    South Philadelphia 4 days ago

    Besides the original Rocky and Rambo the rest of his movies are crap

    GATO LOCO 4 days ago

    Name of the song???

  • Tita Manhice
    Tita Manhice 4 days ago

    Parabéns ao casal de jovens

  • Tita Manhice
    Tita Manhice 4 days ago

    Afinal sabe pegar mulher pequeno kitai kkkk

  • 田中克美
    田中克美 4 days ago

    Amazing handsome good luck ,

  • Delsia Plays
    Delsia Plays 4 days ago

    Jayden is cuter by 11

    ABEL UBAMBA 4 days ago

    Great! Help the starving Anord and God will grant you eternal life in heaven

  • Jean Dukate
    Jean Dukate 4 days ago

    Just to be fair the "THEN" pictures were all shot with studio lighting and some stills even airbrushed. The old guy side didn't have that advantage.

  • dinda elia bulan romadhon bnyk jambret hahaha

    Keanu Reeves..old more handsome

  • Marsya Lie
    Marsya Lie 4 days ago

    Awet mudaaaa

  • Sandy Horton
    Sandy Horton 5 days ago

    I have always loved Sylvester Stallone all my life second to My first favorite Dean “Dino “Martin. I have always loved boxing and kickboxing it’s the only sport I really really know and love and all the Rambo movies always... but you forgot to mention two movies of Sylvester Stallone because all of them are classics to me I have loved fallowing him and his movies all my life. My boyfriend is 100% Italian and especially when I worked for a prominent Veterinarian Dr Joesph Girato I was his Backroom Kennel Manager and would help out in surgery it was awesome and I come home first day and my boyfriend starts calling me Adrian from the Rocky movies we used to watch them all the time because he knows that Sylvester Stallone is my favorite actor besides my Dean Martin anyway the two movies you failed to mention that are truly one of my classics 1.) COBRA- remember Marion Cobretti- you are the disease and I am the cure, one of his best movies ever and 2.) LOCKUP- He was always saying in this Prison movie, he used to say-DTA- Don’t trust anyone. Also another one of his best movies, but I gotta love them all and I do. PEACE ☮️ OUT. BLESS YOU ALWAYS

  • VeXiNgToN
    VeXiNgToN 5 days ago

    Thumbnail is an fake

  • Johnnie Kyle
    Johnnie Kyle 5 days ago

    Ooooooh thank God for awhile I thought that boy was Gay

    • Jotaro Kujo
      Jotaro Kujo 2 days ago

      Johnnie Kyle Whats wrong with being gay?

  • Madeleyne Alpizar
    Madeleyne Alpizar 5 days ago

    Lo único bello de estos famosos es el dinero y todo lo que con lleva eso,hasta las cirugías pero a la larga y a la corta son drogadictos y se llegan a sentir solos!!!Que envidia 🤣🤣

  • Adolphe Yamîn
    Adolphe Yamîn 5 days ago

    L'argent ne peux jamais acheté le bonheur ou la vie, voilà il vieilli Mr Arnold

  • Lola Lafayette
    Lola Lafayette 5 days ago

    This woman :yeurk🤢🤮she is software vulgarité. I knew some whores smarter & more glamour than her

  • 吳旻儒
    吳旻儒 5 days ago

    Where is his tatoo on his left arm and shoulder at 5:08?

  • Linda Lulu
    Linda Lulu 5 days ago

    EVERYONE's body changes with age.

  • Sebo Ray
    Sebo Ray 5 days ago


  • Analyn De guia
    Analyn De guia 5 days ago

    i love you rock your movei

  • Captain Jesus
    Captain Jesus 5 days ago

    My Cosmic Brother Bruce Lee was Terminated by SPECTRE by Blood Sacrifice to Satan TITILESS LUCIFER AND EVIL GODDESS DIANA. REPENT spectre John 3:16. The Hell Universe is waiting on you. Captain Jesus Incarnated Son of Jesus Christ God of gods END OF LINE

  • Onica ella Magracia

    I luv them both ,buth im justin biggest girl fun from Philippines 😁😊💕😘