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How To Clean a MOOSE
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How to Clean a Bear
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  • Shayneel Chand
    Shayneel Chand 26 minutes ago


  • Josephine Ibrahim Khalaf
    Josephine Ibrahim Khalaf 27 minutes ago

    I miss living in the snow. I loved it Robert but now moved down here to Southern California🌞 to be near my parents and family members. Sending love to y'all Sarah is badass and God bless you n your family. 💕 My fav fish is Tilapia so yummy🐟🐠🐡

  • China North Airguns
    China North Airguns 31 minute ago

    "Meat smells so good" how do you smell anything but moose?. I can smell them a hundred yards away. More stinky than a rutting male goat.

  • deakel18
    deakel18 36 minutes ago

    I would just fall over n die if I got the blessing to come c u guys in person

  • Michael Brodzik
    Michael Brodzik 38 minutes ago

    Really cant wait to meet you all! I'm trying to change my job to get to Tampa area. I have been fishing and hunting all my life In the midwest even travels all around the World as a Marine Sniper and Marine Sniper instructor. Been subbed since the old condo!

  • kenneth white
    kenneth white 42 minutes ago

    I've been watching ur channel for a while now I am extremely happy for u and ur family and the the thing u have been able to accomplish congratulations

  • Jim Berousek
    Jim Berousek 50 minutes ago

    Dude I picture your house always smelling like game meat Everglades seasoning

  • Ken's World Of Wonder
    Ken's World Of Wonder 56 minutes ago

    The Maryland way to steam Blue Crab. Get a pot like this one. Use half water, half beer. fill up to the bottom of the steam rack. put in a layer of live crabs (DO NOT CLEAN THEM) Cover crabs with Old Bay Seasoning Cover crabs with salt. Repeat until pot is full. Use a bungy cord to keep the lid on. When steam starts to come out the side of the lid, time for 20 minutes. Crab are done when they are a bright red. ENJOY!!!! See my other comment to pick them correctly.

  • 1,000 subsrcibers without videos

    what bait did he use

  • Dakota Riblett
    Dakota Riblett 58 minutes ago

    Arthur Morgan can skin a gator in 10 seconds!

  • Cody Schneider
    Cody Schneider Hour ago

    Couldn't take it anymore. I went and bought that everglade original. can't wait to try it!!!

  • My hero forward
    My hero forward Hour ago

    Did i just see a lays bag.... OPENED UPSIDE DOWN?!

    TIM OSHEA Hour ago

    Please!! Do not have political ads.

  • Jonathan Morris
    Jonathan Morris Hour ago

    Hey deer meat I'm a contractor outta atlanta I cam help with that condo for some fishing an hunting trips

  • Big Schoons Little bar

    What kind of boat do you have

  • elizabeth gamble
    elizabeth gamble 2 hours ago

    Absolutely FABULOUS fantastic video I'm so very very proud of you

  • Ken's World Of Wonder

    This is the Maryland way to pick a Blue Crab. Cover a picnic table with butcher paper, or news paper. Then pick the crab like in the video. When done eating crabs, roll up the paper with the shells.

  • Timmothy McCandless
    Timmothy McCandless 2 hours ago

    Robert you sir are a very lucky man, with the life that you live and the women behind you.

  • J J
    J J 2 hours ago

    Great environment for her, so awesome....thanks for sharing !

  • elizabeth gamble
    elizabeth gamble 2 hours ago

    So very grateful that you are doing these wonderful amazing videos

  • Jotra
    Jotra 2 hours ago

    I’m so happy to see you so happy Rob. I remember commenting on a video when the channel was under approx 50k subs and you replied back. I remember like it was yesterday because i felt your reply to my comment was so genuine and you haven’t changed after becoming successful. Love you and your channel! You’re very inspiring!

  • Timmothy McCandless
    Timmothy McCandless 2 hours ago

    "Pinch them in a half don't be a girl" Omg I love that.

  • ljvue
    ljvue 2 hours ago

    She was disappointed.

  • elizabeth gamble
    elizabeth gamble 2 hours ago

    Lol I have had dreams about meeting you and your family and going fishing and doing videos and making my own utube channel lol

  • Sir Belvedere
    Sir Belvedere 2 hours ago

    Dead and desolate, just like the Democratic Party and the Squad’s brains.

  • chronic2001n
    chronic2001n 2 hours ago

    I'm fortunate enough to be an early subscriber and seeing your channel grow has been so cool. Not very surprising though, I knew this channel was gold from the first time I watched an upload. The uniqueness of it incorporating morals, ethics, family, friends, the love of nature, and God is what really made me a HUGE fan. Here's to a blessed future! Cheers!

  • Timmothy McCandless
    Timmothy McCandless 2 hours ago

    I'm not a huge fan of leg quarters but I agree man why waste it

  • Gains
    Gains 3 hours ago

    does wild hog taste close to pork from the store?

  • Annette Hudson
    Annette Hudson 3 hours ago

    I'm gonna go buy me some crabs just watching you coik and clean them and congrats on your new baby on the way sarah

  • Biju Maharjan
    Biju Maharjan 3 hours ago

    Lets make this happen this condo idea is amazing 🤗🤗🐊🐊

  • celis281
    celis281 3 hours ago

    Did anybody else see the 2nd bear to his left at the 7:13 mark run off

  • Mister Fox
    Mister Fox 3 hours ago

    No boots, but your camera guy is wearing them. What gives?

  • Michelle Clair
    Michelle Clair 4 hours ago

    Amen ...Your wife is blessed to have a husband like you, One that also cooks. God bless you and the family. Loved your message about paying it forward.

  • RandomDude AK
    RandomDude AK 4 hours ago

    karen: *enters* manager: 11:52

  • Seat Repairs
    Seat Repairs 4 hours ago

    I used to live in palm point

  • Jeremiah Manlopig
    Jeremiah Manlopig 4 hours ago

    Have you ever 3-C’d your fresh bait you catch. Grilled Sardines are a delicacy in some countries including the 🇺🇸.?

  • Seat Repairs
    Seat Repairs 4 hours ago

    center street hahahaha

  • Michael Kent
    Michael Kent 4 hours ago

    My son Kevin have ask me to take him fishing, he would love to go fishing with you. You are amazing when it comes to teaching the internet how to fish in the sea. God Bless You, I am so happy for your family.

  • Javier Gonzalez
    Javier Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    My grandma grows those little orange peppers in her backyard

  • Patrick Hogan
    Patrick Hogan 4 hours ago

    Eel tail catfish

  • who you
    who you 4 hours ago

    1000 thumbs up for the prayer☝️

  • DoC Jawzik
    DoC Jawzik 5 hours ago

    How much did the restoration cost?

  • Steve Delgado
    Steve Delgado 5 hours ago

    I live in TEXAS and I water turkey hunted in Mexico earlier this year and dove hunted a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoy bird hunting. hit me up on istagram rungyd43

  • Ryan - paid for Driving

    Awesome video

  • Andy Ellis
    Andy Ellis 5 hours ago

    Meat looks awful for a wild alaskan king. It's almost a touly in color.

  • Kevin Barrett
    Kevin Barrett 5 hours ago

    Hey Rob, man when y'all gonna do a cookbook? That would be awesome dude thanks 👍😁

  • Aaron Aldrich
    Aaron Aldrich 5 hours ago


  • Suzanne Benz
    Suzanne Benz 5 hours ago

    As I remember, fresh Grouper is the very BEST! Thank you, Robert!

  • Nick Marnitz
    Nick Marnitz 5 hours ago

    Hi Rob, I’m a new kid on the block in the sense of hunting. I have discovered that hunting is giving my insane passion for fishing a run for its money! I wanted to ask you a question, in South Africa ( where I’m from) we tend to hang our game the duration of the maturing process differs from person to person. On average I’d say it’s normal, here to hang a carcass for up to 7 days, my question to you is do you hang your meat? Does leaving your meat in the ice “bath” make a difference to the quality of your meat? If ever you find your self wanting to visit our beautiful country and would like to experience something different let me know! Love the videos, have learnt so much! God bless to you and your beautiful family!

  • Thomas Daniel
    Thomas Daniel 6 hours ago

    Wish I had the Florida life and all 😢

  • alexandra
    alexandra 6 hours ago

    Would love to fish with you Robert!!

  • Nathan Thorson
    Nathan Thorson 6 hours ago

    Looks so delicious

  • Chris 279
    Chris 279 7 hours ago

    Oh man, just watching some of these old DMFD vids. It’s like watching old home videos. 15k subs? Hahaha!

  • Almighty Monday
    Almighty Monday 7 hours ago

    Nice bro! Your very experienced 💪💪

  • Zach Martin
    Zach Martin 7 hours ago

    I would normally be one of those cynical naysayers, saying that the fish would have fared better if you just released him from his original home. I think that "Range" might be better off where you brought him. Well done, sir.

  • Kyle Newkirk
    Kyle Newkirk 7 hours ago

    Just wanted to say thank you to you and your family for giving myself and so many others around the world something to look forward to every day with your videos.i have a passion for the outdoors and love saltwater fishing but dont get to do it very often so your videos give me the opportunity to see a little bit of what I love every day.DMFD was my introduction to you tube a few years ago and although I'm a subscriber to many channels,DMFD is still my favorite.I hope to one day have the opportunity to meet you but until then,thank you for being such a inspiration to myself and my family and so many others.Congrats on how far you have come in short time and we look forward to all the adventures I'm sure are yet to come.

  • 4KTIV3 4KTIV3
    4KTIV3 4KTIV3 7 hours ago

    Why you just throu the shells on the ground? #Recycle :D

  • matt lopez
    matt lopez 8 hours ago

    Pick me pick me ahha!! Congrats brotha !

  • Big C724
    Big C724 8 hours ago

    Man i wish i could come join you guys on one of your outings. That would be the experience of a lifetime!

  • Ralph wilkinson
    Ralph wilkinson 8 hours ago

    You should put some peacock bass in your pond

  • SSB 1986
    SSB 1986 8 hours ago


  • Richard Hagen
    Richard Hagen 8 hours ago

    Hi Robert my name Dan I'm from British Columbia Canada on Vancouver Island I sure enjoy all you video and watching your family grow God Bless you I hope the we could meet one day

  • Michael Sigafoos
    Michael Sigafoos 8 hours ago

    I live in North Dakota..... We don't have alagators here.

  • Vicky 88
    Vicky 88 8 hours ago

    Later you can rent out the cando for those short trip people, taking them go fishing and diving. I would like to do that someday😄

  • Margaret Friesen
    Margaret Friesen 8 hours ago

    awesome show!

  • Julian Kennedy
    Julian Kennedy 8 hours ago

    Loved it and specially fact that you are believers!

  • Jake Killingsworth
    Jake Killingsworth 9 hours ago

    I just bought a whitetail caper because you so highly recommend silver stag knives

  • Zigmas Kairys
    Zigmas Kairys 9 hours ago

    SUPER !!!

  • Stock Market Gambling

    So seriously, you need a multimillion dollar boat to make memories of cooking lobster chow?

  • DirtballnVegas
    DirtballnVegas 9 hours ago

    I can’t even believe this! I was just thinking a couple days ago that I wish you guys still had the condo... god is amazing! Just wish the puppies were still around.... congrats guys!

  • Nashrul Juniors
    Nashrul Juniors 9 hours ago

    Awesome bud, I would love to go hunting but never done it in my life.. One question,how you become a rich so fast

  • LdLehmannH
    LdLehmannH 9 hours ago

    Thunder Bolt cave ....fantastic

  • tealtaker
    tealtaker 9 hours ago

    You should take a lesson from your brother, more action and less talking

  • The Nintenbro
    The Nintenbro 9 hours ago

    All I wanna see is someone blow up alligator hide and fill it with helium

  • cindy allen
    cindy allen 9 hours ago

    Sarah is so lucky . What an amazing kind husband

  • LdLehmannH
    LdLehmannH 9 hours ago

    Boat looks amazing.....

  • Nathaniel Lollis
    Nathaniel Lollis 10 hours ago

    This is kinda funny to me because I've NEVER heard anyone say that a shark tastes like pork!!!!! Also, was that shark 100lbs? I'd gone to New Orleans back in the late 80's and had my first sampling of alligator. I'd heard that it tastes "like pork". I didn't... to me. It had the texture of pork, but not the flavor. But my ego isn't so big that I would argue the point with anyone. Especially because my palate isn't so developed. I'd just started watching your RUclip channel yesterday. I find it to be a LOT of fun and VERY informative. Thank you for sharing your and your family's experiences with the rest of us. Especially me (who have had so little of them)!!!!! God bless and keep you and your family!!!

  • LdLehmannH
    LdLehmannH 10 hours ago

    Yummy crabs, lobsters, prawns.....

  • writer
    writer 10 hours ago

    Eat Bear okay Eat dog nooo 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Tom Wood
    Tom Wood 10 hours ago

    Pay it forward, we call it good karma and you are absolutely correct it will come back to you 10 fold. Love the channel keep it up

  • Nathaniel Lollis
    Nathaniel Lollis 10 hours ago

    That shark seems really small. Do blacktips get much or any larger than that? And, will they attack a person?

  • Nathaniel Lollis
    Nathaniel Lollis 10 hours ago

    Hey, Robert, what's that sound... that buzzing sound coming from your reel?

  • Nathaniel Lollis
    Nathaniel Lollis 10 hours ago

    This was GREAT!!!! I'd have liked to see some close shots of that "walking" catfish though. Never seen or even heard of that species before. That would be exciting to see.

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson 10 hours ago

    I just ordered one of your Silver Stag Woods and Water knives, can’t wait to get it and try it out this hunting season. Love the channel, keep it going! From all the way up in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

  • Peter Wills
    Peter Wills 11 hours ago

    I’m curious, how do you make a living? Nobody seems to have a job. You shud do video on this matter. Did u win a huge lottery? Money seems to be very plentiful.

  • Zandri Bester
    Zandri Bester 11 hours ago

    You blew up like a tire

  • Roy Watson
    Roy Watson 11 hours ago

    if put ring in the nose it will help stop all land damage

  • Jessie Paugh
    Jessie Paugh 11 hours ago

    Love ur videos that u post jamie ( boyfriend) and I always watch them when u upload new ones I would like to meet u someday and ur wife

  • Shemp
    Shemp 11 hours ago

    Jess is thicker than hospital pudding.

  • Ronin009
    Ronin009 11 hours ago

    That's not hunting, that's shooting. No sport in this one.

  • Bill Hardy
    Bill Hardy 12 hours ago

    Love me some dove hunting. A few year ago I was in a group of 5 on a public lands hunt here in NW GA. The birds were coming in in drives. We liked two birds at the end of the day for everyone to bag out. I was so sun burned and I dont think I could lift that old 12 gauge to my shoulder one more time that day. What a great day with great friends.

  • Bill Hardy
    Bill Hardy 12 hours ago

    I love shrimp and grits. You can find different takes on them from the South Carolina low lands, south GA, Gulf Coast, and The Big Easy with a Cajun style. I love Cajun cooking. I make a Shrimp and Grits that I love. Here is the link to mine. I have made a few changes since this blog was done. I use more seasoning in the grits, have not been able to use my everglades in some yet. And the sauce needs a little heavy cream near the end to add the creamyness and thicken a little.

  • Jay Yankee
    Jay Yankee 12 hours ago

    Rob ive been a fan of your channel for quite some time now, its great to see you come this far brother. If by grace you read this have a blessed day sir its been a wonderful journey so far cant wait to see where it goes next🙏🏻

    LARRY SHANKS 12 hours ago

    Been with you from the very start .I have watched you bust your rear end to get where you are now and have enjoyed the ride with you ! I can't Waite for each new day to see what is new to watch . I can't believe you don't have your own TV show yet ?? Congratulations on a beautiful Family and life. God Bless !!!

  • Rene Larsen
    Rene Larsen 12 hours ago

    wanna see a snake catch clean and cook

  • Liseng Xiong
    Liseng Xiong 12 hours ago

    Dang looks so fun. Havent gone dove hunting in a few years hella miss it.

  • Robin Saulnier
    Robin Saulnier 12 hours ago

    That is what is so great about you rob you don’t forget where you came from you appreciate how you got where you got and remind the viewers that that’s how you got there not many people do that love your channel and have watched since you started out keep up the great work🇨🇦🙏👍

  • Tony Palmisano
    Tony Palmisano 13 hours ago

    I love that interstate guns shirt Chris, I live right by that place

  • Brent Weeks
    Brent Weeks 13 hours ago

    Way too many commercials for me. I’m out and un subbed

  • Layi Riye
    Layi Riye 13 hours ago

    I've never been fishing or hunting but I've been invited fishing in Florida by a patient of mine but I've never been able to go so sign me up when your condo's ready.