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How to Sail on Starlight
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The Truth About Space Debris
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How Shazam Works
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Why Planes Crash.
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Material Properties 101
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The Spitfire's Fatal Flaw
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What is Real Engineering?
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  • Jeevanandhan G
    Jeevanandhan G 25 minutes ago

    One good video, I understood the concept much better. Also please make a video on Wing loading effect on Airplane wings and Gliders. That would be really helpful. Thank you.

  • Amal S Chalissery
    Amal S Chalissery 42 minutes ago

    Why dose it sound like skynet 😬

  • OnnyGames- E
    OnnyGames- E 52 minutes ago

    one to rule them all ❤️

  • Angelo Stevens
    Angelo Stevens 54 minutes ago

    Why do black people like to sit on porches?

  • fermentarted gaming

    imagine that one guy at 4:17 being dropped into germany instead of holland

  • Complex Ez
    Complex Ez 2 hours ago

    Big corporations are laughing at this video

  • Kaiserland111
    Kaiserland111 2 hours ago

    I wish more people knew the truth about how AMAZING new nuclear energy power plants can be. It is sad to see well-intentioned but ill-informed people making the decisions when things could be run much more efficiently. Best of luck reaching 100% renewable energy dependence, California, but I wish you had chosen to keep the Diablo Canyon plant as part of that future.

  • Mick Macson
    Mick Macson 2 hours ago

    He who controls THAT, controls EVERYBODY. SPACEX - accountable to no one. Like some former slave-owning political parties.

  • M Carafino
    M Carafino 3 hours ago

    My take away from this is "just because you can draw it does not mean you can build it."

  • calvingreene90
    calvingreene90 3 hours ago

    Just because many people wrote papers and reviewed each other's papers does not make their conclusions true.

  • calvingreene90
    calvingreene90 3 hours ago

    Added C02 is greening the world's deserts.

  • Mitch Stilborn
    Mitch Stilborn 3 hours ago

    "angle of attach". Whoopsie lol

  • Jean Claude Roget
    Jean Claude Roget 3 hours ago

    The British help the development of the Japanese navy with William Forbes-Sempill, 19th Lord Sempill Mi 6 want to arrest him several times but he was protected by Winston Churchill. The same goes for the Bush family, ford motor supply the german with there engine and standard oil by the Rockefeller Familly. Us senate stops Prescott Bush from continuing working with Adolf Hitler. because of a conflict of interest.

  • Dan Jakubik
    Dan Jakubik 3 hours ago

    A little generational biased view here compariing vinyl analog to digital which uses compression on often times musical losses for convenience.

  • trallfraz
    trallfraz 3 hours ago

    I'd rather vinyl than digital any day. In digital there's "clipping" at each frequency level and therefore sounds rather harsh and brittle, especially in the high's. In vinyls the "sine" wave is much smoother which makes a bigger, deeper soundstage with more accurate and warmer (natural) sonics in the instrumentation and placement of the recorded vocals and/or instruments. I'm 66 and still have near perfect hearing....and I can pick out the difference between vinyl and digital every time.

  • 2steelshells
    2steelshells 4 hours ago

    All these comments about this or that,the greatest generation were young men,with nerves of steel, they did a job that was not there's to question but to defend there Homeland and free world from a malignant philosophy ,ours and future gens to come will be measured against our parents selflessness.

  • Irredeemable Deplorable Covfefe MAGA

    Is it worth to defend ourselves from our enemies, who are itching to rip us to shreds?! Hmmm 🤔 that’s a tough one ☝️ Let me think 🤔

  • Alex Sandro
    Alex Sandro 5 hours ago

    Aqui no Brasil tem uma desgraça chamada OI que vende 15 Mb/s pelo preço de 1 Gb/s. Já está na hora de termos outras opções.

  • J0HN_R1
    J0HN_R1 6 hours ago

    Why not just launch a small nuclear missle at Titan, ignite all the methane, and once it's done burning the Greenhouse effect should create more of an atmosphere ?

  • J M
    J M 6 hours ago

    The future is going to suck soo bad.

  • mohider khana
    mohider khana 6 hours ago

    fear nothing but fear itself!

  • ExactNumber
    ExactNumber 6 hours ago

    Just a thought, does this make it more difficult to detect incoming objects from space, whether friend or foe, natural or man-made? Could that be a serious issue, i.e. has it been thoroughly vetted? I know there's a lot of junk up there already, so maybe it's just business as usual.

  • Ryan Serdan
    Ryan Serdan 6 hours ago

    F35 was not meant for dogfighting and maneuverability. It’s stealth plane, you’ll never see it coming, and it will destroy you before you see it.

  • Indahnya Indonesia
    Indahnya Indonesia 7 hours ago

    that "delayed" Soviets....not "defeated"

  • will segen
    will segen 7 hours ago

    so stupid!! the war, any war. but his is a pretty decent video.

  • JWK 526
    JWK 526 7 hours ago

    If we were to generate all our electricity from renewables, turning excess energy into hydrogen for later distrution would seem more efficient comapred to building even more battery to store them

  • Landen Maupin
    Landen Maupin 7 hours ago

    Ww1 planes were very cool

  • I Colky
    I Colky 8 hours ago

    Comparing the single engine f35 to the f15 eagle on energy manoeuvres isn’t really fair. Also any two aircraft designed for air to air have areas where they excel and others where they’re weaker and it’s a matter of a pilot making the fight which suits his aircraft’s strengths. The argument about the f35’s stealth and sensor advantages do give it a massive advantage over potential enemies but even without that those clinging to the old ‘can’t climb, can’t turn, can’t run’ crap want to watch it fly. It takes lift from the body not just the wings so traditional wing loading stats need adjusting and it’s TWR ratio is only surpassed by the likes of the raptor, Typhoon and rafale - nothing to be ashamed of there. It also has better high AoA than any fighter I can think of so will be no slouch in an a2a when driven by a pilot who knows her. Finally for the US and U.K. other platforms will be doing their air superiority (at least in airforces) so whilst more than capable of protecting itself it’s likely to only spend a tiny amount of combat flying time in these types of scenarios. Finally all the advantages brought up for the F35 are only magnified and made even greater when its flying with wingmen and other aircraft and weapon systems making it an even more revolutionary and capable aircraft.

  • William Daniels
    William Daniels 9 hours ago

    the sherman firefly carried had a 90 mm gun and was a match for any german tank! why doesnt he mention it.

  • Ian Whalen
    Ian Whalen 10 hours ago

    Add to the collective consciousness :)

  • Eli Smith
    Eli Smith 10 hours ago

    I was laughing at 7.50 when the whole squad tried to catch his dumbass

  • no name
    no name 10 hours ago

    Make video on giant doomed force field aka energy shield plz

  • Xi Jinping
    Xi Jinping 10 hours ago

    I can't fucking wait to drop comcast for this

  • David Guthrie
    David Guthrie 11 hours ago

    Petronas Towers surpassing Sears Tower as tallest building is such a joke.

  • Marcus MIDI
    Marcus MIDI 11 hours ago

    Amazing :)

  • Just doin Gods work
    Just doin Gods work 11 hours ago

    4:00 wait a min bruh

  • Medicine Media UK
    Medicine Media UK 12 hours ago

    Solar desalination my friend,under glass domes

  • Anthony Bomgardner Jr.

    Wow man honestly? I can’t even believe this feverish bullshit. You’d have a better time convincing me that when I went to sleep my ass came to life as a sentient being like toy story or perhaps, night at the museum. Centrifugal force is about as real as your girlfriend. I’m tired of this oh my god.

  • peter loyd
    peter loyd 13 hours ago

    You are wrong. I am disappointed and now dumber for spending any time watching this video. Shame, shame on you for spreading falsehoods.

  • Ethan Shaw
    Ethan Shaw 13 hours ago

    Are you stupid? Got something wrong with ya? What are you some kind of moron? Get back to the kitchen you fucking kook!

  • сергей макаров

    Yakovlev Yak-41M/Yak-141 Soviet supersonic VTOL fighter

  • atharva ghogare
    atharva ghogare 14 hours ago

    Why don't we use magnetic field to deviate the path of the debris and bring it back to earth which would then burn up in the atmosphere??

  • Seraphim2k21
    Seraphim2k21 14 hours ago

    Porn without buffering☝️🙂

  • NIna Slightam
    NIna Slightam 15 hours ago

    You do not measure storage in MW, but in MWhr, is this what you meant?

  • miszkam
    miszkam 15 hours ago

    balance solar with wind which is more productive in winter months 👍🏻

  • vinodsukande
    vinodsukande 15 hours ago

    I dont undrrstand anythig😩😩😩

  • Nova's Leven
    Nova's Leven 15 hours ago

    Nederland is de beste

  • Stuart Hollingsead
    Stuart Hollingsead 16 hours ago

    I thought this was gonna be about the car...

  • james pasquali
    james pasquali 16 hours ago

    We just returned from Germany Poland & Holland. We found some really cool wwii locations. Eastern Germany & Poland are still strong with these sites. Great video.

  • Christophe Angot
    Christophe Angot 17 hours ago

    Stopping nuclear plants is currently a major mistake :

  • Lurkens Kanal
    Lurkens Kanal 17 hours ago

    Elon Musk is a space pioneer and hero, i like him.

  • Callsign: Blaze
    Callsign: Blaze 18 hours ago

    What an awesome video, thank you for this.

  • SirTickleTots
    SirTickleTots 18 hours ago

    I've met a few navy F35 mechanics, they hate these things

  • bootadog
    bootadog 19 hours ago

    I’m his great great great great great and more greats grandson I’m a watt my dad said he’s in my family tree

  • Simon Zhao
    Simon Zhao 19 hours ago

    Wireless charging is a bandage for small battery and poor battery life. Now phones come with 4000mah, last 10 hours, wireless is too slow to do a full charge and you don't need it topped off anyway.

  • P W P
    P W P 19 hours ago

    One point to note is that vinyl adds addittional artifacts to the sound (Un-related to the RIAA curve) that were not there in the original recording, often refered to as Analogue Warmth. This Warmth should not be there however it can make the music sound a little more pleasing which could be the reason why many people prefer the sound of vinyl. The best solution would be for recording studios and playback devices to up the sample rate. There are frequencies outside our hearing range that combine/interfere with other frequencies to create something that we can actually hear. Compression and present recording rates make it impossibe to capture these sounds, Upping the sample rate will make sure we capture everything and is now financially viable because memory storage is getting cheaper.

  • Espen Odenmarck
    Espen Odenmarck 20 hours ago

    Lithium Ion Batteries for electric cars should be made to be recyclable because as it stands now the cars have a life time of 10 years before you need to buy a new car.

    MARKJHAY THUGZ 20 hours ago

    Hacker is coming.. 😂 😂

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 20 hours ago

    SACK OF SHIYTE , Now all the BRIBERY and CORRUPTION has done its work, along with SPINELESS, BACKWARDS thinking BRITISH POLITICIANS, there is NO competition so the GRASPING THIEVING YANKS can charge what the FU** they want !!!!

  • Mark Maxwell
    Mark Maxwell 21 hour ago

    Yes it is The words to big to fail have been bandied about. And that is true also but a plane with the capability they have will be relevant in fifty years. It's an investment. 😉😉😉😉

  • Barry Porteous
    Barry Porteous 21 hour ago

    She has damaged that cable at 2:05

  • shagster1970
    shagster1970 23 hours ago

    Well you have to ask yourself - how much is the cheaper F-35?

  • The Rinni
    The Rinni 23 hours ago

    I think we will have a issue sustaining (food,water) our population long before we have the "need" for more big cities. Many places are already having that issue. The less rural areas we have results is less farmers to provide the food that is required for large cities. I'd be interested to see the import/export ratio of general goods like food and water for cities like New York.

  • Bharti Ranjana
    Bharti Ranjana 23 hours ago

    Me: why planes can't fly with battery? Real Engineering: 293nend*&^(()82222/;((@&765--÷×====657and wingspan plus battery = 18283+×88 That's why we can't Me :

  • Ricardo noel
    Ricardo noel Day ago

    Bravo for what you are doing. Hats off

  • John Colley
    John Colley Day ago

    Big deal.Space junk is going to create a private salvage companies with space jockeys,flying one man seat of pants craft.They'll collect and salvage any dead satelites and space junk

  • b.gowtham .rao Maskai

    something wrong in ur research

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Day ago

    Have you thought of joining SpaceX and helping them? You sound like a person SpaceX would love to have. Things you don't know yet wouldn't be an obstacle for you for sure.

  • Simon Hansen
    Simon Hansen Day ago

    Fibonachi it.

  • Jay
    Jay Day ago

    You should do a video on Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works history/projects!

  • J C
    J C Day ago

    What am I on about. German Radar has tracked 2 F-35’s for 100 miles at a recent Airshow ! Do you understand me NOW it’s a waste of money. 3 times I’ve mentioned this to you and if the Russians can’t now, they will soon !

    • Nathan Peterson
      Nathan Peterson 7 hours ago

      Yes, _F-35's_ flying with Luneberg lenses being lit up by ATC radar...

  • OwlNation Legal

    Pity Elon can't do math. If, as current trendlines predict, all life on earth is extinct in well under a decade, perhaps just a few years, who will use his satellites, let alone pay for signal service? Life is what happens while making other plans.

  • jack scott
    jack scott Day ago

    Redundancy this is all you are worth and unfortunately this will be your reward on earth. Good luck with your career in advertising.

  • Fredrick Englehart

    Someone needs to learn better record care. Most/all shot/s of a moving stylus show a wad of muck on the needle.

  • Jason Cline
    Jason Cline Day ago

    Only 2 things matter distance and time. Fuel Cells - charge as fast as filling up with gas. Distance you can travel is light years ahead of lithium batteries. FUEL CELL WINS! The only way TESLA is ahead is because of idiot bureaucrats giving them our TAX DOLLARS as a subsidy.

  • Data
    Data Day ago

    It can not penetrate into russian s400 defense system.

  • Vel A
    Vel A Day ago

    Zero!..hmm..i thought this was about Lelouch!!

  • Ashraf Sami
    Ashraf Sami Day ago

    Cars are perceived as extension to our homes from a practical and a psychological angle it's the life evolvement around shelter and privacy as well as gathering as much people and items around you, from open cars to closed to trucks and now SUV's, Van's and mobile homes it will keep getting bigger for those same reasons.

  • Karoki's Telescope

    What about folding the metal to strengthen the blade

  • Ander Camps McCaffrey

    Because screw you.

  • Oscar Vandermeer

    Climate nonsense undermines your credibility

  • UnionPacific4014 & 844

    How did you died? A tesla

  • Elect Ekara
    Elect Ekara Day ago

    I want 10 with a huge discount >_<

  • Cadel Gent
    Cadel Gent Day ago

    do corect me if im wrong ibut i beleve all shermans were sunk before they even hit the beach

  • Mike
    Mike Day ago

    Anog has second harmonic distortion that is more pleasing to our ears over digital's third harmonic distortion. Case closed.

  • Mike
    Mike Day ago

    Simple analogy: Analog: One pound of an excellent cut steak, with perfect marbling. Tasty. Now take that slab of meat, grind it up. Still a pound but you can never recreate the marbling. And that is what digital is. Not so tasty.

    • mcnyregrus
      mcnyregrus 7 hours ago

      Terrible analogy, and it's in no way an accurate representation of what digital audio is. Connect an analogue osciliscope to the output of any CD player or DAC and you will see that what comes out is not square waves or anything like it but complete sine waves. Also, do yourself a favour and watch the video "D/A and A/D | Digital Show and Tell (Monty Montgomery @" and read the article "24bit vs 16bit, the myth exploded!" on Head-fi, if you're actually interested in knowing how digital audio works. Forgive me for my prejudice, but based on your analogy, I do, however, have to assume you're not really interested at all, so maybe it's been a waste of time to write this comment :-/

  • Dave Kliewer
    Dave Kliewer Day ago

    If doing this to the Sahara will cause the Atlantic to warm, that could have significant ramifications to the already increasing hurricane problem for Caribbean nations, Gulf of Mexico, and the Eastern seaboard of the US. Just a thought.

  • TakingShapeCreations

    My Google Pixel does the same thing.

  • James Neave
    James Neave Day ago

    So, production cars are halfway (nearly) to Thrust 2's speed? That's terrifying.

    • James Neave
      James Neave Day ago

      But before you say that's further than it sounds, I know this. But that 1300hp Agera already had competition in the 2000hp electric ejira.

  • BubblewrapHighway

    New construction options. Building... Building... Building... Building... Unit lost.

  • Pramod K
    Pramod K Day ago

    Today me and my frnds saw starlink satelite more than 50 and above moving in a stright line @ 5.26 AM in Palakkad, Kerala

  • alan denson
    alan denson Day ago

    What's not well known is that Gordon Murray actually took his inspiration for the "fan car" from the Chapparal 2j sports-racing car with electric fans to create low pressure under the car and thus increase down force. O'l Gordo just came up with a more elegant solution by joining the fan to the drive shaft.

  • Drew W
    Drew W Day ago

    Not sunk, a hit was registered on it. That sub only has 2 tubes and once it reveals its location by emptying them it only has a few moments to dive out of harm's way. Certainly noteworthy, alarming even, but that would be like firing two torpedoes into New York City and expecting the city to collapse.

  • Gary Heart of Arts

    How much is a 12 m refugee worth?

  • AcidBot66
    AcidBot66 Day ago

    Americans were the first to test the idea having satellite USA-193 obliterated in 21 February 2008. Americans should have known that other nations would be fully entitled to do their own developments in the area. If America was really concerned and responsible for spreading unnecessary debris all over earth orbit Americans, having such weapon, should manage to organize some sort of international agreement prohibiting orbital tests. Once the gates of Hell are open many demons will cross it and those who open the gate are the ones to blame!

  • Unsettling threats

    "Changing the cultural and political landscape" What about physical landscape?

  • Brandon Saddler

    There's a book that explains the beginning of life and time.

  • Groovy Games
    Groovy Games Day ago

    How will they refuel

  • Groovy Games
    Groovy Games Day ago

    What will they be powered by?

  • 544879 447360
    544879 447360 Day ago

    One correction: the Serbian serviceman who shot down the F-117 did so by eye (i.e. manual fire control) so the comments about radar locks and "if only the jammers were there" was irrelevant.