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Happy Mother's Day!
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Bath Time with Flynn
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I Lied. I'm Sorry.
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Addressing The Rumors...
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Baby Flynn
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One Month Baby Update!
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2018 was hard.
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The birth of my son!
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I need your help.
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I'm not doing well
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I'm Pregnant
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We need to talk.
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I'm done.
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  • Rose Taylor
    Rose Taylor 2 hours ago

    It’s so sad it’s over. Great Job Colleen and Todrick!!!!!!!

  • Pretty Much Parker
    Pretty Much Parker 2 hours ago


  • Alexandra I am not telling


  • Катя Князева

    Somehow I didn’t expect Colleen to play piano so good)

  • DevinandLeya Krishan

    You said 4 happy meals sorry i just wanted to comment lol

  • Lizzy Zimmer
    Lizzy Zimmer 2 hours ago

    I'm dying at this video

  • Raelynn
    Raelynn 2 hours ago

    I love how girls call guys nasty... just sayin

  • Lidia Reyes
    Lidia Reyes 2 hours ago

    Wen i got my period I was 9 i was in school and i had to ask my techer for a pad. Wen i got home i ate a bucket of ice cream

  • Violet Garza
    Violet Garza 2 hours ago

    I laughed when what’s his face the * king* died aka fell of a cliff

  • Tamra Hoffart
    Tamra Hoffart 2 hours ago


  • I'm A Fan Of You
    I'm A Fan Of You 2 hours ago

    She loved it

  • mariana bonilla
    mariana bonilla 2 hours ago


  • mariana bonilla
    mariana bonilla 2 hours ago

    I don’t have mine yet I’m 13

  • Mark & Nicky Stott
    Mark & Nicky Stott 3 hours ago

    i literary peed in my pants its so funny

  • Dani D
    Dani D 3 hours ago

    Ya that’s great Colleen. Except some of us are allergic to the chemicals in always and end up in the hospital :)

  • Daneen Taylor
    Daneen Taylor 3 hours ago

    Charlie mom

  • H3nry Hanson
    H3nry Hanson 3 hours ago

    can u be more kid friendly.Also u should make slime w miranda and jojo

  • Lashell Davis
    Lashell Davis 3 hours ago

    Bless you

  • Kid who sits in the corner

    Ok so I've never used a tampon, but since it goes in the vaginal canal would it hurt when you it put it in? Also do you feel it throughout the day inside you?? Idk I'm kinda new to this..

  • beautyzz
    beautyzz 3 hours ago


  • Monkeygirl xo
    Monkeygirl xo 3 hours ago

    Just by him his own blender

  • Deedee4252
    Deedee4252 3 hours ago

    “I kissed everyone in the family more than I kiss my love interest this season” Well now you kiss him everyday ❤️

  • Madeline Daugherty
    Madeline Daugherty 3 hours ago

    You should do baby chooses my makeup by deciding which to chew on first

  • Eveline Hernandez
    Eveline Hernandez 3 hours ago

    Worst period story My sis was at a roller coaster at Disney land and when we went down the hill she got scared and she got her period and the seat was covered in blood and she asked me if I had eny pads she was happy that I had pads 😅. 😂

  • Emily Steed
    Emily Steed 3 hours ago


  • Min S.
    Min S. 3 hours ago

    Colleen during her pregnancy: Ugh I don't want to get ready Colleen's water breaks: wait I need to do my hair

  • Julia Baldwin
    Julia Baldwin 3 hours ago

    Did anyone know that once a kid is born a human dies thats kinda weird

  • CandyisAwesome86
    CandyisAwesome86 3 hours ago

    Typical Caché dress lol

  • Alexis Nazareno
    Alexis Nazareno 3 hours ago

    Guy: Can I take that "apple?" Colleen: no

  • Kea Gacha_Moon
    Kea Gacha_Moon 3 hours ago

    No one: Smool Child: Exsists Everyone:Aww

  • Elliot Warren
    Elliot Warren 3 hours ago

    Watching this has made me want to watch the show now lol

  • Bianca & Antonella's sister war #

    I got my first period the same day my mom surprised me with a new house with all my clothes and stuff a bedroom set up when I was away at my dads house

  • Rainbow pixelzzz
    Rainbow pixelzzz 3 hours ago

    This is adorable your a great mom colleen!!!

  • joce malinowski
    joce malinowski 3 hours ago

    I just got mine im happy im not "little"

  • Makayla Ristow
    Makayla Ristow 3 hours ago

    On the white crop top the writing says forget. Like if you agree

  • Charis Mathis
    Charis Mathis 3 hours ago

    Wait,you guys live in new York

  • The Boss
    The Boss 3 hours ago

    My fears Clowns Bugs and insects Being away from my mom People boiling or burning alive Gorillas Escape the night Singing or dancing in front of people Deep water Angler fish (not sure if I spelled it right) Never getting the chance to learn ballet Dolls Mimes I.V s Needles Surgery Being somewhere in a doctor's office or hospital without my parents Getting in trouble with somebody who is not my parents Something bad happening to my brother when he's at work Mental hospital's Going to space Sometimes sharks Spiders ( maybe) Head lyce ( don't know of I spelled that right ) Annnnnnd that's all

  • Kaitlyn Carter
    Kaitlyn Carter 3 hours ago


  • River's unicorn art box

    Now she has a kid

  • Chloe Kimbrough
    Chloe Kimbrough 4 hours ago

    Curler is my fave tool

  • Dave Cason
    Dave Cason 4 hours ago


  • Madison Reeves
    Madison Reeves 4 hours ago

    i was literally crying because this is so precious!

  • Kiley Arrendale
    Kiley Arrendale 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one that's confused by the thumbnail

  • Madison Reeves
    Madison Reeves 4 hours ago

    oh my gosh! this is the sweetest thing ever! good job!

  • a creative princess
    a creative princess 4 hours ago

    This won’t get out my recommendations even if I refresh RUclip must really want me to see it

  • Slime Time
    Slime Time 4 hours ago

    Lucky her she can literally straighten her hair in 10 minutes but it takes me like 3 hours to straighten my hair

  • Mary McNulty
    Mary McNulty 4 hours ago

    Jeffrey star has left the chat out of disgust and disappointment

  • The Boss
    The Boss 4 hours ago

    I love your smile ❤

    PAUL SMITH 4 hours ago

    omfg! Rylan Adam's sister actually connected with a spirit named Angie! Go check out shane dawson's video. But seriously, colleen!

  • AI DM
    AI DM 4 hours ago

    Watches vidoes* me:Ha!i Im so happy im not on my period! Later...DANGIT I GOT MY PERIOD!!!! I JINXED IT!! WHYYYYYY!!!!

  • Alicia Davey
    Alicia Davey 4 hours ago

    Who else had those annoying subtitles 😱😡

  • Luna Plaz
    Luna Plaz 4 hours ago

    Who’s here while she’s married and has a child

  • Aqujo Thompson
    Aqujo Thompson 4 hours ago

    i love eating the stub

  • Scooter Maniac
    Scooter Maniac 4 hours ago

    “It was just the gay frolicking down the stairs” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gene DeCicco
    Gene DeCicco 4 hours ago

    You’re awesome

  • Faizah Bhaiyat
    Faizah Bhaiyat 4 hours ago

    I’m 13 and still don’t have my period lmao

  • Just GWEN
    Just GWEN 4 hours ago

    I have the same name as your mom

  • Uriela Soriano
    Uriela Soriano 4 hours ago

    thats a bad idea

  • H o n e y C o m b 벌집

    4:17 HIS FACE THO 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • H o n e y C o m b 벌집

    I remember when I was little I would see something red in toilet and say WHO PUT KETCHUP IN POTTY

  • Madison Reeves
    Madison Reeves 4 hours ago

    hes so adorable!!!!!!

  • ForeverSunny3
    ForeverSunny3 4 hours ago

    This is an instance where the internet, RUclip and social media is a powerful tool to teach people.

  • Olivia Jamieson
    Olivia Jamieson 4 hours ago

    So accurate omg. I peed all day and all night

  • Mia Armstrong
    Mia Armstrong 4 hours ago

    Her real voice is so much nicer than when she plays Maria 💀

  • Adventure Girl
    Adventure Girl 4 hours ago

    I love this

  • The Self Family
    The Self Family 4 hours ago

    Ive watched like 300 birth videos n this by far....beat every single one. 24wks here n counting down til they take my little girl anywhere between 34 n 37!

  • Kimberly Garcia
    Kimberly Garcia 5 hours ago

    Omg she looks so pretty when she is 14!!!

  • Julienne Victoria Co

    When Colleen said, “I can’t do 8 shows a week”. But girl she just did. U did amazing on Broadway!! Happy trails💗

  • Puppie 0987654321
    Puppie 0987654321 5 hours ago

    She acts like she is gong to use that phone for a long time but she is still useing an iPhone 10.

  • Ana Paola
    Ana Paola 5 hours ago

    I love how Trent is giving it his all

  • Maddux Jordan
    Maddux Jordan 5 hours ago

    pls more sam and laybia

  • 2028: Jacobo Felizola Mantilla

    Both: Never have I ever said the ef word. Miranda: What is that? Colleen @#$& Miranda: OOOF!!!

  • Kendall’s World
    Kendall’s World 5 hours ago

    And now it’s over😭❤️

  • Ellie Storm
    Ellie Storm 5 hours ago

    I use conditioner as shaving cream if I don’t have shaving cream!

  • Gem Subliminals and more

    In Canada McDonald's is basically In-N-Out but doesn't have animal styled fries animal style burgers and stuff like that

  • Rebeca Evans
    Rebeca Evans 5 hours ago

    Woooooooohooooooow calleen👏👏👏

  • Mia Isabella
    Mia Isabella 5 hours ago

    i got to watch you in waitress today and meet you! you did so well

  • HarryPotterSquishy
    HarryPotterSquishy 5 hours ago

    I feel bad for Flynn, he probably won’t get to remember that party

  • riley McCutcheon
    riley McCutcheon 5 hours ago

    Who the heck said that She's not blind Because she didn't see the same thing

  • moonstarthegreat :P
    moonstarthegreat :P 5 hours ago

    I got it when i was 10 The most horryifying expeirance of my life Edit: btw im 11 now

  • Abigail Smith
    Abigail Smith 5 hours ago

    Weird amazon products for babies part 3

  • Sephora Francois
    Sephora Francois 5 hours ago

    colleen in case you don't know i love you so much and never ever let someone judge u bc ur beautiful the way u are

  • Ashley Miller
    Ashley Miller 5 hours ago

    i refuse to believe Flynn is one🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭

  • Ner Ner
    Ner Ner 5 hours ago

    James Charles, Tati, and JEFFREE star are shaking

  • Finley Hondorp
    Finley Hondorp 5 hours ago

    I haven’t started. I’m scared. Anybody got advice?

  • Brooklynn Wing
    Brooklynn Wing 5 hours ago


  • AnnaQueen 5
    AnnaQueen 5 5 hours ago

    Omg we Stan a late bloomer. Late bloomer squad where y’all at!

  • fifi bayard
    fifi bayard 5 hours ago

    She looks just like Miranda

  • Layla The Rainbow Unicorn

    "Again she's smacking her face with that little ball"-Miranda 2017

  • Bonnie Tinley
    Bonnie Tinley 5 hours ago

    Jojo is a brat to Colleen in this video

  • Alicia Davey
    Alicia Davey 5 hours ago

    Omg my hair looks just like yours!😱😁 love your vids BTW I'm subbed and notified

  • Sherlock
    Sherlock 5 hours ago

    I’m scared of dark body’s of water Losing my family SAMALL HOLES AND IREGUKARPATTETS

  • Stormy the cat
    Stormy the cat 5 hours ago

    My mom calls her period her best friend Shes being sarcastic

  • Bayleigh Trujillo
    Bayleigh Trujillo 5 hours ago

    JoJo says o my gosh and Colleen said look how bloody he is 😂

  • Delaney Clifford
    Delaney Clifford 5 hours ago

    You should react to the my family music video

  • The dangerous Ari
    The dangerous Ari 5 hours ago

    What’s with the Ariana Grande shirt

  • Kyra Owens
    Kyra Owens 6 hours ago

    6:21 but daddy can enter 😉

  • Kyra Owens
    Kyra Owens 6 hours ago

    6:21 but daddy can enter 😉

  • Marcia Hewitt
    Marcia Hewitt 6 hours ago

    Miranda u can't sing

  • Jenny Deng
    Jenny Deng 6 hours ago

    How do u get ur hair like that?! 😩😩