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  • Veer Bathwal
    Veer Bathwal 4 hours ago

    Please stand up for the international anthem

  • Agnese Malfoy
    Agnese Malfoy 5 hours ago


  • Pancake's Studios
    Pancake's Studios 5 hours ago

    The opening no one will ever skip... Except for my dad

  • Er Patata
    Er Patata 6 hours ago

    Fantastic. Game of Thrones in the heart.

  • sunil sharma
    sunil sharma 8 hours ago

    I use this mobile........😗😗😙😙

  • African Lip
    African Lip 9 hours ago

    Plot armor

  • Highlights comps
    Highlights comps 10 hours ago

    This song just makes me unnecessary emotional, and it reminds me of how much single and lonely i am... And will be probably be for a long long time ir the rest of my life 😢😢😢

  • tom ahniki
    tom ahniki 10 hours ago

    1:47 What the freak!

  • Fun and easy Things to learn

    I’m not supposed to be watching this

  • uhh h
    uhh h 12 hours ago

    Maybe the last episode itself was bad... but that fucking ending scene? it literally gave me chills

  • Sumaita Saffoon
    Sumaita Saffoon 14 hours ago

    I love you, man. <3

  • SilencedFiend
    SilencedFiend 14 hours ago

    I love the montage of jon going through shit

  • Lokillo Xx
    Lokillo Xx 14 hours ago

    HODOR :(

  • Edward Ken way
    Edward Ken way 16 hours ago

    One question how the fuck did clegane survive that fall

  • Naemzo
    Naemzo 17 hours ago

    This show was just absolutely amazing

  • Syohei Harr
    Syohei Harr 19 hours ago

    This is Jaime, not that fucking dweeb we got in season 8

  • NaRiKon
    NaRiKon 20 hours ago


  • darkflame
    darkflame 20 hours ago

    " Every season there is something bigger then the last season and better then the last season" How can this remain in this interview? There is someone else who noticed it? She definitely said the last season was shit and HBO didn't cut out this from that clip? English is not my mother tongue, soo maybe I misinterpreted the line...

  • Willian trindade
    Willian trindade 21 hour ago

    Fuderam o final da melhor série de todos os tempos..😭

  • Alex S
    Alex S 21 hour ago

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wtf is this picture supposed be? fuking spammers

  • Jon Lothbrok
    Jon Lothbrok 21 hour ago

    D&d have destroyed the 8 seasons of got, not just the season 8. Now nothing makes sense

  • Joseph
    Joseph 21 hour ago

    I always order TWO Chickens in honor of Rory "The Hound" McCann.

  • khemis peter
    khemis peter 21 hour ago

    the fire was too much, should have not reach to the level of extinguisher,

  • Serpent_love Riverdale

    I hate khaleesi brother

  • Konstantin Deheljan
    Konstantin Deheljan 22 hours ago

    Few months passed , and it still hurts when I think how this masterpiece of a show ended ...

  • Gustavo SïLv
    Gustavo SïLv 22 hours ago

    Paaaan paaann pamramram pamramram paaaaannn paaannn

  • parvesh patial
    parvesh patial 22 hours ago

    2:07 which instrument??

  • Psychic Sandshrew
    Psychic Sandshrew 23 hours ago

    Ok but the toothbrush version is better

  • Emilly
    Emilly 23 hours ago

    Iain saying "action" in his daughter's voice was fabulous 😂😂😂

  • Jay B
    Jay B Day ago

    Years later... Fucking obliterated, rushed and discarded. Fuck you Dan and Dave hope you fall on your own lightsabers

  • Mega Mind
    Mega Mind Day ago

    Still better than the entire season.

  • Rodrigo Oliveira

    Q merda é lá casa de papel perto desta maravilha

  • Samuel Roach
    Samuel Roach Day ago

    Messsendaaaay? WTF? *Missandei

  • Kulsoom Zaki
    Kulsoom Zaki Day ago

    I watched the trailer after the season!Even i had watched season 8 already! And knew it for the shit that it was! BUT STILL THE TRAILER WAS STONE COLD BRUTALLY AMAZING!!! Got you deserved better than D&D....

  • Alex Chege
    Alex Chege Day ago

    By far the best scene in the entire series for me

  • KiKi Avi
    KiKi Avi Day ago

    where can I watch the whole thing?

  • Cristhianfly
    Cristhianfly Day ago

    Recuerdos :'( deah

  • KJ bro
    KJ bro Day ago

    *this season ruined my childhood*

  • Minigun101
    Minigun101 Day ago

    Beat dropped harder than the writing quality. 🎶

  • Arnaud P.
    Arnaud P. Day ago

    0:13 and this is catelyn stark on the background

  • We Own The Night

    So much talent, so much emotion. But they put all those people to shame with the Rotten final season.

  • Shubham Rajput

    I love thes sound 🖤🖤🖤

  • :v
    :v Day ago


  • :v
    :v Day ago

    Exijo temporada 9 con Daenerys viva >:v sentada en el trono de hierro >:v

  • Clint Pot
    Clint Pot Day ago

    Was hoping for a Sean bean cameo :-)

  • zaidun tariq
    zaidun tariq Day ago

    عشق اتمنى تبدي السلسله الجديدة 😭💚💚💚

  • Dave
    Dave Day ago

    Why does it look a tad bit animated?

  • haider hlsk
    haider hlsk Day ago

    I miss GoT

  • Panthera
    Panthera Day ago

    8:15 "I was like Bambi on the ice." Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, 2019

  • Panthera
    Panthera Day ago

    I love how genuine they are in this; in every season 8 related interview they look so forced to say something positive, as they try to be professional about all that mess and don't badmouth the people who are responsible for it.

  • Andreas Reisinger

    Here My New Piano Cover Video , Check It Out:

  • Sameer uprety
    Sameer uprety Day ago

    Everyone's praising HBO for this. Do you even know the man behind this? Ramin Djawadi I mean it really shows when you have the passion for something it's reflected in your work .

  • shashi soni
    shashi soni Day ago

    @1:29 Jaqen Haegar comes to mind. What a training....he always knew what he was doing & whom he was training. NO ONE.

  • HIGH5
    HIGH5 Day ago

    I never liked a imp like tyrion.....

  • صهيب قشوع

    Two songs viewers never skip Got opening Aot opening

  • Muaz Kabir
    Muaz Kabir Day ago

    "1.4k 👎" Us: Why are you gay?

  • Utsav Karki
    Utsav Karki Day ago

    The last good thing of Game of Thrones. Goosebumps everytime

  • Thea M.
    Thea M. 2 days ago

    Her voice is powerful even a whole crowd can hear her speak when her voice isn’t even that loud

  • Chung Wayne
    Chung Wayne 2 days ago

    Everything is perfect , the sound , the costume , the acting , the music , the visual effect , I respect all these people who worked hard for this greet show , but , im sorry , the script is a shit !

  • Schattenherz
    Schattenherz 2 days ago

    I like the Toastface

  • Fastrada
    Fastrada 2 days ago

    When your listening to the into but never watched an Episode of GOT and never will

  • Bighead1740
    Bighead1740 2 days ago

    The Night King has cometh

  • Marko Strbac
    Marko Strbac 2 days ago

    why does sophie turner have the targaryen logo here?

  • Haleema Mehmood
    Haleema Mehmood 2 days ago

    Arya=Red Sparrow

  • Haleema Mehmood
    Haleema Mehmood 2 days ago


  • kabina gc
    kabina gc 2 days ago

    I’ve watched this 1000 times

  • kabina gc
    kabina gc 2 days ago

    He was the cutest child❤️❤️ My favorite ❤️❤️❤️

  • 54markl
    54markl 2 days ago

    Once again we see that Game of Thrones is lousy with Bastards.

  • 54markl
    54markl 2 days ago

    Benioff and Weiss have deliberately gotten rid of the smart portion of their audience, because smart people sneer at them and derisively call them Flying Monkeys. They are, but they don’tvlike Their simian qualities being pointed out. They just want their Target audience, the people who regularly shoplift from Target. I mean the stupid Millennials who spend money foolishly, and who do things like vote for Trump. Because it is these no critical thinking skill Numbskulls who make D&D wealthy, powerful, and influential men. They have no use for Baby Boomers, because most Boomers are retired and don’t spend much money. These are Businessmen, not Artists, they give fuckall about anything except personal wealth, the cunts. 🐷

  • demondojr
    demondojr 2 days ago

    When you play the Game of Thrones intro, you either play it every time or you die. There is no in between.

  • Wu-tang Blackness
    Wu-tang Blackness 2 days ago

    despite the last season. Game of Thrones, You're still my favorite. We will all miss you.

  • Hasan
    Hasan 2 days ago


  • Noah D
    Noah D 2 days ago

    Season 8. It COULD‘VE been great

  • Toua Xiong
    Toua Xiong 2 days ago

    68 millions view on this trailer yet i can't even force myself pass the first 20 minutes of the first season of the first eps without falling asleep.

  • Ranves
    Ranves 2 days ago

    Valar Morghulis..

  • Jaqen H’ghar
    Jaqen H’ghar 2 days ago

    Valar morgulis and Valar dohaeris

  • Jacob Storm
    Jacob Storm 2 days ago

    What was Martin’s reaction the first time he was shown this intro? All this work and effort going into something that he created, must have been weird

  • Bee Zava
    Bee Zava 2 days ago

    One of the best visual effects that I've ever seen. Bad ass.

  • Jebus
    Jebus 2 days ago

    very wholesome but how did cerci's actor have nothing to say about the walk of shame in kings landing lol

  • shamoiel hasan
    shamoiel hasan 2 days ago

    Please have a special season just for showing the aftermaths of all the living characters .

  • Oleg P
    Oleg P 2 days ago

    Ridiculously eerie how at 3:47 the white walker on the horse just calmly continues marching in no hurry

  • Agent Of Vengeance
    Agent Of Vengeance 2 days ago

    Valar Morghulis, David and Dan. We will never forget. Valar Morghulis.

  • Bernard de Fontaines

    The Saga is NOT over!!... I'm sure about it. Hoping to see new seasons soon! This landmark Show just CANNOT end like this pathetic season 8!!... It deserves far better than this!

  • Shoedi .L
    Shoedi .L 2 days ago

    The fuck youaaal lookin at?

  • LeadFarmer11728
    LeadFarmer11728 2 days ago

    The only good thing from season 8.

  • Sani Biswas
    Sani Biswas 2 days ago

    i want got to start again.. i can clearly recall the day i started watching it from season one out of curiosity and i ended up heart broken, emotion was truely attached with this show.

  • Tincho Dalius
    Tincho Dalius 2 days ago

    Cómo la cagaron Lpm

  • nelida targaryen
    nelida targaryen 2 days ago


  • BlueBerryFairy1
    BlueBerryFairy1 2 days ago

    Love the thought this awoke ... kind of that they all are Jenny now after all they've seen... how hard it is to go on ...

  • Adittya Shatil
    Adittya Shatil 2 days ago

    Goosebumps 😍

  • Tarehjerne Tarehjerne

    You deserved better than the clegainebowl

  • William Quiterio
    William Quiterio 2 days ago

    “Burn them all, he said.” F O R E S H A D O W I N G.

  • Nina Ss
    Nina Ss 2 days ago

    I wonder how Emilia controlled her eyebrows the whole seasons.

  • Lucie Nováková
    Lucie Nováková 2 days ago

    Not my favorite season (still great tho) but definitely my favorite trailer.

  • ok dud
    ok dud 2 days ago

    they should have made at leased one more season to spread out what happened in S8, i just think that they had to make so much happen in S8 that it just seemed rushed. still the best series ive ever watched tho

  • Blu Regard
    Blu Regard 2 days ago

    These people were handed a beautiful franchise then raped it in the mouth and the ass, then shit on its back before shooting it in the head and throwing the desecrated corpse into the river. BRABO DABID

  • Simona
    Simona 3 days ago

    Blood of my blood 😢💔

  • Gabriele Tarallo
    Gabriele Tarallo 3 days ago

    If Season 7 and the first 3 episodes of Season 8 had been a normal 10-episodes long season the Night King's storyline would have been more dignified. Season 8 should have been at least 10 episodes on how Daenerys fell into madness, just like 10 episodes were enough for her to rise from innocence to leadership. They even had 2 years, I mean they had all the time and the money to do this.

  • C.o.R (Lex)
    C.o.R (Lex) 3 days ago

    So he's basically just a combination of the hound and tormund irl, huh