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  • Treta Gaslighting Ghunberg


  • Gerald Miller
    Gerald Miller 6 minutes ago

    Zero pounds

  • Pagan
    Pagan 7 minutes ago

    Turkey should be thrown out of NATO. Turkey is turning in to a new Ottoman state with Erdogan dreaming to be 21st Century Khalifa.

  • baronessvondengler
    baronessvondengler 8 minutes ago

    Um, the first guy was speaking English and didn’t need your paraphrased captions...

  • Scot Fretwell
    Scot Fretwell 15 minutes ago

    Just like george soros wanted.

  • Graham6762
    Graham6762 16 minutes ago

    Governments are incompetent with the tax dollars and it is always wasted. Might as well get rid of the central government and let people live their lives.

  • Bill Mcknight
    Bill Mcknight 16 minutes ago

    A Ken Loach film is not to be missed. I look forward to viewing this one.

  • Ken Michigwan
    Ken Michigwan 19 minutes ago

    Thats a nigerian masked as a kenyan

  • Ousman Ndiaye
    Ousman Ndiaye 21 minute ago

    Subtitles please

  • Surfer Rosa
    Surfer Rosa 30 minutes ago

    So what's the name of this guy's youtube channel?

  • Josie Schulz
    Josie Schulz 32 minutes ago

    Congratulations!!! JAPAN the new and young Emperor and the new Generations...

  • Allen Attoni
    Allen Attoni 33 minutes ago

    This Iraqi General is Hollywood worthy. His voice, looks, behavior, perfectly fit his role!

  • halfasheep
    halfasheep 40 minutes ago

    The exit from the globalist E.U was voted for over 3 years ago. The democratic vote is yet to be enacted. Brexit ASAP!

  • asspartacus
    asspartacus 40 minutes ago

    People can be quite resilient if necessary.

  • IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers

    The more cash people make the lazier they become and the rich have always blamed those below them for their not doing their jobs which leaves these top officials positions totally useless and worthless for any corrupted sellout business like the much to greedy and selfish boing officials whom needs to all be sent to the rear of a welfare line for waisting their opportunities and fifteen minutes of proving they might still have some humanity within them but like always the richer they become the more soulless and worthless they are in humanities developments and must go back to the bottoms of the barrel to find something to eat totally broke and homeless like they proved to everybody when given an opportunity.

  • Deon Richards
    Deon Richards 53 minutes ago

    A valuable lesson to the militia and terrorist jihadi groups , who are going to be there for you when your coup's fail

  • fruit
    fruit 55 minutes ago

    May be sacked.

  • Abid Ali
    Abid Ali 55 minutes ago

    There's no other day like yours Oh HUSSAIN AAQAA Moula😥😭🙏 🤲. Labaik Ya HUSSAIN💖🤩😘🤲🙏🇵🇰

  • maya hari
    maya hari 58 minutes ago


  • asnan aman
    asnan aman 59 minutes ago

    Definition of peaceful protest in Hong Kong can include throwing patrol bomp, attack police officer, vandalize, destroy property....etc. Hope UN can make correction

  • K Hayashi
    K Hayashi Hour ago

    Wow. I was impressed by the explanation of the ceremony. Thank you so much for the details. I really appreciate that.

  • KidJV
    KidJV Hour ago

    hope he went get discouraged

  • JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    Juz image da Indian film especially Tamil Nadu producers face n personality ommala 👹👿👺👎😍

  • JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    Otha even in diz age wht a smart & stylu😍

  • cheryl taylor
    cheryl taylor Hour ago

    Protests All Over FRANCE !!

  • Aaron88
    Aaron88 Hour ago

    it takes a devil to fight a devil. rip 6th amendment rip due process

  • Ad Digi
    Ad Digi Hour ago

    Can TRT do a documentary on Pork sellers in Turkey and Pakistan also where to get a bacon sandwich in those countries

  • Tay Danny
    Tay Danny Hour ago

    Congratulation FRANCE 24 , self proclaiming statement without justification ----- shaking out Fake from trash in fact are the art of corporate media .....

  • Sabine Blume
    Sabine Blume Hour ago

    They will distroy it again. They are only intresting in money Not in ecologic efferts and changes.

  • Ad Digi
    Ad Digi Hour ago

    Can you buy pork or ham in Muslim countries you idiots...are you as a media company, racist towards Indians and Hindus

  • michael michaelruane

    Send all the jihadists to the UK we have welcomed back with open arms all British jihadists none will serve a prison term for atrocity's

    JAYANT WAGH Hour ago


  • Carla Broderick
    Carla Broderick Hour ago

    Hezbollah out of Lebanon

  • Giovana Orozco
    Giovana Orozco Hour ago

    There are many videos showing fraud !! This is Evo’s 4th term, where did u ever hear of such a thing in a democratic nation??

  • SuicideBunny6
    SuicideBunny6 2 hours ago

    I can't tell whether the woman in blue is actually native French or English. I suppose she's French because of her French sounding name, but she's really mastered her English accent!

  • goo turner
    goo turner 2 hours ago


  • Julia Alibrando
    Julia Alibrando 2 hours ago

    A 4-year vacation! UNC .I finished in 1979 and times were certainly different. No frills, state college, a side job, no debt. Phew! It is criminal that we won't educate our young yet wade into war with impunity!

  • goo turner
    goo turner 2 hours ago


  • AAA P
    AAA P 2 hours ago

    The Rothschilds cabal are to blame

  • Vince de Simone
    Vince de Simone 2 hours ago

    More lies, there's only 1.79 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean. 😋 Seriously great job!

  • Simon de Cornouailles

    The World economy has been heading down for a long time. It has nothing to do with a trade dispute between the US and China. More invented News.

  • Nazariah Gatal
    Nazariah Gatal 2 hours ago

    The point is?

  • Marcello Monterosso
    Marcello Monterosso 2 hours ago

    Turkey should not partecipate to euro 2020 and to Fifa wc 2022 qualifiers.

  • BeeRich33
    BeeRich33 2 hours ago

    Empower yourself to provide something interesting.

  • Johnny Dave
    Johnny Dave 2 hours ago

    Let's go back to the polls

  • Xarqesh Farooq
    Xarqesh Farooq 2 hours ago

    please stand with kashmir

  • Brad Knapp
    Brad Knapp 2 hours ago

    "Don't worry guys! I'm an investigator, I'll look into it myself! Well, I investigated, and as it turns out, I did nothing wrong!"

  • Xarqesh Farooq
    Xarqesh Farooq 2 hours ago

    save kashmir from indian brutality

  • Bang Bang
    Bang Bang 2 hours ago

    Colonial scumbags never know when to stop.

  • isabel perry
    isabel perry 2 hours ago

    hes trying to trick west into another pointless desert war don't fall for it ever again

  • Aileen's Lookbook
    Aileen's Lookbook 2 hours ago

    i had a crush on him when i was a teenager from his time on Remington Steele. He has aged very well. Men always age well, women no so.

  • Abdul rahman Bin abdullah

    Islam loves PEACE.. which means no WAR......but I wonder what's happening among the PEACE loving islamic nations....correct me if I'm wrong.

  • bfdi match / lavender pearl

    Lucky that phillipines have no Ebola what else country don’t have Ebola? Place the country name bellow

  • phantomtq
    phantomtq 2 hours ago

    Everyschool in everycountry starts with singing anthem in morning though...

  • Intentional Unity
    Intentional Unity 2 hours ago

    Watch Tarek Fatah interview on radical Islam

  • Kripton Man
    Kripton Man 2 hours ago

    I support Macron on this. EU must fix themselves first. Adding more poor Eastern European countries will just cause burden to the union

  • Aaron Lai
    Aaron Lai 2 hours ago


  • Toni
    Toni 2 hours ago

    Im happy that i have an blessed blood from Albanian and speaking an saint Language of Gods...because people that living here have an big hearts and they were persecutation and occupation from ottoman empire, slavics and greeks..if we talk about religion people of albanian have took firstly IN EUROPE christian reliogion from APOSTULES PAUL AND ANDREA they have came in antic Durrah city kosovo and in all albanian territory we have first CHURCH IN EUROPE THOUSAND AND THOUSAND directly from Apostules but our Church its destroed from otoman empire..and some Catolik church are take from serbian religions..also state around albanian its in enemy and they are still more big and power and are friendly with to parts europe and rusian they have masacrated children man and woman pregnant in albanian...and why all this criminal because territory of albanian its more big and an miracle view...people of albanian its ascendant of illyrian kingdom..its unic people in balcan this peninsula real name have illyricum and mean freedom...balcan its slavics name,and our people have fighting for our territory for more thousand years ..but we see now the real Europe that have been split our territory for amibicies of slavic and greece... and Europe like every where take far way theyr hands from Albania.....Glory ALBANIAN PEOPLE

  • Farhad Ahmed
    Farhad Ahmed 2 hours ago

    Kurdistan 😉

  • keithachrist
    keithachrist 2 hours ago

    Hooray for Woody I can’t wait to see this film

  • Roland G
    Roland G 3 hours ago

    The police were radicalized first

  • Umair ali
    Umair ali 3 hours ago

    Jb aissai sultan ayubi DA haar jate the to Surat na war krte tere under ye sift pai jati ha mtlb Ru suurkhoor aur mein ayubi LA ghullamm hn

  • Umair ali
    Umair ali 3 hours ago

    Study krne DW mujhy

  • Umair ali
    Umair ali 3 hours ago

    Maaf kr Bhi mere plans ha unpe ficus krne de air study PS dhiyan lgane de

  • Umair ali
    Umair ali 3 hours ago

    Apne upar ma'am shuru Karon mere tattay u than a chor do mein kiwi so or at Bhi tete sath ma'am. Nhi Karon ga he bat to dimagh mein deal de

  • Umair ali
    Umair ali 3 hours ago

    Is k ilawa mera bilkhul bhi mood1 nhi ha tere sath kaam krne na bcoz I hate Pakistanis especially poor people

  • Umair ali
    Umair ali 3 hours ago

    A cha to transfirmation Jo tune KIA ha u ska kuch Bhi nhi bne wala na hi Mara koi interest ha is k sath aut na hi is me koi learning ha mujhe to pta hi nhi tha k paisay ko log1 chahte q hain tune1 lalchi BMA dia

  • Georg Gross
    Georg Gross 3 hours ago

    I think Boyan Slat deserves more to be on the news than Greta Thunberg. He doesn't just want better environment, he MAKES better environment.

  • Aniket Singh
    Aniket Singh 3 hours ago

    RSS- 'indian paramilitary' what are they even talking about, so illiterate and biased

  • Tarrant Hightopp
    Tarrant Hightopp 3 hours ago

    Hokage Naruto.

  • My name My last name

    I'm all for feminist art providing they pay for it themselves, (not tax payer's money). The market will decide if the art is crap or not. As a by gender moon worshiping martian should I have my artwork paid because I'm an minority?

  • Ali Hasan Abdullah
    Ali Hasan Abdullah 3 hours ago

    The guy is clearly biased against Turkey, downplaying all the points in favor and whipping up the points against.

  • อังสุแมน โกกอย

    🇫🇷 have Christians?? I m shocked? 😱 I thought 🇫🇷 another African Muslim Nation.

  • AdmiralBonetoPick
    AdmiralBonetoPick 3 hours ago

    They let in hundreds of thousands of people, and now they have a "housing shortage". Go figure.

  • alex lopez
    alex lopez 3 hours ago

    If they are caring the turkish flag, why don't the turkish goverment puts pressure on the chinese goverment.

  • rakesh chandaliya
    rakesh chandaliya 3 hours ago

    Awesome decision please keep continue ban

  • god is love world
    god is love world 3 hours ago

    Guardians of the cows 😅😅😄

  • god is love world
    god is love world 3 hours ago

    To birth as a cow is better than birth as a muslim and dalit. And one thing india is one biggest beef exporter.

  • Sandeep Joshua
    Sandeep Joshua 3 hours ago

    Only Jesus Christ can save India.

  • Mitchell Phillips
    Mitchell Phillips 3 hours ago

    The first guy was all word vomit. He couldn’t be more off base.

  • Anurag Chakraborti
    Anurag Chakraborti 4 hours ago

    Considering being so dumb that despite living in 2019 someone thinks hillary has ability to troll.

  • Etienne Dud
    Etienne Dud 4 hours ago

    What about the freaking parachute at 2:06, is it use for movement, is it a problem for marine life ?

  • Khalil khud
    Khalil khud 4 hours ago

    Sounds fake

  • A A
    A A 4 hours ago

    you know i just kind of feel bad for france. you guys have a sad country.

  • Jia
    Jia 4 hours ago

    There was no election under British rule of Hongkong , Britain sent their governor there to rule everything . When Britain realized they had to leave Hongkong , they started to sow the riot seeds there , 1. Before HK returned to China, there was a department in police called Special Brunch which was under MI6 directly ; To help Britain governing HK , most HK officlals (the number was 180,000 people totally ) had to work there for a while , most of these officials continued their work in government after return ; 1. in 1960s , British send army and police to suppress people uprising causing over 50 people dead . after that , British governor there issued a new law to forbid people protest which was canceled just before the return , WHY ? 1. under British governing , there was a so called 'Societies ordinance' , according to which , HK governor could decide which club was illegal if he suspected it , yes , without evidence , again , this law was canceled before return , WHY ? 1. under British govern , the governor there had a say to militaray , administration , law , everything had to answer to him , but again , just before the return , the governor suddenly became democarcy , he seperated different departments , no longer had to answer to him . WHY ?

  • Tony Colon
    Tony Colon 4 hours ago

    I read the transcript and there is nothing wrong. His job POTUS his duty is to inquire about anything that has or is taken place against US laws regardless who was involved Biden or not. To say his hands are tide because the person who committed the crime is running for President defies logic.Especially when it was made public for all to see. This former legal analyst has no clue what he’s talking about. Perhaps that’s why he is a former. Looking for anyone who is willing to pay him for his opinion. Loser

  • Dingtao Yuan Xinye Shanghai

    they talk at their end of their liberty - comes back to communist wartimes

  • raveglory300
    raveglory300 4 hours ago

    Did they ever put critical thinking into use or never looked at it again just because it's a requirement for a degree?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 hours ago

    There was major Ethnic Cleansing by his tribe literally the day after he was non-electedly PUT in office

  • Quansi Lam
    Quansi Lam 4 hours ago

    which country supported them should take all these demons to their country

  • Marcus Fenix
    Marcus Fenix 4 hours ago

    Anyone here watch 2019 This is so sweet moments now there in heaven together 😭❤💝💖

  • Quansi Lam
    Quansi Lam 4 hours ago

    karma karma

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 5 hours ago

    Guy did the equivalent of England appeasing Hitler, GIVING THOSE Terrorist supporting nazi Eritrea EVERYTHING THEY WANT! WHILE IGNORING *CONSTANT ETHNIC CLEANSING* starting LITERALLY the day after he went to office

  • Apoorv
    Apoorv 5 hours ago

    Illiterate host

  • Jeff Yow
    Jeff Yow 5 hours ago

    Ask your jews live my Mom a long from threatening an me or I use very bad War against Muslims Jews when I do know more than any country.. better I be use my program an protection than contractors...

  • Jeff Yow
    Jeff Yow 5 hours ago

    Ask your short president why hi added him self like being fighting over my some funs... and kind off acting like could win me or punishes me of that job...

  • Jeff Yow
    Jeff Yow 5 hours ago

    It’s because they feel them self wide an powerful an it’s because they listened iran over me like you kurds with iran or arabs win me Me Catholic Cristian Jamshead.. it’s my game. you hate me an you don’t want with Muslim I be in my own America a president or in Europe because I am Adolf was in the past an JFK was an you with so much Muslims hate me JFK,Hitler, Jesus, Genghis Khan... so I am your problem...

  • awais khan
    awais khan 5 hours ago

    No go to hell bibi

  • Consistent Mindzet
    Consistent Mindzet 5 hours ago

    Orugullo colombiano paisano ✊🏾🙏🏾🌎🙏🏾✊🏾

  • Arunkumar M.S.
    Arunkumar M.S. 5 hours ago

    What a strong solid voice he talks like he is the real life bond