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Who Makes The BEST PIZZA?!
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I met Lebron James..
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  • Ryan Kelley
    Ryan Kelley 14 minutes ago

    So he bet 10k to win 7k?

  • Saksham Rao
    Saksham Rao 21 minute ago

    Sub To Jesser who haven't

  • heheheyup
    heheheyup 27 minutes ago

    Boi dissed my exact basketball shoes they are good light on feet and comfy

  • Ethan the king Jabez

    Mother fucker

  • Nik Pincic
    Nik Pincic Hour ago

    You can legit see harry go mental in the crowd when they say from the UK

    TAG FORCE Hour ago

    Anyone else see quadeca at 5:24

  • Yhe Santos
    Yhe Santos Hour ago

    Jesser you forgot about kris and mitchell

  • Luis Orellana
    Luis Orellana 2 hours ago

    What’s the betting website

  • Liminal Midnight
    Liminal Midnight 2 hours ago

    4:44 Who else could see Niko on the right of the screen

  • Marcus Monte
    Marcus Monte 2 hours ago

    Low key when Jesse pulled diamond Dwayne wade he was making the exact same face as the card

  • Mini Beanie Productions

    I laughed my heart out on that giraffe meme

  • Jack TALBOT
    Jack TALBOT 3 hours ago

    At 6:32 you can hear miniminter say go jj

  • Miho Games
    Miho Games 3 hours ago

    8:46 harry hyped up as shit

  • Aegon Targaryen
    Aegon Targaryen 3 hours ago

    How much were your tickets jesse?

  • SplashOn DuMouf
    SplashOn DuMouf 3 hours ago

    Jiedel has them expensive Coca Cola Converse ! I see you bruh 😭 I’m tryna cop me sum but they mad expensive

  • Khendricks Yt
    Khendricks Yt 3 hours ago

    Jesser still with his girl!🤯

  • H&N
    H&N 3 hours ago

    Anyone else see Quadeca in the back of Jesser’s recording 😂

  • B Ball
    B Ball 3 hours ago

    I don’t agree on mal getting the same score as jesser on that three way tie one mal should of got a 1p0

  • Rigo
    Rigo 4 hours ago

    Before the fight: let’s go champ After the fight: let’s cry champ

  • Ana Gimenez
    Ana Gimenez 4 hours ago

    What the hell Jesser

  • TheWeasingWeasel
    TheWeasingWeasel 4 hours ago

    Let's go champ!

  • Mr.TopTen Call
    Mr.TopTen Call 4 hours ago

    # BucketSquad

  • Martin Visnapuu
    Martin Visnapuu 4 hours ago

    7.49 quadeca was behind you

  • Squidgy Yt
    Squidgy Yt 4 hours ago

    He won 17 gs

  • Robert Barrow
    Robert Barrow 4 hours ago

    Put it on the sixers to win the chip

  • BBaller
    BBaller 4 hours ago

    Jidel vs jesser

  • Zakarias Phaturos
    Zakarias Phaturos 4 hours ago

    When you realize there is rollover on those bonus funds lol

  • Wesley Lay
    Wesley Lay 4 hours ago

    Let’s go champ

  • Markus Sundiam
    Markus Sundiam 4 hours ago

    Has anyone realized that Luis hasn’t been in a lot of their vids lately? Because i just realized

  • Lauri Alakärppä
    Lauri Alakärppä 4 hours ago

    Damn boi you ingnoring imon hella bad

  • Anton Galt
    Anton Galt 4 hours ago

    ever noticed that lesser says suscribe not subscribe

  • Lachy Doheny
    Lachy Doheny 4 hours ago

    peep harry at 8:47 🤣🤣

  • 20k subs with no videos

    Lol the person with the worst jumpshot best jesser 3-0

  • Anthony Armillotto
    Anthony Armillotto 5 hours ago


  • OPG_ Capitan
    OPG_ Capitan 5 hours ago

    Who saw Harry going crazy

  • Bradley Drake
    Bradley Drake 5 hours ago

    Why didn't you just keep betting 500 over and over until u had no money left lol

  • Lachlan Sims
    Lachlan Sims 5 hours ago


  • Maffmatix
    Maffmatix 5 hours ago

    enjoyed the comedic editing bro haha

  • Im in between names. Suggest one if you want

    That website really sold jesser

  • Large specimen Known as drew

    8:47 look at Harry 😂😂

  • Ilikewires Ilikewires

    On the red

  • Ilikewires Ilikewires

    Zack has his foot in the line during half court shot

  • Alexander Garcia
    Alexander Garcia 5 hours ago

    Song at 1:41 ?

  • Jblasta thipsta
    Jblasta thipsta 5 hours ago

    The KFC in America looks terrible

  • Tobias HALLAM
    Tobias HALLAM 5 hours ago


  • Aiden Morgheim
    Aiden Morgheim 5 hours ago

    peep quadeca behind jesser

  • Beast 4U
    Beast 4U 5 hours ago

    You can see Harry at 8:46

    REACTION SNAKE 5 hours ago

    1:36 that was Mike's joke I guess

  • Harden 13
    Harden 13 6 hours ago

    2:20 I wonder who won mvp

  • Luke Eury
    Luke Eury 6 hours ago

    KSI's song slapped

  • Dwayne Wade Is the Goat

    Why no freshman jokes what happened with TD

  • CoolRaccoon
    CoolRaccoon 6 hours ago

    Hey Jesser, I know you think I’m no one, but I love 2hypes videos. It would be a dream to join you guys, and even if you hearted this to show me you’ve read it, and if it’s okay to join. Thank you guys so much, you’ve done a lot for me. Keep grinding, and please allow me to join (Maybe Mopi won’t be the worst!)

  • Isidro Rodriguez
    Isidro Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    Anyone realized that iman was looking cute damn jesser is lucky

  • Daniel Woolsey
    Daniel Woolsey 6 hours ago

    you can see zerka and tobi at 8:25 and i think that harry is at 8:47

  • Vivo V5lite
    Vivo V5lite 6 hours ago

    Im just going to say to you im from 2019 and i know everything, i know you get blocked bruh (jesser) but you dont want to give we know about that

  • Carter Schroeder
    Carter Schroeder 6 hours ago

    I’m from mn and I just don’t think moa is that big🤷🏼‍♂️

    BARTSIM1 6 hours ago

    Letsgo camp

  • Hamed gamer
    Hamed gamer 6 hours ago

    and also fuck you jesser for being on that motherfucker KSI's side

  • Hamed gamer
    Hamed gamer 6 hours ago

    I am white SO i can Say nigga!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Epiclilfoz
    Epiclilfoz 6 hours ago

    yo jesser was sitting in front of quadeca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5:24

  • John Mulcrone
    John Mulcrone 6 hours ago

    Where the hell is the 2K videos

  • Bryan Terhaar
    Bryan Terhaar 7 hours ago

    Jesse be getting stressed

  • Elijah Spencer
    Elijah Spencer 7 hours ago


  • Arian Karimi
    Arian Karimi 7 hours ago

    Where is your girlfriend (I forgot how to spell it)

    • Arian Karimi
      Arian Karimi 7 hours ago

      Shit, I didn’t watch the whole thing

  • Dark Baller
    Dark Baller 7 hours ago

    Quadeca and Nico where behind jesser

  • Nate Davison
    Nate Davison 7 hours ago

    4:21 is Bri’s shirt see thru?

  • Fine Lines
    Fine Lines 7 hours ago

    Always bet on black

  • Hi um I'm Aidan
    Hi um I'm Aidan 7 hours ago

    anyone notice he sat in front of quadeca😂

  • Ranked Clan
    Ranked Clan 7 hours ago

    He hyped his own shots so much

  • Brendon Mendez
    Brendon Mendez 7 hours ago

    I would've placed the same bet 20 times lmfao bovoda let's you do it.

  • Jonathan Nagbo
    Jonathan Nagbo 7 hours ago

    Jesse jessington jesser u should Collaborate with imdavis and his crew of 2k vids but I was at the fight n I saw u but I had to leave so ya I’m sorry

  • Xx2kGodsxX YT
    Xx2kGodsxX YT 7 hours ago

    Jesser needs to box lol

  • Rusty Bishop
    Rusty Bishop 7 hours ago

    Jesser you have to get hump tattoo on you it at 100k

  • Ethan’s Chance
    Ethan’s Chance 7 hours ago

    Lets go champ

  • Epicdragon888
    Epicdragon888 7 hours ago

    the first record was the most severe concussion caused by basketballs which they easily broke. lol

  • Dominick Cohen
    Dominick Cohen 7 hours ago

    I am not

  • Dominick Cohen
    Dominick Cohen 7 hours ago

    He sucks

  • Esteban Calito
    Esteban Calito 7 hours ago

    8:47 you can see Harry in the bottom right

  • It’s Golddragon
    It’s Golddragon 7 hours ago

    Keep up the good work Jesse letting all my homies know to sub thanks you got me through some pretty tough times love you no homo 👍

  • Jack Hartman
    Jack Hartman 7 hours ago

    is Bri naked or nah

  • Lance Barron
    Lance Barron 7 hours ago

    Damn you could’ve got 17 bands 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Brittan Harrington
    Brittan Harrington 7 hours ago

    You should get together with Ted again

  • ktownbball ktownbball


  • Jay2sporty Gaming
    Jay2sporty Gaming 7 hours ago

    Jesser laugh 2.45

  • Ethan H10
    Ethan H10 7 hours ago

    5:24 Quadeca sighting

  • Dominic Koetter
    Dominic Koetter 7 hours ago

    Aye big bucks

  • ItzLeo
    ItzLeo 7 hours ago

    Yo fly me out, I want to 1v1 him 😂

  • Mighty Bull
    Mighty Bull 7 hours ago


  • Mighty Bull
    Mighty Bull 7 hours ago

    I can’t wait until JESSER has to get a matching tattoo

  • Swabby 3
    Swabby 3 7 hours ago

    7:30 you can hear the wow meme a little of you listen closely

  • I KILL Gamer Gamer
    I KILL Gamer Gamer 7 hours ago

    1:57 but not a galaxy opal wow

  • Person Person
    Person Person 7 hours ago

    Is Jesse still dating iman

  • Sutton Turner
    Sutton Turner 7 hours ago


  • Sutton Turner
    Sutton Turner 7 hours ago


  • EG 2552
    EG 2552 7 hours ago

    If u can’t transfer the money make a couple vids about u making bets on that website 👌🏽💯💵

  • flakez
    flakez 7 hours ago

    Who else saw quadeca behind jesser

  • j mal noor
    j mal noor 8 hours ago

    Love vid

  • gregoryclemons 63
    gregoryclemons 63 8 hours ago

    6:32 time travel confirmed

  • Mc Vlogs and Games
    Mc Vlogs and Games 8 hours ago

    Go champ, i love you jesse NO HOME

  • Allin Sooklall
    Allin Sooklall 8 hours ago

    Yo jesser love your vids favorite youtuber