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Justice - Chorus (WWW)
Views 204KYear ago
Justice - Randy (WWW)
Views 211KYear ago
Views 3.5M2 years ago
Views 734K3 years ago
Justice - Steamulation
Views 53K6 years ago
Justice - Carpates
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Justice - Phantom
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Justice - Phantom Pt. II
Views 24K6 years ago
Justice - Presence
Views 174K6 years ago
Justice - Helix (Extended)
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Justice - Phantom
Views 14K6 years ago


  • SkyanUltra
    SkyanUltra 2 minutes ago

    when someone leaks your ps3 fighting game with matchmaking and online play

  • Sean Phillipson
    Sean Phillipson 3 hours ago

    So, to all the people who say "look at all the rick and morty sheep".... sooo.... you either hit up this same song on the regular.... or you looked it up because of Rick and morty.

  • Blazer Zozhnikov
    Blazer Zozhnikov 4 hours ago

    "Рик и морти" меня сюда привёл

  • helpmelosemymind
    helpmelosemymind 4 hours ago

    Queue all the teeny bopper Rick&Morty comments.... How about if you came here because you like the song, it's on your playlist because it's a sick song?

  • AnthraX Poisonillious

    I came here from Undertale, TF2, Garfielf and just because I like Justice.

  • JC Reyes
    JC Reyes 5 hours ago

    Every comments in this post: "NFS Undercover brought me here!" "Rick and Morty S4 trailer brought me here!" "Sift Renegade 2 brought me here!"

  • Dersper funny man
    Dersper funny man 6 hours ago

    What the music sounds like when the final boss becomes his final form

  • Ya Boi Pringle
    Ya Boi Pringle 6 hours ago

    Just me or does the beginning sound like DOOM

  • Mark Lewis
    Mark Lewis 9 hours ago

    It's been wayyy too long... if ya know what mean

  • lemon bite
    lemon bite 10 hours ago

    la verdad es que no se ven grupos que vuelquen la original con una armonización, anda que no te mola nada el estudio. Esta muy guapo

  • GonzoTheCreator
    GonzoTheCreator 13 hours ago

    this song sounds like robot farting

  • Paimea Animates
    Paimea Animates 16 hours ago

    when you're home alone and you sneeze and someone says "bless you"

  • Abdel Ali
    Abdel Ali 17 hours ago

    Came here from Beta 64.

  • TK22
    TK22 17 hours ago

    All they all came for R&M but some came from spycrab

  • ThePCxbox
    ThePCxbox 18 hours ago

    everyone else: thanks childhood or Life is strange me: uh thanks old navy commercial

  • -Gregwar- {Bzh}
    -Gregwar- {Bzh} 23 hours ago

    Stade rennais bae ❤️🖤

  • MrSparkz pixel

    I don't want to do the dance so quit asking. Jk I love this song.

  • mariostret
    mariostret Day ago

    Da fuq people is talking about in the comments? this album came out in 2007. Many time travelers

  • Shrek Comunista

    Is this the song from Life Is Strange 2? I loved it!

  • Vampire Queen Aly

    Here from the early build of PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale.

  • Richard Shelton

    Justice headlining the West Holt's stage is possibly the best gig I've ever seen.... ❤️

  • GODᴇᴘɪᴄᴇʟʟ真神

    Half the season you deserve, all the season we could handle

  • Trixxion7 Factory

    where are their parents ?

  • Gershom Maes
    Gershom Maes Day ago

    When the pan on the stove starts smoking, your phone rings, the dog starts barking, and you shatter a glass of water on the floor all at the same time. This song is legit genius tho

  • Kek Lord
    Kek Lord Day ago

    this sounds familiar

  • The master of the bricks

    Musique et clip magnifiques, comme d'habitude. Merci

  • Imaginator
    Imaginator Day ago

    Sounds like *m e g a l o v a n i a*

  • Michael Dude
    Michael Dude Day ago

    Fuck Chachi, Morty.

  • EcoZones2D6
    EcoZones2D6 Day ago

    this is so goode

  • Profesor Alonso

    Playstation All Star Batle Royale

  • Roccox09
    Roccox09 Day ago

    Who came here from Forza horizon 3?

  • Tr. Da.
    Tr. Da. Day ago

    Off The Air, anyone?

  • Nicholas Littlefield

    rick and morty nah. NFS undercover nah. Assassins Creed Harlequin Multiplayer trailer. YEH.

  • Jo Amorevna
    Jo Amorevna Day ago

    Просто Ах...🖤

  • Tooth Negative
    Tooth Negative 2 days ago

    this song would be perfect for a Super-Villian Movie/TV Show

  • MaeI Be
    MaeI Be 2 days ago

    Here because of The Square just to mix things up

  • Garrett Right Back At Ya!

    Most People : Rick And Morty Me Coming From Beta64 : TITLE FIGHT FUCK YEAH WOOOOOOO

  • iverstiz
    iverstiz 2 days ago

    If Noisia says this is the cleanest shit ever; it's the cleanest shit ever.

  • Francisco Araneta
    Francisco Araneta 2 days ago

    fuck you justice

  • Святослав Кушниренко

    *Wubba Lubba Dub Dub* 🥃

  • Shooney
    Shooney 2 days ago

    lets get this party started RIIIGHT

  • Slavian Knight
    Slavian Knight 2 days ago

    I born in the right generation

  • everett Fletcher
    everett Fletcher 2 days ago

    Can y'all just hush and talk about the song and not rick n morty? Geesh.

  • Iconic Wiley
    Iconic Wiley 2 days ago

    Here comes the Rick & Morty fans after the S4 Trailer! Not here to insult y’all, just glad you finally discovered this badass song! Welcome!


    Holy shit this song is great.

  • Kraken
    Kraken 2 days ago

    NFS Undercover had it first boiii

  • Chris Cee
    Chris Cee 2 days ago

    They used to play this everyday at Original Penguin. I used to like this song, I still do, but I used to too

  • 1rk3n
    1rk3n 2 days ago

    @1:57 when your not man but are DEVO

  • Tania Myreli Pérez Lozano

    0:07 Wtf

  • Ikonik 2K
    Ikonik 2K 2 days ago

    I don't know how to feel about this song but I love it

  • Jordan Walton
    Jordan Walton 3 days ago

    I like music videos that are like this, this is more of a short film than a music video

  • Cosmic Coyote
    Cosmic Coyote 3 days ago

    Title Fight didn't sounded that bad tho

  • Kick Nrompton
    Kick Nrompton 3 days ago

    You put heavy metal in the name of the video yet I hear cancer

  • Papermonk
    Papermonk 3 days ago

    Would be easy to find for the police. Bunch of scrubs wearing cross jackets.

  • Brandon Ricardez
    Brandon Ricardez 3 days ago

    Hey guys from Beta 64

  • Chibi_ARCADE:3
    Chibi_ARCADE:3 3 days ago

    Here from Beta 64 .____.

    IKEGRK 3 days ago

    When I have do the thightest clutch play in the history of 1v5 situations.

  • May Be Eden
    May Be Eden 3 days ago


  • Sonicomega123
    Sonicomega123 3 days ago


  • Autumn Flame 009
    Autumn Flame 009 3 days ago

    The beginning reminds me of the movie Jaws.

  • Ricardo Quintero
    Ricardo Quintero 3 days ago

    Assassins creed II + rick and morty = god

  • superspaghettibrawler

    Beta64 brought me here

  • payton
    payton 3 days ago

    I like listening to this while I study a day before a test

  • Senior Poopane
    Senior Poopane 3 days ago

    the rick and morty fans don't actually know the name of the song.

  • CJBowe8
    CJBowe8 3 days ago

    Whenever this song came on 2K, I would go FUCKING OFF!!!! 👌👌🔥🔥🔥

  • Nathan Coker
    Nathan Coker 3 days ago

    look at all the rick and morty fans who already liked this song talk about rick and morty fans

  • Southern _Kiwi
    Southern _Kiwi 3 days ago

    What's the correlation of this song and Rick and Morty?

  • Jessy Love
    Jessy Love 3 days ago

    Je trouve que c'est mal fait du faite qu'ils exagèrent quand les très jeunes comme eux font ça c'est soit dans leurs propres cité soit en grand nombre du genre 10 12 ou plus la ils sont très jeunes et pas assé nombreux pour agresser des villes entières

  • DRK_V1RO
    DRK_V1RO 3 days ago


    KANAL ATOM 3 days ago

    need for speed hell yeah

  • LED's in my room
    LED's in my room 3 days ago

    NFS Undercover anyone and not R&M? Not hating. Just wondering

  • McLovin i.am
    McLovin i.am 3 days ago


  • vinnie
    vinnie 3 days ago

    Amazing until 2:17 just sounds like some lame soda ad from the 80s

  • Joe Norman
    Joe Norman 3 days ago

    Heard this song at a 5 Below today and I love it.

  • DetectiveGesicht
    DetectiveGesicht 3 days ago

    Flashdancing ala Beals in my living room in 2019

  • rocharox
    rocharox 3 days ago

    Rick and Morty ftw

  • help i'm stuck in whatever google service this is

    when you can't come up with a good comment

  • majukun
    majukun 4 days ago

    dicks: the music video

  • T Knite
    T Knite 4 days ago

    so fucking happy rick and morty put this on the trailer. been listening to these guys since like 2007 when D.A.N.C.E came out. used to listen to that while i played runescape xD and noone else knows them around me. now everyone loves this shit 11/10

  • oGrqpez
    oGrqpez 4 days ago

    Anyone from the i63 tf2 trailer?

  • Nina 545
    Nina 545 4 days ago

    I can imagine a scene from a movie with this song playing in the background...a burning house after an explosion, and then someone coming out of that burning house alive in a white gown, having a badass look on their face and walking towards the camera, the end, credits roll.

    • Nina 545
      Nina 545 3 days ago

      @IgnisWings was thinking of a thriller/ horror movie where people were being chased by this person and in the end she's the only one who survives

    • IgnisWings
      IgnisWings 3 days ago

      why the white gown?

  • VenomousDark
    VenomousDark 4 days ago

    everyone: im here from rick and morty me : uhh, well, im from the *Budweiser advert* like if same :) *no likes*

  • Zappa Boi
    Zappa Boi 4 days ago

    beta 64 anyone?

  • Ermenegildo Pravettoni

    i mean i know its meant to be stressful but now i just want to killl them

  • Aver
    Aver 4 days ago

    *_logic is quaking_*

  • Caleb Muniz
    Caleb Muniz 4 days ago

    When your running in Silent Hill 2

  • Orion Star
    Orion Star 4 days ago

    everytime i see this clip i discover new logo...

  • base face bro I.G.E

    I remember this when 6th or 5th grade teacher played this in class id loved it

  • Agent Bolent
    Agent Bolent 4 days ago

    Shit, i am the second and not the first. I will pass again

  • IcyTrash
    IcyTrash 4 days ago

    A North Face store brought me here.

  • Jeff Dixon
    Jeff Dixon 4 days ago

    Metal AF

  • hochgradisch
    hochgradisch 4 days ago

    2083 !!!!

  • ComiXProvider FTW_02

    “Nothing has happened in this entire episode! This is the most FILLER BULLSHIT I’VE EVER SEEN! THIS IS THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 2!!! What are we doing here?! What have we learned?! We’ve been playing for 2 and a half hours!” -Adam from YMS

  • jippalippa
    jippalippa 4 days ago

    I have always been so angry to see they never did this live (at least in the live CDs). Considering is my all-time favourite Justice song, I'm quite upset.

  • The Neurotic Soldier

    Does this song remind anyone else of the song in the intro of the first DJ Hero game from 2009 or is it just me? ruclip.com/video/yHxWA6ZJr50/video.html

  • Bout Clotilde
    Bout Clotilde 4 days ago

    Sérieux c est trop vieux ste zik.... <3

  • superonyxfire
    superonyxfire 4 days ago

    DJ Hero

  • Joel De la Rosa Lopez


  • Justinwhy2ElectricBoogaloo

    I came from a beer commercial. Jus saying.

  • MrAppie9090
    MrAppie9090 4 days ago

    Rocked that stachce like nobody's business, well before hipsters were even a thing.