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Top 10 Awkward Bible Stories
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Top 10 Evil Doctors
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Top 10 Wealthiest Thieves
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Top 10 Spies in History
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  • philosophicalreason
    philosophicalreason 4 minutes ago

    Sometimes I wonder how we got past throwing sticks and rocks after this.

  • Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper 5 minutes ago

    Erm.....this kind of makes me wonder, humanity, how are we still a thing?

  • Crazy Koala
    Crazy Koala 11 minutes ago

    Peter never started the Catholic Church.

  • reggiep75
    reggiep75 25 minutes ago

    1:28 - I feel bad AF for laughing at the Chernobyl lego construction. A truly dark soul created that!

  • tro ymd
    tro ymd 27 minutes ago

    Japanese politicians and medias NEVER reveal the truth. In fact, many wealthies have escaped from Japan after the contamination.

  • B Haydon
    B Haydon 40 minutes ago

    nashua 357 is the best tape I use it every day

  • jodynh
    jodynh 40 minutes ago

    In 1899, the head of the US Patent Office resigned, saying there was nothing else left to invent.

  • jodynh
    jodynh 43 minutes ago

    I remember thinking it was ridiculous to pay so much for bottled water when it first came out. Most of my friends felt the same way, and we were saying, "Evian is Naive spelled backwards."

  • Paul Roberts
    Paul Roberts 49 minutes ago

    Baron Larrey 'released back to his own people with some money and an escort' Lucky bloke. I usually have to pay for my own hookers.

  • Jeremy Hannaford

    Sugar is cheaper than fat. And that fat is going to get snuck back in somewhere. We are accumulating massive piles of unused recycling not fat.

  • Marco Natal
    Marco Natal Hour ago

    Here in New York City Wednesday October 16th 4:49 a.m. reading people's comment to see how they feel about this video. thank you everybody

  • Jason Manasco
    Jason Manasco Hour ago

    100mph tape and duct tape are two different things.

  • ravidparx
    ravidparx Hour ago

    Why do so many brits have surnames with ER at the end?

  • Rein Clauws
    Rein Clauws Hour ago

    So many wholes in your internet story, including the most important one.

  • DaveyB
    DaveyB Hour ago

    As a Londoner I'm almost more pleased that Paris didn't make the top ten . Bwaahaha

  • Critic Tactic
    Critic Tactic Hour ago

    Shoutout from a Kazakh. Well, half Russian really.

  • Richard Ball
    Richard Ball 2 hours ago

    A mini episode of the show "Tactical to Practical".

  • stone1andonly
    stone1andonly 2 hours ago

    The stories told within the military of the extreme uses of 100 MPH tape would often border on the absurd. It has achieved its own legendary status.

  • Eric London
    Eric London 2 hours ago

    Sadly, I have known many who would be very offended by those who would dare remove all their self-worth by the description of ten specific ways they are not unique. Ignorance is not just 'bliss', it is willfully unaware.

    REHAN KHAN 2 hours ago

    No.10 is 1 and no.1 is 10. That's enough to confuse me.

  • Alena Johnson
    Alena Johnson 2 hours ago

    As someone who lives 18 minutes away from the Hanford Site, I now feel slightly concerned

  • Sarah
    Sarah 2 hours ago

    My partners Mam is a real kitty expert that's because she cared for semi-feral, brain-damaged kitties and others untoward animals people overlooked for over 40 year's - volunteered at cat rescued places and as a cat foster. She far more knowledge the cat experts I've seen, read or heard.

  • K Edmodson
    K Edmodson 2 hours ago

    Your body is the art, it’s taken years of evolution to get there. You don’t need a moron to scribble all over it. Attention seekers mostly.

  • Anonymous Viewer
    Anonymous Viewer 2 hours ago

    There was this really haunting bed confession, she said, im a man

  • Kenneth Besig
    Kenneth Besig 2 hours ago

    Pocket watches were beautiful but impractical.

  • Dravenjma
    Dravenjma 2 hours ago

    OMG, the T-Rex was an invasive species from Asia! lmao... this guy's research is hilarious!

  • Electron Resonator
    Electron Resonator 2 hours ago

    if you support nuclear power plant, then you should know that there are so many somalians want to switch place with you, Somanlians have none of those power plant and yet they have to live with the risk of people who live next to a reaction chamber, so at least they want to enjoy electricity generated from all those radiation, so please switch place with you can also experience living as victim of nuclear radiation


    First man found killed with a boomerang, suicide???lol dad joke

  • Райан Ван Мон

    Hannibal Buress @11:52

  • goodwood1052221
    goodwood1052221 2 hours ago

    Tommy Flowers the man who built the computer for Alan Turing

  • Susan Olley
    Susan Olley 2 hours ago

    Thank you for talking about their medical conditions thus giving validation to who they were. Two edged story though as on one hand well paid so could be well looked after if lucky to reach old age but the other side being exploited as an oddity and curiosity.

  • It DontmatterPth
    It DontmatterPth 2 hours ago

    The problem with people believing that just because you have an interest in something or just an opinion and that somehow makes you an expert is that you have a lot of fake news and conspiracy theories and then a bunch of incredibly stupid, racist people voting for an equally stupid and racist person to be president just because he says he knows everything and consults himself on things because he says he knows more than anybody else even if he has no knowledge or degrees or anything. trump hired a guy with a degree in animal husbandry to be secretary of the dept of energy where Obama hired nuclear physicists. Seems to me Obama was the smarter of the two presidents. I trust no one who says that people without a degree in a chosen field is an expert in another just because they really like that subject, read a paper or two, or have an opinion, or talked to experts. I respect Bill Nye and he has the ability like Tyson to explain science stuff to people and that is fine as long as you understand they are not experts on everything.

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 3 hours ago

    So KKK marches are fine but stomp on a flag and you're fired? America is a weird country

  • Dead Rituals
    Dead Rituals 3 hours ago

    This is what comes up when typing in our band's name aha

  • Fred Schartz
    Fred Schartz 3 hours ago

    . The folks who declined this title do not not need to have their egos stroked.

  • Allen Doss
    Allen Doss 3 hours ago

    Porn matters

  • Malachi's Guides!
    Malachi's Guides! 3 hours ago

    Holmes wasn't the first American serial killer... what about people who cut and sold human scalps? Basically the same thing, only Holmes's method required more parts.

  • loxxxton poxxxton
    loxxxton poxxxton 3 hours ago

    Is this military theme a hint that the real the Simon who has been missing for months is being kept prisoner in a secret army base. Did the Simon get too close to a secret in one of his videos? Ask yourself, why do we never see the simons legs? Is it because it's not the Simon? Is it because his likeness is just an anematronic puppet? We the people demand answers

  • Maggie Lynn
    Maggie Lynn 3 hours ago

    Metabalife wasnt a scheme it worked!! It helped me lose 110 pounds in a year and a half ..but I also exercised and ate better too.

  • It DontmatterPth
    It DontmatterPth 3 hours ago

    Jenny McCarthy is a mass murderer. Probably even voted for trump. It is amazing how stupid people are.

  • mjncad
    mjncad 3 hours ago

    My wife and her family are from Sterling, Illinois.

  • Jacqueline Hadid
    Jacqueline Hadid 3 hours ago

    fix the subtitles bro

  • Chris Tye
    Chris Tye 3 hours ago

    Just a bit confused, at 4:50, uranium burns? It's a metal. Burning is a carbon and oxygen reaction. What was this supposed to mean?

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name 3 hours ago

    I hate war but I wonder if without it we would still be living like we did in the stone age

  • Diane Rivera
    Diane Rivera 3 hours ago

    Too many opinions being passed off as facts. Sorry

  • Matthew Trzcinski
    Matthew Trzcinski 3 hours ago

    It’s duck tape! The fabric is duck!

  • Joshua J WARS
    Joshua J WARS 3 hours ago

    Zulu means Heaven Simon but each African word is translated back to English from me like Assegai or Short Spears like Legionnaires, Amakhanda & Amabutho meaning in English Barracks & Regiments kinda like Grand Army of Napoleon or Polish Army. Also they did a 19th Century equivalent of twin pincer or twin envelopment. Russians would later improve the combat when they squared off against Germans.

  • Josh Davis
    Josh Davis 4 hours ago

    My great great great great grandad was sent to australia because he stole an apple.

  • James Tanis
    James Tanis 4 hours ago

    It fell to the presenter's fellow (assuming he is an expat and not a naturalized citizen) UK citizen and creator of QI (the best show on TV since Mary Tyler Moore), John Lloyd, to point out the theory that the reason that Americans "fetishize" the flag is that our political system has no head of state. The duties of HoS, when needed (as in a a State Dinner) are fulfilled by the President, but he (and so far it has always been a "he" :-( ) is definity *not* the Head of State. Therefore our *flag* becomes the HoS by proxy; ie: it is the the thing around which all Americans of all political points of view can rally. So instead of "Do it for Queen and Country" we have "Do it for Old Glory". Perhaps this doesn't make it any more explicable -- and it's only one theory -- but there you all.

  • TheWolfHowling
    TheWolfHowling 4 hours ago

    I was not expecting duct tape to beat the Internet as #1. I thought that if the internet wasn't first it would have been transitors or something like that

  • ARR L
    ARR L 4 hours ago

    I couldn't continue watching after the mispronunciation of Qui-Gon even though I tried to keep an open mind. But then it hit me, you make RUclip videos, you could've easily researched the correct way to say these Jedi's name. So this leads me to believe there is a lack of effort that is put into your videos especially something that could've been learned quite quickly.

  • standrew
    standrew 4 hours ago

    1:53 The Huns look a lot like Klingons.

  • Roverick Blount
    Roverick Blount 4 hours ago

    Adam and Eve where not the first people on earth. The Bible never said that. Man kind was created on the 6th day, Adam and Eve where created after the day of rest... the 8th day creation.

  • Machine Mechine
    Machine Mechine 4 hours ago

    #1 The Toxic Avenger

  • Eamon Ahern
    Eamon Ahern 4 hours ago

    2 tank a moon? Oh! Tutankhamun. We always pronounced it differently

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 4 hours ago

    Why is it Hiroshima doesn't comes up as a dangerous place for this? Can someone explain?

  • Luke Marshall
    Luke Marshall 4 hours ago

    The comments on this video: 100% "Geezers"

  • Rezail Uhhh
    Rezail Uhhh 4 hours ago

    Now what will those old men leaning on fences do?

  • Kenn Mossman
    Kenn Mossman 4 hours ago

    Computers: There are two basic types; analog and digital. Analog computers were in use for far longer.

  • sailingsolar
    sailingsolar 4 hours ago

    I've seen glutin free bottled water. It's pathetic.

  • Grey Wolf
    Grey Wolf 4 hours ago

    What about the head in Zoro. Was a real human head pickled in whiskey.

  • sageqwill
    sageqwill 4 hours ago

    He could nt speak italian. He was jewish. He had syphilis.

  • falcosk8
    falcosk8 4 hours ago


  • Elizabeth Murray
    Elizabeth Murray 4 hours ago

    Info..they pilgrims ate eel on the first thanksgiving

  • Luikart Skarda The Bug Bouncer Super Hero

    Not recommending but i have 500 mg every morning ✌💀✌

  • Canis Cerulean
    Canis Cerulean 4 hours ago

    My favorite History teacher taught us that the Emancipation proclamation was the best example of a political lie and from "Honest Abe" Lincoln to boot... 1: It only freed slaves in rebelling states, who didn't recognize the sovereignty of the Union 2: This led to some confusion in the rebelling states along the lines of "wait, can he do that?" (while protecting escaped slaves from prosecution/extradition if they made it north) 3: It maintained the loyalty of the few Union states who did still practice slavery 4: It shifted the focus from the Confederate separatism to slavery (which was part of the issue, but not the main focus before) 5: This caused France to withdraw support that they were negotiating to provide the Confederacy since they were already anti slavery, but dividing the nation would have made it easier to expand their holdings.

  • King Mufasa
    King Mufasa 4 hours ago

    Don't forget Richard Nixon and Billy Graham raping Fiona Barnett in the pink bubble room at Bohemean Grove and in the airplane. 😕

  • It DontmatterPth
    It DontmatterPth 4 hours ago

    Sounds like trump and his supporters they are stupid and backward but by choice not kept that way by a dictator yet they believe everything he says about how wonderful and smart he is. It is rather pathetic. We need to get rid of him.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 hours ago

    People in the 70's were shockingly stupid, well somethings just don't change do they?

  • PureKaoZ
    PureKaoZ 5 hours ago

    "I guess we'd say goodbye" 😂😂

  • Calvin Odbert
    Calvin Odbert 5 hours ago

    Wow you look like the dude who curb stomped that dude in american history x here lol

  • Dan D Doty
    Dan D Doty 5 hours ago

    There is a book series you forgot to mention. The Out Of The Ashes series by William W Johnstone. It lasted for 26 novels and has been a favorite among Preppers and Libertarians for over twenty years. Take a look at it when come up with a follow up Top Tenz on this subject.

  • 09yulstube
    09yulstube 5 hours ago

    The Nigerian prince one is no joke, I had to get a visa for a business trip and they warn you to let your bank know before trying to pay for the visa because you're very likely to get the operation denied. It happened to my boss.

  • Ulfhedinn Tyr
    Ulfhedinn Tyr 5 hours ago

    Seems like most countries have these problems and do these things. Maybe just more secrecy.

  • Erica Williams
    Erica Williams 5 hours ago

    Where are my redhead and blue eyes friends at? I'm in CO. USA.

  • jatmas11
    jatmas11 5 hours ago

    There are actually 11 dimensions.

  • It DontmatterPth
    It DontmatterPth 6 hours ago

    I wonder if Lewis talked about his love of torture as sex with Tolkien they were supposed to be close friends but then stopped seeing eachother for some reason. Maybe Tolkien didn't like having a pervert as a friend.

  • Suicide Djinn
    Suicide Djinn 6 hours ago

    Look into the john smith pocohontas story closer. A 13 year old girl raped, married and kidnapped. And they called us savages.

  • Nate Rauch
    Nate Rauch 6 hours ago

    Bruh what about being skinned

  • Rogvist
    Rogvist 6 hours ago

    I could name at least 10 more bloody and horryfying battles than the ones from this list. I like your content, but this one is ill-prepared. Regards.

  • Jaret sandoval
    Jaret sandoval 6 hours ago

    He said in 2040

  • It DontmatterPth
    It DontmatterPth 6 hours ago

    Um, couldn't we just not have an IA appocolyps by NOT creating it in the first place? I mean, humans are the ones creating the AI and then complaining about the doom it will bring.

  • supersaiyan stringtheory

    cape reinga bro not regina pronounced rla-ieng-ah also maori is maadi or mowdi ka mihi ki a koe, mahi te mahi

  • Wolfe911
    Wolfe911 6 hours ago

    I want to know why my MREs, when I was in, tasted better the worst it smelt? Seriously weird when your platoon argues over who gets the ones that smell like dog food when nobody wants the one that smelt like a real meal...

  • Jason Somers
    Jason Somers 6 hours ago

    I thought Al Gore invented the internet? Anyway, Duct tape did start out as Duck tape because of its texture and waterproof quality. It wasn’t called DucT tape until it became widely used by the HVAC industry.

  • hankw69
    hankw69 6 hours ago

    Brave New World OR if Hillary were elected....

  • Jared Arnold
    Jared Arnold 6 hours ago

    Hitler was and idiot no doubt, but we got another Hitler wanna be idiot Indian Prime Minister Modi who heads Nazi looks alike party called RSS

  • Travis Stine
    Travis Stine 6 hours ago

    You actually have the Texas Lemonade stand law wrong. Children CAN operate a stand without fear of it being closed. I had to listen a couple of times to make sure I heard it right.

  • freesk8
    freesk8 7 hours ago

    Notice that the worst places are associated with socialism? The rest are also associated with governments of varying degrees of socialism. The governments of the world are the largest source of pollution on the planet. Yet we go to them to preserve the environment...

    • Machine Mechine
      Machine Mechine 4 hours ago

      Yeah because outer space is radioactive, and we all know that aliens are socialists!

  • Steve Sloan
    Steve Sloan 7 hours ago

    I was living in Madison Wisconsin at the time of the Chernoble disaster. A friend invited me up to the University meteorology building's roof to show me one of the sensers. When I looked at the radiation senser readout I turned to my friend and said, "This can't be right. It must be out of calibration. When was the last time this device was recallibrated?" He said, I recalibrated this three times only this morning and that's an accurate measurement. We looked at eachother and then looked out over the rooftops to the east. This was less than two weeks after the accident near Kieve and I got an awfully cold feeling in the pit of my stommach. I said to my friend, "There's nothing about this in the local news!" And he said, well, there is nothing that can be done about it.

  • Ken Hudson
    Ken Hudson 7 hours ago

    When Stanford Research Institute got seriously interested in psychic phenomena, the applied science of remote viewing was born. Look up Hal Puthoff, SRI, Pat Price, Ingo Swann. Later CIA and the US Army got into it and weaponized the phenomenon. Look up Grill Flame and Stargate. Lots of first hand accounts are easily found on the web. There are places today where you can learn to do remote viewing yourself. Somehow Simon neglected to point this out in his brief overview of the FBI investigation into ESP in the 1950s.

  • binomalia
    binomalia 7 hours ago

    Andaman islands are not near the coast of India!

  • Bug
    Bug 7 hours ago

    How many channels is Simon the presenter of? Jfc 😆

  • daniel maine
    daniel maine 7 hours ago

    Did you seriously actually attend any public schools in the U.S.A? The first two or three things in your video might have been true, but the rest of your claims seem so far out in the twilight zone that it's not even funny. Seriously, is this guy actually an American? Lol...I just read your source list...not a single textbook from American public schools is on the list!🤣

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper 7 hours ago

    Why would it matter if “Louie, Louie” has obscene lyrics, if no one can understand them?

  • JAFO
    JAFO 7 hours ago

    "More people die taking selfies than are killed by shark attacks..." You say that as if it were a bad thing.

  • J T
    J T 7 hours ago

    Simon & team - Great video. Now I want to challenge everyone on the team to make Simon Whistler say “Navajo” five times fast every time they see him drink anything. (Pretty please!). 😂 love all your videos!

  • Ketobbey Waters
    Ketobbey Waters 7 hours ago

    9:50 had to check if it was my PC... nope that sound is in the recording <3

  • C Hughes
    C Hughes 7 hours ago

    I agree with most of these statements but the Electoral College is set in place because we don't have a democracy, rather we have a republic. Under this, the greatest representation of people are represented rather than simple large numbers in concentrated areas like LA and New York City. All areas are represented.

  • Patricialyn Veal
    Patricialyn Veal 7 hours ago

    23 & me, ancestor, etc.. are for entertainment not actual full dna tests- based on an algorithm