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ASMR | Learning Tagalog
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Ninoy Aquino
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  • Dochoveny Cadorna
    Dochoveny Cadorna 4 minutes ago

    If you are Pure filipino point mouth is just a habit 🤣

    CRISELDA 10 minutes ago

    Thats My President. Filipino loves him dearly. He might have a dirty mouth but he has the most pure heart. We love Duterte

  • Alexandra Hood
    Alexandra Hood 27 minutes ago

    My mom is literally like her mom, she loves to point with their lips. 🤣🤣 hello mga kababayan jan🤣

  • Jerome Balaquidan
    Jerome Balaquidan 32 minutes ago

    That was dope man,, 2 thumbs up for you man,,

  • Ronel Cañete
    Ronel Cañete 36 minutes ago

    "You do not do that to me" President Duterte too many critics with no credentials! 🇵🇭👊❤

  • radz Cerdena
    radz Cerdena 52 minutes ago

    I was so touched 😭lovelovelove😍long live to the family❤

  • justjehara TV
    justjehara TV 54 minutes ago

    The compare is not fair because korea sang through using auto tune. Not original.

  • Ronel Cañete
    Ronel Cañete 56 minutes ago

    Before saying a word to Duterte make it sure that you are intelligent than him.👊👊👊🇵🇭

  • MaLouis Ortaliz
    MaLouis Ortaliz Hour ago

    Wow tayo lahat dito sa Pilipinas ay nag poprotekta sa aming bansa si Duterte din English:wow all of us here in Phillipines are protecting our country same for Duterte

  • John Russ Blythe

    Filipino's actually do that because people are lazy pointing at things.

  • Ferrer Jinky
    Ferrer Jinky Hour ago

    Plsss kevo

  • Ferrer Jinky
    Ferrer Jinky Hour ago

    Plsss... react general Luna movie trailer plsss

  • Ronel Cañete
    Ronel Cañete Hour ago

    The best president we ever had.After President Marcos❤ A man with courage and concern to his beloved country the Philippines❤👊🇵🇭🇵🇭👊 He is what he is.👊He is the man of Filipino people.

  • Lalai Dichoso
    Lalai Dichoso Hour ago


  • Eunice Batiles
    Eunice Batiles Hour ago

    Philippines for the wiiiiin

  • faithvalery Acebron

    Fish flavored cracker is good with vinegar! Yum!!

  • Gabrielle Guillemer

    Ang galing mo brooo ❤️ !! We love you from Philippines 🇵🇭

  • faithvalery Acebron

    Nguminguso....there! Hahaha

  • Kiko Estabillo
    Kiko Estabillo Hour ago

    Btw brother! I just want to say thats ur lit men 🔥 We filipinos loves you! Wish you can visit here in phil! God Bless

  • Gaming Filipino!

    im a filipino and im going to nose bleed for watching this video and i feel like im ameracan😂

  • faithvalery Acebron

    This video is very fun! Hahaha! Nakakaproud maging dalagang pilipina yeahh!😆

  • Chipotle Ilyy
    Chipotle Ilyy Hour ago

    Jflas music is ok but it's like autotune or something But Julie Ann is much better

  • Rum and Gold
    Rum and Gold Hour ago

    Mama be like: (doing household chores) You're to old and u still dont know how to do this and that, (when i say i have crush or want to go to a party) you're too young for that, don't do that, what is wrong with you! Me: My God woman! Am i old or not, make up ur goddamn mind! (excuse my language mom said no cursing) lol

  • Beanne benz Gallenero

    We are proud pilipino

  • Ted De Dios
    Ted De Dios Hour ago

    Yes kevo boodle fight using bare hands

  • jhorin jay
    jhorin jay Hour ago

    That USA girl is not from the USA bro .. it's from in the Philippines

  • sam and gail
    sam and gail Hour ago

    yes tsinelas is slippers and anak is son or daugther

  • ApriLisa 045
    ApriLisa 045 2 hours ago

    I'm a Filipino and I don't know this 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Renren Borromeo
    Renren Borromeo 2 hours ago

    Thank you for representing our country

  • Ethan Laura
    Ethan Laura 2 hours ago

    Keep practicing bro

    COOLZ R OZ 2 hours ago

    1:01 i died🤣🤣

  • Feel Free To Subscribe

    Learn Bisaya It's quite harder than Tagalog It's also Spanish Related

  • Raphael Miguel
    Raphael Miguel 2 hours ago

    more power to you bro. keep safe. God bless.

  • Raphael Miguel
    Raphael Miguel 2 hours ago

    and america is not a member of human rights council

  • Renren Borromeo
    Renren Borromeo 2 hours ago

    Korea have autotune power

    _SHINIGAMI_ TUTOR 2 hours ago

    13:30 I dont know too, maybe Jesus Marie Joseph smashed together

  • σωσ_gαмιηg TM

    Good job pilipines 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • ron cavicz
    ron cavicz 2 hours ago

    Hi, pls make reaction to SB19 - GO UP [Official MV] 2M Views The First Filipino Idol Boy Group trained under a KOREAN Entertainment Company!

    _SHINIGAMI_ TUTOR 2 hours ago

    10:25 yep, they are slippers

    VHUNN FAMA 2 hours ago

    Thank you friend..God bless you welcome to the Philippines

    _SHINIGAMI_ TUTOR 2 hours ago

    7:57 yes they do, and even if they point where its on a random direction

  • Raphael Miguel
    Raphael Miguel 2 hours ago

    i'm super proud of my pressy, bro. he even said "i dont mind spending my eternity in hell, as long as the filipinos live in heaven." that statement made me drop my tears.

  • Nick Francis
    Nick Francis 2 hours ago

    The girl don't have any idea about the Philippines 😅

  • Al Francis Jastio
    Al Francis Jastio 2 hours ago

    You should try the STICK O, CREAM O, And other drinks like ZEST O AND C2

  • What?! What?!
    What?! What?! 2 hours ago

    Ako ay ma-booty😂jk

    GNINAY 2 hours ago

    Anak - my child Tsinelas - flipflops

  • cheeseburger
    cheeseburger 2 hours ago

    Proud to be Filipino! Lezzgo mga Pinoy!!!!

  • BroBroAct Official
    BroBroAct Official 2 hours ago

    Boy Bawang barbecue flavor is so good

  • Me me
    Me me 2 hours ago

    make a reaction on the philippines dancing inmates .. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anonymous n3far1ous
    Anonymous n3far1ous 2 hours ago

    Pa u man hin not pau man in

  • Mighty Lion
    Mighty Lion 2 hours ago

    I'm excited to join them! 😍

  • Anonymous n3far1ous
    Anonymous n3far1ous 2 hours ago

    When you saw some u letter on words like anuman you should not pronouced it like nyu it mus be directly nu. Get it? I mean remove the y sound of your pronouciation men

  • Adenic Joenel Mark
    Adenic Joenel Mark 3 hours ago

    Its not bulancan its bulacan

  • Eoram Recio
    Eoram Recio 3 hours ago

    Susmaryosep- jesus,mary and joseph.

  • Jessennie Mendoza
    Jessennie Mendoza 3 hours ago

    Hahah love it dude funny 😀 I am a Filipino but I am great at English hahaha😀😀

  • Hanzel Marin
    Hanzel Marin 3 hours ago

    I vote for philippines🇵🇭 More Filipinos is a great singer. Greetings from indonesia🇮🇩 Indonesia sa Iba😭😭

  • Rhianna Stephen
    Rhianna Stephen 3 hours ago


  • Irene Bathan
    Irene Bathan 3 hours ago

    You can also say "Pasensya na" for "I'm Sorry"

  • VJ Tiglao
    VJ Tiglao 3 hours ago

    That's Julian San Jose

  • Isaiah Cayden Velasco

    Im proud to be filipino

  • Philip Ursal
    Philip Ursal 3 hours ago


  • Kino Yarra
    Kino Yarra 3 hours ago

    I love piattos

  • Joseph tapales
    Joseph tapales 3 hours ago

    We are Filipino never surrender until we did not succeed

  • Josie Jonggay
    Josie Jonggay 3 hours ago

    Proad pilipino🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Huerie Bantigue
    Huerie Bantigue 3 hours ago

    Philipines is great

  • XIAN ph
    XIAN ph 3 hours ago

    Thats it philippines won

  • Marjorie Corros
    Marjorie Corros 3 hours ago

    Hello sir Kevin kamusta PO pls react jingle bells by TNT version 😉

  • Maui Mackellay
    Maui Mackellay 3 hours ago

    Pa-u-man-hin po

  • XIAN ph
    XIAN ph 3 hours ago

    Inglesia ni cristo is like the flag of italy

  • Pelly
    Pelly 3 hours ago

    Pee - Yah - tos for Piattos

  • Jasper Silva
    Jasper Silva 3 hours ago

    Why duterte are so mad in black American. Don't be mad duterte respect black American. I'm not black American and Im a Filipino. I'll defense black American, what if white American kill too our black Filipino.

  • Kenken Shape
    Kenken Shape 3 hours ago

    If you go here in philippines i recommended for you the ROXAS NIGHT MARKET IN CEBU THAT IS VERY FAMOUS STREET FOOD MARKET 😊😊😊 Watch this:

  • Jefferson Cabrera
    Jefferson Cabrera 3 hours ago


  • Funny tv
    Funny tv 3 hours ago

    Kivo i'm always watching your video, i want to ask a favor from you can you recommend may channel. . Salamat

  • Funny tv
    Funny tv 3 hours ago

    Kivo i'm always watching your video, i want to ask a favor from you can you recommend may channel. . Salamat

  • Nina Oling
    Nina Oling 3 hours ago

    “susmaryusep” is “what the” i guess? by the way im a filipina

  • Charisse Bacalso
    Charisse Bacalso 3 hours ago

    OMG The boy said nine but finger raised 8

  • love and hate
    love and hate 3 hours ago

    Hahahaha walang anuman di walang walang anyuman

  • Malaluan Balasbas
    Malaluan Balasbas 3 hours ago

    Ako ay pilipino

  • wilmar Pajo
    wilmar Pajo 4 hours ago

    momo is a gous

  • Enzo Bugly
    Enzo Bugly 4 hours ago

    Filipinos, coz id like the cowboy

  • wilmar Pajo
    wilmar Pajo 4 hours ago

    ye banana is cool

  • wilmar Pajo
    wilmar Pajo 4 hours ago

    hoy its hiy

  • wilmar Pajo
    wilmar Pajo 4 hours ago

    yes ye

  • wilmar Pajo
    wilmar Pajo 4 hours ago

    anak is a your sun

  • wilmar Pajo
    wilmar Pajo 4 hours ago

    yes wi dodat

  • wilmar Pajo
    wilmar Pajo 4 hours ago

    im pilipino

  • wilmar Pajo
    wilmar Pajo 4 hours ago

    di ka tama

  • Marnie Martin
    Marnie Martin 4 hours ago

    pls react to kz quicksand on wish bus Thank you❤️❤️😘🇵🇭

  • Rajna Coleen Carrasco

    arte nung bata

  • Jm Gaming
    Jm Gaming 4 hours ago


  • Kean Saliwan
    Kean Saliwan 4 hours ago

    Please react jingle bells tnt voice new release 😁😁 thank you...

  • Edizon Renz Ocbian
    Edizon Renz Ocbian 4 hours ago

    Philippines is not expensens theres have a 1peso junk food that is not avore in 1dollar so in Philippines is not expenses in other continets in philippines are so beautiful there is so many explore like this if you country is in the Philippines we love Philippines

  • Rinkatsi TV
    Rinkatsi TV 4 hours ago

    It's not terrifying. It just burry the houses with volcanic ash. Ahaha

  • bra jari
    bra jari 4 hours ago

    That is our Pres 😅

  • krisna eka jaya
    krisna eka jaya 4 hours ago

    In this video u only see when the army already move inside the city but u dont know what happen before they can reach the city many soldier die in first day try to take one of the most important bridge before they can reach the marawi city

  • Gail Park
    Gail Park 4 hours ago

    "Pasko na sinta ko, nasa marawi parin ako," this line breaks my heart😭 I salute you all! May God bless you all!🇵🇭

  • Christian Nulot
    Christian Nulot 4 hours ago

    it's "tagalog" pronounced as "ta-ga-log" not "tagalog" you pronounced as "te-ge-log"

  • Junix John
    Junix John 4 hours ago

    our president may not be perfect and right at all times but in that interview, he was absolutely RIGHT!!! no other presidents can compare to him period...nice reaction hehehe

  • Lindy Juario
    Lindy Juario 4 hours ago

    I just want to correct it. Its not susmaryuses its Susmaryusep. Hehehe its jesus mary and joseph. And also susmaryusep kinda an expression here in philippines.