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    ALL STAR ACE Minute ago


  • Faith Kennedy-Graham
    Faith Kennedy-Graham 5 minutes ago

    OMG its HaRrY pOtTeR

  • jeno's nipple that slipped

    5:48 why does she high key sound like that character from monster hunter freedom unite who gave you the beginner/easy/simple quests

  • Barry Jimenez
    Barry Jimenez 14 minutes ago

    Wheres the universes biggest star kim hee chul!!!!!!?

  • Bellamy Blake
    Bellamy Blake 43 minutes ago

    The “pip pip cheerio ass” tweet made me cry lmaooo

  • Bellamy Blake
    Bellamy Blake 46 minutes ago

    I can’t believe I’m watching this LMAO

  • Bellamy Blake
    Bellamy Blake 52 minutes ago

    Has Idris Elba done this?

  • • apaky •
    • apaky • 54 minutes ago

    I am so lucky because my parents call me kiki And yes, I do love u suga

  • it's yah boy
    it's yah boy 57 minutes ago

    That’s ohgeesy

  • Allison R
    Allison R 57 minutes ago

    Why would you do this to Manny Jacinto?

  • Ashley Anne Arellano
    Ashley Anne Arellano 59 minutes ago

    Okay i'm about to stan this group seriously. I'm smiling the whole video and idk why.

  • Bellamy Blake
    Bellamy Blake Hour ago


  • 욜로다인생은

    i love her

  • vince west
    vince west Hour ago

    How can anyone not love her she's great

  • Ella Bower
    Ella Bower Hour ago

    2:52 when he laughed like a Draco Malfoy would... I felt that

  • Jaci Lyn
    Jaci Lyn Hour ago

    these tweets are dumb

  • J. Chang
    J. Chang Hour ago

    Glad this show is ending

  • Jonathan Guerra
    Jonathan Guerra Hour ago

    I miss her🥺❤️ i feel like it’s been a trillion years since she released all about that base😭

  • Risingspirit Girl

    Look at the dog at the thumbnail lol

  • stylinson -
    stylinson - Hour ago

    i love his sense of humor omg hes so sassy

  • minh nguyet
    minh nguyet 2 hours ago

    Can someone make Samuel L.Jackson do this?

  • Lauryn Brianna
    Lauryn Brianna 2 hours ago

    I CANNOT with Jackson in this interview!!! Jackson: 7-eleven! *randomly walking around* Evan: Jackson what are you doing??? Jackson: nah man you said we could walk around. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chris Houston
    Chris Houston 2 hours ago

    Lol why they did my baby girl Hyelin so dirty all interview 🤣

  • Andria Robaqidze
    Andria Robaqidze 2 hours ago

    Please come with georgia

  • Oneo Tuvalev
    Oneo Tuvalev 2 hours ago

    No one’s gonna talk if he’s harassed sexually for 6 minute non-stop?

  • Shakira Hamilton
    Shakira Hamilton 2 hours ago

    Bro I feel super late 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️ I knew she was married but i had no idea to who so I'm shook rn lol

  • Rokeya A T
    Rokeya A T 2 hours ago

    Jungkook looks sooo good in yellow shirt....🤩😘❤💕

  • Mimi
    Mimi 2 hours ago

    Handsome and humble Taeyong💚

  • NadyuLife
    NadyuLife 2 hours ago

    I’m 29 and I never cared for she at all. I wouldn’t be weirded out by teeth in a glass either. All I care about is if the man is good to me and is intelligent, caring and maybe a little bit funny too! That’s a bonus 😸 Very educational video, thanks guys! I hope everyone will get to watch it prior to making a decision on getting plastic surgery.

  • Eduardo Morales
    Eduardo Morales 2 hours ago

    It means like they're at that age where that makes sense to them... I still dont know wut that means may b I'm not at that age 😢

  • I be vibin to
    I be vibin to 2 hours ago

    No I watch it on the Netflix

  • May Nguyen
    May Nguyen 2 hours ago

    wait theyre all so babie 🥺

  • Nour Maalouf
    Nour Maalouf 2 hours ago

    Jimin is not here to awnser some questions he is here to play with the puppies 🐶

  • Ami Kamara
    Ami Kamara 2 hours ago

    That’s my mans from Spy kids

  • Angielica Anza
    Angielica Anza 2 hours ago

    JHope: I love my Life Me; Sana alllllll :<

  • Sadie Say10
    Sadie Say10 3 hours ago

    Yes we are a filthy bunch and you loved it 😉

  •  3 hours ago

    did beomgyu just say he wanted to visit Cebu? it's here in the Philippines OMG AHDJALAJDBASKL

  • WhySoSerious EASTREP

    batwahmen 🤮 batman 😎

  • Kari
    Kari 3 hours ago


  • Stefanie Stevens
    Stefanie Stevens 3 hours ago

    “Tom: “Don’t get any dirtier” Us: *gets way dirtier*

  • Oo Kallen oO oo
    Oo Kallen oO oo 3 hours ago

    our adorable chaotic boys 💜

  • Singingsnake
    Singingsnake 3 hours ago

    2:50 wyatt: i don’t like spiders it’s funny as he was a spider in the second movie💀

  • Neira2011
    Neira2011 3 hours ago

    I love Draco Malfoy.. he is actually nice only resented Harry for not wanting to be his friend.. so cute :3, oh and save Harry’s live once 💖

  • Roman Empire
    Roman Empire 3 hours ago

    LMFAO Hospital! Negan: For the drugs? 🤣🤣

  • dannay Castillo
    dannay Castillo 3 hours ago

    Subtitulos al español!!!!!!! Please!!!!

  • Grey Shades
    Grey Shades 3 hours ago

    I thought bussy meant bootyhole and pussy but it just means buttholes

  • Rakshitaa Rahul Bharathan

    Jk : I like my puppy Awwww jk goes back as baby kookie

  • Lenilyn Luna
    Lenilyn Luna 3 hours ago

    *joshua and his 'likes'*

    TOM PREE 3 hours ago


  • lara lara
    lara lara 3 hours ago

    all these fantasies and only priyanka gets to have them 😂❤

  • Priscilla jackson depp

    They’re all cute asf 😍

  • nrn lbdbd
    nrn lbdbd 3 hours ago

    Woahhh!! Beomgyu wantttt go to cebu in philippines!!💚

  • Sophisticated Serpent

    Who else is gay for ruby rose

  • BiebEr giRL
    BiebEr giRL 3 hours ago

    Wooseok's voice is like a dolphin his voice is usable I weezed 😂😂😂

  • infinitus
    infinitus 3 hours ago

    What a great cast!

  • Eileen
    Eileen 3 hours ago

    why does john mulaney being surprised always look like that surprised pikachu meme?

  • Tenry Phonda
    Tenry Phonda 4 hours ago

    Damn didn't know these people. Well I guess I gotta watch Shadowhunters now

  • Cody B.
    Cody B. 4 hours ago

    *Is this another spin off?*

  • Sumi S
    Sumi S 4 hours ago

    That one guy, that doesn’t get off Emma’s lap, knows he’s sittin’ on Emma Watson 😂😂😂😂

  • rossi del rey
    rossi del rey 4 hours ago

    I love how he stuttered when he was asking what a bussy was. Like protecc !! [whispers] "... wh-what's a bussy?"

  • Türkü_Gacha_TR
    Türkü_Gacha_TR 4 hours ago

    Whos cuter Bts:like Pupp-pees:coment

  • Fly&Thrive
    Fly&Thrive 4 hours ago

    All I can see is down the line like maybe 2- 3 years form now is mini Juni Cortez with Megan eyes and come and Juno curly hair but lighter like a dirty blonde or honey and mini Megan’s with Juni eyes and his curly red brown hair!!

  • Drei
    Drei 4 hours ago

    Steve Austin doesn't drink water he drinks Nitro Nitrogen

  • Kaylee Edwards
    Kaylee Edwards 4 hours ago

    I’m feeling sad now cuz Luke should’ve been in this vid and it would’ve been hilarious af 😭. Rip 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • AlexAdulting
    AlexAdulting 4 hours ago

    They balance each other out so well

  • Jenna Love
    Jenna Love 4 hours ago

    I love how Nassif just watches Dubrow talk. They are do fun together! Lol

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 4 hours ago

    Aww this is posted on my birthday

  • imjaess xx
    imjaess xx 4 hours ago

    The puppy with the pink collar was so in love with him 😭♥️

  • Teresa Van der Merwe

    When I saw this in my recommended, I got a stabbing pain in my stomach, because of how much I miss and want them to come back #saveshadowhunters

  • Suzanne Tan
    Suzanne Tan 5 hours ago

    jisung and brian are really the same person they write the lyrics but they forget them

  • dRaMAbang tEA
    dRaMAbang tEA 5 hours ago

    He literally so cute lol

  • Suzanne Tan
    Suzanne Tan 5 hours ago

    I'm so confused by fricking Jisung, whenever he speaks English, he sounds so fluent but he always pretends (?) he can't speak English?? does he just not like speaking English that much or something?? nevermind, I just watched the 'forget choreography' question, why is he like this

  • D Chen
    D Chen 5 hours ago

    You should see him in Go Fighting tv game show. Gets smarter every season.

  • andy parker
    andy parker 5 hours ago

    matthew daddario sounds like soos from gravity falls change my mind

  • Rebecca Hopkins
    Rebecca Hopkins 5 hours ago

    Omg those puppies!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ love how much he seems to really love animals. I just want to write that as much as I love the character Titus Andramadon, I love the person Tituss Burgess MUCH, MUCH MORE. He is authentic, intelligent, gifted, LIKES HORROR MOVIES AND SHOWS (me too Tituss!!), deep, scrappy, powerful, handsome, committed to his partner of almost 8 years, down to earth and genuine. I like the character, but I’m so glad he’s not the character in real life. As much as I like the character of Titus, he was terribly self centered a lot of the time and, though fabulous, kind of emotionally crippled, lazy and at times slightly delusional🤣 he could be a bit much if you knew that character as a real life person in real life. Like exhausting at times😂 Tituss the person seems much more existential, caring, centered, hard working, gracious, well spoken, intelligent and empathetic. He is an outstanding singer and actor. On Broadway as well as other mediums. He will be fine and will not be type cast because not only is Kimmy Schmidt not all he’s ever done, but he is much to multi-talented and creative to be boxed in. It’s actually GOOD thing he wasn’t playing the part as “the real Tituss”, because that means he’s not a one trick pony. I would love to be friends with the real Tituss. And, did I mention, HE LOVES HORROR??? I want to watch some great horror, like Penny Dreadful, Bates Motel, AHS, Mama, and Hereditary, with you Tituss Burgess!! And I definitely think you need to do a horror genre project next!Would scream for all the right reasons if you turn up in a horror movie or show. Omg I would die (or kill 💀🤣) for that. THAT for sure would show them you’re not that tv Titus!!!! I’m thinking you should show up in American Horror Story. That would be so epic ❤️ what he said about not caring what others think, I’m 💯 the same way. I’m respectful of others and their opinions, and treat others as I like to be treated, but their opinions never define me or change/influence me or my own self worth or who I am, ever. The only people who’s opinions matter to me are the people I love. Everyone else, 👎 and I’ve always been that way, just like Tituss. I wonder if it’s because we both grew up as only children? Coincidentally I also detest bullies and those that prey on the week and the misfortune of others; I always try and help those that are maligned, harassed, or mistreated; I try and help them understand that a person’s treatment of you defines THEIR worth as a human being, not your own ❤️.

  • bootiful chimmy
    bootiful chimmy 5 hours ago

    19M views okay okay okay..... yall chaotic af w puppies 😂😂

  • andy parker
    andy parker 5 hours ago


  • HeatherSPRTC
    HeatherSPRTC 5 hours ago

    This must be amazing for those not familiar with Kibum XD

  • Girly channel
    Girly channel 5 hours ago

    Wow rm translate faster than google so awesome Who love BTW like this

  • Donald Duck005
    Donald Duck005 5 hours ago

    Daryl looks exactly like he does on walking dead.

  • Theresa Mae De Guzman

    They speak english soo well

  • Valeria Perez
    Valeria Perez 5 hours ago


  • Paige Clayton
    Paige Clayton 5 hours ago

    1:19 to 1:23 thats it thats the comment

  • Your Local Sin Kid
    Your Local Sin Kid 5 hours ago

    I'm surprised they didn't put their dream threesome would be with dr. Phil and Steve Harvey

  • Samantha Tyler
    Samantha Tyler 5 hours ago

    AHHHH I love her. Also I'm too late and the tshirts seem to no longer be around. :(

  • karol palomino
    karol palomino 5 hours ago

    Ruby you got my whole heart 😘😍😋😘😘😘😻😻😻so funny this interview

  • Cats And Dragons
    Cats And Dragons 5 hours ago

    No how cann she not like BLU

  • I Love Green Day and Nirvana

    I didn’t know who he was so I search him up and we share a birthday 😄

  • Miss Mingyu
    Miss Mingyu 6 hours ago

    Seungkwan is the mood maker

  • Ethereal Essence
    Ethereal Essence 6 hours ago

    Omg imagine adopting a puppy they played with!!!

  • Valeria Talavera
    Valeria Talavera 6 hours ago


  • Miss Mingyu
    Miss Mingyu 6 hours ago

    Mingyu is the visual but showing off his dance skill while Hoshi the main danxe trying to act cute hahaha

  • Ethereal Essence
    Ethereal Essence 6 hours ago

    Aweee love this so much! We’re the same age and i feel like I could’ve been their friends if they weren’t idols! (I’m an 02)

  • Genavieve C
    Genavieve C 6 hours ago

    They’re so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miss Mingyu
    Miss Mingyu 6 hours ago

    Dokyeom : Hye everyone nice to meet you..My fav food is Pizza But forgot to tell his name😅

  • #745Bax X
    #745Bax X 6 hours ago

    Thanks!!!!!!! Now i know Rick is going to die-_-

  • abigail lux
    abigail lux 6 hours ago

    y’all where those lil bandaids my mans used to wear?

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki 6 hours ago

    To be fair, she has a point on relationships. You'd be surprised at how much you learn about yourself by beimg with someone. Doesnt have to be serious, its just getting to know people and going out there.

  • Melanie Regis
    Melanie Regis 6 hours ago

    Come here in Cebu Beomgyu ♥️

  • Vivi Dellarena
    Vivi Dellarena 6 hours ago

    I love Jake Johnson so much!