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  • Snowy
    Snowy 5 hours ago

    5:01 Look at the kids little celebration haha

  • Snowy
    Snowy 5 hours ago

    Is he the guy from Spongebob?

  • KingofPepsi
    KingofPepsi 8 hours ago

    SAM MIKULAK SCANDAL!!!!! Sam was caught walking in a park and luring a squirrel to come to him. He caught the squirrel, pinned the critter down, pulled out a syringe, and removed squirrel DNA. He released the squirrel and was seen injecting the squirrel DNA into his body. This explains his super squirrel powers.

  • teodelfuego
    teodelfuego 9 hours ago

    After watching Dwight Stones in 1976, I got a bunch of old tires and mattresses and built a cross bar out of bamboo in my back yard. It was so much fun! I can't remember my personal best, but it was around 5' 5". I was 14 and stood about 5' 8" at the time.

  • Jo Wa
    Jo Wa 12 hours ago

    I think she's a great athlete, but I agree with others here, I would not want to go through life looking like that.

  • Michael Hicks
    Michael Hicks 12 hours ago

    Just finished watching Loepsie. Compared to that gorgeous girl, Biles looks like a Mule. Go here for gorgeous girl.

  • INN
    INN 13 hours ago

    Isn't she the one who had sex with Chris Chan?

  • Act Right
    Act Right 15 hours ago

    Black people always take it to new levels

  • Jasan Guerrero
    Jasan Guerrero 17 hours ago

    Thats kind of disrespectful to call ali "Cassius

  • Randy King
    Randy King Day ago

    My #1 childhood sports hero ...i saw this guy on tv becoming the best in the world time and time dude vs. time and space... amazing! I just realized while typing this that he was the first Champion i ever became aware of. Thanks Carl!

  • NX01R
    NX01R Day ago

    he’s cute but he has no lips. yikes

  • Hays Recordings

    Very hot and sexy nice buns and packages let's wrestle 😋 l am Hard 😋 hotguys

  • Jared Tennant
    Jared Tennant Day ago

    Bowie got the ultimate revenge at Rio....she actually ended up on the podium

  • B M-Y
    B M-Y Day ago

    That was fun.

  • sergio68123
    sergio68123 Day ago

    Enquanto isso nossa crioula Daiane cair na hora H quando uma atleta ganhar alguma coisa é um espanto.

  • Karan Arela
    Karan Arela Day ago


  • Paul 638
    Paul 638 Day ago

    Wonderfully talented man! He has a lot to be proud of!

  • O. Ramirez
    O. Ramirez Day ago

    2:41 “That our flag was still there” 😢that hit hard

  • claudia daniela elera rios


  • Animes best moments

    Dam I don’t see any shotokan we barely get iur cut

  • Scarlet Samurai
    Scarlet Samurai 2 days ago

    Jaw dropping.... just out of this world. Truly blessed of God

  • immasoxfanbaby
    immasoxfanbaby 2 days ago

    Jesse Owen's, Carl Lewis, us an bolt. Top 3 goats

  • Evelyn Holmes
    Evelyn Holmes 2 days ago

    Yassssssss go queen!!!

  • Dance Tutorials Choreographies & More

    Here We saw her movie life!!

  • MO Exotics
    MO Exotics 3 days ago

    Greg duh

  • Donna B
    Donna B 3 days ago

    I think that's the best stuck, most solid dismount landing I have ever seen in gymnastics! Beautifully done, Sam!

  • solitonqt
    solitonqt 3 days ago

    Wow. Just so grand

  • solitonqt
    solitonqt 3 days ago

    Wow. Just wow

  • Li
    Li 4 days ago

    Imagine having to be that girl competing on bars with Simone Biles making history in the background.

  • Francis Nguyen
    Francis Nguyen 4 days ago

    Yay, Apolo Ohno, you did it and you won 2 golds and silver and 4 bronze medals in Olympic Winter Games!

  • Hell's royle bandit Enjoy like subscribe

    This wouldn't have happened if we hadn't invaded The terrorist's holy land. God bless you and god bless the United States of America!

  • caralex
    caralex 4 days ago

    She's an excellent performer, there's no doubt about that, but how I wish that she, and indeed all other gymnasts, would quit stuffing their routines with those time-wasting, head-jerking, arm-flailing 'fillers' that show neither innovation nor talent! Olga and Nadia never did that - their routines flowed seamlessly and gracefully back then. Movements today are more jerky and discordant and not nearly as graceful, I think.

    • Seth Alexander
      Seth Alexander 15 hours ago

      Gymnastics has changed since Nadia and Olga competed. Nadia and Olga weren't capable of acrobatics like most modern gymnasts are, which I don't say to throw shade because gymnastics was a completely different sport and they did not train like modern gymnasts do. Not to mention that the floor for FX is much springier and the amount of padding everywhere helps save gymnasts' bodies from as much wear and tear. It's just a completely different sport. And it's just silly to say that Simone is "stuffing" her routine with arm movements -- her routine is so jam-packed and she does not do as much posing/dancing as other gymnasts because she is able to do so many skills in 90 seconds, lol.

  • Bob Detken
    Bob Detken 4 days ago

    Looks like Dick had a few extra inches of clearance on the winning jump

  • Nestor Ramos
    Nestor Ramos 4 days ago

    He need to look alexei nemov routines so he can see perfection and in olympics not in some ramdom competition. Plus been humbleness its free

  • DanceMoms ALDC
    DanceMoms ALDC 4 days ago

    0:23 I couldn’t even keep track of her😂 THIS GIRL IS EVEN MORE THEN AWESOME OR AMAZING

  • Steve
    Steve 4 days ago

    Thank you to our brave seal team and president Obama for bringing the mastermind of this tragedy to justice.

  • Taurean Spaniard
    Taurean Spaniard 4 days ago

    Notce only haters don't get responses .

  • NDN AF
    NDN AF 4 days ago

    Damn, he's hot!

  • Natalie Roberson
    Natalie Roberson 4 days ago

    And the flag was still there🇺🇸

  • vijay kumar
    vijay kumar 4 days ago

    UFO was seen

  • Merita merita
    Merita merita 4 days ago


  • John Lazi
    John Lazi 4 days ago


  • 1969Vanessa G
    1969Vanessa G 4 days ago

    The Bile dismount, seen in competition for the first time.

  • Joseph Santos
    Joseph Santos 5 days ago

    Bend the knee!

  • Precious Love
    Precious Love 5 days ago

    Get It Sister AMAZING GRACE

  • Brian Walls
    Brian Walls 5 days ago

    This girl is the best gymnist in the world by far!

  • Kevin Wilkes
    Kevin Wilkes 5 days ago

    Urban history is rising again , urban culture, gye nyame

  • starboy aaron123
    starboy aaron123 5 days ago

    Were they played that game

  • Bquan Porter
    Bquan Porter 5 days ago

    whoever put her in the athletic/acrobatics category is ok 😂hello CNN breaking news 🤷‍♂️she's taking power tumbling to a new level for women as commentary say🐐👑buy a ticket to a talent showcase in a theater for graceful..boring🙌🤭

  • Damian Ash
    Damian Ash 6 days ago

    Kobe Bryants long lost brother

  • Swim Fast
    Swim Fast 6 days ago

    Why are they in paraOlympic of all 8 swimmers have 2 arms and legs

  • Ed Tony
    Ed Tony 6 days ago

    1 word, and we, those of us who knows track an field, man I hat to say it but my eyes don't deceive me, steroids, she was doping, that's why at 38 she died, Al joiner u sacrificed your wife. For what? When u make a deal with the devil, he will come to collect. Rest in peace flo Jo it's a shame for what they did to u.

  • Ty Cobb
    Ty Cobb 6 days ago

    No grace,no elegance,nothing like the past.Power and tumbling.Overrated.

    • Christina Leneus
      Christina Leneus 4 days ago

      Ty Cobb 😒we get it…you're a desperate attention seeker, 🙄whatever.

    • Dee Callow
      Dee Callow 5 days ago

      Hate much!? If you want grace and elegance go watch ballet.

    • Sally Vee
      Sally Vee 6 days ago

      The grace lies in her flawless technique. She's the best of all time. Impossible for her to be overrated.

  • m xy
    m xy 6 days ago

    I'm looking for the whole broadcast. I watched it in RUclip a few weeks ago, but now I can't find it. Can somebody help me?

  • Alice C
    Alice C 6 days ago

    She is so beautiful and very talented. I could watch her all day and not get tired of it. Proud to be American (We need her now).

  • Jared Morrison
    Jared Morrison 6 days ago

    Nadia still best.Fuck biles.

  • Jared Morrison
    Jared Morrison 6 days ago

    This person is on drugs.You should not support her.

    • Dee Callow
      Dee Callow 5 days ago

      Jared Morrison And you probably hate on her simply because she’s black. Black and great equates to drug use in your world, does it? Move the hell on.

  • Mari Hearndon
    Mari Hearndon 6 days ago

    Girl you bad bad

  • Marsha Julessa
    Marsha Julessa 7 days ago

    Funny how all these fast times on this track were nowhere replaciated at Rio Olympics.

  • Phillip Chavez Jr
    Phillip Chavez Jr 7 days ago

    She's so over rated, there's no grace or elegance like gymnest before her.

    • Dee Callow
      Dee Callow 5 days ago

      This is gymnastics, not the Ice Capades.

    • Sally Vee
      Sally Vee 6 days ago

      She's the best gymnast of all time, so she's superior to everyone before or after her.

    • Ty Cobb
      Ty Cobb 6 days ago


  • Rundel De Jesus
    Rundel De Jesus 7 days ago

    goodness! she's so sickening. ugh.

  • Brasil
    Brasil 7 days ago

    Bravo Simone!!!

  • Samuel Williamson
    Samuel Williamson 7 days ago

    She is a fucking cheater!

  • Samuel Williamson
    Samuel Williamson 7 days ago


    • Dee Callow
      Dee Callow 5 days ago

      Samuel Williamson says all those who feel threatened by a successful p.o.c..

  • Deathfromabove
    Deathfromabove 7 days ago

    Love Engles. Never have been a centrowitzs fan

  • Kes Peisithoe
    Kes Peisithoe 7 days ago

    I’d like it in slow motion

  • Lakshmi Shah
    Lakshmi Shah 7 days ago

    I live for her leos!!!! 😍

  • Chrismas Sihombing
    Chrismas Sihombing 7 days ago

    Simona Biles is the best gymnastics ever

  • Logan Matthews
    Logan Matthews 7 days ago

    Hold my 🍺

  • Laney Me
    Laney Me 7 days ago

    ..look at GOD, want HE do it!

  • 10,000 subscribers with no videos?

    He loves lane 4

  • Ariana Eventing
    Ariana Eventing 8 days ago

    Ayyyyyy the first demo team was mine ayyyyyyyy!!!!

  • Amy’s Gaming
    Amy’s Gaming 8 days ago

    Simons brother is in jail for murder

    • Dee Callow
      Dee Callow 3 days ago

      Amy’s Gaming Well that’s rich coming from someone who is doing the exact same thing. Hypocrite.

    • Amy’s Gaming
      Amy’s Gaming 3 days ago

      Dee Callow you can say whatever but I’m blocking you for bullying

    • Dee Callow
      Dee Callow 4 days ago

      Amy’s Gaming You’re one sad individual.

    • Amy’s Gaming
      Amy’s Gaming 4 days ago

      Dee Callow I do so dont be a smartalic

    • Dee Callow
      Dee Callow 5 days ago

      Amy’s Gaming, then maybe you should know what you’re talking about before posting.

  • SMA
    SMA 8 days ago

    Silly judges with their deductions...see to sit on the sidelines and be picky. Not that they could do anythings close to what she's doing in the first place.

  • Mike S
    Mike S 8 days ago

    The majority of Germans had know clue hitler was committing atrocities

  • Caitlin Frawley
    Caitlin Frawley 8 days ago

    That dismount is sooo freaking impressive killer hard! Go Simone! Awesome! ❤️❤️❤️😱😱😱

  • Cut YT
    Cut YT 8 days ago

    There was another step out at the end

  • icHeLuiZ HHZZ
    icHeLuiZ HHZZ 9 days ago

    She’s so talent god!!!

    • icHeLuiZ HHZZ
      icHeLuiZ HHZZ 7 days ago

      She still won the competition and do you know how many gold medals she has?? Apparently you don’t like her

    • Hermione Granger
      Hermione Granger 8 days ago

      You do know she is doping.That is not talent.

  • Debbies Homemade
    Debbies Homemade 9 days ago

    WOW That is some amazing moves.

  • SunCityLady
    SunCityLady 9 days ago

    You are a rock star, Shawn. Love the East Fam channel.

  • justin10292000
    justin10292000 9 days ago

    878 dislikes? Jealous much? Pathetic.

  • Mandy Hernandez
    Mandy Hernandez 9 days ago

    It's exciting to know the USA will br bringing home that gold next year!!! Love me some Simone!!!

  • NoneIsAllMinusSome
    NoneIsAllMinusSome 9 days ago

    She is so awesome that the big screen above is lagging.

  • Renato Desposorio
    Renato Desposorio 9 days ago

    I was there and it was amazing... Para atletics are very strong.

  • j. nichols
    j. nichols 9 days ago


  • Tina Huston
    Tina Huston 9 days ago

    "She just has too much power." That's right, and she can't manage it. Why is that considered the greatest ever when she can't manage power? Then she's far from perfect. Yes, ridiculous height. Yes, ridiculous maneuvers. And lacks finesse and power management. EOS.

  • NoneIsAllMinusSome
    NoneIsAllMinusSome 10 days ago

    She has no competition whats the point anymore.

  • NoneIsAllMinusSome
    NoneIsAllMinusSome 10 days ago

    1:00 Damn, I felt for that girl in the back. Hardly anyone clapped when she finished her performance. 😩

  • Marcio Brasil
    Marcio Brasil 10 days ago

    É muito boa essa garota mesmo parabéns garota

  • Hector
    Hector 10 days ago

    Just a question, why do they to put an extra mat for Simone to land? To prevent from injury or what?

  • Saffy Rogers
    Saffy Rogers 10 days ago

    Uhhh what do ya mean

  • D M
    D M 10 days ago

    When ppl don't recognize the voice speaking as the legendary gold medal Olympian, Nastia Liukin and refer to her simply as "that female announcer," my heart actually cries.

  • kodi26
    kodi26 10 days ago

    LBJ of Gymnastic!! Queen B!! Never been done before!! No limits!!

  • Gabby H
    Gabby H 10 days ago

    It’s been 7 years and I’m just thinking about all of the bullshit people put her through - comments about her hair in 2012, coming at her for not putting her hand on her chest during the anthem in 2016, and everything else in between. She was so young here and won a gold for the USA and people didn’t cherish her the way she deserved to be cherished. She’s been through a lot and I hope she knows she’s loved and truly a national treasure

  • Joseph Sagastume
    Joseph Sagastume 10 days ago

    Almost 2020 and I’m still crying. God bless the men and women of the arm services, 1st responders and our hospitals. We would never be able to do it with you 🇺🇸.

  • Shelley Sheri
    Shelley Sheri 10 days ago

    I love how the narrator sounds like he is actually rooting for her. In other sports they can sometimes be so mean. Excellent performance!

  • jhoe1upGuy
    jhoe1upGuy 11 days ago

    Looked bad ass. Still no idea what a tripple double is. Was it a single move or the whole routine?

    • Sally Vee
      Sally Vee 7 days ago

      It was the very first pass. Two back somersaults with three twists.

  • Brennen Mathews
    Brennen Mathews 11 days ago

    This made me cry

  • MsStacia2u
    MsStacia2u 11 days ago


  • Cash Rules
    Cash Rules 11 days ago

    Wait so you have to qualify just to qualify to even.make the USA Olympic team? Unreal how many state and national champs you have to beat?