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  • young french
    young french 2 minutes ago

    If they were black they’d be a riot

  • Hillary Hayman
    Hillary Hayman 6 minutes ago

    Just kill him. Someone, please. What a waste of time, air, energy, money, and space.

  • Shrohamsinh Parmar
    Shrohamsinh Parmar 14 minutes ago

    I won't One horse foal

  • Ultimate Asshole
    Ultimate Asshole 20 minutes ago

    Ruuuunnnnn Forrrreeeeessssttt!!!!!

  • Tim martino
    Tim martino 22 minutes ago this USA .a country.?

  • XYZ Ratz
    XYZ Ratz 28 minutes ago

    It's a miracle

  • The dub
    The dub 29 minutes ago

    This is why police chief should be an elected position not controlled by the mayor.

    TH4BEAST 42 minutes ago

    Ths Made me cry

  • Alex Oh
    Alex Oh 43 minutes ago

    Ooh that play from Biden on Sanders. 'The Putin play'

  • EvilGrilledCheese
    EvilGrilledCheese 47 minutes ago

    Yeah, I was a white child in a black dominated school during the 70s. It was pure Hell.

  • X P
    X P Hour ago

    The dumbest department in the us. Actually needs an iq test.

  • Derek Otter
    Derek Otter Hour ago

    Ed Gein is rolling in his grave

  • Jesus
    Jesus Hour ago

    Brave women going all the way to space to make their men some sandwiches

    SKYFALL Hour ago

    space doesn't exist! stop the lies

  • JeevesReturns
    JeevesReturns Hour ago

    Another “internal investigation” that will yield no wrong for cops. Wow. What a surprise. Largest gang in the country and they alway back up each other’s lies.

  • Your Momma’s Favorite Child


  • Nite Owl
    Nite Owl 2 hours ago

    This right here is why cops get shot and deserve every bullet in the face that they get. Why does every force in the country only hire such gutless cowards? They've even got a shitload of retired, supposedly trained soldiers to choose from and all they get from the military are gutless cowards too.

  • No 1 can make U feel inferior without Ur consent

    Oow my God, Love U 💋💋💋💋🤗💞,

  • U MadBro yo
    U MadBro yo 2 hours ago

    McDonald: sorry, your ears are broken.

  • susannah1948
    susannah1948 2 hours ago

    Poor woman and she’s so ill too.

  • CastleAri
    CastleAri 2 hours ago

    Mom : hei baby....!! She : (it's mom) She : be the flash

  • Davidson1873
    Davidson1873 2 hours ago

    So many haters on here. Just how much control do you think someone can have over an animal even with training. How much control do you have over your own dogs. If you surprise a horse you might get kicked. You surprise a dog thats trained to take down someone. guess what is going to happen. Thats what happened here and withen seconds the dog let go as it was trained. Speaking from ignorance and hate every last one of you. Ignoring all the good they do and hunt for accidents like this so justify your hate.

  • Caroline Taylor
    Caroline Taylor 2 hours ago

    She is one of my favorite artists of all time, she’s so strong and funny and talented. I love you Ariana ❤️

  • D.A. S.
    D.A. S. 2 hours ago

    What's sad is the fact that a person can get to a point where it hurts so much inside that they want to kill themselves vs finding the smallest , tiniest thing to give them just a little inspiration. Even just to hold on another day and find out what might tomorrow bring that can possibly turn it all around.

    LGD STUDIOS 2 hours ago

    There's nothing that justifies somebody doing this but obviously he had a lot of problems in his life but all the way around he was the weak one look at his brother he has to go through all of this now and he's still not breaking everybody struggling has to be strong and stick together cuz it only makes you a stronger person in the end

  • the
    the 2 hours ago

    0:18 *smugly chuckles*

  • Hilly Billy
    Hilly Billy 2 hours ago

    I heard of a church that has had superbowl parties and some kind of pro wrestling related stuff. What's the point of church if it's the same so called worldly things one can do elsewhere with the name Jesus thrown in on occasion. Can't sports fanatics separate themselves from sports for an hour or 2?

  • Nyawech Pal
    Nyawech Pal 3 hours ago

    God bless her

  • Ness
    Ness 3 hours ago

    justice 😊

  • Soldier X
    Soldier X 3 hours ago

    They ruined a man's career to get some money out of it. If anything that makes people hate that (black) woman 👌

  • Justin Parker
    Justin Parker 3 hours ago

    We are in a crazy time for technological innovation. We don’t know half of what they have. How about drone technology? Might account for new ufo sightings. What we had in 1975 and what we have now is the same as what they had in 1900 and 1945.

  • Christopher Stone
    Christopher Stone 3 hours ago


  • Gaby T
    Gaby T 3 hours ago

    This conversation with his brother was long overdue. We don’t know what their relationship was prior to this but he probably needed this love and support from his brother before hand. It sucks because as we grow older we live in our own world worried about ourselves and this child having been through what he has in his past had no one looking after him or helping him out. There is absolutely no excuses for what he did because he took the lives of innocent people but that goes to show that we should ask our family and friends more often how they are doing and really be there for each other, all of this could’ve been prevented. RIP to those that past away 🙏🏼

  • Westmount Legal
    Westmount Legal 3 hours ago

    What wonderful Dads.

  • Noe Nunez
    Noe Nunez 3 hours ago

    let’s set something straight he’s not deployed in stationed in Japan. there’s a difference between being deployed and being stationed somewhere. stop using the word deployed.

  • A New Snackbar
    A New Snackbar 3 hours ago

    I love the fact that guy died and his family will never see him take another breath on this planet :)

  • Gina Kenyon
    Gina Kenyon 3 hours ago

    This was beautiful. Im so sick of the white privilege bullshit. The color of my skin never got me or millions like me shit. I guess i could have gone to college free if i could have lied and said i was black.

  • Shera M
    Shera M 3 hours ago

    Yaha b dalle Muslim Muslim krne lag gaye

  • Tsuneeth !
    Tsuneeth ! 3 hours ago


  • Kovidhneel Prithvi Pravit Kumar

    Judge: should I fine $90 or $30 or nothing Kid: pour lava over his Minecraft house.

  • Jarred Morton-Stretton

    That news lady is really rude she called her the world ugliest woman

  • TheOriginalPianoMaster

    If I was the kid, I’ll say breakfest and make sure the bill is over $100 dollars ;)

  • gibememoni
    gibememoni 4 hours ago

    i can see southerner faces in some of them

  • Kenshi LeNinjah
    Kenshi LeNinjah 4 hours ago

    Where’s the graphic content?

  • Marie Jones
    Marie Jones 4 hours ago

    WE PAID FOR THAT?!!!! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮

  • Ruben Cordova
    Ruben Cordova 4 hours ago

    They all hiding something. Do an INVESTIGATION that's should I say. Something fishy at that county.

  • Tiffany Kosbar
    Tiffany Kosbar 4 hours ago

    how could anyone not like this video, your heartless!

  • AltRockLover
    AltRockLover 4 hours ago

    Suicide is never a personal decision. Just look at the pain and anguish he’s putting his family through. And who’s paying for all this? Next time aim higher up.

  • Re Venge
    Re Venge 4 hours ago

    I told my mom, friends, brothers, and sisters that I was bi and they accepted. I was just scared to tell my dad cause I feared he wouldn't accept. He told me that he doesn't accept and he will never accept the fact that I'm bi. And that line haunts me everyday. It made me feel bad about myself. I think I'm doing good, but what he said will always be in the back of my head. But I'm trying to go through. I dated a guy and it was fine but we broke up and now I'm dating a girl. And I'm trying to start a small music career (don't listen if you're sensitive to bad words). Just don't let anyone tell you what you can't and can be

  • FragranceOfChrist67
    FragranceOfChrist67 4 hours ago

    The epitome of an old soul

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 4 hours ago

    569 Republicans disliked this

  • Strait Up Productions, Port Angeles

    BYE BYE! Have fun in hell!

  • Tiffany Kosbar
    Tiffany Kosbar 4 hours ago

    That is horribly sad, it's a choice most moms would make. When I was with my 2nd I had an 18 inch long blood clot in my leg and about 4 inch in my abdomen. I told everyone if it comes down to mine or her life you better choice her. I am thankful it never came to that decision but it is the choice I would still make today.

  • SuperNintendo Chalmers

    Um does anyone know this ladies name?

  • Joseph Ramos
    Joseph Ramos 5 hours ago

    Lol and most of em. bP agents look like mexicans I dont see no white people working on the BP

  • Ethan  Jones
    Ethan Jones 5 hours ago

    Roll gator what!?!

  • Mangplamatada Von yiurs

    Ugh damn i cant talk to much shit hes cute but hes a creep defiantly

  • Ali Al-baghdadi
    Ali Al-baghdadi 5 hours ago

    That's a good $100 a day in food depending on where you live. $100/day x 6 months = $18,000... that's $3,000 a month on food alone. Sheesh, bruh, you gotta make like $8,000 a month after taxes to eat like a king 😂 but aye, nigga makes over $2 mill a month so he good

  • ChaoticMarioBros
    ChaoticMarioBros 5 hours ago

    how cute and so adorable

  • ronbad12
    ronbad12 5 hours ago

    I have no doubt that dogs loves him... that being said it still tried to run right past him.

  • PuggoDrake
    PuggoDrake 5 hours ago

    It wasnt rape damn.

  • RUdigitized
    RUdigitized 5 hours ago

    Yusha made fun of this

  • Blaze Rod Needs 10,000 Subs

    One of the reasons for their success was because they couldn't afford shoes, that's kinda crazy

  • Scott
    Scott 5 hours ago

    Great guy, but why humiliate him like that?

  • Harry Gasser
    Harry Gasser 5 hours ago

    Don't travel with large amounts of cash.

  • larry Green
    larry Green 5 hours ago

    His and her bums😂

  • ImXenium
    ImXenium 5 hours ago

    i have a 133 pound pitbull that german shepard aint shit

  • Tahoe Scapes
    Tahoe Scapes 5 hours ago

    Oh Pastor honey pie, I'm sure you have a crush on jesus! You're gay admit it! Throw away your Bible and join LGBT for life! You know you want it!

  • D'Angela Marx
    D'Angela Marx 5 hours ago

    He didn’t think ppl in the neighborhood would be watching him ?

  • Fantastic _Bea850
    Fantastic _Bea850 5 hours ago

    For all those talking about gender equality let me tell you this it’s the muscle and strength of men protecting USA not women

  • Jun Ve
    Jun Ve 5 hours ago


  • Jen Caisse
    Jen Caisse 5 hours ago

    Once i got into high school times started getting difficult. I kept telling myself that harming myself would make my friends sad, and i didnt want that. Over time i started losing friends because i started closing myself in and pushing everyone away. The only thing left holding me together was my horse casey. He listened and he helped me through hard times. It got worse when he got older and was taken out of state for retirement. I felt alone and there was no one i could go to. I started wondering what the point of living anymore was, but i kept remember the promise i made to him. Id see him again. And thats not a promise meaning when we die. I had to live long enough to see him again. Over the past year ive been in and out of depression. Always thinking about him and the promise i continue to make each time i see him. Im making plans for my future, having to do with rescuing horses and other animals. My life is worth living if i save their lives. Horses have helped me through the past 2 years. I dont know where id be without them

  • swiggity swooty
    swiggity swooty 6 hours ago

    Tan car= *red car* 4 black males= *1 woman and her 4 elementary kids* Toyota= *Nissan* Cops: eh good enough

  • Jen Caisse
    Jen Caisse 6 hours ago

    Some people are like horses dont get someone over depression, the people who think that are the ones who look for attention. I never believed that because horses were what kept me from doing anything harmful. Then I saw this video, and I realized how much horses really help

  • Ana Abu-Rus
    Ana Abu-Rus 6 hours ago

    Its okay to have sympathy for Nicolas AND all the innocent who died. You don’t have to pick sides. Its just a shitty situation and let it be that.

  • Brian The Explorer
    Brian The Explorer 6 hours ago

    If only more corrupt cops did this on the regular

  • Lavender Violet
    Lavender Violet 6 hours ago

    Just wondering how people can still believe in god after hearing stories such as this?

  • Lavender Violet
    Lavender Violet 6 hours ago

    I hope every moment of the rest of his life will be filled with the deepest suffering of the highest degree.

  • L.A. J
    L.A. J 6 hours ago

    Whats tap out ??

  • Nancy M.
    Nancy M. 6 hours ago

    I would love yo get involved even if I have to relocate don’t have small children my youngest is 22 I would love to work with these wonderful amazing animals 🙏🏼

  • abc def
    abc def 6 hours ago

    i want me a 600k$ job like biden `s boy had !!!!! hunter biden drug user !! you need connections for sure !

  • Kiko Jones Frank
    Kiko Jones Frank 6 hours ago

    The enemy is flying on top of us 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Benjamin Backman
    Benjamin Backman 6 hours ago

    mouth the word yanny or laural and tink of ether one in your mind and thats what youll here

  • Benjamin Backman
    Benjamin Backman 6 hours ago

    i here both because i think of it in my mind and can here withch ever one i want

  • Richard Webb
    Richard Webb 6 hours ago

    I would like to remind those who support the despicable beliefs of Anderson that King James was bi-sexual, and had several male lovers; sometime more than one at a time. Something to ponder in-between hate speech.

  • audrey nicole
    audrey nicole 6 hours ago

    yikes i went there and it sucked

  • The Chilean Audiophile

    400,000 people not working at the same time, second, they only based their job on data in a black screen with green numbers, with an image proyected by NASA in a wall, with a very old proyector in black and white, with many effects transformed in an image for TV.(that is what you watched in 67)...also, for this proyect they had 152 billion dollars. invested..(25b). In regards to the photos, they took an average one photo every 25 seconds....almost all of them with HD resolution......(amazing photographer's without Viewfinder, because it was on the chest the camera), the horizon is short in all photos.(like the moon was 1 mile diameter and radio(sound like a set to me. Watch the las transmision of austranant apollo 17, and tell me that is not a set, keep attention tobthe change of light at the escalator) the way, can you please suply a trainning document of that specific model of lunar aluminium module covered with cellophane?..the flag was an old hint. Now day you just have to watch the videos, ups, nope, no footage of the moon available! Oh no, wait, since NASA opened to public for private companies like SpaceX, Nasa suddenly found the videos in an Auction, that won one of the interns of NASA(of course), and suddenly, amazingly, the tapes are in High Resolution! Wow, is there a better moment for this to happen?, we can't go to the moon in 50 years (never been there duebthe allen belts), but now we are going to Mars! Wake up people. The show is over, your CGI won't be enough for us!

  • Maya Sigona
    Maya Sigona 6 hours ago

    She should make him feel more guilty though

  • mr rebel
    mr rebel 6 hours ago

    first off how many officers and what were the issues?

  • Pinoy Boi
    Pinoy Boi 6 hours ago

    Black people: *FREEDOM ATLAST*

  • Banana banana
    Banana banana 6 hours ago

    Wait that means he’s retiring?

  • Leaann Taylor
    Leaann Taylor 6 hours ago

    This does not surprise me in the least

  • liecrusher
    liecrusher 6 hours ago

    Just got from seeing the courtroom attacks. All fired up. Then, I saw this. All subdued.

  • Kia Mull
    Kia Mull 6 hours ago

    Crazy Ass World

  • Lance Manyon
    Lance Manyon 6 hours ago

    He doesn't deserve it .

  • CYC46 Studios
    CYC46 Studios 7 hours ago

    MY question is did she make it to college and is kicking now bc damn she is one hell of a kicker

  • FormulaPlanet27
    FormulaPlanet27 7 hours ago

    Dam strait that flag is worth more than most of the people that stand behind it

  • In Cars We Trust
    In Cars We Trust 7 hours ago

    Damn I got ninjas cutting onions around me again.

  • austin southers
    austin southers 7 hours ago

    and thats why im not an organ donar

  • Nyla Torres
    Nyla Torres 7 hours ago

    I cried ;)