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  • Jayshree Borkar
    Jayshree Borkar 2 hours ago

    Fuck your channel bitch

  • Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth

    Her walk down the Isle wasn't Long Enough with the football star! She's making up for it This time! WALKING THE ISLE ( 1/2 MILE) IN HER GOWN SO EVERYONE GETS A GOOD long look! Amazing!

  • Kevin Parker92
    Kevin Parker92 18 hours ago

    Tommy lee jones does still look good then

  • Daniel Pedraza
    Daniel Pedraza 19 hours ago

    That's my nerd

  • Collin Pratt
    Collin Pratt 20 hours ago

    You: his voice will hont you for a long time. Me : bet I can do the smile

  • Levani Abramidze
    Levani Abramidze 20 hours ago

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  • Drac03
    Drac03 Day ago

    Typical Trump supporters. Although she's got NO ASS, wrinkled skin, no hips and a flabby gut, they think she is hot.

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith Day ago

    It never ceases to amaze me that there have not been so many more injuries and deaths of celebrities due to these maniacs. At least a vulture is actually born that way.

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper Day ago

    Didn't they ask why he was marrying a dollar whore that gives back 99 cent change

  • Douglas Cook
    Douglas Cook Day ago

    Hand full of hundred dollar bills.

  • Jeff Santos
    Jeff Santos 2 days ago

    you bitch, stop talking shit

  • Korindo Seng
    Korindo Seng 2 days ago

    All men want to be like them.. all women want to be with them

  • Resshuken
    Resshuken 2 days ago

    Man thats some weird looking guy.

  • matilda
    matilda 2 days ago

    she was taking the piss of people in the industry in that song lol you can at least tell by the tone of her voice cmon

  • Allan Wallace
    Allan Wallace 3 days ago

    Nice arse

  • Allan Wallace
    Allan Wallace 3 days ago

    Nice ass

  • Rahadi Wibisono
    Rahadi Wibisono 3 days ago

    I wanna taste her boobs

  • A Little Wheiser
    A Little Wheiser 3 days ago

    Janice was never a supermodel. She was in her mind but that's it.

  • lalarockyou
    lalarockyou 4 days ago

    the sexism luv

  • Jesus Donaldo Rodriguez

    They got the wrong photo for April

  • Ramon Gomide
    Ramon Gomide 5 days ago

    I hate to like this piece of shit's movie

  • VIP BLackjack
    VIP BLackjack 5 days ago

    Idk many can be his son or daughter if you believe.

  • Fatush Ali
    Fatush Ali 5 days ago

    This is not interesting pen really ok🤔👴👴👴

  • Mildred Dawson
    Mildred Dawson 5 days ago

    ‘I need to look beautiful’ awwwww 😪💖

  • Levani Abramidze
    Levani Abramidze 6 days ago

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    PAVCHO ARMENIO 6 days ago

    Kim the best

  • Venom
    Venom 6 days ago


  • Venom
    Venom 6 days ago


  • mohammed al-shawabkeh


  • Riri Fi
    Riri Fi 6 days ago

    It’s so sad she was still looking young Without Alessandra andriana Lima Miranda Kerr Vs it’s not the same

  • 00 goop
    00 goop 6 days ago

    Mall grab.

  • empirex
    empirex 6 days ago

    Y'all need to be careful with your titles.

  • Albino Marín
    Albino Marín 7 days ago


  • Gelimar Alicea Sanchez

    Bless Royalty btw wo ur bbymomma name again?? Remind me if u dont mind

  • جمال الدين الشيخي

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  • Mezmerized4Life Jay

    AIWFC broke the streaming record, top charting x-mas song of all time & soon to be #1 this year. This woman is just incredible, still setting records

  • monika kiss
    monika kiss 7 days ago

    he was quick to pull the homophobic card. on louis tomlinson, at that! 27-17, convenient for him. btw. if a 27 radio presenter man dated a 17 xfactor participant girl, what would you say?

  • John Royce
    John Royce 8 days ago

    Naturally Beautiful, so refreshing to see..

  • Sebas Sanchez C-137

    Her brain receives the amount of nutrients perfectly balanced her body needs in a long time, was shocking for her because she was malnourished by the vegan diet. For example B12+folic acid shots are used in long term alcoholics (the homeless type, not the one who drinks scotch on his mansion) and the effect is almost magical and we see a recovery of the drunken guy with his mental capacity..of course the background must be corrected ... summary : VEGANISM IS CONTROLLED STARVATION .

  • جمال الدين الشيخي

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  • Carmi De torres
    Carmi De torres 8 days ago

    First comment!!

  • Angela B
    Angela B 8 days ago


  • Ronald Booker
    Ronald Booker 8 days ago

    She still can get it!🌹❤

  • Night Walker
    Night Walker 8 days ago

    0:36 wth?

  • wrestling zone
    wrestling zone 9 days ago

    Good Tulisa

  • Rachie Sherlock
    Rachie Sherlock 9 days ago

    I totally forgot she had died for aa moment. Watched the Katie Hopkins and her argument on this morning, was like aww she's lovely she sounds like a good mum. And then I remembered she was taking drugs. No. Everything she said about parenting is shit upon if she's in the next room doing drugs. And going to bed with her kids after. It's so wrong. I'm sorry she passed and didn't get help those poor kids now.... Hope drugs was worth it. People please get help in life. Don't do drugs either...... Life's to short as it is.

  • charles s. sturdivant

    Good to know this.

  • Grant B.
    Grant B. 9 days ago

    Roseanne says something canceled Chelsea or the same week that crazy bond uses the c word No consequence

  • Edwen Benjamin
    Edwen Benjamin 9 days ago


    SAMMIsLIFE 10 days ago

    Looking forward to this only to see posty lol

  • Scott Hotchkiss
    Scott Hotchkiss 11 days ago

    Fs why does every jenner have a g class?

  • tesseract2012
    tesseract2012 11 days ago

    One possibility is that if the 4th movie was computer-animated, you can have the original cast members return in voice over roles, including Michael J Fox.

  • Tazi Ylya
    Tazi Ylya 11 days ago

    he's not worth to be in any of Jon's concert/ show. Justin is swollen headed piece of ......?

  • Venom
    Venom 12 days ago


  • Judy Chang
    Judy Chang 12 days ago

    R&B? Yeah, to reel blacks in to buy his music. But guys like this won't even give a black girl a second look. Despite blacks being a major part of his success.

  • Reddragonninja 59
    Reddragonninja 59 12 days ago

    Holy, he's willing to offer a selfie, I would love to get a quick photo with Mark Hamill.

  • Joy Ace
    Joy Ace 12 days ago

    WOW she looks great 👍 unbelievable 😊👌

  • Kim Neslihan
    Kim Neslihan 12 days ago


  • Mamu MauMau
    Mamu MauMau 12 days ago

    Just look at this madness!!! All of these useless groupies and the papanazzi treat a k clan person like a Godess.....You people have no real life. Your priorities are totally insane. This will be one of the most important moments in the lives of these losers.....It will serve them right....they treat trash like treasure...

  • Caleb Grill
    Caleb Grill 12 days ago

    I am on the same boat as Ozzy Osbourne.

  • Lachhab najat
    Lachhab najat 12 days ago

    أريد أن أنظر إليك فقط ❤

  • jacqueline Hernández

    y se amor cuando que casado me engañar marido otra mujer llore basta y amante

  • Halliwellsson
    Halliwellsson 12 days ago

    R.I.P Harry Morton!

  • luckymom israel
    luckymom israel 13 days ago


  • ares
    ares 13 days ago

    whoever made this video should kill themselves

  • James Dillard
    James Dillard 13 days ago

    She can come over naked. I would love to see her.

  • joey dubbs76
    joey dubbs76 14 days ago

    Gorgeous woman.

  • Oreo Emesis
    Oreo Emesis 14 days ago

    Wherever Corey Feldman is, there is bullshit and lies.

  • Daniella Prince
    Daniella Prince 14 days ago

    so he is the one who abused her then..

  • Marcelo Ortega
    Marcelo Ortega 14 days ago

    I need to see more of you and Sharise love you

  • My World
    My World 15 days ago

    And now he is married to her

  • Tony Rizo
    Tony Rizo 15 days ago

    This dude is ugly as fuck

  • minecraftgamer198
    minecraftgamer198 15 days ago

    The commentator on this video needs to shut the fuck yo

  • ItsMeMax312
    ItsMeMax312 15 days ago

    Maybe he doesn't want people touching his dick all the time.

  • Milton Bradley
    Milton Bradley 15 days ago

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  • Rob Davis
    Rob Davis 16 days ago

    I'm Only Saying For The Record, What If Something Were To Happen To James In The Story, After Daniel Craig's Final 007- Outing. And He's Been Made To Disapear By SPECTRE, And Computers Have Writtin Him OFF THE GRID. But Comes That 1 Kick- Ass, Sultry Relative. He Never Knew He About. And It's Jane, LOL !!! Filling In For Him, Earning Her License To Kill, Making Her 2- Kills. Becoming The Succeeding 007, Until 1- Day She Finds Him ! And Gillian Anderson Would Nail That Role Of Jane Bond Like Nobodies' Business ! She Did Throw Her Name Into The Hat, From What Was ALLEGEDY Reported, After Daniel Started Bitching About Wanting To Quit, LOL !!!

  • Jon Honesty
    Jon Honesty 16 days ago


  • bigdaddy69
    bigdaddy69 16 days ago

    Make it happen

  • Bernard d
    Bernard d 16 days ago


  • Juan Matos
    Juan Matos 17 days ago


  • Michael Cinco
    Michael Cinco 17 days ago

    I was waiting for his sample but damn! Paasa og news ba!

  • L R
    L R 17 days ago

    I love Gustaf!! He is such a good actor!!

  • Kat M
    Kat M 17 days ago

    The correlation between one of his interviews saying he fantasized about smashing her skull in are way too deeply connected with the abuse she’s spoken of. It was him, for sure.

  • Fec
    Fec 18 days ago

    Black people will never learn do they

  • Aimee Drews
    Aimee Drews 18 days ago

    Because he tried to kill her

  • Smurves
    Smurves 19 days ago

    I went to school with her from kindergarten to graduation, she was always a very very nice girl if treated everybody great

  • MusicforMe123
    MusicforMe123 19 days ago

    BULL SSSSSSS hypocrite.

    STEVE P 20 days ago

    That comment was way out of line.

  • Trevor Hernandez
    Trevor Hernandez 20 days ago

    Well it’s almost 2020 where is it at?

  • Virginia Loer
    Virginia Loer 20 days ago

    I hope he does! That would be awesome! Nacho Libre is the favorite Movie in our home!

  • Candace Hughes
    Candace Hughes 21 day ago


  • Candace Hughes
    Candace Hughes 21 day ago

    Diez y thres

  • Sinead Dowling
    Sinead Dowling 21 day ago

    Saoirse is pronounsed Seersha not what ever the hell you said and her corset was probably not made right

  • kinster02
    kinster02 21 day ago

    Rich folks and their money.

  • buddyroach
    buddyroach 21 day ago

    she wears too much makeup tho. not talking shit bout her makeup game or anything, but its a bit overpowering.

  • Marian Farn
    Marian Farn 21 day ago

    Dissliked because this bitch thinks that bitch can diss eminem

  • Super Mario Adventures

    I’m in for it! Nacho libre is the BESSSSST

  • lemurian
    lemurian 22 days ago

    When the mom movies will be released?

  • Josiane Rocha
    Josiane Rocha 22 days ago

    Oi sou jo mais falo português gosto muito de voces acisto todos os dias voces na TV muito legal 😊😉

  • whatido120
    whatido120 22 days ago

    Was bur down then rebuilt facts wtf