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WWE 2K20 - Before You Buy
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Grid - Before You Buy
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Greedfall - Before You Buy
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Gears 5 - Before You Buy
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Control - Before You Buy
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  • Sponsi
    Sponsi 3 hours ago

    3:30 incredible that a game in which walking is so important, it has such shitty walking mechanics.

  • Shady Slayer
    Shady Slayer 3 hours ago

    Tip for you guys. Once you unlock the zip line I recommend building a vast system with them to get around faster. Plus it’ll help me

  • Christyandi K
    Christyandi K 3 hours ago

    Go Send: the video game.

  • And The End Is Near
    And The End Is Near 3 hours ago

    I was joking to my friend that this game was a walk simulator most of it's parts xD

  • Brian Zhuang
    Brian Zhuang 3 hours ago

    I wanted to get a 1999 Civic si coupe because of this game when I was a kid LMAO

  • Artyom Petrov
    Artyom Petrov 3 hours ago

    Those were all easy except for supply lines. I hate it

  • What The Fudge Gaming

    i'm sorry where's the bloody mission from VCS where you have to use a magnet on a helicopter to grab several moving vehicles.

  • Coco Nut
    Coco Nut 3 hours ago

    Supply lines... yeah sure you can just skip it but I didn't know that until I completed it !!! also cmon wrong side of the tracks is at least as bullshit and hard as supply lines plus you can't skip it, its early in the game and all you had to do is learn how to aim Big Smoke !!!

  • myEVILinnrCHILD
    myEVILinnrCHILD 3 hours ago

    "You can fall, totally eat shit" That made hot sauce come out my nose, proud of yourself? You should be.

  • فهمي كتاني
    فهمي كتاني 3 hours ago

    About graphics we're kinda close with the upcoming 9th generation

  • Some_Russian_Kid
    Some_Russian_Kid 3 hours ago

    I manges to beat espresso 2 go first try some how with less than a second to go

  • Gloriam
    Gloriam 3 hours ago

    The mission I had most trouble with in GTA:SA, was where you'd need to jump out of a plane onto another plane. Or get close to it, don't remember. I'm not sure if I had trouble with it the second time I played the game, at that point I was pretty good with the flight mechanics.

  • Khalid Albanawi
    Khalid Albanawi 3 hours ago

    Man my granny can play GTA better than this

  • Jared Bogan
    Jared Bogan 3 hours ago

    Alot forget that the zombie virus is a virus, it uses its hosts to continue to spread the virus thats why they continue to hunt humans that are uninfected.

  • JDottDees Tv
    JDottDees Tv 3 hours ago

    "It really makes you feel like a package"

  • Dead Shade
    Dead Shade 3 hours ago

    Bad mission design, bad aircraft control, bad shooting, bad everything. But still so many idiots love older gta games. Because they are idiots.

  • Dr. Yaniv Rotem
    Dr. Yaniv Rotem 3 hours ago

    I finally completed supply lines by BUYING A FREAKING JOYSTICK! then its a piece of cake...

    MEME LORD 3 hours ago

    Half life 2

  • Chinmay Tiwari
    Chinmay Tiwari 3 hours ago

    Where I'd Demolition Man from Vice City. At least give it complation

  • Tyler Share
    Tyler Share 3 hours ago

    I did none

  • Denzel Lupheng
    Denzel Lupheng 3 hours ago

    Killzone is illegally underrated

  • Lambdacode
    Lambdacode 3 hours ago

    The first thumbnail was golden though

  • Hadi Jaffri
    Hadi Jaffri 3 hours ago

    What if bluepoint is working on crysis 3 for ps5 😍 Or maybe a crysis 4!!!

  • Aysentaro
    Aysentaro 3 hours ago

    first should have been the RC helicopter from vice city

  • BChayse P
    BChayse P 3 hours ago

    its like kojima seen how legendary the mgs3 ladder climb was and created an entire game out of it...legendary

  • Bhartiya Gaming Party

    gta 4 to 5

  • Shorty
    Shorty 3 hours ago

    Oh we go again...

  • Siddhartha Guha
    Siddhartha Guha 3 hours ago

    Supply Lines being no. 1 is spot on. Only mission from SA that I never completed.

  • Ricochetrabitt
    Ricochetrabitt 3 hours ago

    I have a feeling this game is like VR: people might not get it until they try it. I havent played it as I'm waiting for the PC version, but nothing about what I've seen makes me say it's worth a buy. I'll likely pass. Nice review, Jake. Also, CHANGE YOUR INTO.

  • Kyle Yang
    Kyle Yang 3 hours ago

    Everyone sleeping on Juiced🤧

  • krish kriz
    krish kriz 3 hours ago

    You include yoga mission but not demolilition man. You don't know anything about GTA.

  • zappy zack
    zappy zack 3 hours ago

    the rc helicopter mission should be in top but its not even in the list

  • Chase Rissling
    Chase Rissling 3 hours ago

    Damn; the character creation one got me.. Spent the first 2 hours of The Outer Worlds finishing up my person, before I actually played the game...

  • Papa Franku
    Papa Franku 3 hours ago

    Fortnite mobile is assssssss

  • Maizer Gomes
    Maizer Gomes 3 hours ago

    Well, I stopped playing GTA San Andreas on the flying school mission.

  • misterkevinoh
    misterkevinoh 3 hours ago

    Can you please focus more next time you write the script, you're all over the fucking place.

  • P M
    P M 3 hours ago

    What we really need is a reboot of Midnight Club.

  • Christian Puga
    Christian Puga 3 hours ago

    Where's Deadspace? Damn it deserves an honorable mention by the least.

  • Justin Flowers
    Justin Flowers 3 hours ago

    reminds me of a solo sims walking sim

  • Sleeps
    Sleeps 3 hours ago

    What i learn from GTA is P.I.T maneuver is Godly move that applied every racing or pursuit tactic.. that most of time always work ..

  • misterkevinoh
    misterkevinoh 3 hours ago

    I'm not sure I understand your whole "recreate the wheel" approach to this game when referring to it being "old-fashioned". Are you talking purely from a graphical standpoint or a mechanical one? And if mechanical , what "wheel" should it be recreating? I'm genuinely confused the point you're getting on here.

  • D Harris
    D Harris 3 hours ago

    That grand theft auto train mission remember failing it a couple times

  • Dmitry Merezhko
    Dmitry Merezhko 3 hours ago

    The hardest one for me was an RC plane mission in Vice City where you need to drop bombs on Cuban (?) boats. It was super hard to predict where the bomb was going to fall and there was always a risk of drowning the plane.

  • tubulardose
    tubulardose 3 hours ago

    Thanks! these video's always help me even if i have opposing views to you. Personally, this game is not interesting in the slightest to me. When i watch these gameplay videos I'm reminded of Heavy Rain and L.A. Noir. These to me aren't so much games as they are just stories, and i can appreciate them for that. But, I don't think that these stories should be made into games, i think that they deserve to be turned into animated movie's at the least, because that's basically what they are anyway, and that's precisely why they're not worth the price of a triple A game. Essentially all this game is, is a story that Kojima wanted to tell, he wrote, animated it, and then developed it into a game where i assume there are a limited number of choices that you as a player can make that, and most likely they dont change the outcome of his story at all. You get the experience of feeling as if you put in the work, but not the experience that the outcome for that work is your own.

  • Deanta Smith
    Deanta Smith 3 hours ago

    lol I never got a mission fail on that yoga part. You gotta really suck to do that 😂😂 Hardest ones to me is the mission for Zero in gta San Andreas where you had to destroy the toy planes and completing plane school

  • Eric Guimond
    Eric Guimond 3 hours ago

    Assassins creed 1&2 Mafia 2 Sniper Elite V2 Hitman Call of Duty 3 & World at War

  • Soulless Dumbass
    Soulless Dumbass 3 hours ago

    Cough cough cough borderlands 3 cough cough cough

  • Dmitry Merezhko
    Dmitry Merezhko 3 hours ago

    Actually, there is a way to make Supply Lines completion easier. Before shooting carriers, land your plane and shoot them from the ground. Yes, it might take more time but I managed to pass it after the first try with such an approach.

  • Sleeps
    Sleeps 3 hours ago

    Just Zero mission in GTA SA that plane mission and plane school got me 3 years mentality fuck, other than that.. it just "Challenge mission"

  • Brandon Cummings
    Brandon Cummings 3 hours ago

    I completed supply lines on my first try and I was like 9 years old. I took 3 months with flight school, on the other hand.

  • Stephen King
    Stephen King 3 hours ago

    Daymare 1998. Once you try it, you'll definately like it. Still waiting to play it on ps4!! 😆😭😭

    JAY BARKLEY 3 hours ago

    Click on this and first thing I see is ps4 commercial, classic

  • Subhasis Sarkar
    Subhasis Sarkar 3 hours ago

    nobody played god father 2 :3

  • Sinearchi
    Sinearchi 3 hours ago

    And here comes the law suit

  • Stephen Parr
    Stephen Parr 4 hours ago

    dud stop swearing all the time.. puts me off watching you

  • OrochiTabris
    OrochiTabris 4 hours ago

    KOF Allstars turned out surprisingly nice. The brawler/fighter combat actually feels good, it's easy to play on a touchscreen but doesn't seem to sacrifice much depth by switching to dedicated move buttons. You can focus on positioning and timing without having to worry about getting directional inputs right. It feels really satisfying, especially in the brawler-style modes where you're smacking around multiple enemies at once. They've been burying me under free currency and items, which is also nice. I haven't actually run out of AP since launch. It's so easy to bank, with multiple ways to acquire it, that I'm curious about why they even have it there. Even rubies, the premium currency, are really easy to get through completing story missions and other activities. Drop rates for summons are pretty awful, though. Once you build up a decent collection, you'll be lucky to get 1 new character after several 10x pulls. I did 6 10x pulls for the Orochi Iori/Orochi Leona summon, and that marginal increase in rare drop rates is basically nothing. $95 worth of rubies for 2 new characters and 58 dupes. But hey, if I summon a total of 300 times I'll get a ticket that lets me just pick one of the featured characters. That's only around $500, I can totally justify 10x the price of a AAA game for 1 guaranteed character. Also, in addition to duplicate pulls, some of the characters are, themselves, duplicates, because their versions from different KOF entries are included. It makes sense in a way but also feels kinda like filler. And it's why I have 4 Benimarus, and several other characters more than once. As obnoxious as that is, I'm only mildly annoyed because I paid for practically none of those rubies, and this is after making many more 10x summons before trying this (step-up summons offer way better value, as far as filling up a collection at the start). I did buy the 30-day daily supply, which is my go-to option in most mobile games, but I haven't dropped big money on a huge ruby pack.

  • Bob James
    Bob James 4 hours ago

    You sound like a sellout and cuckold, you sound like your trying to sell it instead of reviewing it, disgraceful behaviour.

  • VonAssRipper
    VonAssRipper 4 hours ago

    I still have the Paramedic outfits from the Doomsday heist set up.

  • Brudelay
    Brudelay 4 hours ago

    re-skinned MGS

  • Steve
    Steve 4 hours ago

    I really like Game Pass! I think it's a great deal!

  • Robbie
    Robbie 4 hours ago


  • vectorite
    vectorite 4 hours ago

    god of war... in space... holy mother of god please let this be a fan fic because I WANT IT

  • Owen S
    Owen S 4 hours ago

    0:58 Lo - users Oh so are we [L O S E R S]

    CAVOK 4 hours ago

    I think we really need to re-asses our personal lives when games have come to this.

  • John Blaze
    John Blaze 4 hours ago

    Pack mule simulator with good gfx, not worth 60 bucks imo.

  • JaggWolf
    JaggWolf 4 hours ago

    U don't have to watch to know supply lines was no. 1. It was cancer in game form

  • Joshua Oana
    Joshua Oana 4 hours ago

    The yoga mission was the dumbest but easiest mission ever.

  • LT Smith Neko
    LT Smith Neko 4 hours ago

    I want a new Splinter Cell : p

  • IfMyNameAin'tGoodItsBad

    As much as I’ve been around since the OG gen 1 Pokémon, I’ve always loved Gen 3 more than any other. Very upset that Torchic/Blazekin did not make the cut..

  • John Blaze
    John Blaze 4 hours ago

    Isn't hat one at 8:20 called Kurt's Killer Ride? I remember that mission, it was awful but a little setup before starting the mission made it work lol. Can't remember but I cheesed it somehow.

  • In Spired
    In Spired 4 hours ago

    At least 3 different thumbnails in less then 20 minutes.

  • Eric Wells
    Eric Wells 4 hours ago

    On dark souls someone backstabbed me from 10 ft away, my friend said "welcome to the lag realm"

  • Kevin Poon
    Kevin Poon 4 hours ago

    Can't wait to get this game in 2 years for 10$ on Steam.

  • Morphic c
    Morphic c 4 hours ago

    I was playing San Andreas with just my keyboard and I rage quit because the flight school part drove me insane.

  • Scythe Scythe
    Scythe Scythe 4 hours ago

    if only we can use a forge and fix our weapons. wed still have to leave some behind and im okay with that, but my edge of duality has been with me for a long time and its heartbreaking to think ill loose it next time i fight.

  • Kole Lummerding
    Kole Lummerding 4 hours ago

    This looks like more stupid weeb shit. Why does this guy have box’s all over his arms and legs

    SZYBKI WOJTAS 4 hours ago

    The snow storm is easy.

  • daebi37
    daebi37 4 hours ago

    Glad I watched this video, was on the fence about purchasing this. Not going to, the fighting mechanics make the player look way too powerful.

  • Elsa Johansson
    Elsa Johansson 4 hours ago

    I have the first accessory

  • Somnath Bhattacharya


  • Hydr8
    Hydr8 4 hours ago

    Lilligant is my favorite. She ain't even in the game. Maaaan I wanted to buy this game :(

  • Derrick McRae
    Derrick McRae 4 hours ago

    Yeah I’m gonna cop this

  • Sourabh Saini
    Sourabh Saini 4 hours ago

    Curse you Berkeley

  • edge800s
    edge800s 4 hours ago

    WTF 725 is best gun in game still and doesn't say anything about it

  • dedly kuin
    dedly kuin 4 hours ago

    Hideo kojima made a game for gamers to have a feel of working for UPS

  • Fernando Garcia
    Fernando Garcia 4 hours ago

    Where's the RC missions from GTA SA and GTA VC? Those were the most annoying and hardest missions ever

  • JIRO- Scope
    JIRO- Scope 4 hours ago

    I lost two controllers to the RC missions. Trying to do 100% completion

  • Pitch Black
    Pitch Black 4 hours ago

    Car dancing game. Gta 3. Couldnt do it ever

  • Quiet Cool82
    Quiet Cool82 4 hours ago

    See's title of the video... Me: Hmm, this could be a good video. Unless... Finds out it's another Falcon video... Me: Shit. Never mind.

  • Nini
    Nini 4 hours ago

    I know everyone's talking about the price but this will be my first and probably last Zelda game. It looks really cute and I'm usually not into Zelda type games but this one looks awesome. Like I'd play this one but not Breath of The Wild. Just my personal preference though, no hate please.

  • Nao Liph
    Nao Liph 4 hours ago

    Who nut to BTs?

  • vijay king
    vijay king 4 hours ago

    Demolition man from vice city and life's at beech from san andreas should have made it

  • Absinthene
    Absinthene 4 hours ago

    Mr x made me pee my pants.

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 4 hours ago

    That yoga mission was easy, I dont know what y'all are talking about.

    • Brian Jones
      Brian Jones 4 hours ago

      Flight school was easy too. The last part of driving school was hard AF

  • Joshua Soriano
    Joshua Soriano 4 hours ago

    What Metal Gear Survive should’ve been like

  • Noor Abolhassan
    Noor Abolhassan 4 hours ago

    For every one who says that girls can't play game in a good way You don't want a game vs my sister It's a nightmare 😨😨😨

  • Tyler 29208
    Tyler 29208 4 hours ago

    The only thing I hate in Apex is third parties. The majority of the time when I lose is because of getting third partied.

  • Agreel
    Agreel 4 hours ago

    You included The Snow Storm and No Way on the Subway, but didn't include Three Leaf Clover or Out of Commision? Also, Cop Land, Bombs Away!, Dildo Dodo and N.O.E. deserve a spot on this list more than some of the entries here.

  • GoldenGodModz
    GoldenGodModz 4 hours ago

    My brother never sold me mods :/

  • Rand0mTV
    Rand0mTV 4 hours ago

    I agree with the coffee one and san andreas train one, coffee one was hard because you didn't have a map so you had to know your way around the city without looking at a map. Don't remember these others being hard. One that should probably make the list is the Vice City RC helicopter on the construction size. Even though I completed it on like my 3rd try once I found a super fast pattern, I know a bunch of people that got stuck because of that mission. I even completed it for some of my friends so that they can progress further in the game.