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  • Ricky Tenderkiss
    Ricky Tenderkiss 4 minutes ago

    @ContraPoints: Please return to us on the RUclips soon, we miss you!! 😻

  • Domi Berthoux
    Domi Berthoux 7 minutes ago

    so i'm a psychology major and i really take interest in the field of psychopathology and i have a few things to say first and foremost the content of your video is really similar to the one of a book that was recommended for my class to read for next tuesday. it's called "saving normal" by allen frances, and i wonder if you heard of it (disclaimer, i only read the review though). now to the matter at hand, i've come to the conclusion in these past few months due to my classes that most psychopathologies (except maybe for ones like parkinson and alzheimer) are more socially-imposed than anything else. of course, that doesn't mean that just giving society the middle finger will make the person feel better, or that these conditions can't be treated with medication. but what i'm trying to say is that, like you quickly mentioned in your video, most people are considered to be dysfunctional, because society's expectations are unreallistic. i'll try to prove my point that psychopathologies are socially imposed with a few examples: 1- in our productivity-oriented society, our definetely-not-productivity-oriented brain is always, to some extent, dysfunctional. for example, our educational system and job market tend to value people who can switch easily from a state of complete focus from a state of processing an overwhelming amount of stimuli in a rate that most (if not all) people can't. it's not surprising that a child refuses to be quiet at class after lunchbreak. it's not surpring that an adult can't focus on writing a boring essay after a few minutes scrolling their facebook timeline and being bombarded with stimuli. so in that case, ppl being diagnosed with adhd might be an attempt to help them adapt to a world that isn't adapted to anyone really i also think diagnosis of psychopathologies can serve mostly to validate people's limitations when medication can't help them fit in. i.e. a few years ago my mom suspected my dad was in the autism spectrum. the reason was that my dad is extremely methodic, notably socially inflexible, and has restrict interests. which, sure, are characterists all autistic people present to the eyes of neurotypicals, but that neurotypicals themselves often present as well. they didn't really go far with the investigation because he didn't have simptoms that often cause suffering to autistic people (i.e. having panic attacks due to hypersensibility to sound or feeling extreme distress when incidents take him out of his routine). so to this day i don't really know if my dad has ASD or not, but the catch is, it doesn't really matter. this experience, among others, made me think about how much mental conditions such as autism have a mostly social impact. i mean, autism is a very complex condition, it's not preventable, it's not treatable, it's not even considered a disease. so why people would seek to be diagnosed? i think one of the reasons is that autism provides a label that people use to be socially allowed to have their idiosyncrasies and not be judged as people who are not "trying hard enough" (even to themselves). i'm not saying that autism is an invention, i'm saying that the diagnose's social effects are the reason people seek it, rather then having treatment for example. my dad has some characteristics of ASD, but he doesn't need to be excused from having them, because his lifestyle is still compatible to the one of most neurotypicals, so he hasn't felt the need to undergo the necessary tests to be diagnosed of not. and this suits him 2- if there's one thing that i've learned in my course, is that sanity and insanity do NOT have different natures. i think mental disorders can sometimes not only be socially-imposed labels but actually socially created conditions. in other words, living in society makes us exaggerate practices that are usually healthy. trying to explain better, to keep in this weird psychological common ground that we call "reality", we need to reassure ourselves of some things around us constantly. of course, trying to maintain productivity enough to be able to pay your bills, having a satisfatory social life, repressing your urges that either are "wrong" (morally speaking), or harmful to your well being, is RIDICULOUSLY hard. that can lead to a lot of behaviours that, let's say, makes you want to control things you can't control with what you have at hand (like in OCD and in some cases of eating disorders), or makes you have repetitive self deprecating thoughts in order to avoid disappointing or being judged by others (like in depression and anxiety). i could go on and on but i've been writing this for literally 1h30 and i have to sleep, but hopefully i was able to share a bit of my thoughts and experiences in a clear way. if anyone doesn't understand something please talk to me????

  • Nikkiii0831
    Nikkiii0831 34 minutes ago

    @Anyone this applies to: Would it be okay to address people by the pronoun they outwardly appear as, and then adjust yourself if they correct you? Instead of asking beforehand what pronoun they would like?

  • David Shovlin
    David Shovlin Hour ago

    Didn't we already go through all this like five decades ago when guys were going off into the woods in groups to play drums and read Robert Bly and do primal yells?

  • Lester Nester
    Lester Nester Hour ago

    I’m going to defend Carlin here. He said “Cripple” before the snowflake woke movement. It’s an old clip. Mouthfeel can easily be a slur in the near future. Glass houses, et al.

  • mindoablues
    mindoablues Hour ago

    I've always taken it as the otaku meme. Japanese animators create for Japanese audiences, which means that Western audiences aren't always accurate in their interpretations of character's sexuality, gender expression, etc. There are so many shows out there where the age or gender of a character is completely ambiguous or misleading, usually for specific reasons. It can rub a Western viewer the wrong way, especially when using a different set of standards to judge a show or creator's intentions by. I think this video brings up the valid point of why being called a trap as a trans person may be offensive though because of the history of violence against this community. Thank you for bringing this up and I hope it brings more awareness of this issue of violence up to the general populace!

  • Domi Berthoux
    Domi Berthoux Hour ago

    damn i've only heard of the rhino but i recognised it before the end of the video. of course i couldn't exactly understand what the reference was exactly supposed to mean but it made want to read the play, which i suppose was partly your intention. so yeah çaslaçsl

  • Nessa
    Nessa 2 hours ago

    Honestly, I thought South park was merely making fun of (global warming denial) and how prevalent it was being denied and being a satirical show I was under the notion that they were showing how society viewed Al Gore on a whole (not actually agreeing with it themselves just producing satire). Later episodes depicted people saying they were wrong about Al gore, which is actually congruent with how society began to view climate change (definitely not everybody) and again this would match up with the shows overall satire genre. Anyways thats my thoughts, I love all your work Natalie!

  • calidad
    calidad 2 hours ago

    "being a d*ckgirl is kinda like being a legendary pokemon" i love this show

  • D Dixon
    D Dixon 2 hours ago

    A very weak response to JP. His clips were weakly cut. Intellectually, you two aren’t even in the same universe.

  • Jeremy Pickett
    Jeremy Pickett 2 hours ago

    First: contra is hilarious. Second: the points are spot on. Third: I am gonna keep my really basic sexuality private. Fourth: again, flipping funny I have a huge hug waiting for you some day:)

  • Cris Tofu
    Cris Tofu 3 hours ago

    The Stacy stereotype is so annoying, they're like "naturally curvy" more like follows a careful diet and goes to the gym a lot. "Makeup is always on point" - puts a lot of time effort and money into her physical appearance. Also missing from their description: is a fvcking person, has their own opinions, desires, thoughts, life... A name - probably NOT Stacy. Has it occured to the incels that a woman who spends a lot of time maintaining what they feel is an attractive physical appearance desire men who do the same? [C H A D S]. And just the whole hating on hot people, like Chads and Stacys are automatically arseholes. So sad there is so much hate and ignorance in the word 😖

  • J. H.
    J. H. 3 hours ago

    That's how you spell facade!?

  • Fern H
    Fern H 3 hours ago

    The Mankind Project, Common Ground, & the Good Men Project are all examples of men helping men to develop a new, healthy version of masculinity for the 21st century.

  • Aric Lairmore
    Aric Lairmore 3 hours ago

    Forget about the mouth feel. Can we talk about how no one is talking about your amazing wig game?

  • evie
    evie 4 hours ago

    I got a Ben Shapiro ad right before this video wtffffffff 😂

  • FYF
    FYF 4 hours ago

    oh look the person who can’t take jokes that come out of dave’s mouth

  • Arakhan harshtrade
    Arakhan harshtrade 4 hours ago

    Yup, psychological instability ... expect suicidal ideation soon.

  • Delwyn Wagley
    Delwyn Wagley 4 hours ago

    A female MRAs response

  • Owen
    Owen 4 hours ago

    12:47 "Another good thing about becoming a women is I integrated more into female social groups and I found that they provide a more communal support and overt affection that male social groups generally just don't." All this is really saying is women validate each other's existence through other women, you've merely found joy in being mindless because *you can,* and this is made easy enough especially today, because society is ever increasingly matriarchal, so it favors the feminine over the masculine at any time. MfT is welcomed because it validates *w o m a n,* which was never a truly real thing to begin with in the first place. *W o m a n* "exists", solely as a state of mind that takes a *necessarily misandrist* narrative with the intention to manipulate and control her surroundings (men) for her own benefit. Note that your sheer privilege in even putting on this act is not only welcomed because of the matriarchy, but because your own wealth, the very buildings you reside in, roads & pathways you use to travel to your destinations, things you own, appliances you use, clothes you wear, some food you eat, were all made by men more or less. To be a woman literally means to be and embody nothing, and you're out here making videos about how great that is. You see why the human race isn't evolving?

  • Edward Thomson
    Edward Thomson 5 hours ago

    Unexpected Guardians of the Galaxy!

  • Cultof Ian
    Cultof Ian 5 hours ago

    Contrapoints is basically just Roger from American Dad.

  • calidad
    calidad 6 hours ago

    I am a cis butch woman and i deeply sympathize with so much of what you say here. I adore this video, and i will always stand by my trans sisters no matter how much TERFs try to pit us against each other :)

  • Brittany Montague
    Brittany Montague 6 hours ago

    Fcking cancel culture.. Contra is amazing and I’m just finding out about her?!

  • ninanotturna
    ninanotturna 6 hours ago

    Karen Straughan responded to this video. It is better than this video. And sexier.

  • Dana Ferguson
    Dana Ferguson 6 hours ago

    I really want to write a Golden One and Contrapoints romance fan fiction.

  • Andrei Kovaci
    Andrei Kovaci 7 hours ago

    I respect the human situation, one's human feelings and humanity, but there are a couple of things that needs to be discussed.I fully understand that fact that this IS a sensitive issue to you and to trans people, I am part of the hungarian minority from Romania. I am convinced that trans people need every bit of protection and help they can get, but Peterson does not misrepresented the amendment to Bill c-16. Not a bit. He accurately predicted the possibilities of abuses. That law was a mistake. What should have been done is to institute certain policies, administrative regulations. But a law is a very different thing. Firstly EVERY law is an obligation, an enforcement of some kind. Not following a law, could have all sort of dire and possibly life changing consequences. Rightfully so. Because there are consequences, both on the individual and on society not following them. So, it takes the choice out of the "personal" realm and put it in a different, a mandatory realm. Like stopping at the red light. Secondly, using pronounces, IS a personal choice. it is also a testament of one's cultural, educational,, comprehensional and judgemental level and social skills.Also denotes one's willingness to give or not respect. I call for example Trump actually Trump(sollini). Isn't that highly disrespectful from my part? Certainly is. Also reflects my level of understanding, my cultural, educational, comprehensional and judgemental level AND my willingness to give a statement about who I think he is. Should a law be instituted so the likes of me call him "Mr President"? So I will be obliged to give him the "proper" respect? But let's simplify it a little bit. Law : enforcement of some kind. By the very definition is legally binding, again MANDATORY Inclusion of the usage of pronounces into a law : enforcement of the mandatory nature on the usage of pronounces. Mandatory usage of pronounces: compelled speech.There is really nothing to explain here Compelled speech : sure as hell isn't FREE speech. "I'm" not free to express myself in a way that I see fit. So "my" speech isn't free. Also take into account that it doesn't really matter what the punishment actually is, because a) the nature of the punishment could be changed in time. b) you are already a convict, you have broken the law. c) its also sets a precedent. And we don't get to discuss what a principle( legal or otherwise) is, what's the difference between the "spirit of the law" and the "letter of the law", how a law can be interpreted and other "stuff" like that. And this is just the factual "stuff", we don't even get to talk about the really "esoteric" stuff about laws, ( like the perception of a law and of its effect on a society ) not to mention the political, social and cultural contexts. To further elaborate and to give a human dimension to all of that, my country isa former marxist country and I participated in our anticommunist revolution, which wasn't a velvet one, but bloody. Before that we HAD to address any party worker or activist by calling him "comrade" or otherwise we risked to be subjected to all kind of "unwanted attention", and that in a "best case" scenario. The amendment to Bill C-16 institutes the same thing. EXACTLY the same thing.

  • Hjalmar Adolfsson
    Hjalmar Adolfsson 7 hours ago

    We need this in orer to get inceldom out of White nationalism. We cannot save the White race by laying down and cry about virginity.

  • Owen
    Owen 7 hours ago

    Half way through the video now and there's times that made me think that you're not just trolling, I mean, I KNOW part of this is attention seeking for the sake of feeling validated, but there's times when I think that you're _almost_ deliberately stirring shit up for some impending good cause, as if you're *trying* to trigger men so hard that they'll lash out and fuck it boom the 19th is repealed outta nowhere. I'll make another comment following this with some book recommendations for you, wooooooo fucking boy you better not not have read these books or I swear.

    • Owen
      Owen 7 hours ago

      lmao, "street harassment sucks" you really are funny, but I'm still against you, ok on with the rest of the vid, and fuck there are so many points to make.

  • Focux
    Focux 7 hours ago

    Feminine Penis. Lol.

  • Focux
    Focux 8 hours ago

    Well yeah... I mean, trans women aren't women. That's why they're called trans women. Nothing wrong with that, it's just a thing.

  • Natejak24
    Natejak24 8 hours ago

    People: non toxic masculinity doesn't exist people like bob ross, stefan karl stefansson or Izrael "IZ":Exist(ed)

  • Antigone
    Antigone 8 hours ago

    U missed a big point. The laws and society are still geared away from equality, putting larger burdens on men. Heck, in places like KY the husband assumes all his wife's debts if she leaves him still. Equality can be equality but society sends mixed messages currently. It's part of that confusion for men and their roles u touched on.

  • ButtaNToast
    ButtaNToast 8 hours ago

    It's remarkable how long it took you to say a whole lot of nothing, but the underlying point of "men need a new ideal" isn't entirely awful. It's just awful when bandied about with "men toxic because men toxic", which doesn't seem to be something you're opposed to.

  • Aethelred The Ready
    Aethelred The Ready 9 hours ago

    This isn't about the arguments or anything, but that manner of speaking makes my skin crawl more than a thousand spiders crawling over me. The repeated use of the full name just sets me off.

  • Vincent DiPietro
    Vincent DiPietro 9 hours ago

    poor hermaphrodites were forgotten by ben shapiros

  • Nicholas Gross
    Nicholas Gross 9 hours ago

    This was very well done, thank you for taking the time to make this.

  • Wilson Filho
    Wilson Filho 9 hours ago

    How can I unwatch this?

  • Theunkownman 3.0
    Theunkownman 3.0 10 hours ago

    makes a video about incels critiquing them. goes out of her way to get plastic surgery and puts makeup to be more attractive. glad to know you finally agree with us incels.

  • Vincent DiPietro
    Vincent DiPietro 10 hours ago

    mother has come a long way

  • Jennymelee
    Jennymelee 10 hours ago

    I love Baltimore Maryland

  • Mapzulu1996
    Mapzulu1996 10 hours ago

    32:38 Not gonna lie...I paused for a second and was like...Thats pretty gay XD.

  • BeautyQueen2016
    BeautyQueen2016 11 hours ago

    Contrapoints, I love binging your videos ❤️ I’m a centrist and I love hearing your take on things, you bring up a lot of things that I have never considered or only heard the straw man argument of. While I do disagree on some things. You’re an incredibly talented and well articulated RUclipr. Thank you for clearing a lot of things up mom. We Stan forever ❤️

  • Dong Harvey
    Dong Harvey 11 hours ago

    No, you're the whytmail

    VIDEL 12 hours ago

    Where does the baby I’m sorry meme come from?

  • Rachel Fourie
    Rachel Fourie 12 hours ago

    “What next babies with breast implants?” I cracked up at that.

  • NM AT
    NM AT 12 hours ago

    Was this video the one that got you ousted by canceled culture? SJW/progressive leftist losers? I don't agree with what you put out on video, but I do watch them. And do enjoy them. Sorry you can't "Convert" me being a Female Navy Vet and all. And liking macho men with enough testosterone to break a bed when having sex. 😁😉

  • Meredith Richardson
    Meredith Richardson 12 hours ago

    Wonderful video but did noone notice the doll peaking from behind the closet door the whole time? Was it just to obvious to mention?

  • Emma Cat
    Emma Cat 12 hours ago

    Capitalism is like the greenhouse effect. We need it to insulate and keep the planet warm (like Earth). We just can't have a run away greenhouse effect, or we will become like Venus- a desolate, molten, hot hellhole.

  • Edward Thomson
    Edward Thomson 13 hours ago

    You and your cinematographer seriously need to get on the big screen

  • David L
    David L 14 hours ago

    I find your videos ingenius and amazing. I wish I could concisely say why, but there is so much complexity and nuance. For now, suffice it to say I really appreciate you. The absolute honesty delivered with compassion and camp is so refreshing

  • Ray Val
    Ray Val 14 hours ago

    Spreading lies and showing lack of knowledge and proper research as usual. When we take what you actually say out of the costumes, editing, "catty/sassy phrases", it barely holds any water at all. I wish people would view these videos with a more critical eye, but I know people lack that ability.

  • benz benz
    benz benz 14 hours ago

    hey gorg

  • Dark Elektra
    Dark Elektra 15 hours ago

    I thought "trap" was a term for crossdressing/drag that straight men are attracted to. But, thank you for educating me ❤

  • Vibhu Narayan Deo
    Vibhu Narayan Deo 15 hours ago

    What does the rhino mask mean? Thick skin?

  • griz063
    griz063 15 hours ago

    The emotional undertone is like an echo of some chauvinist from the 40's coming out in support of all the broads and dames, saying it's not their fault for bein' such slaves to their emotions and fashion! Not even the tarts and trixies! Oh, and that dude on Twitter (which rhymes with Bitter) you accused of being a troll was probably never heard from again because the Cancel Culture got him blocked for suggesting something that was "heresy against doctrine". Which is something you're now feeling?

  • samgentle
    samgentle 15 hours ago

    Seeing this video now is wild... It's like I'm watching Natalie's younger brother or something. Everything's so similar but so different.

  • strawberry smith
    strawberry smith 16 hours ago

    the ''black pill'' is f3ck3ng stuid.

  • Ashley Robins
    Ashley Robins 16 hours ago

    New here. Not a fan, yet, not a hater. You are indeed pretty.

  • sikspārnis
    sikspārnis 17 hours ago

    REAL WOMEN WOULDN'T NORMALLY WEAR CORSETS!! Me, a goth cis woman: *sweats nervously*

  • Chief kikabich of the slapaho tribe

    Holy shit! You are such a vapid twat. What sane person keeps a refrigerator full of piss? The outfit you wore after the Weird Sisters costume does not appeal to the "male gaze" - whatever that is. It makes you look more like a template for a 2 X 4 than a lingerie model. Only a blue pill mangina, a self-loathing male, or rabid feminist could take you seriously.

    • Chief kikabich of the slapaho tribe
      Chief kikabich of the slapaho tribe 12 hours ago

      @Joshua Acosta ​This video is nothing more than an emotional laden rant designed to distract the listener from the use of reason. That ridiculous outfit is meant to show off what only a thirsty man would think of as a hot body to further distract from the fact that that no logic and reason is used anywhere in this video. She is utterly lacking in historical knowledge and perspective. She insults her audience so many times that only a mangina would think she is actually concerned with men. One would have to be a man-hater to agree with her. When crazy feminists make bread and try to brew beer using their own vaginal yeast and some lunatics drink their own urine and use it to treat athletes foot, there is good reason to think the piss in the fridge is no joke. Considering that she combined the male gaze comment with a costume change, I doubt she meant it as a joke. I probably should have called the fish mouthed bitch an ignorant narcissistic twat instead.Why do you think there is something ironic in using the word, mangina in 2019 or there is any irony in her male gaze remark? You really should learn the meaning of a word before you use it.

    • Joshua Acosta
      Joshua Acosta 13 hours ago

      The piss joke was clearly a joke. Very clearly. Do you honest to god thing Natalie keeps jars of her piss in her refrigerator? Do you think the “male gaze” joke was completely unironic? Speaking of Irony, >unironically saying “mangina” in 2019

  • strawberry smith
    strawberry smith 17 hours ago

    so sad. these people need help.

  • Stefan Bulucea
    Stefan Bulucea 17 hours ago

    a, so this is why people wanted you gone. Clean, articulate and sure of yourself. But most fearful, your intelligent way of bridging people and bring them to a civil state of discussion. Quelling the beast as it was once refereed too

  • Christopher Dews
    Christopher Dews 18 hours ago

    Thought Experiment: A Christian Pastor puts up a Video called, "Everybody is a Sinner (and Probably Going to Hell too)." Honestly, would you truly say that the vitriolic comments received are unmerited? Would you make a video yourself to counterattack the hostility and expose it as bullying? Or would you say that this is what happens when you introduce controversial ideas to an open forum like RUclip surrounded by anonymous wolves? I agree with Contra but have to admit that she wouldn't apply this standard to those whose premises she wouldn't agree with.

  • Eamon
    Eamon 18 hours ago

    Does anyone else laugh at her jokes about herself because there's this irony given how beautiful, intelligent and witty she is?

  • Cat With A Dick
    Cat With A Dick 18 hours ago

    You're all being Gigatrolled

  • Yuval Esroni
    Yuval Esroni 19 hours ago

    So sad to see masterpieces like this being made at a time in which RUclip is dying.

  • Britney Cave
    Britney Cave 20 hours ago

    So....there is no objective truth? Gotta love painting a false premise to give a situation or argument that doesn’t actually exist and admit your faults but use any form of charm or wit to distract from your actual motivations. This is textbook manipulation. My God you people are fools for believing this person and being so obtuse.

  • Male Boy Son
    Male Boy Son 20 hours ago

    Thanks for the asmr bit

  • InFalini
    InFalini 21 hour ago

    Physical reality is not the only reality. Watch as your physical based solutions interact with each other to create an even bigger and scarier global problem. The Cause is not on the physical plane, only The Effect.

  • Hans Olav Rækken Nordland

    He uses a symbol used as a symbol for nations and regimes that killed more people than the nazis.

  • Nick Van Amstel
    Nick Van Amstel 22 hours ago

    Hey Natalie I hope you are ok. You do so much good and that means something. Your point of view is so needed right now, not to put any pressure on you. Thank you for all your videos and I hope you will make many more of them.

  • Cardinal Sin
    Cardinal Sin 22 hours ago

    Hi, how are you? This is my first Natalie Wynn video, and I loved it. I don’t identify as anything specifically (what I mean by that is that I don’t go around presenting myself as something and making sure everybody sees it, that’s not important for me), but I suppose I am a “toxic white male” sorry, an “entitled” toxic white male (please don’t hate me). Even though I am very poor, I’m a chronic pain patient and these days, I have a hard time even standing up for very long without pain, I used to be in good physical shape, I’m still a vegan and have always lead a healthy lifestyle (except maybe for the drugs, Hey, how are you?) for the most part. I’ve always been what I call an “equallist” and what I meant by that was women should be treated no differently from men and men should not have any particular advantage over women, whether it’s in the marketplace, or the marketplace of ideas. so, I’m very supportive (of however you characterize or represent yourself, fly your freak flag high). I really just wanted to say “Hey, how are you?“ to everybody, and mention that I’m really glad to be here, and that I love the video, and I’m sure I will love the rest once I get caught up. I did hit that like and subscribe button and I hope everyone that reads these words do, too. I realize I’m a little late to the party, but hey, better late than never, right? That’s all for now, i’ll keep watching the videos as long as you keep making them, and since we’re all brothers and sisters we really should try harder to support one another instead of be divided by hate. so keep up the good work! I’ll catch you on the flipside. -Cardinal Sin

  • Butts Butts
    Butts Butts 23 hours ago

    9:33 A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

  • Andres Veramendi Lema
    Andres Veramendi Lema 23 hours ago

    you were so wrong, contra

    SUMMER LIMIT Day ago

    Yes. This was amazing. Don’t let the faux twitter controversies steal your attention with doubt. They don’t deserve you.

  • Domi Berthoux
    Domi Berthoux Day ago

    I feel very conflicted. Part of me applauds when people are open enough to discuss the most controversial aspects of their life and sexuality, since it makes everybody else feels less of a freak. However, I see trans people, specially trans women, doing this too much often. And from what I know it's not because they want to, it's because they feel like they *have* to in order to be a little more understood. This kind of breaks my heart, that you have to expose yourself like this to so many people in order to have a better chance of proving your point. It's disheartening how much trans people in general are naturally expected to act like they owe us cis people something when... uh... they don't??? Either way, as much as I feel bad about it, I feel that videos like this are still necessary and, either way, you nailed it. So congrats on your amazing work and also having the courage to be so vulnerable. Hopefully future generations of trans people will be less pressured to expose themselves.

  • Wabbit Girl
    Wabbit Girl Day ago

    Am I the only one putting Blaire White in place of Tiffany Tumbles? She just has a lot of arguments similar to the ones Blaire makes so I can’t help but think she’s an inspiration for this... character? Person? One side of an argument?

  • obsolete professor

    My friend always had good luck picking up beautiful women by ignoring them and flirting with their fat girlfriemd.

  • cmdrmonkey
    cmdrmonkey Day ago

    Looks matter to women, and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is delusional, misinformed, or trying to sell you something. There's this pervasive idea that looks don't matter to women, and attraction is all about having a good personality and being confident. And it's total nonsense. Women are shallow about looks just like guys, maybe even more shallow, and initial attraction is mostly or completely about looks. Looks aren't the only thing that matters to women though, especially if you want to keep a relationship going, and that's where your personality and other traits come into play. But they are pretty damn important, and you will struggle a lot with dating if you aren't good looking. Incels aren't totally wrong. They're just too hateful to garner much sympathy, troll too much, and state their point a bit too strongly.

  • tablemold
    tablemold Day ago

    I love Catgirl Leftist! F*ck Capitalists, Hail Satan!

  • SH Hu
    SH Hu Day ago

    I sincerely don't get how non-binary people can be offended by this.

  • Lincoln Sand
    Lincoln Sand Day ago

    9:00 Bill Gates is a pretty virtuous billionaire. I would've shown a picture of him.

  • Autumn Asplund

    Please tell me it’s not true!! I just found you like 6 months ago and have learned so much about myself and new ways of thinking about my newfound persona.

  • Infinite Brain Coral Void

    Cucked by the chad sea

  • The Mr Extra
    The Mr Extra Day ago

    Ahhhhhhh! I don’t know what to think anymore and my very obnoxious cis Hetero mind can’t bare not being able to wrap this concept in a little rational box. Also this a very well done video.

  • Xiao Mei
    Xiao Mei Day ago

    she did THAT

  • Nexis Hexus
    Nexis Hexus Day ago

    Hi Natalie, for the most part I agree with your vid. At 20 minutes added details of how a 'female trans is attractive" causes me to point out not all trans women are drag queens. Dragqueens are propositioning their own concept of femininity as a ~ preFeminist. If that can be an acceptable generalization, these murders are not all transpanic. probably very few. Naive guys have the flip out seeking out binary traits of the performance. If a trans females allure is more dragqueen fem than scholarly transFeminist.. she's also becoming interest for a special ed type of binary guy. Thats not victimblaming.. Its circumstantial bad results. As the source of this page material I think you can appreciate that point. Not all are socialogists by recreation. I'd suggest transpanic is the new way to say passion crime for all those husbands or boyfriends that just felt like disposing of a female or transperson as a recreation of sadism. Tomorrow it might be a Blackperson. Theres a reason why rape is higher statistic in military. It draws people that want a free card for race murder no matter what the majority actually ought be represented for. Perhaps the real issue is the haters are just undeclared crusaders and now they run amok hustling sectarianism instead of evolve out of binary tunnel vision. It would seem to be the binary crusader grooms the naive male to have the transpanic reaction. Same recreation happens to day with Neo Nazis finding the downtrodden to convince them they were held down by anyone other than THEM.

  • Meredith Richardson

    4:03 pads?

  • dakkanTM
    dakkanTM Day ago

    Unbelievably stupid, vapid and pointless. You literally have nothing to say.

  • Simón González

    Just look a Ron Swanson. If that's not a positive ideal for men then it's really close

  • Vincent DiPietro

    im still watching this *big smooch*

  • bruh sound effect 3

    My favorite lefty

  • unlucky one
    unlucky one Day ago

    Wow, first time i have heard Baltimores prayer in full. Damn that shade lol

  • em z
    em z Day ago

    3:45 Natalie being 2 years ahead of vsco girls. all hail our mother the prophet.

  • Star Mejia
    Star Mejia Day ago

    I can't help but love this 😂

  • Triton Lord
    Triton Lord Day ago

    I clicked for gril...

  • Steven Turano
    Steven Turano Day ago

    You're such a god damn kook.

  • Zippidis X
    Zippidis X Day ago

    soooo. I actually watched this for real... honestly Contra is saying nothing productive and is hiding behind a facade or antics and skits to distract the people from her just shitting on men and pretending to care.... honestly this video kind of sucks balls.

    • xd Flamebriar
      xd Flamebriar Hour ago

      naughteedesign bruh MGTOW is the one of the most toxic shit holes on earth. It’s not safe for men and drives them to terrorism and domestic violence and introduces them to incel ideology. May it not grow but die hard

    • naughteedesign
      naughteedesign 6 hours ago

      @Zippidis X of course, it's disgusting, good to see men are simply walking away from a bad deal (marriage and society in general)... may mgtow continue to grow. even the wamanz are noticing.

    • Zippidis X
      Zippidis X 16 hours ago

      Yeah did you catch the other 1000 insults at men in the other 39 minutes then disguise it as concern?

    • naughteedesign
      naughteedesign Day ago

      did you catch @UCcmnLu5cGUGeLy744WS-fsg's response... good to see her back in the kitchen doing what she does best. :)

  • Lothar Holzke
    Lothar Holzke Day ago

    "Ein Film von ContraPoints" had me dying from the get go.