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  • Zen
    Zen 8 minutes ago

    This is where it all started, I'm a tanky now

  • bitch?????
    bitch????? 10 minutes ago

    bruh get off of youtube. you can’t be setting high expectations for me with your perfect blend of breathtaking production and makeup/costuming, thought-provoking ideas, and sexy shitposting.

  • Hey Guys
    Hey Guys 17 minutes ago

    I nearly cried watching this, and that’s bit too difficult to make me do, but as a NB person going through the ringer myself, I just want to thank Natalie for sticking with us through this batshit inferno

  • gogirlanime
    gogirlanime 20 minutes ago

    Just have to say girl, me and the SO LOVE you. We just started watching you a few weeks ago. I'm a woman born a woman (pansexual) with a man born a man (straight) and we fully support how beautiful you are. Fuck the hate, keep speaking the truth, we've got your back! "Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't. -Eleanor Roosevelt"

  • Pingwn
    Pingwn 47 minutes ago

    It was gold to see the Nazi persona singing hava nagila.

  • spacexplorer
    spacexplorer Hour ago

    girl u r a fucking genius

  • spacexplorer
    spacexplorer Hour ago

    girl u r a fucking genius

  • Aleksander Whyte

    This is the best feature-length movie I've seen for a while.

  • camaleon sacor
    camaleon sacor Hour ago

    fact and question number 1 that I care: por q estás tan pero tan pero tan pero tan BUENA?.

  • AnimeBuddha
    AnimeBuddha Hour ago

    Did Contra just imply that most of the nation is on that Ayan Rand objectivism? Most identify center-right, sure. But when polled the nation leans distinctly left by American standards. Gun control (red flag, UBC, mag size..), health care (M4A), tax reform, Criminal Justice (private prisons, mandatory minimums, pot) ...

  • james koch
    james koch Hour ago

    You make some of the most intelligent content on RUclip.Thank god I'm not on twitter.

  • Michael Heyness
    Michael Heyness 2 hours ago

    It is strange to realise, that out of all people, Pewds beat Natalie in partial coverage of one of her topics.

  • Omnomynous Emineminin

    Yo it takes so much strength to be in the public eye like this, I don’t know how people can bare the weight of it. Especially someone like Nicole who is really smart and sensitive. It’s a lot of pressure, all the time. Thank you 🙏

  • Savage Lyfe
    Savage Lyfe 3 hours ago

    Having a Dr. Squatch soap commercial come on before this couldn’t have been more fitting

  • Lapisia
    Lapisia 3 hours ago

    I, personally, have a very different experience with psychiatry. In short, I spent almost my entire teenage year denying that I had any sort of problems, telling myself that I was totally fine, that self-diagnoses using online sources aren't reliable, until things really crashed down (If you want to know about details, I will summarize it below). Fortunately, I was able to make a more-or-less controlled fall, but I was literally on the brink of total breakdown of my life. I had both medication and talk therapy, and I don't know whether either of both of them is helping me. Nonetheless, I can attest that I feel and am much, much better than my pre-diagnosis years. The point I want to make here is not that ContraPoints's arguments are invalid -- I actually agree with her (she's already a she at this point, I presume?) -- but to provide an anecdote that is probably an example of a diagnosis & treatment-worthy condition. Again, I totally agree that the diagnosis criteria for mental illnesses are less scientific and refined than we would like to think of them. However, I hope my example also adds to her argument that there are definitely conditions that actually need medical help. For those of you who are a tad bit more curious, the following are my path to moderate-severe depression: It first started out with a more-or-less conscious thoughts about myself, somewhat like a self-checking system of what I thought. However, soon this habit turned into a constant self-denial and self hatred. I actually figured out I might be having depression quite early -- probably as early as within the first year of my depression. But I took the "self-diagnosis using online questionaires is not the most accurate and reliable way to diagnose a mental illness" quite a bit too far, and used that logic to essentially mentally beat myself into believing I am overthinking (in hindsight. it's very easy to say "that's obviously not OK", but when you're in such paranoia about yourself, that judgement doesn't seem trustworthy). Over the years I was constantly telling myself I was OK, I gradually lost pretty much most of the will to live: I sabotaged self care (eating, cleaning, etc...), couldn't get about of bed for a very long time, my body felt tremendously heavy, pretty much constantly depressed mood-wise, etc. I was still able to think that I was OK, despite being in the previously stated condition, because I excelled in pretending to be totally normal when other people were around. But obviously, this doesn't last forever. There was a point where I couldn't even fake that I was totally fine, and that was when I realized I need to get real help, really fast. Hopefully, this illustrates an example of when depression is actually a problem. Again, there are cases that probably don't need drugs or perhaps even therapy, either because of misdiagnosis or over-diagnosis, like ContraPoints's case, which shouldn't have happened. But then, there are cases like mine, in which diagnosing it as a disease is probably the most appropriate.

  • T ღ
    T ღ 3 hours ago

    im a brown girl and i know i shouldnt have laughed but CURRYCEL really made me laugh so hard omfg....currycel

  • Jett Jo johnson
    Jett Jo johnson 4 hours ago

    Still a transvestite dude.

  • Calico Cavalier
    Calico Cavalier 4 hours ago


  • Jett Jo johnson
    Jett Jo johnson 4 hours ago

    Dude, non binarys are not valid.

  • Bruce Bartup
    Bruce Bartup 4 hours ago

    Thanks for saying what I have tried to say many times, You do it so much better than me or any other channel I've seen. A positive gender model or "ways that male is good" is part of the reform of society that seems necessary. If we want a world where people have a chance to be safe & happy men must be liberated from that in our culture which is toxic to them specifically as men (including trans men). A kind word goes a long way. Thanks

  • Mr E
    Mr E 4 hours ago

    I love when u cant hold back a subtle laugh or grin at your own satire. U do it ever so often. "Bread scientist" lol

  • Unique Woman
    Unique Woman 4 hours ago

    Hey do u like thick slash fat women with a fat ass cause i for sure have that ma

  • VJ
    VJ 4 hours ago

    Hey gorge, in this video you're about one "I agree" away from FreedomToons caricature of Dave Rubin.

  • Celia Ammeral
    Celia Ammeral 4 hours ago

    Your alcoholism does concern me. I know there’s nothing I can do help personally, but I just want you to know people care about you!

  • Celia Ammeral
    Celia Ammeral 4 hours ago

    I’m absolutely in love with all your videos!! They are so artistic and everything you have to say is so well put. I love how you don’t really criminalize people with oposite opinions to you too, it leads to a more open minded discussion and can lead to a little self constructive criticism. We need more people like you

  • Some guy
    Some guy 4 hours ago

    1:31:00 ~ yes and no, while the episode might've triggered her suicide there is too much history to blame it on this event alone, I recommend listening to "The Last Days of August" which shows how toxic her personal life was and she also suffered from Bipolar + DiD and the suicide rate for people with bipolar disorder is twenty times that of the general population.

  • Unique Woman
    Unique Woman 4 hours ago

    Omg bullshit it seems like ur blocking me for no reason lmfoa

  • Unique Woman
    Unique Woman 4 hours ago

    Hey wazzup

  • Todd Lichtenwalner
    Todd Lichtenwalner 5 hours ago

    A tour de force! Brava!

  • Benjamin Oleander
    Benjamin Oleander 5 hours ago

    I don't understand still how what james said about being attracted to trans men is still negative. We can't help who we are attracted to. Does it even matter?

  • Lucy
    Lucy 5 hours ago

    Contra is a gift to us all

  • Hannah Thompson
    Hannah Thompson 5 hours ago

    I love it when trans women talk about female experiences because it is SO AFFIRMING to the way I live my life as a cis woman

  • Dominique Lyons
    Dominique Lyons 6 hours ago

    love you gorge, and friendly reminder that this IS a good look

  • Badas Unicorn
    Badas Unicorn 6 hours ago

    *watches half the video* Omg led makes people black! Wait...

    KOJAK BRADDY 6 hours ago

    Gender dosphobia is not a real word . It's a way of denile for ""some people"" to get through life

  • Dragon Speaks
    Dragon Speaks 6 hours ago

    the first gender dysphoria diagnosis was 1980 not 2013....

  • Lala
    Lala 6 hours ago

    Natalie, I think of you as a champion for some of us who aren't articulate enough to spell out very complex arguments, explain them to people who disagree, and actually convince them to listen. But sometimes I forget that you're a person, who isn't invincible to attacks, even when they are mostly rooted in misunderstanding and mob mentality. But a mob consists exactly of people who decide to attack before hearing the full story, and I don't know to what extent they will even be open to listen to you. I find this situation very frustrating, and I feel for you. Please remember that you still have a lot of people who support you, and don't forget to take care of yourself. Sending hugs.

  • Bailey Fox
    Bailey Fox 6 hours ago

    The most important thing about this video... holy shit Zoe Blade is an incredible composer.

  • UsenameTakenWasTaken

    Awww, being acknowledged as the thirty percent is nice.

  • alice coffey
    alice coffey 7 hours ago

    Where have you been my whole life?

  • Tara Blackmore
    Tara Blackmore 7 hours ago

    Okay. Looking back, there is a great deal wrong with this video. Natalie was either willfully ignorant or purposefully dishonest about Buck Angel. A great deal of viewers came of age during the "Bush Administration", and remember how horrible that scandal was. And Natalie sidestepping that controversy in this video just makes me more certain it's dishonesty - and that fucking sucks. Do I think the people around her deserved their abuse? No. Even my hatred for Lindsey Ellis can't defend the treatment of her by ex-fans. This entire situation is shitty, dishonest, and consists of a great deal of bullying (on ALL sides), and it's gone too far. I really hope she follows up on this, responds to the fact that yes: she fucked up. I'm going to hang around for now and give her the benefit of the doubt, another chance to listen to her enbie followers and critics, and eventually apologises. Fucking up and owning it is so much better than fucking up and doubling down - and this stinks of doubling down. You're better than this, Natalie. Buck Angel is an asshole; there are no doubts about it. Please follow-up.

    • Tara Blackmore
      Tara Blackmore 4 hours ago

      @DeoMachina probably best for the both of us. *shrug* But please take EoT seriously; they like Ellis, at least.

    • DeoMachina
      DeoMachina 4 hours ago

      I know its a logical fallacy but I honestly can't take you seriously if you hate The Only Good RUclipr

    • Tara Blackmore
      Tara Blackmore 4 hours ago

      @Jack Meli I recommend checking out EssenseOfThought's videos on the subject (both subjects, actually), as they explained it in a concise and clear way, making the excuses almost gauche in retrospect....

    • Jack Meli
      Jack Meli 6 hours ago

      wait what else did buck do? Idk

  • Pingwn
    Pingwn 7 hours ago

    If someone believes in abolishing gender, so they should support transgenders since by excepting that people can have a gender which is not determined by their birth sex we are subverting the idea that gender and sex is the same. Denying the gender identity of a person because of their sex-birth only support the rigid gender paradigm and that is just stupid. This is also the reason I stopped being one of those people.

  • Unique Woman
    Unique Woman 7 hours ago

    God u sexy as hell babe

  • Unique Woman
    Unique Woman 7 hours ago

    And by the way im a virgin im a lesbian virgin looking for u to be the one u sexy as hell babe

  • Unique Woman
    Unique Woman 7 hours ago

    God u r beautiful honey dammnn

  • Soul Mechanics
    Soul Mechanics 8 hours ago

    Are you fucking kidding me!? You nuked Blaire in that debate.. and we are going to show you why!

    • Soul Mechanics
      Soul Mechanics 7 hours ago

      Unfortunately, you broke your own legs before the debate transpired, but I can fix that.

    • Soul Mechanics
      Soul Mechanics 8 hours ago

      Give me a week. We will have something beautiful for you Madam. I have to introduce myself first.. 😏

  • Juan Pablo Pimentel
    Juan Pablo Pimentel 8 hours ago

    "¿saben como cayó Roma?" Si, por una oleada incontrolable de inmigrantes ilegales :v

  • Bryony Coates-Rees
    Bryony Coates-Rees 8 hours ago

    I used to run on the beach when I was a lonely teenage depressive and I love what you say about the eroticism of the sea or a rainstorm. Our dark mothers salty embrace washes away the ills of humanity ❤️

  • Dawn Tavish Flynn
    Dawn Tavish Flynn 8 hours ago

    This is random but I watch this series when I'm depressed and it helps

  • The Riff Writer
    The Riff Writer 8 hours ago

    Being a big ole nerd, someone who hasn't seen a Superbowl in a decade and would much rather be in a library than a dance club, I always loathed my sloping, pronounced, caveman brow. Little did I know it could get me laid 😏

  • Félix González
    Félix González 8 hours ago

    Can someone put subtitles in spanish please!!

  • Vanessa Johnson
    Vanessa Johnson 8 hours ago

    Screw Twitter, you're a treasure, dahling <3 you've already made the world better

  • holly hutchinson
    holly hutchinson 9 hours ago

    when i heard dan howell speak i lost it

  • Raen Boow
    Raen Boow 10 hours ago

    After rehabilitating from many horrible years on tumblr (r.i.p) being bombarded with very emotional sjw cancel culture bs among all the beautiful art and porn (r.i.p, for real) I emerge reinvigorated to open my mind up to the nonconforming non-cis world of "hello-I'm-something-else-but-I-wanna-be-called-the-same-maybe-idk-life-is-hard". 1 & a ½ years ago I started university and I happened to meet an old friend of mine, previously named Markus, now named Sophia. I made this deduction because she was carrying a name tag with said name on (big brain). But back then, after we both having assaulted eachother with hugs for a bit, I chuckled and said ***"hey Markus I think you happened to get the wrong name tag haha"*** Imagine my surprise when the entity previously labeled Markus stopped smiling and said "yeah... I changed my name, I go by Sophia now". I was not ready for this, but I become fully aware then and there that I had pretty much poured a bucket of tar over our reignited relationship, which previously had been of mutual respect and fondness for eachothers creativity, now quickly turning into an awkvard "the weather is nice today, hello how are you". I don't even remember if I had the intelligence to apologize to her but I did help her move out of her old apartment and invite her to atrocious pizza and we hanged out a few more times after that. Though the tension didn't really ever go away and we eventually on fairly good terms lost touch. Now Sophia had changed into someone that asked about people's pronouns quite often. The people she asked in my vicinity happened to always be cis white dudes or dudettes. It got a bit awkvard but we all tried to shift focus away from it as quickly as possible. Having been reminded from this video about non-binaries apparently doing this just out of the blue to new people they meet - I worry that Sophia and other transpeople in this specialized multi-class zone might get shunned simply by being a tad bit too revolutionary for the current conversative climate. And thinking about this led me to ask WHY I actually never had a hard time accepting YOU miss Natalie CP as a woman. And sure enough I do think it is because you look the part BUT also because I just like you. You're funny, first and foremost, but also not fucking stupid. I'd like to reference your video titled The Left and say GURL, YOU'RE ACTUALLY COOL YO! (I'm a white and gay man who likes pretty socks, am I doing this correctly?) Which is NOT the impression any other 5-dimensional steven universe platinum dlc gendered pronoun person on social media has'th given me. Which is sad because your validity of being what you say you are shouldn't hang on the expectation to be cool enough. But unless a transperson PRESENTS as a fairly stereotypical male or female out in the wild - I'm probably gonna continue guessing incorrectly unless they have a very clear nametag with either Markus or Sophia on it. And if you present as a very femme dragqueen with the nametag Jeff or Bob - I'm going to fail either way so just.... please don't yell at me sergeant I promise to never skip leg day again

  • norocosul33
    norocosul33 10 hours ago

    you have the quality of not changing my mind. cultural apropiation it is all in your had, you are right, and is nothing wrong with that

  • I. Wetpaint
    I. Wetpaint 10 hours ago

    Opulence was a stunningly beautiful, mind-altering essay that keenly dissected some important aspects of current culture. It brought to light things I have never thought about. I was utterly transfixed. This essay is much harder to watch (because it's painful, not because you're not beautiful, gorg), but is also super on-point. Thank you for turning your torture into education and reminding us of the difference between disagreement and hatred.

  • Universome
    Universome 10 hours ago

    Do Jews have privilege

  • Universome
    Universome 10 hours ago

    Japan has internet. There not being replaced

  • dragon quest fan
    dragon quest fan 10 hours ago

    I honestly don’t care I mean people can do what they want if it doesn’t affect me, but just saying, the suicide rates are skyrocketing for people with gender dysphoria, and when they change genders the suicide and depression rate stays super high. This is really bad, I hate seeing people die.

  • Universome
    Universome 10 hours ago

    Jared Taylor is jacked though

  • Ivan Dionysus
    Ivan Dionysus 10 hours ago

    So.... What exactly did you debunk? The first 19 to twenty minutes were merely about you explaining what postmodern neo Marxism meant to Peterson, then you proceeded to deconstruct some of his ideas, but, you barely even touched the surface of his actual arguments, I feel like you read a bunch of wiki pedia articles on him and watched some of his random interviews without going deep into it. He says that feminism is dangerous and useless in a western framework of society, not that women should not progress, there's so many things wrong with what you said tbh....but, you said quite a bit of important points.

  • Journey Bound
    Journey Bound 10 hours ago

    Never thought I would get such great joy from hearing you sing The Sound of Silence. 🖤

  • Lo Lo
    Lo Lo 11 hours ago

    Cleaning the kitchen while listening to the video. I hear "my daddy dom" 14:00 and look up at the screen and absolutely lose it. These videos are masterpieces.

  • nostril man
    nostril man 11 hours ago

    You are cool and your content is good. Canceling is weird: It looked virtuous at first glance to me, it took a while for me to notice how fucked up it is. People just do not act like this when they have people's best interests at heart.

  • Phillip Wombacher
    Phillip Wombacher 11 hours ago

    I’m one of those nazi punching Leninist comrades!

  • Gerafix
    Gerafix 11 hours ago

    These reactionaries could be Capitalist bootlickers/agents appropriating trans or non-binary culture to silence opposition to the Capitalist Dictatorship we are forced to suffer under. There has been a concerted effort for decades by the ownership class to insert agent provocateurs into Leftist movements to dismantle it from the inside. This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

  • david Baerwald
    david Baerwald 11 hours ago

    Oh, this is breaking my heart. You're such a treasure.

  • Ian Young
    Ian Young 12 hours ago

    A friend of mine is a fan of this YT'er and suggested I check them out as he's not a fan of Jordan Peterson and I am. This same dear friend has also never watched a single debate or guest speaking the man has performed at. I'm almost six minutes into this and what I have learned is that this person definitely seems to gain personal satisfaction and confidence from abreviated hyperbolic statements. Throughout what I've seen almost every statement that says something disparaging about Jordan it has been comically edited in some way. For me I switch off if a public speaker or formal debate is happening and someone is constantly acting like a clown during pivotal phrases. It's like constant subliminal messaging that relies on the idea that the longer you're exposed to it the more desensitised you become to it's invasive influence. Plus if a heterosexual dude was to also punctuate arguments with moments of implied sexual deviancy towards someone of their sexual preference they'd be so publicly slammed it's insane. So the daddy stuff and bedroom scenes with Jordan again do not entertain nor do they reinforce anything other than if this is this person's true character..... that they're crude, flippant and not above behaving like a tabloid newspaper to express their thoughts. This stuff doesn't change the world in a good way it just creates more hyperbolic, hyper inflammatory culture. Reason, power and truth....... things to not care about. Yay. I'm out. This is just too much narcissism for me. High viewer count, superficial content.

  • Joni Leppänen
    Joni Leppänen 12 hours ago

    It's about god damn time.

  • April Richards
    April Richards 12 hours ago

    I'm a Lesbian, White, Cis-Woman and I would rather listen to some like Natalie about what being Trans is like than an old, male incel.

  • Tie Shianna
    Tie Shianna 12 hours ago

    Your comparison from slavegreeks and mastergreeks to racism is superb.

  • Jenny Tokumei
    Jenny Tokumei 12 hours ago

    They don't even come close to the circles I'm in on the internet and yet I remember when this happened.

  • Czh13
    Czh13 13 hours ago

    Such a relief to finally hear some proper criticism of JP! Thank you!

  • TheDanielradio
    TheDanielradio 13 hours ago

    I would expect Tabbys of the world already knowing very well that they can't become the doll the other character is talking about. Finding other ways to express femininity makes total sense. Especially when your views on equality and cops and prisons and banks also is alien to "normal" society, just saying "fuck it, I'm a cat girl with combat boots, here to kill the rich" makes total sense to me.

  • Tie Shianna
    Tie Shianna 13 hours ago

    It is astonishing how much John Oliver episodes are mentioned here.

  • Healing Touch with Julia

    I love this video a lot a lot a lot.

  • Christopher O'Grady
    Christopher O'Grady 14 hours ago

    Wow, seeing the clips of rubin was making me think ‘I wonder what happened to Colin Moriarty’ I used to enjoy him on kinda funny and IGN, and even liked hearing his libertarian views on things. I knew he got into the right wing media scene, but that clip of him at the end talking about you on the Rubin report no less was so cute! Also, doesn’t Rubin have a husband? A right wing conservative married gay man, hmmm.

  • Uilium Powell
    Uilium Powell 14 hours ago

    People seem to be somewhere between awoken and asleep to various things.

  • nathalie moreno
    nathalie moreno 14 hours ago

    Person obviously expressed a concise unbiased point of view.. vid totally makes sense. Debating different versions of the same person exact person only confirms how closed to hearing conflicting points of views this individual is.

  • STS
    STS 15 hours ago

    This video is wrong in how it defines fascism.

  • m m
    m m 15 hours ago

    I found this presentation very hard to watch. More so becouse i realy felt the plea coming right out of the screen. As a human being, human suffering offends me so dening a persons humanity is cruel and just wrong. Im a very hetro bloke and kind of conservative (we get like that as we age) but im also attracted to people based on the way they think and how they act. I just recently stumbled on this channel and to be honest, im more in awe than anything. Its satire and phylosophical brilliance. After watching I litraly couldnt care less about what anatomy is. This chick is just magnetic. You know the thing they call the X factor. Please continue with your content its briliant.

  • Aaron R
    Aaron R 16 hours ago

    I don't know if you're actually brilliant like I'm not or if you're just insulated from the mob mentality due to some inherent contrarian impulses, possible Asperger syndrome, and an insatiable desire to truly understand everything which leads to endless self-doubt because nothing can ever really be understood, but I'm kind of in love with your brain.

  • Matthew Wehri
    Matthew Wehri 16 hours ago

    You've brought much confusion to the kingdom

  • Jas
    Jas 16 hours ago

    Do you give a fuck if anyone tells you you are fucking awesome? Because you are.

  • Jas
    Jas 17 hours ago

    I feel like a dick because I like you so much and I am probably everything you stand against in your awesome videos (god, you are brilliant!). I am a woman who doesn't acknowledge trans as real sex and I would fight you over it. I agree here with Blaire, definitely, you can call yourself trans woman, why the fuck not, but sorry, you are not a woman. Also, I hate the term ''cis'' and I hate the term ''sex assigned at birth''. Only intersexuals are assigned with sex at birth, the rest of us are BORN female or male and we grew into women and men. Trans people, sorry, you had to take artificial hormones and surgically change your body to become the opposite sex. With all of my respect towards a persons struggle, I will never ever call a trans person without emphasizing the trans part. But, who the fuck cares for my or anybody else's opinion, as long as we don't bully or hurt people that don't fit in our belief system, we're good. No one has a right to endanger somebody's freedom or safety just because they think they're right. So, I am so, so happy I discovered your chanel, I fucking adore you, you smart and clever human. Stay as you are. P. S. on this video - why the fuck would anyone cancel YOU? You are one of the most intelligent people online. God, I am a kind of transphobe and I fucking adore you. What's people's problem?

  • Epicarp
    Epicarp 17 hours ago

    Here's a tip: stop throwing stones from your glass house.

  • Audria Costello
    Audria Costello 17 hours ago

    After this, I don't think you proved your point. You clearly seem to be the autogynophiliac you try to dispute.

  • Soumyaneel Manna
    Soumyaneel Manna 17 hours ago

    Daddy Peterson is angly 🤭🤭

  • 俞天
    俞天 17 hours ago


  • Chad Tucker
    Chad Tucker 18 hours ago

  • Shoshana Rose
    Shoshana Rose 18 hours ago

    do we really need Twitter? i say burn it to the ground!

  • Xenro66
    Xenro66 18 hours ago

    12:14 "You'll have to deploy militarised police, and you will crush them ruthlessly". China. I get it's a communist state, but it borrows the worst elements from capitalism AND communism. Lo and behold, civil unrest and the brink of civil war spilling out into a global war against capitalism an communism. Socialism isn't perfect either, no economic model is perfect, but socialism is the least susceptible to power snowballing (communism), or wealth accumulation (capitalism 0.1%).

  • Cecilia Gutiérrez
    Cecilia Gutiérrez 18 hours ago

    If biology has nothing to do with being a woman, why are you so terrified of "not passing" because of your physical appeareance? Why the hormones, the surgeries? I think trans women should forget everything about modificating their biological body. Acknowledging sex is just in the mind is the true liberation!

  • Ben Heddon
    Ben Heddon 19 hours ago

    "All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned, especially on fuckin' twitter." - Marx

  • Lightning Farron
    Lightning Farron 19 hours ago

    This can also be applied to the Onision case going on right now. Everyone wants to cancel him, too.

    • Mikel Montoya
      Mikel Montoya 17 hours ago

      Omg this isn't comparable at all. Not saying that I don't find it irritating that so many people are making so many videos about him, I'm so over it by now, it's exhausting, but it's clear anyway that Onision's content is total trash, I just think it's even worse to give him so much attention.

  • joyburd2
    joyburd2 19 hours ago

    This video has had me listening to Alone by Heart on repeat for a week now

  • Soul Mechanics
    Soul Mechanics 20 hours ago

    Crafty move with the pics. Well played. 😉

  • Melissa Menchaca
    Melissa Menchaca 20 hours ago

    I’m so glad I’m bi and can fully appreciate both Natalie’s male and female form.

  • Connor
    Connor 20 hours ago

    @ContraPoints, Can you remake the Peterson video where you don't pretend to have sex with him so I can show it to my old people friends?

  • Strawberry Turtle
    Strawberry Turtle 21 hour ago

    I came to get knowlege about incels. I'm gonna stay for these free asmr.