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Meet FaZe Rug
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Meet FaZe Cizzorz
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FaZe Clan Dodgeball Challenge
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FaZe Mongraal vs. FaZe Clan
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FaZe Jarvis vs. FaZe Sway
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Nickmercs Joins FaZe Clan
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FaZe Sway HANDCAM Gameplay
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"Welcome to FaZe Clan"
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These clips are insane...
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Introducing FaZe H1ghSky1
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The FaZe Replays Montage
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Introducing FaZe Sway
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  • Sterfield
    Sterfield 2 hours ago

    7 years later it's always a pleasure to see old gameplay

  • Armaan Bhulji
    Armaan Bhulji 2 hours ago

    Alex is so high loooool 🧟‍♂️

  • Kaniska Roy
    Kaniska Roy 2 hours ago

    Lie detector guy 👍👎

  • Beastgamer0011
    Beastgamer0011 2 hours ago

    Do not press read more You will have good luck for the next 10 Years!

  • Atomic VtEck
    Atomic VtEck 2 hours ago

    He is so successfull”

  • Fernando Ruiz
    Fernando Ruiz 2 hours ago


  • Alen Antony Rajesh
    Alen Antony Rajesh 2 hours ago

    Offset how was It on WWE

  • subzero 4206
    subzero 4206 2 hours ago

    I want faze Rug to be in more challenges with the clan it's funny l8ke if you agree

  • Kennedy Radford
    Kennedy Radford 2 hours ago

    Probably went offset dipped they all headed out lmao-

  • 100 subscribers with no video challenge

    Rug is you read this will always be here for you and be here for faze clan love you all and hope you have a great day

  • cALiBr0
    cALiBr0 2 hours ago

    kay once again with the last minute win

  • Voczy
    Voczy 2 hours ago

    Why the fuck didn’t you do this 6yrs ago

  •  2 hours ago

    The offset comments getting real irritating

  • LIL MB
    LIL MB 2 hours ago

    Why does the video have that color🤮

  • Martin Lazalde
    Martin Lazalde 2 hours ago

    Adapt is one ugly dude

  • waqas ali rana
    waqas ali rana 3 hours ago

    Hi .youtubers ..subscribe my channal ,support for each others

  • Target Tech
    Target Tech 3 hours ago

    Why banks didn't join?

  • nunya
    nunya 3 hours ago

    2:53 mannn, this nigga's a *bitch*

  • Manny King Money
    Manny King Money 3 hours ago


  • Uhh Xaitz
    Uhh Xaitz 3 hours ago

    I'm gifting next 10 subs

  • Kyle Downs
    Kyle Downs 3 hours ago

    He’s not part owner of faze clan he think he is🤣

  • King Henry
    King Henry 3 hours ago

    13 and lift 60 and got no biceps. Alex and 20+ year man lift 40 and get biceps

  • Austin Lance
    Austin Lance 3 hours ago

    Me and my friends hit those punching bags at fairs every year and we all hit 780+ like nothing these mfs week af 😂

  • i_Xk_ _
    i_Xk_ _ 3 hours ago

    3:38 Offset curved apex😂😂😂😂

  • Hndrxx Tarantino
    Hndrxx Tarantino 3 hours ago

    I'm Trynna Punch like Dat Boy Apex Damn

  • sadat 100
    sadat 100 3 hours ago

    5:16 that mf ran and hop in the corner like a 🐇lmao crazy mf 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • rain riders
    rain riders 3 hours ago

    Bro poor people getting destroyed from highsky.

  • g i o
    g i o 3 hours ago


  • Luke Ward
    Luke Ward 3 hours ago

    Let's go Jarvis won he's insane

  • garcio budownik
    garcio budownik 3 hours ago

    Cardi will be mad xd

  • Luke Ward
    Luke Ward 3 hours ago

    Jarvis is gonna win

  • Newman abraham
    Newman abraham 3 hours ago

    Haven’t you been in faze for like a long time

  • haritooo2000
    haritooo2000 3 hours ago

    Thank you Faze Rug

  • Sandra Lopez
    Sandra Lopez 3 hours ago

    what about faze censor

  • Eisa Banday
    Eisa Banday 3 hours ago

    What song

  • yourrfavv.n k
    yourrfavv.n k 3 hours ago

    5:16 oh nahhhh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Senexzz Tv
    Senexzz Tv 3 hours ago


  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 3 hours ago

    Why offset🤣🤣💀

  • chunceymunkey
    chunceymunkey 3 hours ago

    My epic is : Dominater

  • Fortnite Adopted Kid

    7:36 "I think hes honest" Rug:I've pranked you more than 100 times

  • yourrfavv.n k
    yourrfavv.n k 3 hours ago

    offset 😍😍

  • Joseph Diaz
    Joseph Diaz 3 hours ago

    Adapt cringey ash now

  • chris cornwell
    chris cornwell 3 hours ago


  • Justin The Donn
    Justin The Donn 3 hours ago

    Meet faze rug: another faze sellout

  • jaylaandrea
    jaylaandrea 3 hours ago

    Offset whole time: this that white people shit 💀💀

  • Jordan Ott
    Jordan Ott 4 hours ago

    apex got left hanging when trying to dab off set

  • Kyle V L
    Kyle V L 4 hours ago

    adapt on them bars

  • Shawn Baughman
    Shawn Baughman 4 hours ago

    I cried

  • Adan Cornejo
    Adan Cornejo 4 hours ago


  • Galex xp1 Twenty one piolets news kid

    Rug and blaze will always be my fav

  • Jayden Montes
    Jayden Montes 4 hours ago

    He’s been in 7 years not 19 hours

  • Chee Lor
    Chee Lor 4 hours ago

    Kay your actually insane bro like legit your a legend and a beast at this

  • Chee Lor
    Chee Lor 4 hours ago

    Frazier you are nuts and you are so freaking strong bro

  • Wezi Too Good
    Wezi Too Good 4 hours ago

    Nobody: Apex: I dont need an arm

  • jordan Sutherland
    jordan Sutherland 4 hours ago


  • Barbaric
    Barbaric 4 hours ago

    Howleee Maan ! Kay won!?

  • Kaleb May’s
    Kaleb May’s 4 hours ago

    Faze offset 💯

  • Lewisowen 37
    Lewisowen 37 4 hours ago

    The girl literally just threw the phone

  • LsmZapo Zapiro
    LsmZapo Zapiro 4 hours ago

    Sólo is noob

  • Vertex TB
    Vertex TB 4 hours ago

    Its not a faze rug video unless its over 10 minutes

  • Kurtz Gaming
    Kurtz Gaming 4 hours ago

    Where was jev or testy come on bro

  • Hold Them Lzzz
    Hold Them Lzzz 4 hours ago

    Wait who's Faze Rug again!?

  • Diego Méndez
    Diego Méndez 4 hours ago


  • Hazaam720
    Hazaam720 4 hours ago

    we met him 9 years ago...

  • playboi justin
    playboi justin 4 hours ago

    only people that take showers can like this🤮 👇🏽 (I’m gifting my next 45 sußscrißers)

  • Yezuz Vert
    Yezuz Vert 4 hours ago

    Just fuck climate change huh?

  • MrFrostyNation
    MrFrostyNation 4 hours ago

    Fly me out imma show you guys how it`s done haha

  • 千乂_丂ㄚㄖ爪
    千乂_丂ㄚㄖ爪 4 hours ago

    W H A T S U P N I K A N.

    DJ SHUA 5 hours ago

    Thats why his off .....set get it? Aha ha aha haha hah 😂😂😂

  • gloom
    gloom 5 hours ago

    Wait wasn’t he already in FaZe

  • Sliced dion
    Sliced dion 5 hours ago

    Sensei watching: 😂😂😂 look at thoose noobs lmao

  • JajaSaPiskorevaca
    JajaSaPiskorevaca 5 hours ago

    damn they weak af

  • Mr Me
    Mr Me 5 hours ago

    Banks shudda punched it

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom 4 hours ago

      Offset the only black dude there lmao he don’t fit in ☠️☠️☠️

  • Landen Maupin
    Landen Maupin 5 hours ago

    Niggas the Oldest Faze memebers and they barely make a video saying “Meet Faze Rug”

  • Taha Lachlon
    Taha Lachlon 5 hours ago

    He is not even really in faze clan

  • Taha Lachlon
    Taha Lachlon 5 hours ago

    Fock rug

  • Dimbox
    Dimbox 5 hours ago

    when was the last time one of you hit a 720

  • Puza_ Rūdis
    Puza_ Rūdis 5 hours ago

    like sway was at the back ground at the end but he didn't hit

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom 4 hours ago

      Fazekay that’s gorkhali power

  • MarquiseTheFirst
    MarquiseTheFirst 5 hours ago

    They all prolly disbanded when offset left

  • AndrewT
    AndrewT 5 hours ago

    You will join faze *Get good to ACTIVATE*

  • YouTube Armyesta
    YouTube Armyesta 5 hours ago

    I swear he was the oldest faze member

  • ICE _bf
    ICE _bf 5 hours ago

    Rug has 601 instead of 600

    GODOK TM 5 hours ago

    Plz return COD

  • Riri’s Life
    Riri’s Life 6 hours ago

    Apex was hella salty after he lost 🤣🤣🤣🤣 he even tried again and still didn’t beat him

  • Fletcher Deyong
    Fletcher Deyong 6 hours ago

    Let’s go

  • Aiden Sanford
    Aiden Sanford 6 hours ago

    But faze rug awesome

  • Aiden Sanford
    Aiden Sanford 6 hours ago

    faze sucks

  • Andy Van reenen
    Andy Van reenen 6 hours ago

    While u stupid guys wasting food. Think about how many people u can feed whit it .. But no u guys just throw it at each other.. 😠

  • CrAcKeD Prenslly
    CrAcKeD Prenslly 6 hours ago

    Watch my newest video and be satisfied.subscribe

  • Max Niblett
    Max Niblett 6 hours ago

    He should have gone to teeqo

  • TEAM PuLsE
    TEAM PuLsE 6 hours ago


  • 6ix OhOne
    6ix OhOne 6 hours ago

    If offsets apart of faze why they still putting “feat. Offset”

  • NessaryShot_YT
    NessaryShot_YT 6 hours ago

    There using offset for clout

  • Tionna Went-Dyer
    Tionna Went-Dyer 6 hours ago

    BRIANNN 😢❤️❤️

  • Kevin Bueno
    Kevin Bueno 6 hours ago

    Faze rug is such a good guy

  • I Am Ixia
    I Am Ixia 6 hours ago

    After this I felt like something was crawling on me 😫

  • Savio albazi games
    Savio albazi games 6 hours ago

    Why will we meet now already? Lol

  • Adetona
    Adetona 6 hours ago

    adapt is goinging to in

  • ConseptS YT
    ConseptS YT 6 hours ago

    Sponsored by my ass

  • Chewy Ice
    Chewy Ice 6 hours ago

    Him alwx and adapt were the first ppl i knew