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  • XD Vortrix
    XD Vortrix 3 hours ago

    Where at?

  • Rise Jazzy
    Rise Jazzy 3 hours ago

    He looked at apex's answers

  • Rise Jazzy
    Rise Jazzy 3 hours ago

    The kid cheated

  • Luka Avramovski
    Luka Avramovski 3 hours ago

    Thats black night

  • Skankhunt42
    Skankhunt42 3 hours ago

    I want to make fun of these boys but I honestly feel bad. They just have no idea what they're doing.

  • TRAINING Channel
    TRAINING Channel 3 hours ago


  • NLE Choppa
    NLE Choppa 3 hours ago


  • Sindre Hagen
    Sindre Hagen 3 hours ago

    What are thos bench press

  • Liam Gauzer
    Liam Gauzer 3 hours ago

    He so f***in funny bro shit

  • D4M14N V41D3Z
    D4M14N V41D3Z 3 hours ago

    Poor Jarvis first a fucking snakes un his face and now he got banned

  • NLE Choppa
    NLE Choppa 3 hours ago

    Jarvis:I swear butter melts faster than water Me:😂😂 WTF

  • Cris & Rick Gaming
    Cris & Rick Gaming 4 hours ago

    Make Ali-A to FaZe Ali-A plzzz let him join Faze

  • Jorge Crawford
    Jorge Crawford 4 hours ago

    How do I enter one of these

  • GoldenRenegade2
    GoldenRenegade2 4 hours ago

    Come to tac city and face us speedsofters😈😈

  • Austin Sing
    Austin Sing 4 hours ago

    Adapt “I have snake venom circulating through my veins.”🤔 bro last time I heard that my cousin was shooting herion. Hopefully your talking about the stink venom lmao

  • Theo March
    Theo March 4 hours ago

    All trash

  • Lil Duude
    Lil Duude 4 hours ago

    i love adapt ever since 2014

  • matte SVENNE
    matte SVENNE 4 hours ago

    playing in white shoes

  • Moonshade 085
    Moonshade 085 4 hours ago

    Adapt fucking cheater twist his wrist and lifted his elbow

  • R3C0iL_
    R3C0iL_ 4 hours ago

    Hi 👋

  • Alejandro Martinez
    Alejandro Martinez 4 hours ago

    half senders

  • Eric Kilby
    Eric Kilby 4 hours ago

    Jim take mind enhancing pills isnt that steroid for gaming lmao

  • YuX
    YuX 4 hours ago

    It says 666 views

  • JSSJ Clipz
    JSSJ Clipz 4 hours ago

    Whew that was close almost a faze vid w out a shirtless blaze

  • Dereck Casas
    Dereck Casas 4 hours ago

    i count the pull ups as 0 0 almost 0 0 I think the undiagnosed syphilis has finally reached thier brains especially to whack miller with the anvil haircut

  • its peter
    its peter 4 hours ago

    They should’ve made Ghosts 2...Ghosts was the last classic trickshotting game

  • David Gray
    David Gray 4 hours ago

    Your INSANE kay

  • Hudair Ali
    Hudair Ali 4 hours ago

    Who’s better Like=faze sway Reply=Bugha

  • its peter
    its peter 4 hours ago

    I’ll never forget when I played this in my locker room and everyone thought the song was wack then later that year...

  • Hussain Q8r
    Hussain Q8r 4 hours ago


  • Alexthegamer The gamer

    It’s about your pub g team

  • Alexthegamer The gamer

    Faze I have a. Buniesses offer

  • LaboV
    LaboV 4 hours ago

    Any1 still here?

  • Dubbameechi TV
    Dubbameechi TV 4 hours ago

    Yo slim Jim is nice

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 4 hours ago

    Can u guys add drone footage for the next paintball fight

  • connor simpson
    connor simpson 4 hours ago


  • Twist kronicx
    Twist kronicx 5 hours ago

    Dubs is trying to trickshot jarvis sweating his balls off

  • D From 313
    D From 313 5 hours ago

    Sooo theyre not playin for 50,000 then nice good clickbait

  • connor simpson
    connor simpson 5 hours ago

    tell cizzorz to take down his deathrun

  • Brian Ok
    Brian Ok 5 hours ago

    Kay is the champ

  • Nadakookie 21
    Nadakookie 21 5 hours ago

    Dude you ain’t shit

  • Fortnite boy Ttv
    Fortnite boy Ttv 5 hours ago


  • SEN_mo3x
    SEN_mo3x 5 hours ago


  • Edgar H252
    Edgar H252 5 hours ago

    Faze:Lives in a multi million dollar house Faze:Buys a Nissan SUV 😂

  • ZaY RaPzz
    ZaY RaPzz 5 hours ago

    Imagine rain and apex on a team

  • Squidyfishy
    Squidyfishy 5 hours ago

    Nice vid! Mind checking me out? ❤️ (I’m a small RUclipr trying to grow, pls don’t hate)

  • Evan and Nick Hager
    Evan and Nick Hager 5 hours ago

    It was like watching Jarvis vs Kaylen

  • Darius's Resurrection

    After scrolling down videos on this channel, i'm wondering where the hell is CSGO lineup of Faze ? Why are they not included in any video ? I'm not sure Faze's owner treat them equally tho

  • ZaY RaPzz
    ZaY RaPzz 5 hours ago

    Offset sucks lmfao

  • Dive Deep School Instructor-Alexis Frazier

    Jarvis is a goat

  • Artark Gaming
    Artark Gaming 5 hours ago

    Petition to kick blaze

  • Teun
    Teun 5 hours ago

    2:40 did he rly just say ''yolo'' ?

  • GT Beats
    GT Beats 5 hours ago

    Not even a half rep 😂

  • Jonathan S
    Jonathan S 6 hours ago

    Get the Csgo team in a video

  • Mesut Ismailov
    Mesut Ismailov 6 hours ago

    Kay is strog

  • iTz_joacgalde 22
    iTz_joacgalde 22 6 hours ago


  • iTz_joacgalde 22
    iTz_joacgalde 22 6 hours ago


  • iTz_joacgalde 22
    iTz_joacgalde 22 6 hours ago


  • iTz_joacgalde 22
    iTz_joacgalde 22 6 hours ago


  • SpaceMelon
    SpaceMelon 6 hours ago

    Around 30:00 lil yachty's name is lil yatchy or some shit🤣

  • ItsTommy btw
    ItsTommy btw 6 hours ago


  • Spencer Brunelle
    Spencer Brunelle 6 hours ago

    kinda sad considering i would be the strongest in that house when i was 16...

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 6 hours ago

    There’s no way they made this when censor left faze clan 😭

  • Brayden Smith
    Brayden Smith 6 hours ago

    Who else though lil boat was high 😂

  • ahmad halabi
    ahmad halabi 6 hours ago

    faze sucks faze sucks sidmen is way better

  • Quante FrmNDS
    Quante FrmNDS 6 hours ago

    That last shot wtf😳

  • Vize_Arctic
    Vize_Arctic 7 hours ago

    1:40 I fuckin love this clip

  • FrealTy
    FrealTy 7 hours ago

    It black night not red night

  • Mgoldenboyz
    Mgoldenboyz 7 hours ago

    Wasnt blaze supposed to post his music video lol?

  • Dave SE
    Dave SE 7 hours ago

    Offset: I just like dying you kno

  • SoULtRaDeR
    SoULtRaDeR 7 hours ago

    Low key the best organization now a days...no doubt

  • Juan Jesus
    Juan Jesus 7 hours ago

    Lmao the campers in faze tho hahahah

  • WereBakedFreestyles
    WereBakedFreestyles 7 hours ago

    Only nerds call it hp. Its called health.

  • Xd Nostalgic
    Xd Nostalgic 7 hours ago

    so cringey after a couple yrs not rated no more

  • Cyprian Simon
    Cyprian Simon 7 hours ago

    Prank people in public

  • Devzi
    Devzi 7 hours ago

    I was 14 when I got into trick shotting and wanted to get into dare or soar or even genesis. Now I’m 22 and miss it shit ain’t the same no more if they remaster I might give it a try

  • TheOne Gamer
    TheOne Gamer 8 hours ago

    why this mans are playing in tournament for money ? they are a lot of better players. this is sheet

  • Holá
    Holá 8 hours ago

    Offset is so bad

  • Elias Salman
    Elias Salman 8 hours ago

    My man said quick snipe

  • DarkCat TV
    DarkCat TV 8 hours ago

    i sat 9 min to the wall whan i was 9

  • Megalodon Shark
    Megalodon Shark 8 hours ago

    FaZe Clan: *enters* Rest of the lobby: “Aight Imma head out”

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 8 hours ago

    Y’all remember when faze was cool, Now it’s just stupid

  • mouine mhb
    mouine mhb 8 hours ago

    he should take teeqo's case

  • Alex Knott
    Alex Knott 8 hours ago

    2020 eny1

  • Yoan Anka
    Yoan Anka 9 hours ago

    Watch one chance that Jarvis wasn’t there we Weill aimbot on u and after get ban

  • Walmart
    Walmart 9 hours ago

    why doesn’t banks ever do any of these challenges?

  • Coochie Snatcher
    Coochie Snatcher 9 hours ago

    40:23 "this man apex is retarded!!" LOOOOOOL

  • Аnna - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO:*

    ‘I’m going to camp in the back and trickshot last’ That put me in my nostalgic feels 😭

  • المتهور bike
    المتهور bike 9 hours ago

    Patrick why idont be her 😂

  • 100 percent Gaming
    100 percent Gaming 9 hours ago

    Hey rice cum why do you eat dogs?

  • Rhino & Birds
    Rhino & Birds 9 hours ago

    Why do they all dress like clowns?

  • zekety888
    zekety888 9 hours ago

    Pucket called out what gun they were using and at least 7 times he was wrong or the gun didn’t even exist in the game

  • cam flips
    cam flips 9 hours ago

    offset poopoo

  • Sofus Boutaiba
    Sofus Boutaiba 9 hours ago

    Its Black Night bro like if you Also Think its Black Night 👇🏼

  • Shadows YT
    Shadows YT 9 hours ago

    Apex and lil yatchy my bros

  • 5EDI
    5EDI 10 hours ago

    wait a minute the song they used in the beginning is the exact same some that Marko used in his video last week

  • ChairForce Gaming
    ChairForce Gaming 10 hours ago

    I would think Faze Clan editors would atleast know how to spell Lil Yachty smh

  • Awtism
    Awtism 10 hours ago

    I swear adapt has the most drip out of faze

  • lil ube
    lil ube 10 hours ago

    Best Feeders: Spratt/Crafted Best Trickshotters: zejiM/Ramos Best Overall: Fakie Honorable Mentions: HugZ, Twistt, PryZee, ObJay

  • Jordan Radics
    Jordan Radics 10 hours ago

    when I was in juvenile in Waynesboro Tennessee there was boys rapping 315 and one boy named Austin byrom and he was rapping 405 as an 18 year old