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  • Abigail Newman
    Abigail Newman 57 minutes ago

    This is adorable

  • Ciana McCrory
    Ciana McCrory 59 minutes ago

    You were sooo cute when you were little but you still are cute and funny Tucker

  • WWE 4thgradefan
    WWE 4thgradefan Hour ago

    Tucker’s so cute

  • Aoi Hito.
    Aoi Hito. Hour ago

    Oh my god. Tucker is so Cute

  • xP e a c h
    xP e a c h Hour ago

    *Maya:Who’s JournEe?*

  • Fabian Martinez
    Fabian Martinez Hour ago

    Tucker is more cuter than any other dog in the world

  • Emron Farahiem
    Emron Farahiem Hour ago

    I forgot is tucker not in the video or he pup or he ded

  • Clair Hu
    Clair Hu Hour ago

    Where is the place?

  • ruben claus
    ruben claus Hour ago

    Linda you are so sweet

  • Tigers are cool Now

    What type of dog is tucker

  • Purple Milk
    Purple Milk Hour ago

    tucker and tuckers

  • Wolfie Girl
    Wolfie Girl Hour ago

    Can you do a “I buy whatever tucker touches”

  • Rescue Dogs Grizzly & Bear

    That looked like a TON of fun!!

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    Yael Bishop Hour ago

    Wait is dat tucker

  • Liberty Ride424
    Liberty Ride424 2 hours ago

    So adorable

  • Brodis Holloway
    Brodis Holloway 2 hours ago


  • Kaylani Cruz
    Kaylani Cruz 2 hours ago


  • Geoff Adams
    Geoff Adams 2 hours ago

    What a cool couple of pugnuglettes. Big soft lovely boys.linda you are one lucky lass.i wish you were my lady. But fat chance cos I live at the arse end of the planet I'm 61 I got bits that dont work and I'll be dead in a couple of years.but I do have my wee dog.Brummie.hes cute as a button and a cheeky little sod at times.

  • Alex Gillmor
    Alex Gillmor 2 hours ago

    lol, a live stream of tucker

  • Pedro Espinoza
    Pedro Espinoza 2 hours ago

    Wait did everyone see that dog with a pink tail in the background when there where running

  • Hilda Dijk
    Hilda Dijk 2 hours ago

    Tucker is cute

  • Mishti Patel
    Mishti Patel 2 hours ago

    *boulder holder* I’m sorry I just can’t😂😂👏

  • Sonia Sihag
    Sonia Sihag 2 hours ago

    I love you Linda... You are so loving towards doggos 😋😋😍😍😍

  • Cloude Adelantar
    Cloude Adelantar 3 hours ago

    1:51 tucker's first wink

  • Elisabeth Vasquez
    Elisabeth Vasquez 3 hours ago

    people who disliked are monsters or allergic to dogs

  • Kenzie K
    Kenzie K 3 hours ago

    Tucker and Journee are like my dream dogs they are so cute and they love walks and water they are the BEST

  • 7up_gurl uwu
    7up_gurl uwu 3 hours ago

    Tucker the hufflle puff 🌼🌸

  • Elisabeth Vasquez
    Elisabeth Vasquez 3 hours ago

    Linda:wanna see friends tucker Tucker:*happy face*

  • hunaina muhammad
    hunaina muhammad 3 hours ago

    tucker : i’m coming in tucker also: holy hekk i choose life bye🖐🏻

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    imarsxo :3 3 hours ago

    “Am sO happ” “Did a lorge pee” “k bye”

  • Liliana Yorgey
    Liliana Yorgey 3 hours ago

    Looks good no blues or anything.

  • Sorawat Siangpipop
    Sorawat Siangpipop 3 hours ago

    I'm waiting for 2nd part 😁

  • LeAh tV
    LeAh tV 3 hours ago

    Imagine how many dogs peed in that water.

  • Anastasia-anastasaki 69

    Aww too cute I'm crying 😢😭😭😭😭😂😀😄

  • Apurba Sarkar
    Apurba Sarkar 4 hours ago

    I don't know how many times I have watched the video.

  • Ance Jermacane
    Ance Jermacane 4 hours ago

    Tucker us being mean to f Jerny

  • Marygrace Tumulak
    Marygrace Tumulak 4 hours ago

    Is that tucker hus small

  • bledi krasniqi
    bledi krasniqi 4 hours ago

    2:49 marry me❤

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    hunaina muhammad 5 hours ago

    when you plan on hitting 1 million followers on instagram in a year but tucker hits it in a month 😓😱 i love you tucker ❤️💜💞💝💓🖤🧡💛💗💚❣️💖💘💕💙

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    Iain Herbert 5 hours ago

    Tucker is the best

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    Hritika Sharma 5 hours ago

    Love you Tucker 💝💝💝💝

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    Congrats Tucker on 100,000 subscribers !

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    This is too funny

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    Westi XoXO 6 hours ago

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    Leeza G 6 hours ago

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    Mr. Anonymous 6 hours ago

    I think I should install Tinder... :/

  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous 6 hours ago


  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous 6 hours ago


  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous 6 hours ago

    I am literally Tucker lol, I can't survive being a vegetarian. 😂

  • Gummy Plays
    Gummy Plays 6 hours ago

    -before Henlo mommy -After Shut up linda

  • Arina Papita
    Arina Papita 7 hours ago

    What camera did u use to record tucker? Please answerrr

  • sinchana kavya
    sinchana kavya 7 hours ago

    Please don't feed raw meet to Tucker not good for health

  • Kakøa _Stãrlíght
    Kakøa _Stãrlíght 7 hours ago

    Him: Siri call my girl frend Siri: wich one?

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    Colin Davis 7 hours ago

    Awww so cute

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    I want a doggo like tuc tuc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Anuska Mallick 7 hours ago

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    celia crowley 7 hours ago

    please do more videos with Riley😍

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    No Wire Hangers! 7 hours ago

    Tucker's just a freakin' cute sniffing cad. 😂

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    Bea Yapan 8 hours ago

    Pov: your maya and your stalking them

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    I saw this on TikTok

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    DarkMatrix 9 hours ago

    I wish I had a back hard that big

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    Mister Krogan 9 hours ago

    You can see it in his eyes he's like wtf .-. lol

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    Amaya Contreras 10 hours ago

    Do you have a daughter or a son

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    ORFEAS ninja 10 hours ago

    2:53 - 2:54

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    Chris Wonch 10 hours ago


  • Chris Wonch
    Chris Wonch 10 hours ago

    Me and my mom watch you all the time and good videos and my name is Rylin

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    Claire Lucky 10 hours ago

    Good for the dog, he has a girlfriend 👊😩

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    zast29 10 hours ago

    How many goldin dogs do you own in your home?!?!

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    Omg! He was always cute!! I'm picking A Silver Lab up in 2 weeks and I'm soo excited!!! I cant wait!

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    Liam Carmichael 10 hours ago

    LOL! this is so cute and funny!

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    Rehana Choudhury 10 hours ago

    very funny face 😆😆

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    Matt Athas 10 hours ago

    You call that a lot of snow Linda. Come to Maine and I show you snow

  • alwaysangel
    alwaysangel 10 hours ago

    I love your videos, but one thing. When you let him swim, unleash him. If his leash caught on anything in the water, he'd drown.

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    sarvani yerramilli 10 hours ago

    Are you controlling it

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    Lirvo Yalabam 10 hours ago

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    sarvani yerramilli 10 hours ago

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    They are so freakin cute! My Labrador would eat it all! Haha

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